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  1. sunseeker

    Second US Team

    Yes, let’s just bow down to Taylor Fucking Canfield and heap praise upon him because he’s said nothing about anything other than “we’re in”. I’m fairly sure they will show up at the starting line and be competitive, but this monochromatic badass look ran it’s course the day it started with the kiwis and their desire to deep throat the all blacks. This isn’t hard, you want to claim a historical name that is based on red white and blue, then launch the campaign in those colors, and learn to smile.
  2. sunseeker

    Urgent help about new membrane jib

    Get scimitar spreader, problem solved.
  3. sunseeker

    Hey any Annapolis area sailors

    That’s actually not all that hard, just keep sailing east until you hit dirt.
  4. sunseeker

    Second US Team

    While it’s been something of an open secret who put up the money to get this team going and that they were entered, I’m not at all impressed with their presentation to date. They have given a couple of interviews to say they aren’t going to say anything now. Big fucking deal. And the pose in the picture, please, enough with this were badass because we dress in all black and our body language says stay away from us because you simply aren’t as cool as we are. Fuck them and the horse they rode in on.
  5. sunseeker

    Second US Team

    DC is revered basically like Trump is.
  6. Nope, definitely not DC, didn’t mean that at all.
  7. When the AC was started, it really was a nationalistic design and build contest. Hasn’t been that way in a long time, and the world has changed a lot in 160+ years. Is Jaguar an English company? Are American cars all built from 100% American parts? Are the Kiwis really an all kiwi team?
  8. They have plenty of money, primary source is a reasonably well known sailor. Not hard to find out who.
  9. sunseeker

    World Sailing Needs Some Competition

    World Sailing doesn’t need competition, it needs an enema.
  10. Seeing as they are flying the Long Beach flag they need to get Snoop involved. LBC, Represent. Yo.
  11. sunseeker

    Are we(racing sailors) a culture of cheaters?

    And therein lies the problem of pros and amateurs. The coach is, in all likelihood, being paid. He’s looking for his next bigger payday, which is going to based on how much his team wins.
  12. sunseeker

    More FP stuff - Olympic Offshore?

    Definitely not. The Olympics is now just a tv show, and it’s getting worse. If US Sailing was smart, and they are not, they’d figure out a way to get the Kardashian’s on the sailing team.
  13. sunseeker

    West Coast Sleds?

    Sounds great. Nothing a new heavy air wind main and closed course keel change can’t fix. Sounds like about 100 boat bucks, I’m sure you won’t mind chipping in.
  14. sunseeker

    NFL 2018

    Dan Snyder might be the creepiest owner in the NFL. Little man, giant obnoxious toxic ego. Well, ok, second creepiest after the douche in Oakland. Redskins will never be truly competitive, Snyder has a way of helping them implode.