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  1. Sydney to Hobart 2016

    Damn, looks like my race is over before even starting. Boat was all good and ready to go.. then last Friday night the owner was out on twilights and the engine apparently made a 'bang' noise and started running like crap. He's spent the last week working on it, but no dice. Sounds like it's the head gasket gone. We might still start, but the engine is not good enough to go to Hobart
  2. Rolex Wild Oats XI

    RIP Bob. A Giant of Australian yachting. Huge impact to the sport and will be missed.
  3. 2015 Sydney to Hobart

    Wharro is out there with a Sunfish suit and scuba tank.
  4. Sydney 36 Moulds for Sale

    Oh she was certainly down and around the crew and docks! :)/> We did the Hobart together 2 years ago, it was how we met. We finished Dead Fucking Last that year due to breakages of boat and crew (pitstop in Eden) and hooked up in Hobart. This year she met me down there and I popped the question as the boat came in. It was bloody funny, walking into the Jewellers and having the following conversation: Me: "I want an engagement ring" Sales girl, eyes lighting up with the thought of a big sale: "Oh yes, we can help you there.." Me: "BUT... I want one, that if I lose it.. it won't be a big deal" Sales Girl, confused: "What? Why would it get lost? How? Huh?" Me: "Well, I'm going to be on a boat for a few days, carrying the ring with me" Girl: "uhhh, wha? Isn't there somewhere on the boat you can put it that's safe? Like a lockbox or safe??" Me: "No... not that kind of boat. These boats eat small things like a ring, and if the boat sinks, I don't want to have to swim after it... So I want something nice.. but ok if it gets lost" Girl: "uhhhh.. what type of boat IS this?" Carried the ring down, paranoid the entire time it would fall out of my bag and get packed into a spinnaker or something. Had nightmares of launching the kite and seeing the ringbox go flying off into Bass Straight. All went well though, made it down and put together the sign in the photos as we were coming up the Derwent. Rum followed, in vast quantities. For the Hero, we hadn't all sailed together until ~3 months ago. The first time that the entire crew had sailed together was on the day of the race, so likewise, we were pretty chuffed with the result in our division. We slacked off on the last day - we really should have had you guys over the line :)/>, but we got a bit lazy that morning and through the day. Majority of the crew were on their first Hobart... I've found that the sight of Tasman Island makes people relax and think that they've already finished. It's quite impressive to see two 36ft boats beating boats that were much bigger! Congrats on your first Hobart, I hope you come back this year. What exactly happened to get the penalty time? Missed radio scheds was what we heard? Edit: Nice Video. 1:03 - We were just on the other side of that stupid fucking spectator boat. They were well inside the marked racing channel. We came very close to being pushed out of the course because of those fuckwits blocking everyone. They copped a mouthful from us and several other boats.
  5. Sydney 36 Moulds for Sale

    Local Hero crew here This is what really confused me: So, finish time for TWU = 7:14:59pm - 45mins = 6:30pm This is what the website is currently showing. BUT, in the drunken haze that is the usual after the finish, When I checked the website I'm sure I saw you guys ahead of us, by about 15-20mins? I did have far more reason than usual to get very very very drunk as well:
  6. Vestas Sailrocket

  7. Sydney 36 Moulds for Sale

    ooooh, very very tempting...