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  1. Cool. What size beta did you get?
  2. Drat. I misread Longy's post. My apologies.
  3. ? Raymarine tiller pilots have the ability to steer to wind angle...if you have the right Raymarine wind instruments to tie it into.
  4. Dude, right on! I think we're close to have a class for OD racing! Was your water heater a Raritan, white cylinder? Just wondering if I'm dealing with the same thing.
  5. And you can fuck right off as well. I can't remember the last time you contributed anything positive to any thread here. Even when offering useful technical advice or experience, you lace it heavily with sarcasm and condescension, not-so-subtly shitting all over the poor sod who dared ask a question. What do you think is more economically efficient, using the military in a dual role of swords and plowshares, or maintaining a totally separate disaster reaction force that sits on their ass much of the time, just so that we can deploy responders who don't wear a military uniform to avoid offending sensitivities like yours? Whatever the political motivations may be, I can tell you that the enlisted military who serve in these missions aren't thinking of political gain, projecting US power or any such nonsense. They're just thinking of helping people who just got handed the very short end of a very bad stick. Period. Next time you lose your boat in a hurricane, feel free to not accept help from any military responders who pass near your location. I wouldn't want you to compromise your principles.
  6. Don't you wish you had a single clue about the noise spewing out of your mouth? - CVN's can generate and share large amounts of electricity to communities where any of the grid is intact. - CV's, LPH's and LPD's can rapidly deliver enormous amounts of supplies to isolated communities by helicopter. - These ships can generate large amounts of fresh water. - The USNS Mercy and USNS Comfort each have 80 operating rooms and 1000 beds divided amongst the various care wards. They have a radiology lab, dental facilities and more. The fighter contingent is but a small part of all of this.
  7. This post is AWESOME.
  8. Yeah, I poo-poo'd the concept of hot, pressurized water when I bought the boat. The first season, I didn't even use it. This season I used it and became totally addicted. Part of the reason for that, is because it's been a cool, wet summer for the Chesapeake. My heater kept the water hot or at least warm, until the next morning! Fantastic for washing up the breakfast dishes and a nice, warm shower afterwards. There's no point in asking for recommendations for a replacement because the answer is: "Whatever fits through the locker hatch."
  9. Thanks for the insight, exactly what I was looking for. The damned ice box compressor is mounted on top of the water heater. It's an A-B Cold Machine, no doubt using R-12. I don't want to vent the system. It's sitting on a wooden disk the size of the top of the water heater. I think the plan is to suspend the wood disk from the underside of the cockpit, which will allow me to remove the water heater underneath. Once I slip the water heater out, I can remove the cladding and take some measurements.
  10. Ok, this water heater isn't getting out of the boat except by the cockpit locker hatch. Innocent Bystander asked if the exterior metal shell of the water heater could be removed, thereby making it smaller and eliminate the need for a Sawz-all. I thought this was an excellent idea. The unit is a very old Raritan, upright cylinder. Has anyone ever messed with one of these?
  11. I keep hearing Eastport Oyster Boys "Marina, Marina"
  12. 2 degrees? That's amazing. I know a carrier is massive, but I thought bad enough weather would upset you more than 2 degrees.
  13. Well, I like the new boat and was hoping to see photos of it sailing, and how it performed in the race. Bumma.
  14. Great photos, guys. Keep 'em coming.