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  1. Ajax

    Our Daily Bread...

    I've cut and pasted much of this thread into a printed page to keep on the boat and at home. Great stuff!
  2. Hm.... How long will they hang around? Till the salmon runs out? How long is that?
  3. Ajax

    Our Daily Bread...

    @Max Rockatansky Damn, those look good. The perfect color. This turned out to be an excellent thread with lots of great contributions.
  4. Ajax

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Stop thwarting Darwin.
  5. Your earlier post seemed to indicate dissatisfaction with the level of resources expended looking for this fellow who did not ask to be looked for. That's mainly what I was addressing. Now we're on the topic of stresses to the family, so let's discuss that: As you say, the family is going to endure stress one way or the other- Whether you fade away from cancer in hospice or whether you disappear abruptly at sea, the family is going to be distressed. The best one can do, is ensure that proper preparations are made in terms of wills, insurance policies, written final instructions and most importantly, sitting down with the family and explaining the risks and possible negative outcomes to prepare them. My children are grown and my parents are older. I continually update my will and insurance policies to ensure that my loved ones are well provided for in the event that I, as a walking, talking, money generating machine are suddenly removed from their lives. That's a hell of a lot more effort and responsibility than the guy who goes "splat!" on his Harley-Davidson with only a year's salary of life insurance and a wife and two small children. My family worried and disagreed when I chose to live aboard. They disagreed when I set off on a piddly little solo trip around the Delmarva peninsula. That's just tough shit. I have to live my life for me, not live it according to the imagined fears of others, even if they are my family. We place far too much value these days on the quantity of life and not nearly enough on the *quality* of life. If my family really loves me, they will want me to have the best quality of life, not just an empty, vast quantity.
  6. First, we criticize people who set out and punch the EPIRB button when they need help. Next, we criticize people who set out and DON'T ask for help. This guy didn't ask for rescue, people on shore asked the CG to go look for him. What's next, tell everyone to just stay at home and die on the sofa so we can eliminate the need for rescue services?
  7. To me, it seemed that the whine came from the fast switching of the PWM motor controller, not the gearbox but I could be wrong. In any case, I like the gearless design of the Spirit.
  8. Ajax

    How many lines are on your boat?

    Wow, I'm slacking. Only 21 lines on my 33 footer: Main sheet Jib sheet X2 Spin sheet X2 Spin pole lift Spin pole downhaul Boom topping lift Reef #1 Reef #1 Main outhaul Main halyard Jib halyard Twing X2 Spin Halyard Cunningham Vang Boom brake Furler line Lifesling retrieval line
  9. Isn't this the very definition of syncretic apostasy?
  10. Ajax

    Our Daily Bread...

    Our cooks would bake Irish soda bread on the submarine when we ran out of yeast. It tasted fine, I'd eat it again.
  11. Ajax

    Blue Sea fire

    I had one of those in my previous home. Spooky.
  12. Ah, I see. You preach the "Prosperity Gospel" of the COTHC. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prosperity_theology
  13. Correct. There are usually some US Navy enlisted personnel and maybe a junior officer aboard but they have no say regarding any command decisions aboard.
  14. Ajax

    Sailing today

    I flat out quit wearing a wedding band when I was on submarines. We had a torpedoman chief de-glove a finger when his wedding band hung up on the lip of the torpedo ejection pump outer door. My own concern was if I forgot to remove my ring when sticking my hand into a 1kw HF tube-driven transmitter. Bump the big blue capacitor inside and either weld your finger to it, or perhaps just blow it right off. "Sniff, sniff...what smells like carne?"
  15. Ajax

    Wood Stove

    @Mr. Ed, I have limited experience with this but my wood pellet stove at home requires a particular type of end cap to prevent back drafts and other flow problems. Have you tried crafting different caps out of sheet metal to prevent this from happening? It seems like it would be cheap to experiment with. My hypothesis is that there may not be enough overlap from the end cap over the tube/flu.