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  1. Purple Headed Warrior


    I agree..... My favorite event to watch is the TP52s.... I used to sail in the fleet which helps... But, it is superb yacht racing!
  2. Purple Headed Warrior


    May well be.. But its is not the AC. Many would prefer to watch the extreme sailing series, superfoilers, 18ft skiffs... Some watch Peppa Pig... None of those carry the kudos of competing for an incredible trophy which is at the heart of yacht racing.
  3. Purple Headed Warrior


    I didnt like the cats.... I am a young chap who really loved the old dinosaurs... I love those big sailing teams and high loads and long drawn out races. But, this is BRILLIANT! The cup was won by the right team who innovated their way to success. That same team has now developed something which I honestly called 'bullshit' / 'april fools' on... Now we are seeing multi challengers, a proven concept (with huge room for development), new first time challengers, less politics (at this stage) and an event coming together which is going to shock everyone. ETNZ - Well done, you have done a great job as always!
  4. Purple Headed Warrior

    MALTA Challenge...all but confirmed

    My thoughts entirely.... Ive been going to Malta for the middle sea race for many years and I cannot even start to imagine how this proposal is coming together without any serious fraudulent activity... Also, is this the new Softbank for Luna Rossa?!
  5. Purple Headed Warrior

    Team NYYC

    I think you're right.. but it wasn't complete? I just that does mean when will we... so watch this space This AM campaign is refreshing... I've never liked the US teams but this one is full of talent and some great team players.... Looking forward to seeing them succeed with developments
  6. Purple Headed Warrior

    Foils fail.

    Whilst you are right, sponsorship is hard enough to get at the best of times let alone retain with huge unknowns. No sponsor is going to get involved without a huge amount of due diligence and at some point there are going to expect big changes along the way. You have to bear in mind that the AC is a highly complicated beast of an event.... This cup has had huge questions already with a pretty high tariff design on the table from the beginning and now we see a good event coming together. Dalton did a great job of winning to cup with NZ, he managed a team with limited funds, kept the right guys involved to get the job done and now they are defending the trophy they set out to win. Albeit with some help from others along the way which have no doubt effected the next cup cycle.... In no way will the AC ever be plain sailing, but the good news is.... we are always going to have plenty to talk about!
  7. Purple Headed Warrior

    Can the Italians Ever Win the Cup?

    Thank god for the Mafia!
  8. Purple Headed Warrior

    Team NYYC

    Who knows.... Maybe its not a when? Perhaps the question is 'will we'? I am sure they will nail it, I guess there are two things which make it harder than the AC50's 1) The speed at which the foils retract from the water/enter 2) the efficiency of the main sail Very happy to be wrong........
  9. Purple Headed Warrior

    Team NYYC

    Mysterious Spreader! Phew... its solved... Thanks to the front page of the AM website https://americanmagic.americascup.com/
  10. Purple Headed Warrior

    dutch ac entry

    If anyone can hide some extra weight in the foils its him!
  11. Purple Headed Warrior

    Q&A - FTFP

    The post has come down now..... I wonder why that was?! A certain email from a @northsails.com email address?!
  12. Purple Headed Warrior

    American Is Killed by Bow and Arrow on Remote Indian Island

    Only an American would do such a thing.......
  13. Purple Headed Warrior

    Q&A - FTFP

    Uh oh.... Not again!!!
  14. Purple Headed Warrior

    AC75 vs F50 and Maxis

    Im also interested in this, I would like to see a clip and fully understand what you mean. Might it just be the shakey hands of a man in his 40s?!
  15. Purple Headed Warrior


    Well said.... Bring on David and Goliath!