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  1. sunseeker

    START THE LIST- 2021 events that are happening...

    Actually this is a thread for regattas that are currently scheduled. There is no guarantee they are going to happen, especially ones in a current hot spot. Do you really think anything scheduled for SoCal, or anywhere in California is going to happen in January, if not February as well?
  2. sunseeker

    Christmas Regatta

    For sure they do
  3. sunseeker


    Get Dry Armor’s hot blonde model as co-host.
  4. sunseeker


    A boat with a blooper in use.
  5. sunseeker

    Olympic Cunt Fuckery

    It’s true.
  6. sunseeker

    Olympic Cunt Fuckery

    Because the grift in who will make the money from the boats and sails hasn’t been settled yet. France wants it all, but there’s a good shit fight going on. Follow the money.
  7. sunseeker

    Olympic Cunt Fuckery

    Why should the entire sport of sailing globally be held in hostage to the Olympics just because you got a piece of beach?
  8. sunseeker

    Olympic Cunt Fuckery

    The best thing for sailing would be if sailing was dropped from the Olympics. But until then, us Sailing is going to support a handful of sailors because it is their legal obligation to do so. everyone just needs to understand that everything world sailing and the national governing bodies do is simply to pick the talent for the once every four years sports reality tv show. It’s just about making money for everyone but the sailors.
  9. sunseeker

    NBC are cunts

    NBC may or may not be cunts, that’s not really the issue. The issue is that Dalton and the kiwis are bloody pus filled sheep cunts for not making certain the America’s cup is free to watch.
  10. sunseeker

    Cayard to run US Sailing

    Us sailing is obligated to prepare a team for the Olympics. That’s the reason for their authority in this country. So to support that they need to support anything that makes a race run. Rules, race officers, judges, appeals. After that, everything else is a “nice to have”.
  11. sunseeker

    You are cunts, everyone

    Isn’t a cunt a good thing? I know I sure have fun with them.
  12. sunseeker

    Cayard to run US Sailing

    Cayard has only done one thing his entire life, run a private recreational program for very wealthy guys. Only accountable to one guy. Even his position at StFYC is much the same, and not without controversy because friends of mine who know him very well and who are members say he’s just too absent too often. To run us sailing you need to be a consensus builder, be extremely gregarious and open to conversation with anyone and everyone. Cayard’s reputation is anything but that. hes going to find out very quickly that the entrenched board mostly does not give a tiny fuck about racing. There’s more racing sailors on the board now than in recent past, but one key board member only cares about training. The inertia and systems in place at us sailing clearly favor everything but racing. Cayard can’t suddenly come in and run the place by fiat. if this is such a good idea, why is there radio silence from us sailing?
  13. sunseeker

    Cayard to run US Sailing

    Probably no one really cares but this is mildly interesting. Sounds like the board of US Sailing seriously screwed up, let Geirhart get away with too much, the finances are dire. Apparently the AmericaOne Foundation is going to toss them a lifeline and Cayard is going to run things for a while. Not sure why a guy like Cayard would want any operational involvement, or why he’d ever agree to have a board give him oversight.
  14. sunseeker

    Taxi dancer

    Wrong again. That you are young isn’t your fault, that you jump to conclusions is. You are trying to correct guys that have decades of experience in SoCal. It’s not a TP 52. It’s a sled.
  15. sunseeker

    Taxi dancer

    Probably Monday, seems to release one a week on Mondays