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  1. Foiling Monohull - what would it look like?

    What sprung to my mind was some kind of foiling version of the yacht Full Pelt, but bigger and foils which sit flush in the hull whilst slogging up wind.
  2. The Next Boat-----2020

    Seems there is more than meets the eye on this one....
  3. The Next Boat-----2020

    Just spotted a video of the new Volvo 60 or "Super 60" they seem to be calling it. This could be the most ridiculous theory, but any chance the new AC could adopt the same platform? Ray Davies appeared to be putting his input into the concept which may mean absolutely nothing. GD was talking about the sport being fragmented, by doing this the AC is suddenly combining three of the biggest events and creating a great platform for new teams to enter and get great value out of one or two boats. Also would give any boat a lifespan... Would be great for sponsors! Just a thought...... Tear me apart now....
  4. Oracle Team USA

    Couldn't agree more Being humble and doing things slowly in a professional manner, not berating your opponents will only make you stand out as a solid person/sportsman. Jimmy clearly thought they were unbeatable and dived in hard with the arrogance to aid his team along the way, this tripped him up towards the end and backfired. Had Oracle won, he would appear to be one of the greatest rockstar sailors ever, but they didn't and he isn't....... A list of professional sailors can be very easily drawn up and JS would not feature highly at all, he just fitted in with Larry's arrogant nature and bulldozed his way to the top. It will be interested to see what he does next - I might eat my words Glenn is a great example but the big surprise was PB, what a great quality to have at such a young age.
  5. Anyone seen Jimmy lately?

    Ginger is the color of rust too.... nicely said
  6. Anyone seen Jimmy lately?

    Its more the way he insinuated it to the public....
  7. Anyone seen Jimmy lately?

    The bit which really pissed me off in this was "in the leak I have got in their team" referencing choosing BAR as their next opponent.
  8. Thank God Dalts is back just when we needed him

    That is an excellent quote!!! Got to love his brashness on that one....
  9. Team NZ

    Am I right that tomorrow looks unlikely due to the forecast? Could buy NZL valuable time! I honestly believe NZL are the team to challenge those USA shits for the cup.... Lets hope they get it together and get back on track!
  10. Oracle Team USA

    I never said I thought he was the pinnacle of professionalism, he is just a fine example of a successful sailor. Dean, Peter, Nathan and Frank all have the right attitude. Jimmy needs to tone it down
  11. Oracle Team USA

    Ignorant in the way in which he should act at this level, its not a playground... Professional sport. Successful.... You could easily argue the others surrounding him on the course have had more success! Ben, as much as I am not his biggest fan is a highly successful sailor...
  12. Oracle Team USA

    Are the Americans who support the Kiwi/Ozzie team "USA" embarrassed by the way JS composes himself? What an ignorant chap......
  13. Team NZ

    That was what went through my mind straight away..... What was that crap about being from a younger generation?
  14. Team UK

    BAR do have a very talented helm sitting on the bench.... Leigh Macmillan!! Why not put Leigh on the helm? Has he had enough hours? Ben would do better calling tactics and grinding away perhaps? But is the helm the problem? Or is it the boat?
  15. Team NZ

    I had a pop at GD earlier, but you are right... He has done what many others cant do, go and get the money to back and AC team. Not enough folk like him.