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  1. P$B has the money, and had advanced knowledge of the concept, but we haven't heard much about the design team he is putting together. Does anyone know who the principals are going to be for LR? Seems to be very low key compared to say BMQRA and their Botin press release, or all the Verdier hoopla.
  2. Thanks Basilicus, that's very informative and interesting. It's a term that gets referred to a lot, yet I have never come across a detailed description before. Much appreciated!
  3. basilicus, would you mind sharing a few words on how vpp simulations are structured, what typical variables are, and what data feeds them?
  4. buckdouger

    AC 36 Protocol

    Bit of a change of pace here, not exactly a protocol subject, but any thoughts on which sail brands might try to outfit AC teams? North is clearly the default choice, but with Quantum in the race, they will likely want their wardrobe on display for at least their own team. Are there any other likely vendors? Has anyone other than North been used since 2003? North, Quantum .. who are the best of the rest?
  5. I think a lot of people who get breathless about GV and other supposed gurus in technology competitions like F1 fundamentally misunderstand the nature of engineering things. Unless you and others are saying he's a great project manager, you're way short-changing a huge number of other contributors, who easily may have made more consequential contributions or facilitated key ones, and I don't believe project management had much to do with his role last cycle. He's one guy. He's the flavor of the month, maybe longer. No one person is going to win the cup for a team or pull off some kind of mono revolution through the AC, they simply cannot carry the complexity alone.
  6. buckdouger

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Has anyone heard any rumours about LR's picks for designers?
  7. buckdouger


    Truth is an abstract construct, so you might as well try to not let it bug you. Why do I care what other people think the are? I know what I am, as I suspect you know what you are..
  8. buckdouger

    Team NYYC

    Thanks Clean.
  9. buckdouger

    Team NYYC

    If NYYC is likely to add so much added bureaucracy, why challenge through it at all? Is the prestige enough? Is there any other reason?
  10. buckdouger

    Team NYYC

    Sorry, unless I misunderstand your post, I should have been clearer. I was wondering if you get the impression from Dalts or elsewhere that North and it's subsidiaries might get a sole - sourced contract for the wing/sail combo as a one-design part, or whether there is a carveout to entice this Quantum team to challenge, or finally whether that part of the boat would likely remain box - rule controlled only
  11. buckdouger

    Team NYYC

    Clean, any whispers from ETNZ or dalts regarding this team and having a stake in the wing / sail package as Stingray alluded to? ETNZ seems pretty close to Southern Spars et al.
  12. buckdouger

    Team NYYC

    No worries, wasn't a criticism, just curious if I missed something.
  13. buckdouger

    Team NYYC

    I don't get that inference. Presumably Quantum/Devos has more influence, and TH is plenty close with both. https://barracuda.news/article/terry-hutchinson-his-role-in-quantum-sails-future-of-sailing-and
  14. buckdouger

    AC 36 Protocol

    Who might the reserve helm be on ETNZ and who will steer the B boat during the defender tune up to the match? The return of DB? Haha