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  1. il mostro attempting chi-mac speed run record

    What’s this speed record entitle them too? a special fudge vagina they can all jerk off into? Rich guy waits for wind to blow, sets sailing masterbation record.
  2. Melges 40 'worlds'

  3. No, lets be real, you are disappointed that asshole Ainslie didn’t win and korrupt Keith didn’t get to keep the circle jerk for money flowing.
  4. Wahine 26

    What's it rate?
  5. strict class

    Your response is probably exactly why NYYC wanted only one sailmarker, and North has the inside track there. If there's multiple sailmakers then there is going to be big development program for the sails = expensive for the owners. Example : I know someone who was one of the first owners of a Melges 32. It was fun for about a year, then all he felt like he was doing was paying for sail development costs for brand X, and got sick and tired of being treated disrespectfully by one of the rock star sailmakers. So now he's got a casual club program on a cruising boat, spends no money on sails, and instead spends money on fuel for his new powerboat. So yeah, whine all you want, but it's sailmakers that are largely the problem with "growing the sport" (god I hate that term. What, is there a farmer with a seed that magically sprouts up new boat owners?) Best salesman a powerboat dealership has these days are sailmakers.
  6. J70, cheating and pros

    If they could bring the boats into measurement compliance easily, I'm sure the measurers would have allowed them to do so. Do you understand who got flicked, and the position their family(ies) hold in the sport in Italy? The only way a couple of these boats get flicked is for flat out cheating because the repercussions of flicking a couple of these guys for just being a bit of compliance when it would be easy to remedy would just never happen.
  7. The real problem is not Nacra engineering, it is the massive overblown ego and greed of the people who run world sailing that ignored their own regulations to allow this boat into the Olympics in the first place. There's also the issue of Nacra being a monopoly supplier.
  8. Vineyard Race 2017

    Then why are you here?
  9. Make N2E Great Again

    You can't go home again. The BCYC party was played out. Find another venue, just take over some place like 333, lots of cougars there, they they tend to be of decent quality, so woody will have to look elsewhere for his blown out gold diggers. Short of significant cash prizes, I'm not sure there is much that can be done to really increase the number of competitors substantially. The pool of racing boats in SoCal that are sufficiently prepared and capable of any offshore race is a very small number these days. Are there even 500 active PHRF boats racing in SoCal these days? It's a cultural problem more than anything.
  10. Olson 40 Euphoria - Total Refit at Finco

    That's really awesome. Great work, and you have wife of the year.
  11. At least a heavy #1, a couple of staysails, for this boat a blooper. And I'll guess you are thinking Dacron, because carbon will be substantially more, and these numbers are probably light for Dacron.
  12. Live Racing Thread

    Just needs someone with a checkbook. Where's Bill Koch when you need him.
  13. Live Racing Thread

    Yes Genny is great in front of the camera, very good producer too. The video tribute she produced of Bart Simpson was outstanding. How much cooler would it be if she was driving a boat? She's plenty qualified.
  14. Oracle is going to know all that anyway. Artemis will give them the same data if they lose to the kiwis. It is Artemis' best interest for Oracle to win if they don't. Kiwis win and everything gets reset.