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  1. Charleston Race Week

    PM'd you!
  2. Charleston Race Week

    Me too!
  3. The VX Evo

    You have no friends? No kids want to sail with you? Work on your people skills or get a Golden Retriever to crew for you- trust me, they will naturally go to the high side and look forward to assess the tactical situation. Seriously, the boat will fit a lot of couples and parents/children. BB mentioned the possibility of a weighted keel or bulb awhile ago, haven't heard anything about it since, nor do I even understand what sort of keel the boat uses at the moment. Sounds like it may be hinged? Does anyone know? Are you looking at any of the other dingy's? Melges 14, RS Aero, etc? No I don't have any friends, and no kids .I want a singlehanded boat, that would be a bit more sedate then my A Cat or a skif, yet still fairly quick.The RS100 seems to fit the bill, but I think the Evo might be a better design. The Aero is a good choice but I would prefer a boat with a kite.
  4. The VX Evo

    According to Intensity's FB post, 191lbs is minimum! I guess at 160 lbs, I'm out. Just when I thought it would be a better choice thne an RS100
  5. FT10M in SO Cal

    Sent you an e-mail Jerry
  6. Well, don't wait. There's that one right down the street for sale
  7. I would step up to the RS 100 for a little more excitement!
  8. rs aero

    Thanks for keeping me on your list Paul! I should have just come over and bought one for the Small Boat Regatta this weekend. Although I'm still considering the RS100.
  9. Melges M14?

    The Aero's dealer network, lighter weight and hoistable sail, does it for me!
  10. rs aero

    The dealer on the west coast has some and sold a few. Are you sailing further south now?Yeah we moved down to Palm Beach County a year and a half ago. We still come up to Melbourne to race J/24s every so often.I tried to get the St. Pete dealer to come over with an Aero for the MYC Small Boat Regatta next weekend, but they were tied up. Are you doing the Fall Big Boat Regatta?
  11. Melges M14?

    There's a few YouTube videos to check out.
  12. rs aero

    The dealer on the west coast has some and sold a few. Are you sailing further south now?
  13. Aubigny 5.5x

    After reading through these 4 pages, , I think this guy is pretty sharp! Look at how many folks he has sucked in to this thread ;-)
  14. Donovan GP26 starts production in Turkey

    Due to change of plans, Hull4, which was on a special charter deal with Scot Tempesta, is now headed to Annapolis and expected to arrive in town this weekeend. Hull4 will continue to be our Demo Boat for the rest of the season and until it is sold in 2016. With arrival of hull4, Annapolis fleet expands to 2 this weekeend and will grow to 4 within 2 months. The boat have plans to participate in few races locally in Annapolis and in Florida as well. For purchase inquiries please send PM. Where in Florida?
  15. d-zero v aero

    No traffic since July? Did the Aero win? It seems like RS is doing a great job at marketing here in the U. S. and has a good Dealer network. It appears to me that there's also more race participation here.