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  1. whispers

    Something different for CA

    Have a look at Bob oatleys popeye beautiful design for proportions Palm beach motor yachts
  2. whispers

    Something different for CA

    I know this has been commented on before, I used to own a 45 ft powerboat of a similar design foam core construction and very light. Docking in any breeze was extremely difficult. I always wondered if it would be possible to construct a ballast tank in the bow with a Venturi system like a dinghy that flooded going slow and emptied under power to stop the bow from blowing around when going slow
  3. whispers

    Dave's perfect sailboat

    That's exactly what we have Semi but when sailing we typically roll it up and pull the spectra lazy cradles forward. We made some modifications to it, we use a continuous loop for the zipper so we can zip/unzip from the back of the boom and the main halyard lives on the headboard, we pull it back at sails end. It's literally a 2 minute job to set or strike the main. We also added hayracks/boom wings to support the sail when, striking or reefing. The sail weighs a couple hundred pounds so this is a very important feature for us. Having that damn thing spill over the boom is not a good thing, it's very bulky, hard to get to with the dodger and bimini in the way and 6 foot off the deck. It's imperative the sail stays on the boom. Here is a good picture of the boom wings and the lazy cradle (AKA ugly skirt things). With the big frac rig Dave is going to have and a sizable main, I highly recommend hayracks or a park avenue boom from Offshore. Thanks for that picture Joli, I have been pondering adding them to my boom. Kim Kim, an additional reason that we added the boom wings was for our mooring covers, they require clear real estate above the mainsail to deploy. The lazy cradle and lazy jacks were in the way but when we loosened them to clear the area the main would flop over the side of the boom. With the wings the main sits nicely on the boom and the mooring covers can be used. The lazy jacks are simply pulled forward. If you split your mooring cover into 2 pieces those being port and starboard, you can run a bolt rope along the side of the cover and epoxy a track along each side of boom. The result being you do not have to touch the lazy jacks or actually anything at all as they would all be above the mooring covers. Pulling a smaller cover along a track is much faster and easier than climbing over a boom especially when knees don't work all that well in an advancing age.
  4. whispers

    My newest project

    From my memory the difference between a hardwood and a softwood is the method by which they reproduce and has nothing to do with the density of the wood. Could be wrong just something I remember from uni a few decades ago
  5. whispers

    My newest project

    my father was a tool maker as a child i used to move things around on his workbench just to get a reaction, always good sport.
  6. whispers

    My newest project

    id have to agree, if it were my boat i would prefer a different sailplan and truth be told i'm not enamoured with the teak overlay otherwise a beautiful cruising boat with great proportions to my eye.
  7. whispers

    Ever heard about Coppercoat? Is it effective?

    That is a beautiful bottom
  8. whispers

    New imoca boats

    I wonder at what weight and wind speed they start to fly, so many new questions for the autopilot and battery charging and management
  9. whispers

    Construction of a Pogo 12.50

    He is talking vinyl and is correct
  10. whispers

    Construction of a Pogo 12.50

    Metallic is harder to patch when you have an unfortunate incident with a wharf or port tacker Hi Scanas, skulking stealthily through a fleet appeals to me a lot! I should be thinking too of what looks the best in case I put the company logo on later. So potentially go for option 3 with the company color (dark blue) as the edging and white as the larger centre color where the nice big logo (blue/white/gold) goes? How many vote for a white hull and no color? My color choice at the moment for the hull is Silver Metallic (835) , mainly as it is neutral enough to go with a strong color or all paler colours. Yes, the mast will be clear coat. This was another long term decision with much research and thought. You guys have a knack for asking questions on all the decisions that I thought were going to be easy, but were a lot harder than I first thought. I was set on white, then I asked Structures for their thoughts and a couple of respected souls and changed my mind, as my main concern was UV damage. Structures' use a UV proof expoy, same as the Open 40 rig, and their first 50 of these had no coat at all, and to date they assure me no damage at all. First hulls were 2005. so I have to admire their reference model.. The clear coat, or any coat, in their view becomes a aesthetic thing, Moneywise the white is a couple of grand dearer than the clear. And white weathers better. The point they made is damage to the clear coat wiill not damage the epoxy due to UV, so lets give it a whirl.
  11. whispers

    My newest project

    Just thinking is the client having the same colour scheme for all the different vessels, or will they be different. And imagine the difficulty in choosing 4 names I had enough problems choosing one name. Wish I had that problem I love the idea of a number of vessels in different parts of the world perfect idea.
  12. whispers

    Restoration Ron Holland IOR racer Flirt of Paget (2)

    Beautiful, thankyou for allowing us to live through this refurb online
  13. whispers

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    The white pex tubing has a light green tinge to it when placed against a white background, different brands give a different hue as noted by an architect on a recent fitout we did resulting in the replacement of many many lengths
  14. whispers

    New Rambler

    There would be a lot of people wishing this keel fin never surfaced
  15. whispers

    Restoration Ron Holland IOR racer Flirt of Paget (2)

    Have to admit I love the zebra wood interiors