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  1. It is not my fault that it was literally 81F degrees in the middle of February. It's winter, I sailed, in the Chesapeake.
  2. That's pretty screwed up considering on their complaint form, they put a spot for you to attach such evidence. They may not stop the campaign, but they did refund my money. I think that once they get enough identical complaints that they might reconsider. We can't all be lying.
  3. Hey, looks like I can take you out this week. I got my lunch money back! BWAHAHAHAHAH!
  4. Hmm...assurances. Like, "the check is in the mail" or "I promise I'll pull out." If their intention is and always has been, to remove the wreckage then what is the logic behind modifying their GFM campaign statement not once, but TWICE, to downgrade the priority of removing the wreckage and then removing all mention of it entirely? I've filed a fraud complaint with GFM stating that I donated based on their original statement that the money was to remove the boat from the water, and now that statement has been altered twice, and no mention of salvage exists anymore. I offered screen shots but also reminded them that their own logs should show the pattern of alterations. I don't expect my money back, but it's my right to poke them in the eye for pulling a bait-and-switch. You don't see the Salvation Army or American Cancer Society doing that.
  5. My only regret about paying the money, was that I missed an opportunity to watch you completely lose your shit. I should have reneged on my promise for the express purpose of watching you have a cardio infarction over it.
  6. According to you, I'm still dishonorable and full of shit. What exactly, did honoring my word get me? Nothing. You still don't get it. I don't *care* what you think about whether or not I have honor, or fulfill my promises. You can hurl bible verses at me all day long. It was a harmless, $50 wager that these two turds wouldn't do the right thing. So far, I'm right. Most other people here think I'm right, but I've noticed that you don't have a raging hard-on for any of them. Tell you what- I'll give you $50 to just shut the fuck up. I'll bet you can't. Want to try for it? You know I'm good for the money.
  7. I could have also given you the middle finger and not donated anything. I don't owe you squat. I piss away $50 on lunch during the week.
  8. Sure, I'll go sailing today, on the Chesapeake, same as you did in those photos. It's February 20, still winter... except that it's 81F degrees right now!
  9. I'll be filing a complaint with them and asking for a refund. I don't think these two kids are "malicious," I think they're lazy, dishonest, and entitled. None of that makes them "evil."
  10. Show your boat sailing thread

    I hope you didn't take my sail trim comment in a negative way. It was meant as a compliment.
  11. My Catholic guilt would never allow me to ogle Dylan's daughter even if she willingly put herself out there.
  12. Ok, it's not a tale of woe on par with the environmental disaster of the Olympics in Rio: http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?showtopic=173656 but I felt the title was accurate enough to make it worth stealing. I've hogged VALIS' "boats worth rescuing" thread long enough, and that discussion should be allowed to resume its course, so here we are. I've known about this Tartan 33 sitting on the hard for about 8 months. A friend intended to buy it, but found a version in better shape. He, other friends and the Most Significant Other have been nudging me to at least inspect it for months. It's like a lost dog that keeps showing up on my doorstep. "Shoo! Go 'way, I already have one!" #168 of a little over 200 boats produced. The history of the T33 is easily available so I won't rehash it here. Suffice it to say that the 33 was regarded as a "middle child" that enjoyed decent sales and earned a decent reputation for Tartan. To me, the biggest deterrent to the purchase was "starting over." I can't afford big boats that are beautiful and ready to sail. I always have to rescue a near-zombie and breathe life into them as fast as my wallet will afford, and still let me grow my retirement accounts. And Jesus Christ, is Bright Leaf almost a zombie... Almost. The bones are solid and the engine started up without putting up too much of a fight after 5 years of sitting on the hard and the boat partially flooding from rains. The trunk of my car is FULL of shiny new boat crap and my wallet is gasping for a reprieve. A brief history of Bright Leaf: - Seems to have spent most of its life on the Chesapeake Bay. A friend vaguely recalls racing against it in the 90's. He *might* even have a photo. - Most recent PO says the boat was raced until he bought it. - Most recent PO sailed it for a year or two and mostly due to personal issues, parked it on the hard and walked away with pretty much 3 visits in 5 years to unclog the cockpit and pump out the over-full bilge. So...discarded. Work starts this week and I'll try to take lots of photos.
  13. Hey! All you assholes crapping on these two poor people need to STFU before I start throwing bible verses at you. You don't want me to go full-Proa on your asses!
  14. Here is a close-up of this damned wedge on the port, forward side. It curves with the hull, so all 3D and craziness. I had to plane it down a bit to fit flush with the main section. I'll epoxy the underside and edges tonight and put it back tomorrow, and install the last piece of trim where the wedge lives.
  15. Ok, good progress. After experiencing a bout of "carpenter's block" I got some advice from a friend and from a fellow on Bookface who has gutted and rehab'd a T-33. The battens were 3" wide, which is really more than I need, so I ripped them in half, giving me twice the material to work with, and giving the trim a flat base to rest on the sole and a rounded top edge for cosmetics. Lots of fiddling with the t-bevel and compound miter saw. Oiled up the wood. I'm replacing the black screws with bronze. Pardon the dust and crap from the demolition.
  16. Dylan, you need staff. Get your daughter to churn these things out while you go sailing and shoot the video.
  17. Dylan, I watched your recently posted videos. Even better, I watched them after falling down the rabbit hole, watching other sailing vlogs. The comparison in production quality, and the quality of content was jarring. You're tops and I'm really sorry that you're not getting your due just because you don't have eye candy onboard.
  18. Show your boat sailing thread

    That should be an example photo in a lecture on sail trim.
  19. Can you blame him? I'm not far off from doing the same thing.
  20. Snubbed

    Having only anchored in the benign Chesapeake Bay, I've never bothered with a snubber. I'm thinking it's time to change this. I do not want to purchase one of those black dildo type snubbers or one of the elastic shock cord looking snubbers. They just don't seem trustworthy. I'd prefer to make my own. I can splice 3-strand, so I'll make a snubber with a grab hook for when only the chain is exposed. My question is, what to do when the 35 feet of chain is payed out and only the nylon rode is available for attaching the snubber to? My understanding is that some sort of hitch is used. What is the most effective knot for this? I doubt I'll be venturing beyond the Chesapeake and New England soon, so I have no plan to convert to an all-chain rode, so let's not dwell on that. Thoughts?
  21. Ok, some people here completely ripped my ass for critiquing them. Can someone please tell me when enough time has passed to declare that these two are *not* going to clean up their mess, and that they are every bit the irresponsible, loser beggars that I initially thought they were? I guaran-God-damn-tee that no one is going to offer me an apology when these two skip off with their donations.
  22. Wait, clarify this for me. Are you saying that Leon was scammed the first time when he used pay.gov or that he is being scammed now, but the renewal letter he just got? I thought a .gov address was legit? Unless he was "redirected" illegally?
  23. Snubbed

  24. Snubbed

    LOL...that's why I prefer to be "second wave."
  25. Check Your BoatUS Policy.

    You've been a proponent of BoatUS in the past. I was curious about your take on these recent developments.