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  1. Ajax

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

  2. Ajax

    Zero deg of seperation from the Bug

    This is where I disagree. Over the last few decades, the office of the president has morphed into some sort of "Dear Leader" persona. That is not what the Founders envisioned. The Executive branch is mainly supposed to be the final stroke on legislation and a check on the Legislative branch. We, (the people) put far, far too much onus on the office of the President. The people do it, our media does it, and foreign nations and their citizens do it from afar, mainly because they don't truly understand our system of government and how it's supposed to be. The Executive Branch, no matter who is occupying the White House is the target of all our complaints and praises when it should really be the Legislative branch that gets our ire. Over decades, as cooperation has eroded, the Legislative branch has willfully ceded their authority (and duties) to the Executive in the form of Executive Orders and decrees, and to bureaucratic agencies that operate with little oversight. This is why we as citizens experience legislative whiplash every time the Executive branch changes parties- none of these EO's are binding law. The next guy just tears up the previous guy's EO's and starts anew. This is NOT what the Founders intended. Agencies run amok passing "policy" that carries the weight of law (when it is clearly not) forcing citizens to frequently litigate against the government. We are a Republic that still retains some vestiges of Federalism (state's rights) and we keep looking to the Federal government to solve EVERYTHING rather than solving our problems at the state and local levels. It really is foolish to think that the entire pandemic issue boils down to a single individual. You're giving that person WAY too much power, blame and/or credit. Since everyone here seems to agree that information about the pandemic was widely available and the President sat on his ass and did nothing, do you REALLY not hold Congress and your governors responsible even to the slightest degree? When you force the Federal government to solve your problems, they tend to force one-size-fits-all legislation on the entire nation. Do you think Wyoming needs the same degree of shelter in place orders that New York City does? I should have prefaced my response by pointing out that I did not vote for Trump in 2016. I have a lot of complaints about the way he operates, so don't think I'm here to stick up for this particular President. Rather, I'm discussing what people have come to expect from the Executive branch and it's just wrong. The President is not a king, and oligarch or a fucking super-hero. He's just a guy (or woman, someday). Hanging all your bitches and praises upon this one person is not how our government was built to function and your complaints are misplaced and I don't think you're being honest with yourself if you think some other person in the White House would have done much better or differently. I am very pleased with the way my governor (Maryland) has handled our particular circumstances. I feel that his solutions reflect our unique situation. He was proactive and his solutions do not rely heavily on the Federal government to bail us out. He built up a substantial "rainy day" fund that we are drawing upon, he immediately activated a "reserve medical corps" and immediately began re-opening shuttered hospitals to make 6,000 more beds available. That was WEEKS ago. Local government is better informed, more agile and faster. If ever I've seen a good case for Federalism, this is it.
  3. Ajax

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    This sounds like a story of 3 little sailing pigs- The first built his of steel. It floated but it looked like shit and caused tetanus. The second little pig built his boat of cement. It was heavy and slow. The 3rd little pig built his boat of plastic. It was lighter than the other 2, was attractive and easy to maintain.
  4. Ajax

    Sealing out exhaust gasses

    The Arizona couple took aquarium cleaner that has chloroquine in it, in an attempt to self medicate. They weren't even sick as I read it.
  5. Ajax

    Off Center Harbor offer

    My membership lapsed. When I attempted to renew using this offer, it forces me to a page to pay the full price.
  6. Ajax

    Zero deg of seperation from the Bug

    I use a colander to wash produce that I haven't grown myself. Use a tiny bit of unscented soap and tepid water, rub and toss the veg in the colander, rinse and toss again and put 'em in the fridge. For leafy greens, a "salad spinner" is great for centrifuging the water out of the greens. But really, we grew so tired of the weekly e. coli veg recalls that we grow our own during 3 seasons of the year now. We grow spinach, green and red leaf lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini and tomatoes. The humorous thing is that lettuce goes to seed right before tomatoes begin producing so I never get both at the same time for my salads. Frustrating. We have 2 large, galvanized steel raised beds, one smaller, lower raised bed made out of a Trex type material. We're looking to add a 3rd galvanized raised bed.
  7. Ajax

    Zero deg of seperation from the Bug

    China and Hong Kong are reporting an uptick in cases almost as soon as they began lifting some restrictions. Mainly "imports" not locals. People who fled the virus, caught it abroad and are bringing it home, business people, that sort of thing. Our president is less to blame than our citizens, I think. People just didn't take this seriously, quickly enough and it wouldn't have mattered who the president was. Spring breakers in Florida still would have been partying on the beach no matter if Clinton or Biden had been shouting from the pulpit at the White House to stay home. We suffer hugely from the "it won't happen here" mindset. A share of blame goes to some of our governors as well, for being slow to shut things down out of fear of the economic damage it would cause. Trump gets a disproportionate share of the blame because everyone hates him, he's bellicose and inarticulate. He's the most visible target.
  8. Ajax

    Sealing out exhaust gasses

    Yup. Any one of my opening ports would meet that requirement but also let me keep most of the heat in.
  9. Ajax

    Sealing out exhaust gasses

    @Steam Flyer Oh, I've definitely buying one to at least protect against engine CO while people are resting below during motoring. I just wanted to know your thoughts on the propane heater. Mine is a Mr. Buddy 2-burner model. They are UL approved. I would only run it at anchor, not underway when it could tip over. I know about the condensation issue.
  10. Ajax

    Sealing out exhaust gasses

    @Steam Flyer How comfortable would you be, operating a propane heater on a low setting with a hatch cracked for ventilation, while sleeping, with a CO detector installed? Still a definitive "NO" or...?
  11. Ajax

    Cruising Quarantine Issues RE Covid-19

    The "Sailing Kittiwake" kids (Youtube) set off from the Canaries a little less than 2 weeks ago, expecting to land in Guadeloupe. They shut down so their next target was Grenada. That shut down, so their next target is the Grenadines. They are pretty close to land, and running low on food.
  12. Ajax

    Self isolation and forum flagelism.

    Even better, I've learned that there is "autodefenestration." Why would you throw yourself out of a window? I guess one might remove one's own self from power, which isn't so weird.
  13. Ajax

    Self isolation and forum flagelism.

    *shudder* When I was a wee sperm in the Navy, our submarine was in dry dock. The outer door for the torpedo ejection pump was open for maintenance. This salty Torpedoman's Mate chief petty officer from the shore maintenance facility grabbed the lip and chin-upped himself to get a peek inside. When he let himself down, his wedding ring caught on the lip of the opening and degloved his ring finger. "Corpsman, lay to the drydock basin!"
  14. Ajax

    Zero deg of seperation from the Bug

    Shit, that's awful. I'm sorry.
  15. Ajax

    Zero deg of seperation from the Bug

    "Circle of Power." Oh man, I'm laughing. In a good way.