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  1. I think the type of boat and its condition (especially inside) can easily lend itself to this kind of concern, especially in today's social climate. Think "sketchy white van" with "free candy and puppies" spray painted on the side. When I did my little liveaboard stint, it was also during the '08 recession. Some of my dockmates were folks who lost their jobs, some were folks who were required to take jobs far from their dirt home and leave their families behind and of course, I represented the "divorced and gave up the house" contingent. We used to joke that people who lived out of their cars or vans were poor but people who lived out of small, shitty sailboats were eccentric. One of my dock mates had a great sense of humor about his situation, referring to his boat as his "modest yacht." My boat was old but it was clean and I always kept it stowed and tidy down below because a single item out of place in such a small space would make it look like a complete shithole. Dishes done and stowed, clothes hung or put away, cabin sole swept and sponged down, no gear adrift. I wish my dirt home is as tidy as my liveaboard boat was.
  2. My father was always smart with his money. He worked hard and was very into his job. Retirement was something talked about but not taken very seriously. Then, his friends started dying around him, having barely started retirement or having eschewed it altogether even though they could have retired in comfort. He took the hint and exited the rat race. He's been very happy. The trick is to have a plan or a purpose. Don't just sit on the sofa. Sometimes retirement is simply the ability to do work that you've always wanted to do that is personally fulfilling, but that would not pay the bills. When you "retire" you supplement the retirement pay with the lower paycheck of the "fun" job. Sometimes retirement is shifting to volunteer opportunities, helping other people or the environment or some other worthy cause.
  3. Ajax

    Show your boat sailing thread

    I can attest that out of nearly 6500 Catalina 30's produced, this boat is one of the finest examples and an early hull number to boot. Meticulously restored and maintained. I keep telling @Hike, Bitches! to send some photos to Catalina Yachts so that Frank Butler can see his legacy still sailing, being enjoyed so many years later.
  4. There's a long running joke here that offset companionways are death.
  5. Ajax

    Show your boat sailing thread

    You can eat both.
  6. Ajax

    It's my world now...

    @Diarmuid No way, cruise ships are a pox, a pestilence! The joke about key fobs killed me.
  7. Ah, good point about storage. I also rented a storage facility on shore for tools and seasonal clothing. If you keep a tidy boat, you can still day sail. My fellow liveaboards said I made them look bad by going out so much. I had a mini-fridge and a microwave tucked into the quarterberth. I screwed some metal straps/eyelets into the side of the cabin liner. When I wanted to take a day sail, I simply strapped the fridge to the side of the quarterberth and shoved the microwave behind it. All of my hanging clothes were on a bar in the head. I never so much as cracked an egg or dropped a shirt during my day sails. With a larger boat, it should be even easier.
  8. I wonder what she looks like these days. That video is some years old, now.
  9. Ajax

    It's my world now...

    We don't do the powerboat dredge. The whole creek and approaches are all 6 feet mlw. We'd have to dredge the entire area.
  10. You said telework would be an option. This means you really only need the top half of a suit.
  11. On that note- I have a co-worker who lives aboard in Annapolis on a Catalina/Morgan 38(?). He has reverse cycle heat and air. The boat came equipped that way, apparently. He says the reverse cycle works well all the way down to water temps of 35F-33F degrees. Then, he shifts over to an onboard diesel heater when the reverse cycle can't keep up. Some years, the diesel heater barely gets used. My point- If you're equipping the boat, go whole hog and install a reverse cycle system instead of just an A/C.
  12. If you winter in the Caribbean (or southern climes in general), pumping out won't be an issue. It's only a hassle up here because the marinas winterize everything. My Pearson 30 was not originally equipped with a holding tank. A previous owner plumbed in a 5 gallon fuel can for a holding tank in the wet locker behind the toilet. It was never equipped for the vacu-suck marina pump out. I had to haul the tank to shore the same as with those cassette toilets. During the winter, I reserved the onboard toilet for the occasional midnight pee and I did everything else in the marina bathhouse.
  13. Ajax

    It's my world now...

    The bottom is chocolate pudding. Arrive and depart at high tide. You'll never feel a thing when you settle into the mud. As Innocent Bystander has often said, our tides are very wind-driven. If the wind has any easterly component, my creek fills up.
  14. Ajax

    It's my world now...

    At my dock? About 6 feet at the very end of the dock.