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  1. You can't go home again. The BCYC party was played out. Find another venue, just take over some place like 333, lots of cougars there, they they tend to be of decent quality, so woody will have to look elsewhere for his blown out gold diggers. Short of significant cash prizes, I'm not sure there is much that can be done to really increase the number of competitors substantially. The pool of racing boats in SoCal that are sufficiently prepared and capable of any offshore race is a very small number these days. Are there even 500 active PHRF boats racing in SoCal these days? It's a cultural problem more than anything.
  2. That's really awesome. Great work, and you have wife of the year.
  3. At least a heavy #1, a couple of staysails, for this boat a blooper. And I'll guess you are thinking Dacron, because carbon will be substantially more, and these numbers are probably light for Dacron.
  4. Just needs someone with a checkbook. Where's Bill Koch when you need him.
  5. Yes Genny is great in front of the camera, very good producer too. The video tribute she produced of Bart Simpson was outstanding. How much cooler would it be if she was driving a boat? She's plenty qualified.
  6. Oracle is going to know all that anyway. Artemis will give them the same data if they lose to the kiwis. It is Artemis' best interest for Oracle to win if they don't. Kiwis win and everything gets reset.
  7. One thing is for sure, the J70 class will be looking for a home to fill this gap. Maybe Melges 24 too.
  8. This is a case of the RC thinking they matter more than the customers. anyone who says the rules are rules and this boat shouldn't be scored needs to get off their soapbox and go get a job as a mall cop, because that's about how bright you are. Is anyone in this class complaining because a boat had a rating certificate that accurately reflected the boats rating, but the money for the certificate was paid to a different rating entity a few miles away? Some people in this sport are in serious need of an enema. Mall Cop. I think I'm going to get stickers made up with that, and slap it on people who work to make it harder to get more people on the race course.
  9. How else is your time supposed to be spent? Always in pursuit of money? Always doing something to improve your house? Always doing something to serve your wife? There are some aspects of online activity that are a waste of time, or otherwise really negative. People do need to socialize, some do it in a bar, some do it elsewhere, some get beneficial socialization here. I stay in the shadows mostly, but for me this place generally works in a couple of ways. I learn a lot about things I never knew about, or otherwise never considered. I try to avoid those who are negative and/or nasty. I count your posts as being very responsible and beneficial. I really appreciate the contribution you make here. My world isn't so bright these days, and seeing you and others do and say the things do in this place helps get me through the day a little bit easier. Please tell your wife that your contributions here matter more than she knows.
  10. Who is Jessica Anderson?
  11. I can't even begin to imagine the feeling of relief you must have just had to get that message. I'm sure you will both be savoring the reunion.
  12. Rags lives in SF Bay now.
  13. From a US perspective, what is preventing a group of racing sailors from forming their own insurance co-op in your country and then ignoring your governing body? and why can't you form your own club(s) that have nothing to do traditional clubs. Keep your boat at your club, but race under the new club. i he the part about parking passes for non members, lots of clubs have that issue. But they are restricting parking to one membership card, how on earth do they deal with a husband and wife who come in separate cars? good to know somewhere else is as, or more, fucked up than is sailing in the US.