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  1. Good to know that the rumour was true, means I can trust some people to tell the truth and more than they should... Question to MT, - With the VO65 as corporate option: will they be sailing effectively the same course or will they not make it to each stopover port? - How is having 2 boats (and very different types at that) going to make the event "simpeler" to follow to grow your follower/fan base (and therefore keep your event interesting to sponsors)?
  2. Two things: Why go with 7 if you can have 9? -> weight of food, drink, gear; challenges to the team environment. From the docktalk it seems there is no consensus on what is the best number for each leg, but it looks likely that some legs will be 7, some 8 and some 9 crew and probably the conclusion will be that the downside of 9 is less than the upside. Than about "giving women a shot": it's the Volvo... giving them a shot can be done (and should be done!) at other levels (Hobart, Maxis, local beercan, etcetera) and that is where you can proof yourself as being able to keep up with the pace (both physically and mentally). That applied to all of the sailors before and demands of you to work your a** off in-between Volvos. I remember just after the finish of the last race where one of the SCA crew complained she wasn't invited to come race 24/7 and blamed it on sexism. However, plenty knuckled down and did the hard labour: racing 40ft cruiser on Wednesday nights, walked the docks in Oz, enrolled as sewer on Maxis: they created their own opportunities to build their knowledge (perhaps not very applicable to a VO65, but still) and more importantly build relationships (and with that references). With the rules as they are, those with fast boat experience (like day-in day-out sailing a skiff or multihull) or who proven/shown themselves the past couple off years in other classes as successful helms are the first ones to be asked and beacuse of the size of the crew and the boat: references are vital! Now, I do not know Sophie nor have I heard anything bad about her ever. However in her marketing, I feel someone has made a huge mistake: who needs a dedicated bow on a VO65? Perhaps that is the biggest downfall of the large crew SCA had: to much focus one 1 or 2 jobs and not all-round enough for a crew of 8. I cannot remember her track-record on the helm of a VO65 and for that reason alone, I don't think she would make my list unless there were some stellar references from other members who did make the crew. If I'd been forking out some cash to send a team around the world I would not do the "huge stack of resum├ęs" approach: I do not think it is the way to go for such a specialized project. I would look at what has happened to those who did the last Volvo and see how they have been keeping busy since. Talk to owners who sailed with those crew, skippers I keep in high regard, etcetera. I remember standing in the bar at RCNP and one skipper (back in the VO70s era) asking about a crew and the owner saying something about being grumpy without his Haribos and the guy never got a shot following his application... And chances are, if you joined the wrong boat/team at one moment in time you might loose your chance because of the bad name the program/owner/skipper from way back has: these selections are not about picking the best individual sailors it is about creating a balanced team and for that, as we all know, having the "best" according to some standards might not result in the best overall (which includes working the sponsor and their guests, PR, oh and race result).
  3. 2 Things: 1) Mast design was finished long before a decision on sails was made (first rigs on a ship by the time the sail-supply was sorted) 2) Upwind in 10-15TWS is usually a normal loadcase for full main + J1. The MH0 and Fr0 are (were...) for TWA 80-120 (ideally), with an "upwind"-0 usually for the range 2-6TWS. The limitations, and speaking in general terms right now, are generally the sizing of the lock, the cables and the furling gear. This means that luff tension on your MH0/Fr0 is dictated by the maximum load on your connections, pushing the sail beyond its reach (ie. MH0 upwind, say 55-70TWA and in 10-15TWS) luff sag will become so significant it hampers performance and as such prohibits the use of those sails at those angles. In the time of the VO70 (and VO60), the sizing could have been higher but you paid a price. Now you just damage the gear and trying to furl your MH0 after overloading those furlers ain't fun (nor is rebuilding one of em on a moving boat with all the torlon ball bearings...). From a mast engineering perspective for these type of racing masts, bend is much more of a limiting factor than compression. And with for instance DongFeng, it was believed that they sailed first reef MH0 combination quite a lot resulting in significant mast bend as well as sailing without any significant checkstay tension when sailing in general in an attempt to flatten the main. The result was too much bend and first tube damage than after a few repairs the mast breakage.
  4. There is a single line running from the boom through the deck (just aft of the mast), down to the bilge. In the bilge the purchase system lives with the tail exiting around the tiller/aft pedestal area. You are correct the strut wil find its spot by keeping some tension on the purchase when dropping the main and the strut length is defined by the lowest position of the boom allowable.
