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  1. sunseeker

    Ericson 35? Ed is mooching for pickle dishes

    The only thing marked is your forehead, with a flashing neon sign that says ATBV...Asshole To Be Avoided.
  2. sunseeker

    NFL 2020

    Derrick Henry is unreal. He’s the 2nd coming of Jim Brown. Dude could be league MVP.
  3. sunseeker

    Ericson 35? Ed is mooching for pickle dishes

    You are a petty, angry person. You never grew up. You are emotionally unqualified to fly jets.
  4. sunseeker

    NFL 2020

    Derrick Henry elevated beast mode last night with that stiff arm. Bills are clearly over rated, no defense to speak of. Titans are for real, again.
  5. sunseeker

    What was it?

    I could take a couple of guesses at the design, but in either case I’m thinking of I can’t believe the two designers I’m thinking about would draw a keel bulb that looked like that.
  6. sunseeker

    Ericson 35? Ed is mooching for pickle dishes

    Make IOR Great Again
  7. sunseeker

    Ericson 35? Ed is mooching for pickle dishes

    It astounding to me that you have a license to fly jet aircraft. I would not let you clean the head of a plane I’m flying in. Your logic and and ability to follow facts is seriously deficient. Scot has a slip that allows for 10 feet of beam. What you suggest will not fit in the slip, and that slip is absolutely prime real estate. i used to respect you, now I have to wonder if you cheat in sailing like your hero Trump does in everything.
  8. sunseeker

    NBA 2020 Playoffs Anarchy

    That was a pretty devastating performance. Take nothing away from the Heat, damn good team.
  9. sunseeker

    NBA 2020 Playoffs Anarchy

    LeBron might thrive on the pressure as well as MJ did. But I’m not so sure about the rest of the team. I have to wonder if Butler can have another game like that. Mad respect to him. Even though I’m a huge Lakers fan, I respect the Heat’s game. Crowder is a beast.
  10. sunseeker

    NBA 2020 Playoffs Anarchy

    I can’t disagree with you. My point was more that the lakers made some terrible plays throughout the game. The inbounds pass that Howard blew was completely inexcusable. It started a really bad run for the lakers. They were behind the vast majority of the game. I’m not sure LeBron can play much better than he did, AD is clearly hurt, and other than Rondo, and maybe Caruso, you just don’t know who is going to show up each night. Can’t really say Miami is deeper either because they are only playing 7 guys. Lakers need to run to win, and they rarely did that last night.
  11. sunseeker

    NBA 2020 Playoffs Anarchy

    Lakers made some bonehead plays. That inbound pass by Howard was a huge mistake. And why isn’t LeBron taking the last shot. Jordan would have.
  12. sunseeker

    Cross-U.S. Boat Shipper Recommendation

    I know of a 10,000 pound 35 foot boat that was just shipped from the Great Lakes to the west coast for about $7500. That was a very low budget effort, but it worked.
  13. sunseeker

    Youth America's Cup

    “One hears” the youth AC is cancelled. Cue Ehman and a lot of handwringing and gum flapping.
  14. sunseeker

    SORC - The Glory Years?

    Which Robin is this? The centerboard one tonner?
  15. sunseeker

    Kellyanne is going bonkers

    She’s 15 and desperate for parents that aren’t complete assholes. She’s not seeking attention, she’s begging to be in a stable family.