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  1. J 121

    Anyone thinking of resale even down the road would be wise to not get to carried away on the custom spec front. It's to early to tell if they'll ever have a OD. I doubt it at the price point and specific target market, but what do I know. Cool boat nevertheless. It will be good to hear some more first hand experience on performance and sailing characteristics.
  2. ** No knowledge other than stubmling into this on Craigslist looking at lasers. *** Thought of the crew here and figured someone might be interested or have the back story. I can't imagine a fleets worth of sails is easy to get rid of. If posting this violates a rule or everybody knows about this delete or flog me. I rarely stop by this days, but thought if an Anarchist found it useful it would be worthwhile. https://newhaven.craigslist.org/bpo/d/racing-sails-melges-20/6314977431.html
  3. Saving an "abandoned" 24

    Congrats on the rescue! My first boat was a Catalina 25 with a similar story.
  4. J/88

    You probably already know, but there are 9 J/88's on southern Lake Mich, 5-7 in Chicago proper if you just want to see one in person. MidPack - Thanks. My profile needs an update. I'm out in CT/NY these days. BSP hooked me up for a ride earlier in the season and I raced NA's with Blondie2. Good times. The joke was the one by the McMichaels office had our name on it. You never know.....
  5. J/88

    Thanks for confirming. I'm hoping to get my wife over to check them out? Why are they going to have 5 there? Winter storage? I figured they'd have theirs available to check out.
  6. J/88

    What's the tally on hull numbers these days?
  7. Chicago Area III

    If you're not racing GP and are playing with the freshman in a GT class I don't see why you'd be buying more than 2 new sails per year. Unless you were the bench warming high schooler that snuck onto the Jr. High playground so you could be the best. If the goal is fun to play, make it fun. The rule should be public shaming of any twit that is trying to win a GT style class with $$$$. Since I don't check in her much.... -expensive parking - yup, but by the lines at the bars I bet there are plenty of peeps meeting the demographic said to be targeted within public transit, UBER, or whatever the millennial flavor of the day is right outside their door. BTW, they were out chasing tinder tail at the bars so might want to push that start time back a tad. -Good on ya'll for trying to work it out, but just go sail. Share some crew around to boats that are short if when needed. I picked up a ride with some great people that way this year. Met new people, broadened my network. They've rung twice when needing someone. Another time I was the difference maker in getting an additional boat out on a Wed Night. I don't know that I ever saw a crew split/consolidate on a Wed for the sake of helping more boats on the line. Surely there's some owners at the clubs that would be gung ho to go out, but aren't up for getting a crew together. Help them out. All it takes is sharing 1 person from the regular crew (preferably someone who actually knows what they're up to). 3-4 boats do this as ambassadors and you might get another boat on the line. -Paying to race down under? That's pretty stupid IMOH. They must have some serious demand for crew as we discuss how to even get people out. A voluntary chip in from crew, bringing beer, food is cool, etc is cool but that's a far cry from paying a fee. As previously noted, the crew is putting up some $$$ to just get to the dock. One area Pay to Play may be OK is if a OD cooperative fleet/club was set up. In Brooklyn they have a fleet of J70/Melges 24's and you can join for about $3k year give or take depending on the level of membership. Doesn't seem to bad when you consider it's a walk on walk off relationship. -What's up with the youth sailing scene? How many owners have/had kids and are they sailing now? Teach 'em early and have sailors for life.