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  1. The boat looks amazing! Congratz to Dave, Steve and team! Looks like some strong S wind Monday, will have to convince Dave to stick around for a few more hours
  2. For ex: http://www.sailmagazine.com/multihulls/racing-multihulls/harken-slingshot-sailing-speed-record/
  3. It sure was in the forecast the day before. gfs was saying mid 40's in the gusts after/during the swing to NW. You guys didn t do your homework! Shit happens, I'll give you that, but don t blame the forecast.
  4. Yes. The foils are collapseable which also means that horizontals are removable and swappable. However, what you'd want more than that is to set the ride height (easy) to foil-assist only mode. This limits programming of the foils to what I call hyperplaning mode, where they'll provide lift until the boat is barely making contact with the water but no further. That's a hell of a lot of fun. After getting used to that, you'd dial in another 3 or so inches of ride height and start to learn foiling while keeping the training wheels pretty close to the road. Crank ride height up to taste as you progress. DRC I had a ~200 pounder out on my boat the other day. Nice 10-12 kts, the dude was flying around happily, first time out on a moth. Got back to shore and started browsing mothmart Sam got a shit session, 0 to 8 kts ... maybe foilable in the puffs, but not as a moth noob. Anyways, A-cat seems like a good choice since at least there's a local fleet where we sail. Sorry for the slight thread high-jack!
  5. But Sam, it was your first time on a moth! Sad that you based your decision on that single day. A bit more practice and you would have been flying quite a bit more.
  6. Interesting boat! What is it? scroll down a few threads: http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?showtopic=176284&page=3#entry5458538
  7. Forget Bucket List, but imagine this: You cut 8ft off the bow of an M32 windward hull, and stick it on the stern of the leeward hull, reshape the windward one a little also using the weight of the redundant leeward rack, so that you can crawl inside and sleep, hang the rudders off the crossbeams, use Randy's R2AK rig, and you have a boat with the same displacement, same rig and Bruce Number, but being 8ft longer, the Base Speed has gone up 2 knots to 18 knots..... And you don't have to swap bunks when tacking. oops, sorry, did not see you post.
  8. no (pulling numbers out of my ass) for the same amount of material used to build the m32, you could build a 50' proa. no clue what that would mean in terms of performance compared to a smaller cat with the same rig ...
  9. Such a cool boat! Out of curiosity, was Cheers ever sailed as a Pacific proa?
  10. I think that tri of yours deserves its own thread! Com on Andy, don't be shy.
  11. Facking lead mine sailors ... F31=Barn door windsurfing ... 3 sails one board. I would think that at 45kg, you would probably need some sort of righting line on the moth (how's that for a constructive advice?), and perhaps a topping lift for the tiller?
  12. 65kg of pure skin bone and fat! I don t think I m the smallest in the US moth fleet, but I m certainly the slowest ... I was pretty slow in Formula31, slow when I sailed 14's, slow in slalom, not sure about raceboard, slow in IC10 ... I could teach you how to sail overpowered crafts slowly if you want.
  13. It's largely a computing power issue. The European Centre has access to far more powerful computing which allows them to input more initialization data and run models at a much higher resolution, which results in greater overall accuracy. Computing power is extremely important since this is a time constrained task; you want an accurate forecast, for a certain period out, and you need it in a certain window. More initialization data (data from weather stations around the world) means more horsepower required. The GFS is run with less initialization data in order to produce a forecast within the required time frame. I suspect that the algorithms and models for the two centers are largely comparable. We don't use the European Centre's modeling because it's a global model and does not offer local resolution that we would need here in the U.S. That seems counter intuitive, since their forecast is generally more accurate, but that model covers large scale weather events and does not provide the local resolution that would be necessary for regional/local forecasts in the U.S. NO "we" certainly do not use the same initialization method or model, and while insitu measurements are an important source of info, a big chunk of observations are spaceborne and provided by the USA ... Both EC and NCEP's model are global. You don't use EC's output 'cause you have to pay for it! GFS is free though Both centers have ungodly amount of computing resources, so we can't blame that. It's just that it's complicated ...
  14. Apparently it wasn't designed for narrow minded old farts Looks pretty good to me.