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  1. Show your boat sailing thread

    I like the baby dodger over the fwd coach roof hatch. And thank God for those steel loops over the dorades to keep the sheets from fouling.
  2. I almost forgot- Same first sailboat, (Coronado 25) I caught the entire galley area on fire because of a weeping O-ring on the fill cap of an ancient, liquid fuel Coleman camping stove. Now that was exciting. The blasts from the dry-chem extinguisher made more smoke than the damned fire. I definitely would have lost the boat if I hadn't reacted quickly. Luckily, I was alone.
  3. Rimas is alive

    At what point does this become abuse of the system and require intervention? Ever?
  4. Hm...where to begin. - In my haste to examine my very first sailboat purchase which was living on a mooring, I rowed out to it during a 25kt blow with water temps in the 50's or 60's. (Actually, the wind blew me to my boat.) I did a poor job of securing the dinghy and it blew off the foredeck, stranding me on my boat. I'd never operated a sailboat and seriously doubted my ability to safely motor it to a dock 200 yards away during the strong breeze. I ashamedly called people to rescue me and bring me back to the dock. I then slogged literally hip deep, through a marsh to recover my dinghy on the far shore. - Ran my Pearson 30 hard aground on a sunken island clearly identified on charts and by buoys placed at the boundaries. - During my early attempts to race my boat with newb crew, I ran hard aground while attempting to un-fuck some mis-routed jib and spinnaker sheets. - Last Sunday, accidentally violated the ROW of a boat racing in another class. Even though I kept checking the blind spot behind my jib, I still failed to see him and caused a kerfuffle. Hmm... maybe recounting all of this isn't the greatest idea.
  5. Rimas is alive

    Holy fuck. Straight from the mouth of SAR. Rimas put a rescue swimmer at great risk by nearly sailing away from him? Refused to leave his POS vessel because of his Facebook followers? Are you God damned kidding me right now? Russel Brown, you're seriously ok with this? You realize that assholes like this end up causing legislation that curtails everyone else's freedoms and increases their burdens of responsibility? This guy is in a US territory. Based on his past history, when does this fall into "Manifestly unsafe" and the USCG seizes his boat and gives him a plane ticket back to the Seattle Starbucks? Better still, ship this dumb fuck to Kansas, far, far away from the water.
  6. Replacing standing rigging w/ boat in water

    I know I did.
  7. California Boating Card

    That first exemption is stunning.
  8. FP- Blue Highway

    Anyone seen this? http://www.dinghydreams.com/ Decent reading so far. The busker's cup is out, but not obnoxiously so.
  9. Ophelia

    "Extra-tropical" they say it's called. Sounds like something you do to your Royale w/cheese combo meal. "Would you like to upsize to extra-tropical with your meal, sir?"
  10. Ophelia

    Extremely, according to all the talking heads.
  11. Front Page Mac 26 3ksb

    People actually sail their Mac 26's in my river. That trumps the Ericson that hasn't left its slip in 5 years.
  12. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    Evans Starzinger and his wife doublehanded a 47' customized Van de Stadt Samoa around the world. I sailed with him once and I don't recall any powered winches. It can be done.
  13. Mast or boom furling?

    Wow, this is like an anchor thread.
  14. blooper time!

    If it's not against the rules, and it might provide a performance benefit, then why not? I'm sure you plan on making some test runs in a non-racing setting first, to see if it's even worth all the effort. Get someone to take photos.