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  1. sunseeker

    LABron - LAvar - LAkers

    Btw, if Lavar didn’t have kids, his act would be pretty funny. But he’s pimping his own damn kids. The single biggest asshole little league parent ever.
  2. sunseeker

    LABron - LAvar - LAkers

    Magic Johnson and LeBron James walk up to Lavar and say very quietly after his first comment “if you want your son to keep playing with one of the best ever, you would be well advised to make no more comments”. And then they walk away. Nothing else needs to be said. The odds of Lavar understanding that message are as good as Cleveland winning the title.
  3. sunseeker


    On the whole, really good coverage. i echo the thoughts above about a better link to Genny. She’s superb. Andi’s post race FB lives are good. Nice to see something authentic and not forced. the drone at the start is really good. Great to see the line. More drone. And yes, a bit more b-roll of the venues would be very cool. I never had Croatia on my radar screen as a place I’d want to sail, but now after two events I’m trying to figure when to go. Whoever in Croatia that did the deal to bring you there should know their promotional efforts and cash will pay dividends. So do some of that in Cascais. great job overall.
  4. sunseeker

    Front Page...The New AC...Bad Joke

    It won’t even be that this time because ETNZ is supplying so many of the critical parts. Basically, it’s going to get down to foil design.
  5. sunseeker

    Hanuman for sale

    Well sure, you can try to make that sort of budget work. Just don’t expect to win or even be competitive, have much fun, and maybe die in the process. btw, where are you going to park the boat? Do you have any idea what slip fees are at a place like YCCS? Or anywhere that can accept something with this length and depth.
  6. sunseeker

    Hanuman for sale

    $1 million a year basically keeps the boat in the water. You’ve got permanent captain and crew, dockage (which is a very big number), general maintenance, insurance ect. Race crew, depending on the brand names you bring for the back end of the boat, are probably going to be somewhere between $25-50k per day. Toss in travel and food/housing costs. And additional people to help out. And you are going to break stuff. Consider that a Maxi 72 spends about $1 million a year in sails. Now think about the difference in size of a J and a 72. You want to optimize anything, I’m sure there wasn’t much change left from about $4 million when Haunaman updated recently. If you have to ask....
  7. sunseeker

    Hanuman for sale

    Jim Clark
  8. sunseeker


    Your country been to the moon yet? get back to us when you have.
  9. sunseeker

    What is it?

    It’s a motorsailor-like thing. probably plenty comfortable. not going to win any races, but the dock parties could be epic.
  10. sunseeker

    ClubSwan 36

    FIFY, Parties will be better than anything Melges does.
  11. sunseeker

    Rules Question: Case 78

    That there is even a case book is all the evidence we need that the rules are neither clear or simple enough.
  12. sunseeker

    Snowflakes and sailing

    Buddy Melges. “Sportsmanship is just cheatin’ fair”
  13. sunseeker

    video evidence

    In fairness to the IC 37, this boat was not designed to be a world beater. its a somewhat high performance club racer for guys with enough money to buy/charter one and who are also smart enough to know they don’t want to pay a bunch of arrogant pricks to pull ropes for them.
  14. sunseeker

    Snowflakes and sailing

    “Gross” is no longer a requirement for rule 69. The standard is now only “misconduct”. Good luck finding a universal understanding of exactly what defines “misconduct”.
  15. sunseeker

    Future Olympic lightweight-female dinghy

    So when did the fact a class isn’t international ever stop ISAF/WS? Remember the Elliott?