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  1. Easiest is usually a line run through whatever had point the tackline block is attached to (or a microblock lashed to the bowsprit far forward), and back to the pulpit. Tie in a tight bowline through the trigger of the tylaska (opposite the trigger hinge) and pull out gently with the tack during set. You can either tie it off snug to the pulpit for a remote release (ease the tack line) or trip it manually by going forward. Tylaska also offers built-in martinbreaker trip (T12+ I believe) and I think they're still making the little plugs you can put in the trigger to pull and trip. Make sure you tie something onto the bail that you can use to pull the tackline back into the boat, our you'll wind up going out there anyways... HW
  2. Best method is usually take off both end caps, pull both set screws, and tap out the pin with a pin of slightly smaller diameter, gently. Works on current harken and old lewmar cars HW
  3. I wore them in my regular pant size (32" waist, sitting on the hip), and I had to max out the velcro adjustment, as well as wear a belt, otherwise they would slip off just with a phone and wallet in the pockets. Ordered online so didn't expect a result like that. They also seem on the roomy/baggy side with a relatively long inseam for the size. HW
  4. I've had two pair and found the sizing to be enormous, blew out a seam on each and two belt loups on one within a few months. For a long passage though, it's worth your left hand to have a pad to sit on that moves around with you.... HW
  5. Musto "X" series has the "relief" zipper, as does the HH stuff. I like Gill but their cut doesn't quite fit me and I find they don't breath as well. HW
  6. Congrats Em! Switched on sailor and a good human. They'll do well to have her. HW
  7. Well it definitely works; I've stood on the deck barefoot on a sunny day and it was as cool and white, and cooler than the red on the boat I was spending time on. As to the makeup, I doubt that'll be released, but I have heard that it's black over white with the white doing the reflecting. HW
  8. Straight or thinned epoxy will do well to seal the fibers if they're already sticking out, and will give the paint/clearcoat something better to stick to. I've had good experiences with Rustoleum's UV stable clear-coat, doesn't yellow, and holds up well if a few layers are put on. HW
  9. One and only. Best bag I've ever been in at sea. http://www.oceansleepwear.co.uk/ HW
  10. Try a length of bungee cord wrapped around the bottom end. About 6" should do it, taped top and bottom. See TP52 backstays for reference. HW
  11. Having done a few thousand miles in the Hellys there at 100% not dry. They cracked during their first trip, after less than 1000nm and have leaked like a seive ever since. HW
  12. If you're looking for lower-scale, Mezza on Barrington has unbeatable shawarma plates, and Burrito Jax higher on Duke has great burritos. The Ardmore is always reliable for breakfast too! HW
  13. We've had success with black Urethane dye that's designed for outdoor signs. Just use 3M masking tape pressed down hard for edges. I believe you can get it in clear, and also a UV stable version, which would work well as a UV strip for a screacher. HW
  14. Those that I know who've used them like it for holding an eye (spliced eye in dockline then take up tension on dock bollard/cleat), but not so much for tying hitches onto; apparently the horns are too easy to capsize. No information on longevity. HW
  15. I've had very good results with taping tightly and cutting with a ceramic knife on a cutting board, or pulling tight while cutting. For trimming ends, I use a Master Appliance UT-1000. Pricey but well worth it. HW