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  1. Have a look at Bob oatleys popeye beautiful design for proportions Palm beach motor yachts
  2. I know this has been commented on before, I used to own a 45 ft powerboat of a similar design foam core construction and very light. Docking in any breeze was extremely difficult. I always wondered if it would be possible to construct a ballast tank in the bow with a Venturi system like a dinghy that flooded going slow and emptied under power to stop the bow from blowing around when going slow
  3. Lemme see . I cruise full time, get up when I feel like getting up, no alarm clocks for decades , eat whatever I feel like eating, have no spouse to answer to, enjoy the company of some wonderful young ladies aspiring to live my lifestyle, celebrate their succeses,with no one to guilt trip me over it, do whatever I feel like doing , any time, living a lifestyle I would trade for no one else's, in a place where your clients work 11 months a year to spend three weeks in. The government gives me all the money I need, and free health care, while you work 40 hours a week ,and claim you could use 60 hours work a year , and you claim I envy YOU? Now THAT is self delusional! I hope you declare the income you receive from the sales of your videos and drawings, and the fees charged for your advice and boatbuilding skills.
  4. Bob, you have drawn a lot of mass produced boats, whichhave left many of their owners deeply in debt, paying for "style over substance" priorities, while the more practical go cruising, cruising with no leaky teak decks and leaky brightwork to maintain. You have charged them $150 an hour for advice on something you have never done yourself, such as long term cruising,or hands on boat building and maintaining. You have risked, and probably cost some their lives , with your knee high trip wires, masquerading as lifelines. No, I have never aspired to put my ego ahead of enabling people to go safely and comfortably to sea, in an ego maniac persuit of ``a place in history``My only interest is helpîng those who are not rich,enjoy the cruising lifestyle as is evidenced by my making no claims whatever to trade secrets, but have openly shared what I have learned in decades of boat building and cruising . You have done absolutely nothing to help wanna be cruisers deal with the two biggest hurdles they face, time and money, not a single innovation in that direction, but you have steadily attacked, sarcastically ridiculed, childishly obstructed and sabotaged any discussion of possible solutions to these problems. Brent not everyone is poor and needs to live in a rust bucket, some of us are lucky enough to retire early and live our lives as we wish, so stop living in the delusion that the rest of us are like you and found ourselves living our lives on the edge of society like a hobo, some of us have choices available to us and we sometimes choose to own more than one vessel and none of these include rustbuckets
  5. I have a phrase pop into my head "it's like trying to teach a monkey to play a piano"
  6. Sorry spell check on my phone got me, my old fuzzy eyes didn't notice sorry for the confusion
  7. Brett have you noticed how Yves is well received he doesn't enter the fray with pie in the sky mathematical calculations, he posts beautiful well constructed and executed drawings that you can get a great appreciation at first glance that the engineering will be well thought out or easy to calculate. With a passing glance at a photo of your vessel one can only notice that if an 80 tonne load was applied to your cleat not only would the cleat fail but the whole vessel would peel apart like a half baked onion.
  8. It is important to run the pipe well below the deck, and support that end adequately. I run mine ten inches below the deck, onto a plate tied into the transom and the anchor well bottom foreward. That puts a two point support on the pipe, rather than a bending load on the deck. Brett just a little bit of advice, I love the idea of an origami boat for the few that are looking for that form of vessel and use, but please refrain from posting your loading calculations or even hinting at a load capacity, as your lack of education and formal training makes you look like the class clown. For those of us with the ability and training to actually do an analysis of the loads on a bolt or cleat for example will do so, but when you post half baked calculations not addressing many of the loads involved you come across as a having a few kangaroos short in the top paddock. Your method of supporting your cleats or posts appear to me to be very sound and functional for your form of vessel but even with rudimentary calculations your 80 or 85 tons is complete bullshit. So here is my suggestion stop being aggressive in your posts, show a photo of your solution say for instance a samson post, don't give calculations as you will continue to look more and more stupid and you will become more maligned in these forums. Just post a picture of your alternative and explain how you feel that it is superior or how it works for you and I suspect you will get more respect and perhaps more work.
  9. How far is it from BC to Hawaii, 2500 miles or so? Two weeks is a quick trip for a heavy steel 36 footer
  10. That's exactly what we have Semi but when sailing we typically roll it up and pull the spectra lazy cradles forward. We made some modifications to it, we use a continuous loop for the zipper so we can zip/unzip from the back of the boom and the main halyard lives on the headboard, we pull it back at sails end. It's literally a 2 minute job to set or strike the main. We also added hayracks/boom wings to support the sail when, striking or reefing. The sail weighs a couple hundred pounds so this is a very important feature for us. Having that damn thing spill over the boom is not a good thing, it's very bulky, hard to get to with the dodger and bimini in the way and 6 foot off the deck. It's imperative the sail stays on the boom. Here is a good picture of the boom wings and the lazy cradle (AKA ugly skirt things). With the big frac rig Dave is going to have and a sizable main, I highly recommend hayracks or a park avenue boom from Offshore. Thanks for that picture Joli, I have been pondering adding them to my boom. Kim Kim, an additional reason that we added the boom wings was for our mooring covers, they require clear real estate above the mainsail to deploy. The lazy cradle and lazy jacks were in the way but when we loosened them to clear the area the main would flop over the side of the boom. With the wings the main sits nicely on the boom and the mooring covers can be used. The lazy jacks are simply pulled forward. If you split your mooring cover into 2 pieces those being port and starboard, you can run a bolt rope along the side of the cover and epoxy a track along each side of boom. The result being you do not have to touch the lazy jacks or actually anything at all as they would all be above the mooring covers. Pulling a smaller cover along a track is much faster and easier than climbing over a boom especially when knees don't work all that well in an advancing age.
  11. From my memory the difference between a hardwood and a softwood is the method by which they reproduce and has nothing to do with the density of the wood. Could be wrong just something I remember from uni a few decades ago
  12. What we have been using for extrusion is 1 1/4 inch sch 40 aluminium pipe with a slot cut in it on a table saw. That needs to be sanded extremely smooth. We used to be able to get it extruded with the slot in, but no more. That may still be available in some areas. Then we weld the drum to the bottom of the extrusion and the halyad block to the top. The simplicity rig and the famet are done this way. You then simply hoist the sail on a wire halyard thru the block, tie the end to the drum ,tighten it with a downhaul, and take the rope tail away. A freind, working for a rigger ,said a lot of people, frustrated with halyard swivel problems, were converting their rig to this system., We screw plastic bushings in the extrusion every couple of feet, to keep the stay centred. Been using mine since 1982, no problems. Who in their right mind would suggest a wire halyard let alone the rest of that abortion
  13. my father was a tool maker as a child i used to move things around on his workbench just to get a reaction, always good sport.
  14. Just picturing parallel chines with conical ends to a hull, picturing this in my head when the hull heels wouldn't the aft end of the chine where it transitions to a conical shape create a turbulent area. In my little head it would be more efficient if the chine continued to the transom.