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  1. Is Pulpit Harbor a dangerous place to sail into at night? Is it well marked? Charts fairly up to date? That sure is a beautiful scene. Sailing on and off moorings and anchors is a joy.
  2. Not as purist as you think. Toddster's vase of flowers isn't a big deal, so long as properly secured. They die, they get thrown away. No big deal. I'm talking more about people who put lawn furniture onboard and install 35 inch plasma TV's on a 27 foot boat. I'm not saying you should live like an episode of "Naked and Afraid." Modern electronics allows us to reduce a lot of clutter and still have land-based comforts- Books, music, live entertainment, etc.
  3. Plants are a sign of someone who is attempting to transplant their life ashore, onto a boat, rather than embracing life afloat. An overabundance of shore-based "stuff" crammed into every nook and cranny is also a sign of this. Evans Starzinger taught me that and I wholly subscribe to it. I'll be heading out for 10 more days at the end of the month. I only plan to bring appropriate clothing, good food and a few non-electronic games to while away any time spent stuck by the weather. My phone and iPad serve as music and backup navigation.
  4. Seriously though, it's good to hear you talk of places in CT having good sailing. I have a serious desire to cruise New England one summer, soon. My rough plan is to sail up from Cape May, NJ to Liberty Landing, so I can see the statue, then get through Hell Gate, into the Sound, and hit a couple of places in CT, then some possible stops in Block, the Vineyard, Newport or Nantucket. I don't think I'll make Maine during that trip. I'll have to save it for the next go, and sail straight up there, one summer. I usually carry a month of vacation on the books. I'd like to think we could do this trip in 3 weeks. I'm not sure how reasonable this is.
  5. Also, find bow shackles with captive screw pins, not the kind that allow the pin to just slide completely out of the shackle when unscrewed. Usually, Wichard sells these.
  6. "Will hike for dog treats."
  7. Cool. 8 - 10 uses is kind of a limited sample but I appreciate you providing any data. I'm pretty darn curious about ordering one of these to replace my old main. I wish we had more information on durability, but the product simply hasn't been out there long enough to gather that information.
  8. I plan on sacrificing a virgin.
  9. I'm not going to apologize or kiss his ass and beg him to come back. I feel that I stated my opinion in a respectful and constructive manner. I was blunt but it was not my intention to drive him out and I don't bear him any ill will. I was trying to point out that all of us still have something to learn and that he could be a little more open minded. Please pass on to him that no one wanted him to leave, he's not Brent Swain, and that we can still have constructive discussions, and that he does bring value to the discussions.
  10. Childish, and unfortunate. Tom has a lot to offer and I did enjoy conversing with him. He called me out, so I was honest with him. I'm sorry that my opinion bothered him so intensely that he felt compelled to leave. I'm sure Cruisers Forum has a spot for him. Hey, I'm not the only person who felt this way.
  11. I never understood why some kind of a plastic scrubbing pad couldn't be attached inside the slot to wipe the centerboard clean after each raising and lowering operation. Basically, a long, huge "greenie" scrubbing pad, maybe make it a little softer.
  12. Don't go bringing good ideas into this.
  13. You mean, is the electrical system "ignition protected" and that sort of thing?
  14. Um...what happens if you attempt to burn butane through a propane stove? Is it "close enough" or...?
  15. I am surprised by the lack of any report of flotsam during the early stages of the search. Shouldn't there have been some trash or cushions floating in the vicinity?