  5. The strut is still part of the rule: Vang can be part of boom or rig weight but only the purchase is required for sailing (no reefing so no need for something to support the boom there). Any weight saved is additional carbon in the boom/mast, removing end fittings is more weight saving. Looking at for instance IRC'd 52s or the Fast40/Maxi 72/Volvo70s/Volvo652 you can see they have done away with that tube entirely requireing a MH halyard to be attached to the boom before dropping the mainsail or paying close attention when dropping the main to not drop the boom on a wheel/head. Within the 52 class rule there is still the need for a support strut to keep the boom up when the sail is (coming) down. The whole system (strut, end fittings, line down to purchase system) weighs less now than the spring did in the original vangs of a 2004/2005 gen TP52 I guess...
  6. What's different about the hull-deck connection on Dongfeng/hull 1? Not different, just not right the first attempt. So boats been cooked a few extra times which would result in a stiffer construction (yes I've tried it with carbon on a smaller scale). The gains are, of course far more important psychologically than measurable/physical gains (measurable difference in m experience is a sub-1% gain).
  7. @shanghaisailor I'm trying.
  8. And regarding (possible) entries..: -AkzoNobel going for new build from outset, got old vestas (and simple rebranding with only name) to do some training but more importantly find the rest of the cash. Currently no boat and some long delays on crew contracts with several people committed but waiting 4-6 weeks already on the actual contract. And let's not forget: new boat means they are one of the last to actual start making miles so even if they were first to announce, what will your advantage be? -Dongfeng had the "worst" boat in the previous race (hull 1) that was actually the stiffest because of hull-deck connection). Now got some of the most experienced guys on board, got the shore side sorted and perhaps the fastest option with female input. -Mapfre looks to be improved over previous attempt with a lot clearer direction in crew. As far as under-30s go and female there are some very fast and promising names on the list -11th hour/Vestas clearly have the backing but what about the crew? And then the scary part... where are entries 5-8? I know there is plenty of time left as the boats are not ready yet but would be nice to have some more rumours (outside of SA's forums).
  9. VOR65 rig development: -Southern got the contract, build 8-10 rigs -First rigs delivered before sail contract is signed and final sail configration is finalized. Also, if rumours are true maybe without full info about the boats -SCA cracked mast around spreader root -All rigs got additional carbon applied around spreader roots (spreader roots are metal by the way) -Start of Volvo Race 2014-2015: teams mask off warning LEDs (for the loads) because it blinds drivers during the night shift -DongFeng starts racing with MH0, Reefed main and hardly any/no checkstay to get more mastbend, more luff tension on MH0 but also more stress into the mast -Auckland sees all rigs out and tested. Repairs to several tubes (visible for anyone in AKL). Docktalk that rigs might break in next leg because of people pushing the MH0/reefed main combo. -DF breaks mast in leg to Brasil (exactly where you would expect for deck stepped mast that is over-bending) -Batch of new rigs and rigging ordered for 2018-2019 race -Refit rigs in transit to Lisbon -First refit boats get relaunched with original rigs -Mapfre suffers a breakage, no clear indications as to why/what/how. As always: "in these conditions, it shouldn't have..." As been mentioned here, 8 out of 10 times, a (carbon) rig failure can be attributed to a metal interface (rigging tang, rigging end-fitting) rather than carbon. Luckily people are catching on and getting material certificates and testing of various parts as well as improved maintenance regimes are becoming more common.
  10. Team Origin boat has been updated to 2011 rule (including updated bow area) but the owner was not going to fund the season in the medcup (~1.2m Euros) and Percy/Stimson failed to secure the sponsorship so had to pull the plug on that. Cristabella's owner has unfortunately suffered from illness but as he is still class president I am sure the team will be back when mr. Cook is feeling better again, he and his team are a class act and I wish him well. As for Gladiator, I saw them race in Palma at the start. It's based on the team that raced the 2009 & 2010 worlds on Weapon of Choice but with the 09 Artemis. From what I heard, the owner has picked a couple of events based on location and when he and his family have the time available to be there. Like Ran he also races in the Farr45 fleet in the UK. Anyway, I believe the team is going to be in France in a months' time and I guess most of the other medcup events mbut don't know about that.
  11. Needs a bump... Anyhow, is there anything exciting for 2010 in "Foredeck Management Tools"? Wouldn't want to get stuck in my ways in Frontierland or caught out when back in fantasyland...