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  1. Ajax

    Go or No Go

    I probably don't have anything to worry about. His results are inconsistent. Anywhere from the podium to 8th place. Yes, I do think the RCs have pulled a boner while choosing courses a few times but like I said earlier, instead of treating us all like children and taking the decision away, let's have a little remedial training.
  2. Ajax

    Go or No Go

    Hi Svanen, This is a tiny paper club. A typical Wednesday is about 30 boats when the season is in full swing. This seems to be a recent policy...the last 2 or 3 seasons. I have not attended any of the club meetings so I don't know how this came about and I do not know if the rest of the club members were officially declared incompetent. No one seems to care that this is going on. The RCs are the racers. We are all required to send in our choice of 3 RC dates at the beginning of each season. Then, the RC coordinator emails us and tells us what our date is. There is a well written procedure for the RCs to follow. In the RC binder, is a very well written guide for how to choose a course, listing wind directions and intensities. Choosing a course is practically a no-brainer so I really don't understand why the commodore has overridden the RCs and personally posts the course each Wednesday. We all only pull RC duty once a year, so it's easy to forget the procedures but if you just show up an hour before hand and review the binder, it all comes back to you. We don't even manually sound the horns. We have an automated box that makes the sound signals in a rolling start mode. Let's assume his motives are pure and that he's not choosing courses for his own benefit. Even so, instead of educating the RC's, he's taken the decision out of their hands so that no one can learn from the experience.
  3. Ajax

    Go or No Go

    My beer can club never cancels unless it's a bona fide gale warning or lightning is in progress. That's fine with me, I accept the responsibility of deciding to race. What I don't think I like, is that the commodore chooses the race course every race because apparently the RCs aren't competent enough to select a proper course. He races. Doesn't that seem like a conflict of interest? Is he choosing courses that play to his boat or his crew's strengths? Am I off base or is this normal in some circumstances? Not sure if this matters, but we don't use a committee boat. We have a fixed starting line between a buoy and a point on land. We have list of buoy patterns that offer a selection of like, 26 courses.
  4. I did obtain a quote for a crosscut main. The price difference was only $170.00!! That's not a typo. Also, my sail plan is much more "main driven" so my main is going to see more loads than a high aspect ribbon-main on a mast head rig with big, overlapping genoas. I do want more roach and I'll discuss that with the sailmaker. I want to be careful about not causing any extra weather helm though. If I add a lot of roach, powering up the main, what is the risk of that?
  5. For the Nth time, we (sailors) are not the target demographic. The target demographic is landbound cubicle dwellers who are leading lives of quiet desperation, seeking escapism and distraction. Back in the 80's, that demographic watched escapist TV shows like Knight Rider, and the A-Team. Now they watch "reality" vlogs on YouTube. This guy will get his clicks regardless of what we think. I watch Dylan for the scenery and the history, not as much for the sailing and certainly not for artificial drama and I watch him in the winter, when the boat is laid up. In the northern hemisphere, sailing season is upon us and we'll all be out sailing and not wasting our time on BoobTube. Ceil will be racking up clicks from some guy in Oklahoma fapping away to his videos on a dry, dusty day while he's waiting for Sunday football to come on. Good for him.
  6. Ajax

    New Single Handed Sailor

    What TQA said X100!
  7. Ajax

    Ever heard about Coppercoat? Is it effective?

    Back to Coppercoat- There seem to be two main arguments. It either works or it doesn't work. The rebuttal to it not working, is that the user applied it incorrectly. The young couple in the Sailing Kittiwake blog have applied Coppercoat and they are sailing in the Med. I'm definitely curious to see how it works out for them.
  8. I sent a a quote request to North. Crickets so far. 2 normal reefs.
  9. I don't know. :) You know I have aspirations to travel outside the bay and I figured it would be less expense and hassle to have the 2nd reef added now, rather than later. Hey, at least I didn't go full bluewater and request 3 reefs.
  10. Eh, it's not really sharp it's just thin. The root problem is just that the sail is old. It'll be a great backup sail if I stop using it soon and replace it. I have a $3200 quote for a tri-radial main. Loose foot, 2 full/2 partial battens, cunningham, 2 reefs, draft stripes, numbers, insignia. Challenge Newport Pro Radial cloth. 2 year warranty. The price is inline with my expectations and this local sailmaker gave me top notch service when he made my genoa. *Sigh* Money.
  11. Ajax

    Abnormal Psychology of Sailing

    Oooooh, good recommendation, thanks. I'll pick up a copy to read on the boat this season.
  12. Ajax

    Ever heard about Coppercoat? Is it effective?

    or even: https://www.westmarine.com/buy/west-marine--cpp-ablative-antifouling-paint-with-cct-gallon--P004_121_001_514 I was very skeptical of an inexpensive WM paint but I'm on my 3rd season and I still have zero hard growth. The Chesapeake is a high fouling area. I just use a soft brush on a long handle or get in the water and wipe it down.
  13. Ajax

    Olympic sailing, is it still the pinnacle?

    I don't think you were censored. I've had posts get lost in the bit bucket. Post it again.
  14. No. None of the battens came with end caps. Good point. I'll check with the local shop to see if they have any that will fit. If not, I'll pad the tips with duct tape or something.