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  1. widget

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    I kind of hope they stick to a single rudder ala 121, but it sure looks like twins in the render and a wider rear. As long as this isn’t just a reaching machine it’s really the sweet spot in my book. I’ll give the obligatory, what’s it rate? Way to early to know....
  2. widget

    West Michigan Thread

    I don't really care how long it's been around. There's a time and a place for jokes, and if you had a lick of sense you'd recognize this is neither the time nor the place. Pretty f-ing inconsiderate in my book. Maybe take a moment to think about it vs. digging yourself a deeper hole.
  3. SA needs a proper interview of this guy. I’d love to heat more about the highs and lows of his journey.
  4. widget


    What's the autopilot set up? It didn't look like a tiller unit.
  5. widget

    Chicago Area III

  6. widget

    Sailors Powerboat

    Maybe he's patenting a new process. It allows you to keep it in your toolbox and then when you toss it back in the water it expands. Kind of like the foam dinosaurs.
  7. widget

    Chicago Area III

    I think I’d take the Kia over the Malibu!
  8. widget

    Chicago Area III

    How old are the 36.7’s these days? Maybe look at depreciation vs years post launch for better comparison. Or remember that an A4 is always going to be worth more than a Chevy Malibu. :-)
  9. widget

    Sailors Powerboat

    You've sure made your mark on this thread, as a turd leaving a unsightly skid mark on an otherwise meritful and interesting discussion of beautiful and fuel efficient vessels. I've never once ignored anyone on this site, and there are a lot of people with pretty special attitudes, but you're pretty close to making the list. I suspect you'll take that as an honor though and will lash back with some toothy response as your blood pressure rises. Let's leave the personal angst and pissing matches aside because I really don't care what cloth your cut from, what mark your making in life, nor do I understand what that has to do with the conversation because we're here to talk boats not about you. Back to the topic of discussion. Here's a pretty boat that as a sailor at heart I could see myself falling for. Who ever said having a fleet of boats to choose the tool of the day has it right. There's a bit difference between a J-class, TP52, Maxi, Moth and the J24. The common thread is that they're all getting us out there on the water and putting a smile on our face. Here's my quiver selection style/purpose Downeaster/Day cruises - MJM 35z / True North 38 or that red beauty earlier in the thread Performance/Getting places/Serious Fishing - Intrepid 407 Center Console / Local fishing & watching races - small dayboat (Trailerable on the small end) - To many good ones to choose, Everglades 295 is pretty nice. S Obnoxiously Big Yacht - Wally 118, do I need to say more? Classics - Take your pick of any 18-30' wooden runabout, I'll gladly take the keys if you'll do the maintenance! Utility - 14' aluminum v-hull or a mid size Zodiac with a 9.9 outboard. if it's got a comfy seat, it can be pretty enjoyable to cruise around on and it's nearly indestructible. As a family of sailors, what's our choice: Cobalt 262 - Trailerable, good for entertaining, tubing/towing. Great swim platform. Large enough from small to large bodies of water. It gets us out on the water. The downfalls, mid speed cruising sucks, it plows, although tabs may help slightly it's never going to be a stellar performer. Enjoy the putter or open her up. It's not that great in larger chop/seas at any speed unless your ready for some a bumpy, wet ride. We mostly anchor and swim or run to a nearby bay/port for lunch and can take it on vacation. It does the job. As a sailor, I tend to like to go places, be on the move, and enjoy the scenery. Therefore ride quality and efficiency probably factor into what would be ideal for me. I'd love a boat that was 1) In budget 2) Managed mid speed cruising more comfortably, with a top end about 35kts and range of 200mi+ 3) was easy on the eyes, and 4) had creature comforts for good day on the water. Unfortunately, there usually seems to be a couple boxes where a compromise is needed.
  10. widget

    Sailors Powerboat

    Both the cat & the tri! These are the first non-traditional boats i've seen in the thread which I actually like. The cat reminds me of a taller more seaworthy version of the cats they use to coach the rowers on the rivers.
  11. widget

    Sailors Powerboat

    Dumb question, but what's the sail for? Does it help with the motion, or stabilize at anchorage? Starting to head to Mac26 territory if you ask me.
  12. widget

    Sailors Powerboat

    One of the smoothest most refined rides ever in a run about was in a 30' Hacker-Craft. These wood boats are beauties!
  13. widget

    Sailors Powerboat

    Cool approach on the retractable amas. This has turned into quite the hypermiler thread which is interesting. I'd take Bob Perry's more traditional design any day over this, but then again, my idea of good days on the water is not covering distance at moderate speed. That's what sailing if for. Farleydoodle - That San Juan is BEAUTIFUL! I've always been a fan of the picnic boats and really like what MJM has done to modernize with an eye to fuel conservation. Open checkbook for a powerboat and it would be a nice new MJM with outboards, closely followed by the True North, just because I love the lines.
  14. widget

    J 121

    Anyone thinking of resale even down the road would be wise to not get to carried away on the custom spec front. It's to early to tell if they'll ever have a OD. I doubt it at the price point and specific target market, but what do I know. Cool boat nevertheless. It will be good to hear some more first hand experience on performance and sailing characteristics.
  15. widget


    You probably already know, but there are 9 J/88's on southern Lake Mich, 5-7 in Chicago proper if you just want to see one in person. MidPack - Thanks. My profile needs an update. I'm out in CT/NY these days. BSP hooked me up for a ride earlier in the season and I raced NA's with Blondie2. Good times. The joke was the one by the McMichaels office had our name on it. You never know.....