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  1. Ajax

    Anchor Geekdom

    I think Steve should re-test every anchor he's ever done, on each kind of bottom type with mixed rode, and he has to swap out nylon 3-strand and then 8-plait, then 12-plait rode. Then test each configuration at 3.5:1, then 5:1 then 7:1 scope. Detailed video and commentary, please.
  2. Ajax

    American Dumbass

    Damn. Thank God they're quarantined.
  3. Ajax

    American Dumbass

    Agreed. I'm just tired of being the focus when it seems that so many of these problems are also shared by the people from other places, pointing the finger at the US. All I can say is, the planet is still large and there's plenty of sailing to be had even if we have to stay in our own waters. Can you believe the irony? I installed my new solar panel on Saturday and it's been pouring rain, foggy or totally overcast ever since. I just want a few rays of sunshine to get some readings from the Victron app and my battery monitor. The remnants of Hurricane Zeta will plow through the area tomorrow and part of Friday. 2-3 inches of rain and more gloom.
  4. Ajax

    American Dumbass

    I agree, Universities don't have to invite every nut case. I'm not advocating that. I think inviting a genuine flat-earther in for debate would be a non-starter. The Earth being round, is settled science and there would be nothing productive to debating it in a university setting. (just as an example)
  5. Ajax

    American Dumbass

    Pander, no. Confront? Yes. Definitely. Universities have a duty to confront people peddling pseudo-science and wrong ideas. You have to take the fight to the enemy...sometimes that means inviting them into your house for discussion. When universities censor these people rather than debate them, it makes people wonder if these bad ideas might have merit. "What is the Uni hiding that they don't want me to hear what this person has to say?" Censorship is the lazy, dishonest way out. Don't like the idea? Do your research, gather your facts and debate that person and dismantle their argument. When you physically attack them or censor them, you generate sympathy and believers. I'd also like to add- You might lose the debate. That's life. Maybe your argument wasn't strong enough. Maybe your facts weren't as solid as you thought they were. Since you lost the debate, your solution is to censor? Change the rules of the game so you can win? This is what children do when they lose too many hands of "Uno."
  6. Ajax

    American Dumbass

    Interesting that you should point this out. As a Murdoch asset you'd think the paper would be quick to point out other nations' covid failures to distract from our own, yet they still follow the liberal MSM format of "Look how fucked up the US is" while nearly ignoring that other nations are having the exact same problem. Covid is a fascinating phenom here in the US. Trumpers publicly eschew masks and ignore Trump's mistakes in handling the pandemic while Progressives exercise a more discreet hypocrisy of blaming Trump and demanding the government "do something" while dining out, bar-hopping and insisting that their children attend school in person because they find home schooling to be confusing and burdensome. Like you said, critical thinking missing on both sides which I why I just can't align with either side. I've never been so glad to have an "I" on my voter ID card.
  7. Ajax

    American Dumbass

    You're completely off point. The point is not the idea that conservatives are sharing, it's that they are being threatened with violence for sharing it. If an idea is without merit, then prove it during civilized debate with guest speakers, don't physically attack them or abolish the speakers. Stand up to them in debate and discredit the idea with facts. That's the market place of ideas, that's how university debates used to work. Now they are merely echo chambers. All you're doing right now, is proving my point. Two points actually: - Lecturing me on how you don't like the direction my nation is governing. (I won't do this to you and you're every bit as fucked up as we are.) - Justifying censorship of ideas you don't like rather than debating them.
  8. Ajax

    American Dumbass

    I don't think it's absurd at all. There have been reputable articles on the topic: https://www.brookings.edu/blog/fixgov/2017/09/18/views-among-college-students-regarding-the-first-amendment-results-from-a-new-survey/ Conservative students who fear violence, self-censor. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/02/evidence-conservative-students-really-do-self-censor/606559/
  9. Ajax

    American Dumbass

    Ahhh...I love the Wall St. Journal. It illustrates exactly what I said yesterday about magnifying an issue in one place while minimizing the same issue elsewhere: Stock Futures Point to Selloff on Rising Virus Cases France Emerges as Covid-19 Epicenter Sure, I exaggerated with the fonts a little, but not much. Feel free to visit their home page to see for yourself.
  10. Ajax

    American Dumbass

    Sorry Two-Leg, you've got it backwards. Non-state (University) violence is leveled at speakers who challenge ideas such as systemic racism, reparations, biology and other similar topics. Racial equality, gender equality, and economic justice are topics that are welcome and protected on our Uni campuses. Our Universities used to be bastions of free speech and the free exchange of ideas, but no longer. They are nothing more than precincts for the Thought Police and political re-education camps.
  11. Ajax

    American Dumbass

    US society has moved to "only some ideas should be heard" and the ones that are heard must be respected. Free speech is dwindling in supply and the free marketplace of ideas is in jeopardy. There are actually people who think that physical violence is acceptable to shut people up whose ideas you disagree with.
  12. Ajax

    American Dumbass

    She agrees with me. My wife is interesting. She's a conservationist and a scientist who cares a great deal about the environment but she grew up with farmers and hunters and understands their viewpoint. We are both "politically homeless."
  13. Ajax

    American Dumbass

    I would say that genocide is a greater crime than name calling. There are still Jews alive who survived the death camps. I fully expect people to be leery of Germany for awhile longer yet. I don't think Germany is a good example. France and North Africa or British colonialism in India might be a better comparison. The reason the US is puzzling, is because we willingly air our dirty laundry as an open society. This gives tiny, nutty minorities like flat-earthers and anti-vaxxers a false magnification that makes them appear larger than they are. Part of this magnification is caused by manipulation by our media and also by the recent advent of social media. Social media is not "journalism" and as such, they do not obey journalistic codes of ethics. Of course, even our journalists no longer adhere to journalistic ethics. Social media (Youtube) is the magnifying glass that makes Zatara look larger and more common than they really are, for example. What I've observed recently, is that most other Western nations are struggling with exactly the same issues that the US is struggling with, but only the US's struggles gain any traction in the main media and it always makes the front page in huge letters. I have to dig pretty deep or read small print text on Page 3 to find articles about France's newly surging COVID infections, or the fact that most of Europe's citizenry is flat-out against more lockdowns, or rising anti-muslim sentiment across Europe and Australia or the fact that Canadians have abused their indigenous peoples every bit as badly as the US has theirs. "Yabbut-ism" has reduced the discussion to endless finger pointing at the US which excused other nations from failing to look in a mirror and exercise their own introspection. I used to care. For awhile, I was ashamed of who I was. I was embarrassed to admit that I'm an American. I stopped displaying the national ensign at my house and quit flying it from my boat. Recently, I decided that I would no longer accept guilt for the unfairly magnified stupidity of a handful of morons in my country. When I travel abroad (which I have, extensively) I cheerfully obey not only the laws, but the social customs of the nations that I visit. I willingly immerse myself in the cultures of the places that I visit and I never say things like "You French should do what we do." You are in your own home (nation) and it's not for me to judge your issues or struggles. I think my mindset represents the majority of US international travelers, not Zatara. When I'm home, I live how I want within my laws and customs and I care not a fig for anyone outside who thinks I should live differently.
  14. Ajax

    American Dumbass

    It's important that we disseminate the information that Americans are deplorable, inbred, classless morons and all other Western nations are pure, innocent and full of very nice, reasonable people. We can't do that if we confine the discussion to PA.