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  1. Would be interested in a bit more discussion like that. Alas the problem of threads devolving into all manner of nonsense is intractable. I can DM you to start a group email discussion with a few select contributors who bring good technical discussion and stay away from the ad hominem stuff (subjective, I know). Here's something I'd like to discuss: anyone have any good resources which discuss the pressure side profile of a foil? Most of the references I've found focus on the suction side, adverse pressure gradient, etc. For cambered foils especially, what is the rationale behind the camber vs a completely straight line between stagnation point and TE?
  2. Unless I'm misunderstanding something, I think the difference is illusory. Do we agree that it takes the same energy (joules) to move a foil from rake position 1 to position 2, regardless of where you push on it? Then, that being the case, the thing which dictates power (work/time or joules/second) is how fast you try and do it. I think all teams are trying to get their foils to the right positions as fast as possible, and that creates power drain. The benefit of the AR system that I can think of is that it mechanically automates pitch adjustments during the range of movements required for a board deployment (tack/gybe). That frees up some human operator from having to time things and press buttons. There may be other legal approaches to doing that semi-automatically in other teams, but this might be desirable to AR because they have found the sequence is consistent, and a mechanical approach is reliable.
  3. Thanks ~Stingray~ link lost the numbers at the end, I've added them.
  4. I also don't believe that raising and lowering motions are the most effective way to create AoA changes, but the earlier image selected, and some of the recent content does clearly show some curve to the board, when viewed abeam. With the two colours, it looks almost like this was an afterthought to reposition the rake zero position at max deployment, or was intended to be modified/modular. Also, AR have a quite pronounced difference between the chord of the foils in the vertical sections up top, and near the elbow and into the horizontal area. The thickest chord upper barely makes it into the water it seems, so it may be for structural reasons, or simply so that the LE can present an aft swept shape to the water, in line with the discussion of spray earlier. It also matches up with the angular dimensions in the OR thread which show quite a difference in LE angle relative to the hull in steady flight. I think there are some subtle choices here that may be different from some of the other teams.
  5. Haha, I know.. SolidWorks, not SA approved!
  6. Don't remember claiming accuracy..! But we don't have much to work with, so it's better than nothing. Not much different to Bora and Peet's speculation, only illustrated.
  7. S Sounds good. I have to admit my initial illustration wasn't great as the rake comparison was between the two wings with no common reference, but annotating all the areas on the boat that seemed half reasonable, I still ended up with smaller differences. Anyway, thanks for putting protractor to screen!
  8. No points for thinking Doug. Get out a protractor and show us what you can do!
  9. That was meant to have this image:
  10. Optical illusion. Quite a difference in daggerboard rake on the vertical portions though.
  11. One of the enduring mysteries of this cup leadup. Seems to just annoy the fans. Interestingly though, the blurring seems selective with oracle, perhaps based on angle of photo/video.
  12. ETNZ had something like that too in some pics, both only over the lower portion of the shrouds.
  13. Helical lifting post? Was it BAR that asked for the interpretation?
  14. No worries, I got this... better?
  15. Steve, any reason why STAR-CCM+ and HEEDS? Was it just availability or something particular that you or Flexsys wanted? Other vendors have similar tools, not sure if you were able to compare. Regarding results, you mentioned difficulty capturing operating conditions (I interpret that as boundary and flow conditions). Was your group happy with choices of turbulence model, mesh quality, boundary layer mesh, etc, or was that thought to also contribute to possible errors? Maybe that was left to Red Cedar Technology? Also interested, if you can say, what the range of permissible flexed shapes were for the Flexsys technology, and how they are found (FEA simulation based on structure, and actuator input loads?). Finally, if you were to integrate such a thing into your wings, would it be actuator agnostic - i.e. one could achieve the same shapes with strings, hydraulics, or piezos, or for example, is something like an actuator integral to the skin necessary?