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  1. widget

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    I kind of hope they stick to a single rudder ala 121, but it sure looks like twins in the render and a wider rear. As long as this isn’t just a reaching machine it’s really the sweet spot in my book. I’ll give the obligatory, what’s it rate? Way to early to know....
  2. widget

    West Michigan Thread

    I don't really care how long it's been around. There's a time and a place for jokes, and if you had a lick of sense you'd recognize this is neither the time nor the place. Pretty f-ing inconsiderate in my book. Maybe take a moment to think about it vs. digging yourself a deeper hole.
  3. widget

    Beneteau 38.1 Performance Version

    I didn’t say it was practical or smart. “Fancy” as in looks over function to sell to someone who doesn’t know any better.
  4. widget

    Beneteau 38.1 Performance Version

    have a look at the Elan's. I saw a sharp one about this size on the water. Maybe the E4. No clue on cost, but performance wise, I think they are a good bit slower than the Sunfast3600. Check me on that, because I'm not up on the 3600's rating. The 3600 is pretty cool if you don't mind the spartan interior as a cruiser. Racing, it still has a bit much for me. This pig, I'd run the other direction from. It's like the guy that puts a spoiler on a Ford Taurus. They toss on a few details like a chine, dual wheels, and the fancy mainsheet. just your average getter, but it looks trendy.
  5. widget

    2018 Downeast Challenge

    Sounds like a fun one. If I was a BO and had time on my hands to get there I’d be all over it. Beautiful area.
  6. SA needs a proper interview of this guy. I’d love to heat more about the highs and lows of his journey.
  7. widget

    What boat is this?

    A new boom and that thing could have a huge main. If you’re going to mess it up, why not do it right!
  8. I want to see a pic of the fireplace. Sounds like a requisite for this locale.
  9. widget

    How do you define Good Crew?

    People you’d be just as happy to hang out with if you weren’t sailing, and that know what they are doing on a boat. Someone you trust to save your life if shit hits the fan! Know when to talk and when to shut up because everyone is sick of them gabbing. Maybe that in the camp of what makes good crew on a distance race.
  10. widget

    Annapolis WNR

    If I were to volunteer my boat for committee duties, you can guarantee the line will be skewed to keep people away! Someone would probablystl try. If it’s an iron tub owned by the club, different story. Get it right.
  11. widget

    Hey Lake Champlain sailors...

    Very cool boats. Have fun zipping up and down the lake!
  12. widget

    what is it?

    I was just thinking the same the other day. It’s sure been pretty quiet. I hope that they haven’t abandoned the plan.
  13. widget

    Hey Lake Champlain sailors...

    Where’s the Seascape27 thread hiding? Linky?
  14. widget

    CHI-MAC Race Wx

    But the colder it gets the more gear you need! Yup, the lake is cold. Take an extra mid layer. So long as weather commentary exceeds promotion the thread is useful.
  15. widget


    Pics or it never happened.