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  1. I had a pop at GD earlier, but you are right... He has done what many others cant do, go and get the money to back and AC team. Not enough folk like him.
  2. Innovation..... There are plenty of ways to develop ideas and trying to improve on what someone else has done before is certainly one of them. Look at OR, they have now fitted a Cyclor into their AC50...... Where did they see that first? ......
  3. That might be the problem, too early to take him down verbally.... I am sure they are collecting quotes to fuel the fire later!!
  4. Perhaps the chaps from down under should get themselves a leader and show the rest of the world how to win the AC, you might be welcome to GD!! The Kiwis constantly have solid campaigns and make impressive attempts on a tight budget.
  5. That was a bit which really ground my gears..... Spend a fortune designing a race yacht to a protocol set, then build another... Are they really going to then optimize two boats and give them the same chances of winning on the water? I think not.... Who could afford it?! And why add a new level of complexity to it for the viewers (who mostly know bugger all about the AC).
  6. Watching the opening press conference I completely agree! JS had an agenda with every answer. It is painful to watch such an ignorant approach, perhaps he has been hanging out with those Americans too long?? Ben clearly look uncomfortable and knew he was going to get some harsh questions regarding speed etc.... But he handled it rather well. Good old PB, handled himself very nicely along with Nathan, Deano and Frank. Polite gents of the sport. JS also dropped loads and loads of hints to the ideology that the AC is the new F1 on water, bullshit.....
  7. I love Blairs dig at Ben in their latest video...... What I have always loved about the Kiwis is their whole approach and attitude to the sport, having sailed with many of the guys from Black Magic you can see where this culture is bred from and as much as people dont like GD, he has a great team!
  8. I too love the old AC Big loads... big boats... big crews... great match racing and it all a game of inches... Whilst I love the foiling and the adrenaline of this new style AC, to me it is not what the Americas Cup is all about. Just my opinion
  9. Main trimmer was Don Cowie I believe.... Team New Zealand long standing team member, pretty handy I guess there might have been a reason he couldn't ease the main? I am trying to think of a list of excuses..... can anyone help?
  10. Couldn't agree more, any speed would stop the seal from working. I would also think that it works solely for a few of the hull through fittings on the market... Awful to see two highly respected business owners invest into such a contraption...... the owner of the business made a fool out of them
  11. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=seabung For those who did not see,,,,
  12. Did anyone else see the Seabung product on Dragons Den? Honestly I cant believe it... I can see that maybe with certain fittings it could help to change them but surely you try to deal with this kind of maintenance when your boat is lifted? Secondly, as a safety device ............. If there was a problem with a skim fitting while sailing or motoring and you pushed that through the hull, surely its going to bend and break before forming a solid seal?? I might not have explained myself perfectly but I am sure some of you have similar views...
  13. maybe that is why they┬┤re so far behind Maybe part of it.... but during practice, day races, and starts the nav is expected to be on deck. Those events are daylight events....trimmers and grinders are not stopping to peak at any handheld displays. If they do they will not keep their slot once the boat hits the dock. In addition, I could be mistaken about this, but I seem to recall reading about some very strict limits placed on the use of tablets, smartphones, and the like at the start of each leg... Each crewmember's device must have its SIM card removed, and all are placed in a sealed bin for the duration of the leg, etc... So, the notion asserted early on in this thread that the grounding could have been avoided simply by any crewmember looking at a smartphone with some program downloaded from iTunes for $25 might be in error... Again, I could be wrong, but I definitely recall seeing something to that effect somewhere, probably when scanning thru the Notice of the Race... one phone with a sim card is allowed on board- but must be in a sealed container ipads and such must have sim cards removed and the slot sealed - but they can be used. Looks to me like this photo was taken during a training session.... And a deck tablet would make sense to get the most out of your day with fewer crew
  14. If these arm chair captains know more... why are they not out there 10nm ahead of Ian Walker? These guys are the best and even the best make mistakes....
  15. The guy saying "Check this out" is Tony Rae, he is with no doubt one of the most professional sailors I have had the pleasure of racing with. Like Clean said, Nico is a very good egg and put together a team of incredible people to sail with. Can we not support these guys a little more? We are all in this sport together and in a round about way we will benefit from the mistakes made and make offshore sailing safer for you and your families.