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  1. Turning a soft dodger into a semi-hard dodger?

    Re: "Turning a soft dodger into a semi-hard dodger?" What if you just stroke it a little bit? You might be able to achieve a state of semi-erect?
  2. Nom, nom, nom. Money has already been refunded to my account. It seems pretty evident that someone at GFM leaned on the couple to stop baiting-and-switching or there would be consequences. They might actually remove the wreck, but only because they were forced to.
  3. Robert Perry Gaff Cutter

    Holy shit, that's terrible! And rude!
  4. Singlehanding a 44' cruiser?

    Good point, I'd forgotten about that. I found lazy jacks in a locker on my current boat, after I bought it but I poo-poo'd them and never installed 'em. After two seasons of having the main in a giant, flopping heap on the cabin top, I think I'm ready to at least try them out.
  5. Holy shit, this looks GREAT! Must watch. I agree 100% that Dylan would be great in this format. These guys should have invited him. The chemistry would have been great.
  6. If I went to confession, I'd never get anything else done.
  7. Show your boat sailing thread

    We have one in our Wednesday night fleet. They do well. The boat is good and the crew has been sailing together for a long time.
  8. Singlehanding a 44' cruiser?

    Not everyone here agrees with everything that Slug says. I singlehand a lot, and started CHESSS. (Chesapeake Shorthanded Sailing Society). My boat is a Tartan 33. I think 35 feet would be my limit in terms of physical effort required to handle the boat and budget to adequately maintain it. A 44' sloop would be quite a handful. Not saying that it can't be done, but you'll need to really think about the hardware layout and not skimp on adding important hardware and electronics to aid you as a singlehander. - Quality, new generation anchor. A quick, secure set of the anchor is a godsend to a singlehander. - Windvane steering *combined with* belowdecks autopilot. - Upgrade to adequately sized tackle for a singlehander who will be handling large sails in strong winds. Also think about *where* the hardware is placed. - AIS transponder and probably radar. The new stuff is much more power thrifty and higher resolution, so don't cheap out and buy an old, used radar. These wake you up before a commercial vessel runs you down...hopefully. - Iridium GO or similar satellite service. As a singlehander, you've got to be out in front of any weather issues even more than boats with crews. - You need an understanding of sleep patterns and how to properly sleep on passages when you're alone. You don't (shouldn't) just pass out for 8 consecutive hours of slumber. A sloop has limited sail arrangements compared to other types of rigs. You'll need to think several moves ahead if you don't want to get caught in bad situations. The old adage is "Go small, go simple, go now." Big boats have big expenses and complex systems. You might get the boat cheaply, but everything for the boat is expensive. More sq. footage= expensive bottom paint, larger, longer, more expensive line. Larger, more expensive sails. Larger engine, more fuel consumption. Bigger winches and tackle...all very expensive stuff. I get that your initial fit-out can be done for less money than normal, but what happens *after* you set off? Shit breaks. Consider that there will be maintenance, and that these costs will be more expensive for a 44 footer. You're not going to have your shop and employees when you break down "out there." Some say that "cruising is the art of fixing boats in far away places." I also think you should reconsider singlehanding a large boat with 2 dogs. If you're caught in frisky weather, all of your efforts will be focused on managing the larger boat and you're not going to have time to deal with Fido who slipped and hurt himself in a pitching, heaving cabin. Imagine going below in big weather and slipping on dog shit while you're looking for some piece of equipment. It's a little better when you're sailing with a spouse or girlfriend and one of you can tend to the livestock. As a general rule though, I'm against animals on boats over long periods. Plenty of people disagree with me on this, though. Hopefully Zonker will chime in. He didn't singlehand, but he's circumnavigated the globe at least twice, I think, with his family. He can really articulate what you're going to face in a large boat, alone.
  9. It is not my fault that it was literally 81F degrees in the middle of February. It's winter, I sailed, in the Chesapeake.
  10. That's pretty screwed up considering on their complaint form, they put a spot for you to attach such evidence. They may not stop the campaign, but they did refund my money. I think that once they get enough identical complaints that they might reconsider. We can't all be lying.
  11. Hey, looks like I can take you out this week. I got my lunch money back! BWAHAHAHAHAH!
  12. Hmm...assurances. Like, "the check is in the mail" or "I promise I'll pull out." If their intention is and always has been, to remove the wreckage then what is the logic behind modifying their GFM campaign statement not once, but TWICE, to downgrade the priority of removing the wreckage and then removing all mention of it entirely? I've filed a fraud complaint with GFM stating that I donated based on their original statement that the money was to remove the boat from the water, and now that statement has been altered twice, and no mention of salvage exists anymore. I offered screen shots but also reminded them that their own logs should show the pattern of alterations. I don't expect my money back, but it's my right to poke them in the eye for pulling a bait-and-switch. You don't see the Salvation Army or American Cancer Society doing that.
  13. My only regret about paying the money, was that I missed an opportunity to watch you completely lose your shit. I should have reneged on my promise for the express purpose of watching you have a cardio infarction over it.
  14. According to you, I'm still dishonorable and full of shit. What exactly, did honoring my word get me? Nothing. You still don't get it. I don't *care* what you think about whether or not I have honor, or fulfill my promises. You can hurl bible verses at me all day long. It was a harmless, $50 wager that these two turds wouldn't do the right thing. So far, I'm right. Most other people here think I'm right, but I've noticed that you don't have a raging hard-on for any of them. Tell you what- I'll give you $50 to just shut the fuck up. I'll bet you can't. Want to try for it? You know I'm good for the money.
  15. I could have also given you the middle finger and not donated anything. I don't owe you squat. I piss away $50 on lunch during the week.