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  1. laugh or cry?

    I got exactly the reaction I thought I would. LB 15 is the single most caustic low life piece of shit internet bully on this site. He’s got something shitty to say to everyone, and his never ending junior high school sexual comments tell us all we need to know about him. that anyone thinks for a moment it’s ok for Vestas to ask for redress tells me all I need to know about them. LB 15 wants to be human when a tragedy effects him, but where it’s just another unknown Chinese fisherman, we’ll too bad, toughen up, and go ask for redress. that many of you can’t see the hypocrisy doesn’t really surprise me.
  2. flying in pro Race Officers

    If it’s a business, then pay everyone who works on the event.
  3. laugh or cry?

    The jury spoke and said they had no right to get redress. What moron on the team thought it was even a good idea to ask? And you want to be pendantic and talk about right for redress as if this was just a broken boat. you are one of the most agressive, caustic pieces of shit in this forum, perhaps the worst. i feel sorry for the people in your life that have to live with you.
  4. laugh or cry?

    So it’s ok for a lot of people here, starting with LB 15 to think it’s somehow ok for a racing yacht to have an accident which kills an innocent guy, that boat and crew clam up if not almost lie about the facts, LB 15 can act like a tough cunt and make it sound like the deceased is disposable, while weeks ago he turns into a decent human being as opposed to the piece of low life shit he plays in characters here, I call him in it, and I’m the asshole? You can’t have it both ways.
  5. PV Race

    The guy writing the check doesn’t give a shit what it cost. Maybe 50k for crew costs. Sails cost more than the boat. If you have to ask...
  6. flying in pro Race Officers

    I love it when someone decides the locals aren’t good enough to run a regatta, so they fly in the pro from Dover. That’s exactly when I take my volunteer services and apply them where others work for the betterment of the sport, and don’t expect a paycheck. Running a race is not rocket surgery, and flying in judges and race officers makes it a business, not a recreational sport.
  7. laugh or cry?

    Different sailing team
  8. laugh or cry?

    Maybe if they had just kept their head down and not acted like a bunch of spoiled little assholes and gotten on with things it would be easier to accept their lack of factual information about what really happened.
  9. laugh or cry?

    Aren’t you the same dipshit that got all weepy when your teenage sons friend died a couple of months ago?
  10. laugh or cry?

    I’ve lost all respect for the sailors on Vestas. The fact is we don’t know the facts. That’s a problem not of our making because the team and the event have elected to hide the facts, for whatever reason. For those who say “so what’s another dead fisherman, happens every day”, those are mostly industrial accidents. Yes this was an accident. But all the fisherman got out of this was thoughts and prayers from the team and the event. But yet a bunch of people paid to have fun pretend they are emotionally recovered from the fact they killed a guy who was working while they were out being paid to have fun, and have the audacity to ask redress. Talk about a bunch of spoiled, entitled, arrogant pricks. I’ve lost all respect for those associated with this team.
  11. laugh or cry?

    Oh this is going to escalate quickly.
  12. NYYC Manhattan campus

    Need a member to get you in.
  13. Protest Panels

    Pros give each other “professional fouls”. It’s bad for business to end up in the room. Things are settled with a wink and a nod, I owe you one.
  14. PV Race

    That sort of public response is commendable.
  15. save a legend....Really

    I love how some guy with not enough money wants people to help pay to save his dream. Go ask Gazprom for the money.