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  1. Hugo is great. Very down to earth, highly skilled.
  2. Ajax

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Pfft...what's the problem? @SloopJohnB had a cabin sole that was supported by a coffee mug crammed underneath!
  3. Ajax

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Actually, we have a small Freedom that has been abandoned on a mooring that osprey have built a huge nest on the bow. They live quite happily down near the water's surface. They've come back multiple years.
  4. Ajax

    Cruise Ships: blessing or curse?

    Curse. In fact, a plague. A pestilence. A pox on all our houses.
  5. Ajax


    Actually, the goal of having a heat pump is a fallacy anyway. A heat pump is only efficient down to about 0C. Even the most efficient units can only extract latent heat from the outside air to pump into your home up to a certain point. After that, you're just wasting electricity. If one lives in a temperate zone, a heat pump is fine. I live in the Mid-Atlantic region where summers can hit 38c with 90% humidity and winters go as low as -12c. I installed a clean burning wood pellet stove for winter heat. Pellet stoves were supposed to be "carbon neutral" with the pellets coming from waste products but that appears to be a myth. Wood pellet companies in North and South Carolina are cutting down whole trees to manufacture pellets. These companies claim that the harvesting is sustainable because they replant fast-growing pine but this eliminates diversity in the ecosystem by planting a monoculture (all pine trees). Also, they don't really let the trees grow long enough for adequate carbon sequestration. Funny thing, want to know where a lot of the wood pellets from the Carolinas go? To Europe, to power "clean burning" electric power plants.
  6. I feel like I need a tetanus shot just from reading the ad.
  7. Ajax


    The hilarity is that I still need to drive 14 miles to the commuter bus "park 'n 'ride" lot. By then, I'm over halfway there. There is no local bus or rideshare to get me to the commuter bus. When I worked at the State Dept. and the Pentagon, I drove 5 miles to the commuter rail station and rode the train and walked the rest of the way. My office now, is a lot closer yet I drive more. Go figure.
  8. Ajax


    I'm honestly not trying to virtue signal here, I just thought it was interesting to examine the list to see where my compliance is. Items crossed out are where I've had success. A lot of my choices have more to do with fiscal restraint rather than trying to save the environment. (thermostat settings, eating leftovers, etc). My wife's cousin is a local farmer. After visiting the farm, I was inspired to grow my own vegetables just to enjoy the gardening experience and the freshness, not to try to save the world. Same for shopping at the local farmer's markets. The quality of their fruit and veg is simply superior to the big grocery store. Mass transit: Not available on my route to my job. I live 24 miles from work. It takes me 25 minutes each way. I'm not sure what the definition of "close to work" is. Vegan: Nope. I'm willing to reduce the amount of meat I consume for health reasons, but I'm not eliminating meat from my diet. Downsize home: My home is pretty small at 1200 sq. ft. I just didn't want to pay to heat/cool/maintain a large home. Again, it's about saving money not saving the world. Happy coincidence. The windows and insulation will need an upgrade at some point. EV/Other Actions: My solar array typically makes enough surplus energy to charge a Tesla Model 3 after my commute each day so most of the time, my transportation costs would be neutral. Except... I don't own an EV yet and I'm not shit canning a perfectly good Subaru to go in debt for a Model 3. When the Subaru dies, a Tesla is in the cards. Recycling: Yeah, I'm pretty avid but I have absolutely zero faith that this stuff isn't just being sorted right into the trash stream destined for the landfill. Composting: We haven't started that yet. We also have not yet set up rain barrels to capture water runoff. I should get on that. Pay offsets? Not unless you force me. (taxes) Kids: Sorry, that was 26 years ago and it's a little hard to undo. Sue me. Some people would say that I'm making a positive impact. Greta and AOC would probably say that I'm not doing enough and that I should eat my children to reduce my footprint even further. I give myself a C+.
  9. Ajax

    Heavy Weather Sailing

    I didn't post the video, I merely commented on it. I am in no way comparing the Chesapeake to the Norwegian or Barents sea.
  10. Ajax

    Heavy Weather Sailing

    These guys are local to me and this guy in particular makes some really nice vids of small boat sailing on the Chesapeake. It's straightforward, with no dialogue. There's no drama, no tits or bikinis so it won't appeal to most folks here.
  11. Ajax

    Annapolis vs. Newport Boat Shows

    Go to the Fleet Reserve Association for their pit beef lunch. It's right on Ego Alley in the heart of the show.
  12. Ajax

    The Two Best Days...

    I have no useful words.
  13. Ajax

    Encountering Storm Force 10

    I have recently set up a jackline system that I glimpsed from an article in SAIL magazine that I think works pretty well. Instead of 2 lines running down the side decks bow-to-stern, I run a jackline from aft side deck to the mast, take a couple turns around the mast and go back down the opposite side deck. I take the other jackline and run it from the mast, down the centerline to the bow. Seen from above, it looks like a "Y." But wait, you say- "You have to unclip to shift from the mast to the centerline jackline." Not so, I use a 2-legged tether. This arrangement draws you towards the center of the boat, away from the sides to keep you onboard. This is especially important towards the bow where the deck narrows. You'll want a shorter tether here.
  14. Ajax

    Prevalence of aspiring sailors who give up

    That's pretty much where I'm at now. It's going to take a societal/cultural shift before things change and I ain't waiting. I don't want to be a part of this frantic world of being pulled in too many directions and impossible standards. I'm just going sailing.
  15. I hope you're not a jinx because I have the same engine in my 1982 Tartan. I run at the same RPMs as you, but I run it for at least 30 minutes every time, to burn off any condensation. I try not to idle much and I don't use it to charge the batteries. In warmer weather, I never need the glow plugs in fall/winter, I need 10-20. I'm sure I'm due for glow plugs. I'm religious about oil changes, filters, clean fuel and pump impellers but for all I know, this is locking the barn after the horse has escaped. Who knows how the other 4 owners treated the engine before me?