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  1. Haligonian Winterr

    Throwable Horseshoe offshore specs

    VO65 (although quite overboard on safety) has two foam horseshoes, 2x jonbuoy pylons, 1xm jonbuoy horseshoe, and 2x jonbuoy recovery modules. The jonbuoy horsehoe's are OSR compliant for cats that don't require inherent buoyancy. HW
  2. Haligonian Winterr

    Black Pearl - Botin 56

    Doesn't look like pin or cable failure to me. If in a pin-horizontal configuration (looks like this is) usually the hole in the stem is large enough for the thimble to be slid in vertically. A bit of damage to paint would suggest the bobstay pulled th carbon cover off the stem (usually just sika'd on) when the sprit failed. HW
  3. Haligonian Winterr

    Furling heavy weather jib on a lock

    If doing 3:1 under the furler, consider adding 3:1 or better on the aft end. It will make the jammer hold better, easier on lines, hands, winches, jammers, and can give much more luff tension. Remember the furler should be the weakest point of the system. You never want to doubt a storm jib... HW
  4. Haligonian Winterr

    Knots on slippery dyneema shock cord

    I have defaulted to the buntline hitch for a few years. For any permanent/clean applications, I splice. Roll the dyneema back like a condom, slice some core (bungee) and wrap in millionaires tape to prevent the elastic from sticking out the sides. Roll back over and straight-bury splice. This is the best way for any dyneema-bungee transition (backstay takeups, afterguy retrievers, etc). HW
  5. Haligonian Winterr

    Ultime / G-Class Development

    Air cooled, (very) small scoop on center main foil for watermaker and salt water service. HW
  6. Haligonian Winterr

    Making water at speed....

    Can't discuss the incident itself until Polish report is officially published. I will say that the boats are built staggeringly strong. Plus with the bowsprit system it's very feasible to swap for a spare and be racing the next day. HW
  7. Haligonian Winterr

    Making water at speed....

  8. Haligonian Winterr

    Making water at speed....

    On the VO65 we use a pair of scoops that are plumbed together to the watermaker. With the scoop facing forward, and the leeward scoop down, we actually use less power to get higher flow because of the increase intake manifold pressure before the pump. Never had aeration issues up to 27kt boatspeed and 35deg heel. Push down when running, pull up when not. Same as used for ballast scoops. HW
  9. Haligonian Winterr

    Adjustable headboard

    Look to IMOCAs. VO70s and VO65s have gone to Southern stock headboards with a pin. The 60s are still using french-style lashing and more varied brands. HW
  10. Haligonian Winterr

    Waterproof Shorts

    +1 have done some days in Mustang shorts, only downside (pretty massive for me) is distinct lack of pockets. You listening Joel? Otherwise great. And bungy on the hem so your don't get waves up the legs. HW
  11. Haligonian Winterr

    Kenyon Kerosene Burners...

    Fuel burns, but the pressurized vapour won't light out of the nozzle. That being said, I've just been told the fuel I'm using could've been contaminated... Getting new fuel today straight from the still. HW
  12. Haligonian Winterr

    How about a The Ocean Race thread?

    Note also Trifork cannot trim their foils. AOA adjusted by trimming the boat with ballast/stack. HW
  13. Haligonian Winterr

    Kenyon Kerosene Burners...

    Bit of a misnomer as the stoves are sold as kerosene or alcohol units, and the allowed fuel in the manual says alcohol as well as kerosene. I have not checked the filter, but seem to have good/continuous flow through the nozzle in liquid and vapour stages, and don't think I can get the pieces apart without re-sintering them. HW
  14. Haligonian Winterr

    Kenyon Kerosene Burners...

    Out of production, out of stock, and anyone who's ever worked on them or made them seems to have retired or worse... Primary issue is non-lighting of vapour. Secondary is sourcing replacement cleaning needles. Any thoughts? Tank pressure tried from 10-35PSI, book says max 35, nominal 10. Have tried every possible combination of prime burn times and tank pressures. Won't light from a match, barbeque lighter, propane torch, or anything in between. Tank is clean, fuel is good (recommended 95-97% ethanol), soft line are brand new and hard lines have been flushed. WTF. HW
  15. Haligonian Winterr

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Different brand and completely different mechanism. Southern bullet locks vs Karver hanging locks (needed for rotating masts). HW