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  1. Oh yes, I'd take the deep keel over the centerboard any day, especially on the Great Lakes where a centerboard is like an human appendix- Not necessary.
  2. Golf clap. That's a pretty good story.
  3. Having seen the stern of the boat, I have no idea how one would mount and outboard AND two trolling motors without interfering with the rudder. Dylan, if you must go electric I advise removing the dead engine and installing an electric motor on the shaft along with your large bank of batteries. It's been done and is a proven design. I can't imagine that the cost of a single, 10hp electric motor and controller would cost more than two 100lb. thrust trolling motors. Have a metal shop fabricate a mount for it and a coupler/adapter to connect it to the shaft. This should not be anywhere near the expense of a new diesel + installation. I've been researching the Firefly carbon foam batteries. They are group 31 and 216 amp hours that you can actually use. They cost 2x as much, but they are like having 2 batteries so the cost evens out. They will stand up to the abuse that you are going to impose upon them but they don't require any complex battery management systems like Lithium. They survive well in a partial-state-of-charge scenario, and they survive total discharges, which is most likely how they will live. This is sort of what you're looking for, only bigger if you can find it: http://www.electricmotorsport.com/me0909-pmdc-motor-12-48v-4-hp-cont-12-8-hp-pk.html
  4. Could you at least buy Firefly batteries so that you can actually use the battery's rated capacity? Come on, Dylan. I'm the alt-energiest, tree-huggingist guy in the world. I drove my own home-built EV for two years before Tesla even existed and even I am a little concerned about this.
  5. Dylan, Normally, I'd jump right on your side with this idea but knowing where you're taking that boat, I think it's a bad idea. The North Atlantic is brutal and unforgiving, even though you plan on staying near shore.
  6. Sailing art

    I bought this at a gallery in Maryland. I like the use of color and the obscure nature of the boats and sailors. I'm not an art critic or collector but I knew I wanted this in my living room as soon as I saw it. Painted by someone named Taylor.
  7. Good to hear. Maybe I'll reconsider. I'm just pushing an 8 foot dink with 2 or 3 people. Scoob, I got to see the Sage boats up close at the Annapolis boat show. They seem like great little boats. I'm partial to the catboat. I hope business is going well for you.
  8. The OP asked a question which hasn't really been answered yet- Has the reliability improved? Waterproofness/marinization? The re-flashing of the computer, and damage to the electronic components is one of the things keeping me on the old fashioned electric trolling motor. In the 3-5 times I've witnessed someone actually using their Torqueedo, one of those times, I watched an owner load it onto his dinghy, and the unit failed, giving alarm tones. He gave up and rowed. That's not cool, considering the price of these things. Can anyone speak to these issues? How was customer support when you had an issue?
  9. I'm getting 3 miles range out of a lead acid car battery and an electric trolling motor. I love the quiet and I'd love 5-8 mile range of a Torqueedo.
  10. Oooh, shiny. Your mounting hardware is nicer than mine. My panel is 125w and the whole rig weighs around 17lbs. Definitely ugly though. Ditto on the MPPT controllers. Worth every penny. I'd love one more panel but I can't figure out where I'd put it. Back to the topic, I wonder if with the right skills it would be possible to bend up a removable, stainless arch that attached to the aft pulpit that didn't look like shit?
  11. Rigid panels- Them bitches is heavy. I and a friend are running Sobian flexible panels on our boats. It'll be interesting to see how long they last. If they fail quickly, I'll convert to a rigid panel. My setup is ugly, but it's non-permanent and experiences virtually no shading. It's secure in bouncy sailing, yet removes and stows in the quarterberth in under one minute. It also easily folds down against the stern and allows use of the boarding ladder. I don't have a bimini and putting it on the dodger is a waste of money considering the shading it would see. I also don't want the panel up while racing so this is very convenient. Here is a photo of the unfinished product. I've since trimmed off the polycarbonate sheet and had a local welder beef up the frame. It's working out very well, it's just a question of the service life of the panel, as Istream says.
  12. Why don't more people race?

    Interesting that you should say all of that. Sailing is so far off the public radar, that the owners and pros can do pretty much whatever they want and it will never rise to the public consciousness. No scrutiny, no public judgement, no motive to behave. On top of all of that, the "playing field" for pros is usually the middle of the ocean, far from everyone and everything, including law enforcement. I'd never considered that before.
  13. Why don't more people race?

    You can call "bullshit" all you like. You're new here and if you had bothered to search, you'd see that this topic has been debated to death and there are common themes in each old thread. Admittedly, the evidence is anecdotal, but every time this topic comes up, it generates 30 pages of the same statements and complaints so there may just be something to these complaints. The usual suspects are: - Less disposable time than in previous decades. - Less disposable income than in previous decades. - Difficulty finding crew, difficulty finding *competent, reliable crew*, fed up with chasing/managing crew, increased logistical expenses of caring/feeding/housing crew. - The "Arms Race"- Essentially, people buying their way to the Wednesday night beer can podium either through racing sport boats against old lead mines or equipping lead mines with top-flight gear each season and outspending their competitors. - Inaccurate/outdated/unfair handicapping systems. - Corrupt ratings boards/good 'ol boy networks. - Racing is no longer "family friendly." Aggro, Type A personalities firing their family crews and recruiting other Type A personalities. - Racing boats are no longer family friendly. Instead of dual-purpose racer-cruisers or cruiser-racers, race boats are stripped-out egg shells that require everyone to gut-hike over the lifelines, shit in buckets and eat shitty, freeze-dried food on the rail while getting bitch-slapped by boarding waves. All of these factors affect different people to different degrees. Many of these factors may not apply directly to you, but that doesn't mean that they don't affect other skippers and to summarily dismiss them indicates that you don't really care about finding solutions. My personal situation is that the Arms Race coupled with difficulty retaining/managing competent crew, let me to create CHESSS- The Chesapeake Bay Shorthanded Sailing Society. (www.chbaysss.org) We are 100+ sailors (and growing) who race single or doublehanded. No limit on size or type of boat. We have husband/wife teams who race with infants tucked in belowdecks, crusty old solo guys and "best buddy" doublehanded teams. Our participation rate this year was a little better than 40% of members engaging in at least one event. Another solution that has sprung up in our area is the CRCA- The Chesapeake Racer-Cruiser Association. This ticks many of the boxes I listed above- racing dual purpose boats, racing with family, circumventing the Arms Race. The sub-classes are specifically constructed to prevent the asshole with the J/30 who can't win his one design races from masquerading as a "cruiser" and shitting all over the cruiser class for easy trophies. These two classes are shoring up the numbers while PHRF and some OD classes are dwindling.
  14. Hard vs soft dinghy

    Cute, but if she spends much more time in the sun, she'll spontaneously combust!