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  1. gui

    Wabbit for gui?

    Sorry for the confusing link to no where. I posted the same meanigless topic in sportboat anarchy, thinking I was posting here. I'm willing to trade $ for your Wabbit.
  2. gui

    Wabbit for gui?

    Possibly posted in the wrong forum: Sorry, no clue what the definition of a sport boat is. If you ve got one you want to get rid of, pm me!
  3. gui

    Wabbit for gui?

    If you ve got one for sale (preferably on the right but wrong coast), pm me!
  4. gui

    Moths in Annapolis/DC

    Too bad, we crossed path in space, but not in time! Sold my boat last summer.
  5. The boat looks amazing! Congratz to Dave, Steve and team! Looks like some strong S wind Monday, will have to convince Dave to stick around for a few more hours
  6. Yes. The foils are collapseable which also means that horizontals are removable and swappable. However, what you'd want more than that is to set the ride height (easy) to foil-assist only mode. This limits programming of the foils to what I call hyperplaning mode, where they'll provide lift until the boat is barely making contact with the water but no further. That's a hell of a lot of fun. After getting used to that, you'd dial in another 3 or so inches of ride height and start to learn foiling while keeping the training wheels pretty close to the road. Crank ride height up to taste as you progress. DRC I had a ~200 pounder out on my boat the other day. Nice 10-12 kts, the dude was flying around happily, first time out on a moth. Got back to shore and started browsing mothmart Sam got a shit session, 0 to 8 kts ... maybe foilable in the puffs, but not as a moth noob. Anyways, A-cat seems like a good choice since at least there's a local fleet where we sail. Sorry for the slight thread high-jack!
  7. But Sam, it was your first time on a moth! Sad that you based your decision on that single day. A bit more practice and you would have been flying quite a bit more.
  8. gui

    Sailing dinghy required for powerboat

    Interesting boat! What is it? scroll down a few threads:
  9. gui


    David : What you wrote sounds perfectly plausible, but is actually not true. I'm attaching a graph from the classic book Fluid-Dynamic Drag by S. Hoerner. The bottom curve shows the results for wings with span held constant, showing an increasingly significant favorable effect as the dihedral angle increases. The parameter plotted is essentially 1/e, where e is the commonly used induced drag efficiency factor. It's a little hard to read the scale, but for a 45deg wing, the plotted value is about 0.85 or 0.90, rather than the value of 1.4 that your reasoning produced. In other words, there is not a 40% increase in drag, but rather a 10% to15% reduction. For 60deg (which is the angle on my trimaran's foils), the reduction is even larger (>25%.). These results are for wings in free air, but I have done calculations in a Vortex-Lattice code both in free air & with the water's surface accounted for. In free air, for 60deg, my calculated factor is about 0.78, which is similar to what's shown on the curve. When the free-surface effect is accounted for, the factor increases, typically to around 1.12, so its drag is somewhat higher than ideal (but nothing like 40% more). So,really, V-Foils are much better than they get credit for! A pretty darn cool boat for sure: Are you still playing with Broomstick?
  10. gui

    Bucket List

    Hi Sven, will you give us the privilege of some updates on the progress of your hot looking 50' proa?
  11. gui

    DC Designs

    Looks nice Dave, can t wait to see that thing! But water is frozen here too ...
  12. gui

    Bucket List

    I love the idea, but for around the can, there s got to be something better. Tacking might not be too bad, but gybing would be quite frustrating! Seems also that the float would try to round the boat to windward, so in light air you d have to fight that with the rudders. That's gotta be draggy! Have you considered a stayed mast? It s a shame not to use such a wide staying base! Me like it though
  13. gui

    DC Designs

    Ppffff, close enough Dave. I m a big fan of approximate spelling too Nice looking boat.
  14. gui

    DC Designs

    Aaaaa, pretty boats ...