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  1. Saildrive emulsified oil

    Yes. The drain plug/screw is on the bottom of the drive leg.
  2. VG Tracker

    Thank you Forss.
  3. clamping sheave in Masthead

    UHMW Tape
  4. Vendee Globe electronics - radar?

    Which means that Alex's Quantum unit is a two Sigma outlier... liability.
  5. Vendee Globe electronics - radar?

    Thanks. Any idea if they chose the wireless DRS4W or the doppler DRS4D-NXT? There are definitely power, weight, size and cost tradeoffs between the two.
  6. Vendee Globe 2016?

    Alex Thomson is using the Raymarine Quantum. I don't know about other boats. Thanks... and painted stealth black.
  7. Vendee Globe electronics - radar?

    Yes, times have changed a bit recently and fishers are more often broadcasting but the domes are on the masts and I wonder what they are...
  8. That boat has been sitting in place for several (4+?) years "finished" with for sale signs on it, on the trailer, waiting for anyone to come drag it away. Over the past two years, a second, bigger boat has been in build, outside, next to it, it the rain. We live nearby and have been wondering just what in the world can be going on there....
  9. Vendee Globe electronics - radar?

    I'd love to know what choices the teams have made for key elements. Right now, as they pass through lots of traffic along the Portuguese coast, radar must be a big part of the equation. Most of the boats seem to have chosen custom dome paints and mast mounts so it's really tough to tell what they've got. Anyone out there got some hints on what they've chosen for radar and why?
  10. Vendee Globe 2016?

    Speaking of lots of traffic, anybody know what the top choice in radar is for this fleet? Very hard to decipher from all the custom dome painting/mounts/gimbals... barely visible sometimes in the pictures/video.
  11. R2AK 2016

    The pros at Ballard Sails made the race winners last year, and looking good for this year too. Full or flat, they seem fast enough for this competition.
  12. R2AK 2016

    Mad Dog has a new pos report. Same thing happened last year to boats along that remote section of coastline - spotty reports.
  13. Weta anarchy

    Thanks guys. == not a Weta on our davits.
  14. Weta anarchy

    Ok Weta sailors. I've never touched one but am considering carrying one aft off our davits on a 42' cat. The challenge would be assembling it in the water - not on the dolly on the beach. Question 1: is the main hull able to float stably by itself long enough to insert one set of beams? (presumably once that is done the other side would be easier) Question 2: is it relatively easy to get the mast up while standing on the floating, assembled boat? Looking forward to your comments...
  15. R2AK 2016

    You don't need to speculate about what boat you think will win. Get this one! Elsie Piddock, F-25C, winner of the the 2015 Race to Alaska (R2AK) is for sale in the classifieds...