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  1. sunseeker

    Youth America's Cup

    What makes you think this is going to be inexpensive? Probably at least a USD500,000 boat as is.
  2. sunseeker

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Is it true that Luna Rossa’s test boat is seriously broken?
  3. sunseeker

    2019 52 SUPER SERIES

    Platoon is full on owner-driver, and they do very well. Harm is a former Dragon World champ, I believe.
  4. sunseeker

    Wise Words

    As I was entering the age of going to bars (not necessarily legally) my father used to say “nothing good ever happened in a bar after midnight”. He always had a sly smile too. Of course, I ignored his advice until years later when I finally figured out what he really meant : if you can’t get the hot chick to leave with before midnight, you really don’t want to wake up with the one who would leave with you at 2am. Would have been nice if he had also told me about coyote love, and having to chew your arm off in order to make the escape in the morning, but I guess he figured it best for me to learn the hard way.
  5. sunseeker

    Siebel Sailors: Southern Yahoos Need Not Apply

    Seeing as the Seibels are from San Fran it’s a given one of the facilities would be there. Perhaps it might be best to just say thanks and build the specific case for why your hometown should also be the beneficiary of this program in the hopes there’s a round two, or another willing donor.
  6. Scholarships aren’t the issue, it’s just the way parents use junior sailing to get their kids into college. That’s what the whole Stanford thing is all about, using sailing as an admission tool. Vandemoer just took it to an extreme.
  7. The best thing that could happen to junior sailing in the US is for colleges to stop considering sailing as any aspect of the admission process.
  8. Looks like He’s getting 18 months.
  9. sunseeker

    Super foilers for sale

    Looks like that didn’t escalate quickly enough
  10. sunseeker

    Rube Goldberg flying

    Read that two hang gliders crashed at Torrey Pines this weekend. If they were cliff height and landed on the beach, that’s a long way down.
  11. sunseeker

    Oh fck change in plans wifey diagnosed with MS

    Sorry to hear. Focus on family first. Boats come second.
  12. sunseeker

    Frers 41, Carroll Marine

    My eyes have seen all the evidence I need to be able to make that statement.
  13. sunseeker

    Frers 41, Carroll Marine

    395’s had some serious issues with the core getting wet, and several of them were missing a stringer.
  14. sunseeker

    Frers 41, Carroll Marine

    Some quality issues on some of their boats is a vast understatement. I don’t think I could buy a Carroll boat, ever.