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  1. Ajax

    Dyer Dhow Rehab

    @sail69 ZOMFG... I just got a wet spot on the front of my pants. I'll be in touch.
  2. Oh she discusses sailing. In the same combative, complaining, denigrating way that she discusses everything else. I have zero shame for everything I've said and I'll retract not one jot. I made a polite request to take political discussions to their designated forum. It wasn't a demand or an order. If WG and others choose to ignore me and continue to quote TL's political diarrhea all over CA, I'll have to either live with it or find somewhere else to discuss sailing. Hell, I won't complain if people quote her sailing contributions because they belong here. I just don't need the political mess.
  3. Good lord...them thighs.
  4. Ajax

    Dyer Dhow Rehab

    Sweet! I'll check out that link, thanks very much.
  5. Ajax

    Dyer Dhow Rehab

    Semi, what's good for rot resistance?
  6. Ajax

    Dyer Dhow Rehab

    On to more pleasant business: I was going to put this in Dinghy Anarchy but a review of topics there indicates that it's really "Racing/foiling Dinghy Anarchy." The Cruisers are the self-reliant, skilled bunch so I'm posting it here. This week, I'll post photos of the rotted wooden gunwale rail and outline my plans. You guys can offer clever help like pointing and saying things such as "You're doing it wrong." It also appears that the fasteners to the bronze straps that connect the thwarts to the hull are loose. All of this makes the hull kind of floppy. I can't tell if the bronze straps are weak and need replacement, or if I just need to snug up these fasteners. Another issue is that I'd like to attach bridle lifting points for launch and recovery from the foredeck and I'd like ideas on what/how/where to attach them so I don't ruin the aesthetic of the boat. For the gunwale rail, I've been presented with 2 schools of thought: 1. Laminate thin battens and epoxy them to the boat until I achieve a rail of the desired thickness 2. Steam the necessary lengths of wood and rapidly clamp them to the hull and rivet them with copper rivets in the original Dyer method. I would really prefer option #2. I want to experience this method. I understand that #1 might be easier, cheaper or might last longer. I'm also hoping to revive the green hull paint. If I can't, I'll strip it and paint it again.
  7. Ahem. Some of us have, in the pursuit of maintaining civil discourse placed people on Ignore. Quoting them defeats this purpose. There is a forum specifically for discussing politics. We now have two topics which have escaped the PA asylum and metastasized within the CA garden (the other being the American Dumbass thread.) @WGWarburton I am asking, imploring you as politely as I can- Please either stop quoting this person, shift to PM's, or take the discussion to PA where it belongs so that we can return to discussing topics critical to cruising sailors such as feet, bikinis, tits and bad videography production. At the very least, start a new thread dedicated to this discussion so we can avoid the political discussion and return to discussing sailing vlogs here. Sincerely, gratefully yours, Ajax
  8. Ajax

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    It often seems to be liveaboards who do this. Someone should tell these folks that boats don't comp with dirt home prices.
  9. Ajax

    Here we go...

    A balboa?
  10. There is a place for this. It's PA. She refuses to go there. Why she insists on crapping up our pleasant little garden with this stuff I'll never understand. I can only hypothesize that the reason she won't go to PA to discuss her views is because she'd be roasted alive on the spit of her own ignorance and hypocrisy. She shits on the carpet here to troll us and because we don't put up much of a fight. After all, we'd rather discuss sailing. I'm sailing to Maine this summer. To taunt you all, I'm going to start a Youtube channel. I'm going to strut about in all my pasty glory in nothing more than a banana hammock. I'll be sure to add my feet to Wikifeet for the podophiliacs in the group. I'll make shameless plugs for money. It'll be grand. Remember Borat? Yeah, like that.
  11. I'll wear TL's "downvote" on my post like a fucking badge of honor.
  12. Because when you need it, you NEED it.
  13. Ack! What is it with you people and feet? To me, feet are the least sexy part of the human body. True story- I was working the late shift at a job around 20 years ago. Nothing to do late at night except browse the web. My co-worker had left his terminal unlocked and when I wandered by, I saw the screen was full of feet! When he came back, I asked him about it. He just shrugged and said he thought feet were really sexy and turned him on. Now we have Wikifeet? LOL...
  14. You understand that when we enlist, nearly all of us do it with the intent of self-defense of our nation? We don't do it to "wander the globe and kill." You understand that once we've taken the oath we're not given the luxury of choosing our missions? "Uhh...skipper? This seems more like aggression than self-defense. I'll sit this one out." If you want to hang the blame for our foreign policy failures on our political leaders who send us out on these misadventures, I'm game for that. Blaming the lowly enlisted people who get caught up in the gears of this machine while trying to uphold their oath is bullshit. Your worldview is so warped and twisted as to be impossible to find common ground with. Talking with you is toxic and even when discussing sailing you are perpetually combative and contrary towards practically everyone. I gain ZERO fucking benefit from interacting with you. Into the "Ignore" bin you go, along with Cristoforo and all the other SA deplorables.
  15. JFC, that is just the worst.