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  1. lostmydetailsagain

    No Rorc Caribbean 600 thread..?

    I believe they still have the 52SS, but got the 52 (ex-Platoon I believe) just before the 2018 IRC/ORC Worlds in The Hague.
  2. lostmydetailsagain

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    I'll bite: at that point in time, they were still bound by EU law and no UK-based company could match price, quality and safety features
  3. lostmydetailsagain


    @Wess and @samc99us, First and foremost, they (the Rapido60 "Ineffable") are out there and I am not so they have beaten me already. And as such my post was not supposed to be negative with regards to the crew or the boat. However, my experience with them is (or should I say was) that they aren't the most experienced and have not fully gotten to grips with the boat. I believe the boat and team have got significant potential but in the light (which is much harder, in my opinion) and with limited time racing so far, I expected bigger losses in the lee of St Kitts. So 1) poor use of language at my end and 2) they are outperforming my expectations. Therefore, my apologies and good on 'em!
  4. lostmydetailsagain


    if it is the same owner and the program isn't too different from stuff like Heineken last year, I'm surprised they're still ahead of the 40-footers...
  5. lostmydetailsagain

    In Production: Spirit 111

    Boat is being trialled (weather permitting) at the moment in/near Ipswich/Harwich. More here: https://spirityachts.com/sailing-yachts/the-superyacht/spirit-111/?fbclid=IwAR17tK6qvEh24e36abjLJ6MqDCQ2fPVAUYtO-ve5Zr-512JPgVZ0qznimJY And from pictures I've seen, the interior renderings are pretty much spot-on representations of real-life. Rig arrived at yard in September:
  6. lostmydetailsagain

    Superyacht A mast issues....

    She is classed as a "sail assisted motor vessel" so heel angle very much limited and engines are to be kept running. Running natural frequency calcs is pretty standard for these type of rigs, but the "boom-less" situation of the video might not have been considered as everything still had a budget and timeline. And there is always the discussion about the stiffness of the boat, which impacts the frequency as will the way the boat is secured whilst in winter storage.
  7. lostmydetailsagain

    From St Thomas

    A boat! Looks like Maxi72 Vesper (ex-MOMO, JV-design)
  8. lostmydetailsagain

    Ice 33 10m

    4 or 5 built, owner of Wally 80 & Cento had 2 to do training of crew and self as helm. Not sure they raced much (would be handicap fleet in St Tropez or that area) but have won every now and again. Let me look... Found a blurb on it: not sure about the pricing though...
  9. lostmydetailsagain

    Halyard and reefing hooks

    In my experience, the locks/hooks more than anything allow you to keep sailing with significantly less wear and tear on your lines. Furthermore most of the line can be significantly smaller (cheaper!), you do not need all associated hardware (blocks, deck strengthening, winchpower) to deal with the high working loads (again lighter, cheaper) and as such I feel it is a big plus. But these gains become more significant the larger the boat/loads and especially when you go rotating rig where loaded halyards will create some challenges to the rotation and alignment of halyards. Having done a bunch of rig projects as consultant, the inclusion of a lock has meant the tube becomes "stiffer" due to compression reduction but the actual weight saving in the carbon laminate is not that significant. However the weight saving and cost saving of all associated parts does add up quickly. With regards to safety/dureability, I haven't had any issues with 95% of the products out there. The Karver/Facnor reef clew hook has probably been the most challenging to get a handle on but it requires a few hours in mild conditions to get a feel for how much the boom should go up (or down). The trip line operated locks from Harken/Hall Spars/southern spars have been very easy to work with and maintain plus replacing the spring every season is a lot cheaper than replacing a halyard every 5000Nm...
  10. lostmydetailsagain

    2019 52 SUPER SERIES

    RAZR had some issues and was replaced after the first regatta by a revised set of rigging (mostly like for like, some went to ec6). Paprec (ex-Ran) was after three or so years still running the original Carbo-Link rigging. The RAZR stuff is upon request only and to qualify you need to provide information on the program and the maintenance you are willing to adhere to. The aero stuff is also not on the website.
  11. lostmydetailsagain

    Two ton of carbon

    for rod there is a very specific inspection period (time or distance) which is not too dissimilar from composite as it focusses on the end-fittings. However with composite in 95% of the cases you are locked into continuous so dmaging 1 stay mean everything has to come off and be checked (possibly repaired). With rod you can still swap out individual stays. Rod is giving essentially a fixed lifespan whereas composite is to be checked but could go well beyond the 8years (on average) rod can be used before insurance requires new stays. It is important to note here that I do not consider SK99/PBO/Aramid (ie soft fibre rigging) to be composite: those materials have other issues which is why a few of the superyachts are ending up changing from the originally installed PBO to ROD. Converting from rod to composite requires a spreader tip modification but all other connections can remain the same as the composite rigging can easily be supplied with hangers to suit existing rod stemball fittings. But then we are at pricing and in my experience, the composite rigging in this size range is 4-5 times the price of the rod package. My opinion is that for new-builds, composite rigging is the way to go because, as you write, the weight saving aloft is so significant and this is far more applicable to cruising boats than racers. For me this means that for the same all-up displacement (and righting moment as we don't want to change structures): one could fit more comforts on board, go shallower draught to allow you to actually get into those nice coves/marinas and of course the reduced weight aloft adds significantly to the comfort when at mooring/anchor.
  12. lostmydetailsagain

    Two ton of carbon

    Rod is easier to insure than composite as essentially lifespan is fixed in your insurance. Also the steel stretches rather than fail. OYS is still doing quite a lot of ROD work for 15.ft+ superyachts soROD is definitely not dead yet in the superyacht industry. The composite option has to have higher safety factor (but the fact the material is stronger means that for stretch equivalent your safety factor is covered) and is at considerably higher cost without assurances about life span (theoretically much longer than ROD). Seen the rig during the build in Holland when visiting the factory on an inspection: rig is essentially what you would expect for a 100-120ft boat though some of the finishing details were just that little bit more special like the design of the interior is just a bit more special. Standard modulus carbon fibre, furling boom and rod rigging. The furling boom looked different from the Hall boom I saw in Palma on a Southern Wind 100, looks like a custom section to suit the design of the boat or something. Mast weight at 2,000kg is probably with all cabling, spreaders and rigging packaged with the tube, you'd save quite a bit of weight going to composite rigging (around 65-70% of total rigging weight). Mast itself probably around 42metres long?
  13. lostmydetailsagain

    Gunboat 68

    Condor has a Hall Spars rig (and longeron, boom), female tooled. There are a bunch of articles about this also through Gunboat about all the development of the boat in conjunction with the rigging package.
  14. lostmydetailsagain

    2019 52 SUPER SERIES

    Hard to fault Nacho on the Bay of Palma
  15. lostmydetailsagain

    TP 52 Deal?

    Used to, but most have been converted to "reverse T". This boat (ex-Matador, ex-Weapon of Choice) had the german mainsheet system still in place at 2009 & 2010 52-worlds