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  1. Amazing!
  2. Would love one if you can ship it to Canada. Is the foil in the image a batwing?
  3. Great effort OTUSA, hard fought, and you kept it exciting. Hope the OTUSA fans are proud of the way your team battled and evolved.
  4. Congratulations to all ETNZ fans and of course the team! What a journey it has been this time around. Amazing performance to watch and follow with you all. Thanks!
  5. I did. Very cool. There's a stretch of highway outside of Milan, I recall, with an imperious Cimbali factory on one side, staring down the Faema equivalent on the other side of the road. I hope Italy joins the next Cup.
  6. In the press conference PB said 'there are foiling tacks, and there are foiling tacks', roughly, in the context of thinking they could sail better. This could well be what he's thinking of. Certainly one advantage ETNZ should retain with their wing control and better hydraulic system. I wonder how much more speed OR can squeeze out of their package now. Each time you make a major change it is a big risk with a schedule and scoreline like that. You can see the appeal of the incremental tweaks, but high risk can be high reward, and if the other team bets big and succeeds there is little chance to react. I'd be interested in seeing ETNZ try a partial board deployment with more cant like OR given BTs likely superior control system and available hydraulic pressure. You'd think if they are still on a fast=unstable part of their boards' performance curve it could work for them.
  7. No, I cannot.. I'm more thinking of anyone affiliated with the team hypothetically involved in the premature identification of a location to host in NZ and leaking that to the press. The supposedly neutral commentators like KR also contribute to this possibly overconfident sense of inevitability, and the amount of relief it and the week's articles engender in some of the posts by kiwi fans may be setting them up for a sad outcome.
  8. Wow.. there are a lot of pretty confident statements in that piece. I wouldn't think it would be possible to take a harder fall than the 8-1 loss, but being practically guaranteed a win by all sorts of commentators is setting ETNZ fans up for a pretty big heartbreak if something simply goes wrong. Not the kind of statements I'd be giving on or off the record at 3-0 up, first to 7 points if I was affiliated with the team; and certainly possible that coming from opponents it's meant to be some kind of head-fake, though I don't see it ruffling the sailors. The truth is, nobody knows what is going to happen here, and luck alone can tip things either way.
  9. Interesting perspective, curious to know more about what your role was, but I'll leave it to you to comment if you feel like it. Regarding the infrared, ultrasound, anyone have any good ideas what kind of sensors they relate to? Ultrasonic flow meters seems unlikely for water given the foiling (and definitely not embedded in the foils), ultrasonic non-destructive testing I'd think likewise not practical or useful for composite structures. Presumably measuring windspeed, and airflow over the wing and platform in discrete areas? I know from experience in wind turbines, IR imaging can be useful for flow separation visualization, on the basis of minute temperature changes (~0.1C) on lifting surfaces between attached/separate flow, and perhaps laminar and turbulent boundary layers. The picture would get complicated with water spray certainly, and with dynamic changes in angle to the sun. Regarding pressure sensing. I can't see there being any pressure measurements anywhere where the clysar film is located, as pressure transducers would be unwieldy to mount, and pressure taps (little plastic tubes) would be a nightmare to place accurately. Thats a huge area of the wing. I know from experience wind tunnel testing with bikes, that you ideally want a nice array spanwise and chordwise at regular locations to fill in a picture of the flow. I would expect that some of the ribs would be the only place to locate them, but that's not a lot of room. On top of that, with pressure taps, the tube lengths have to be carefully controlled and calibrated to avoid natural frequencies in the air column from disturbing the measurement.. Not impossible by any means, but it would be a huge activity to set up, calibrate, and for capsizes, a mess to repair. On top of all that, I'm not sure that it's the best value for effort. I'd be interested in whether oscillations in the clysar film in sections correlated with flow conditions. It might require embedding stiffening fibers (think 3DL) in a grid with an ultrasonic or other sensor reading movements in a quadrant bounded by the fibers from inside the wing. Can anyone else add any knowledge on the sensor/instrumentation side?
  10. Haha.. fair point.
  11. The stream of ETNZ positive commentary, articles, and reflections over the past couple of days certainly make it seem like things are different this time around. But anything can happen, and it probably will. What will ETNZ do if they catastrophically break one of their light foils? Can they hobble together a long tip on a up-range foil? Are they truly bomb-proof steel foils? Is that a match losing event? The second-best boat can still easily win this thing..
  12. The telltales all over the wing give us a pretty good picture of how long it takes to get flow reattached after the wing pops through, longer than I would have thought up top. Don't recall seeing these in other videos.
  13. Would be interested in a bit more discussion like that. Alas the problem of threads devolving into all manner of nonsense is intractable. I can DM you to start a group email discussion with a few select contributors who bring good technical discussion and stay away from the ad hominem stuff (subjective, I know). Here's something I'd like to discuss: anyone have any good resources which discuss the pressure side profile of a foil? Most of the references I've found focus on the suction side, adverse pressure gradient, etc. For cambered foils especially, what is the rationale behind the camber vs a completely straight line between stagnation point and TE?