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  1. Haligonian Winterr

    Design Project - Seeking Input

    Not too hard to make yourself. Just winds up heavier. Make sure you use good bearings, and keep things square. https://www.marineelement.com/product-page/unreel-revolution-kit HW
  2. Haligonian Winterr

    charlie enright

    With the transition to a smaller team vs the '65s, have you had to change you leadership style or learn new techniques for managing a small team in this situation? HW
  3. Haligonian Winterr

    Protection for carbon spinnaker pole ends

    Elk hide. Rinse with fresh water when you rinse the pole end. HW
  4. Haligonian Winterr

    Best grippy shoes

    The Adidas did 3 years of sailing ~4d/wk plus gym time. Still grippy HW
  5. Haligonian Winterr

    try it, you’ll like it - FP

    5 + 1 men, 6 + 1 mixed. It will be tight. HW
  6. Haligonian Winterr

    Best grippy shoes

    Fully converted to Adidas. Grippy and light. Beware there is 0% support so if that's something you need then it's not the shoe for you. HW
  7. Haligonian Winterr

    Volvo 70... where are they ? Any for sale?

    In SXM waiting for delivery crew to bring her to Europe (sailing as I Love Poland now). HW
  8. Haligonian Winterr

    try it, you’ll like it - FP

    They're drier than you think down below. Hw
  9. Haligonian Winterr

    Marilee for sale?

    She's about as wicked as you can make a 12m... Good contender for anyone looking to challenge the Challenge. HW
  10. Haligonian Winterr

    cover for dyneema

    Unfortunately, all manufacturers are different, and within a manufacturer the ratios will differ between products. Which is why many shops will get one manufacturer and stick with them. Difficult to do repeatable precise splicing with many different manufacturers. 2/3-3/4 is a good ballpark. For instance Marlow MGP Tech 50/Race 100 in 12mm has a 9mm core. With the cover, oversize is easier to splice, but I meant that slightly undersize is easier to milk tight. HW
  11. Haligonian Winterr

    cover for dyneema

    +1 the above, also remember it is easier to get cover to match slightly larger core than to go smaller. HW
  12. Haligonian Winterr

    Forespar Flowtech Valve trouble

    Don't lube! They rely on the friction between the handle's compressed o-rings and the inside of the sea-cock. The best way to get them all the way up is twist (gently) and pull (harder than you'd like) as you reach the top of the stroke. I mark all of the handle shafts with paint marker to denote max open. HW
  13. Haligonian Winterr

    DIY splicing tools

    Coat hanger in a pinch. But I do 99% of my work now with a bent piece of stainless TIG rod. HW
  14. Haligonian Winterr

    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    Yep https://www.instagram.com/p/B-UtYcRIs0n/ HW
  15. Haligonian Winterr

    Lee cloths

    Custom. You'll save time in the long run. Local canvassers should be looking for work now anyways. HW