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  1. National Debt Hits $21 Trillion

    We only have to look back to Clinton to find an era when the nation was running a budget surplus. A couple of wars, a tax break, a recession & Medicare Part D fixed that.
  2. National Debt Hits $21 Trillion

    Obama inherited unpaid for wars and an economy in free fall. He did ok for all that, despite opposition. Trump is giving our money to billionaires and poor idiots are excited because they can keep their guns and white mans privilege. We cant afford conservative administrations or their apologists. They bankrupt our country, forgive or defend their incompetent leader and deny that Trump’s legal and financial history threatens our national security.
  3. Russia cyberattacks on US nuclear power stations

    I will take your lack of protest to mean that the president and the GOP are currently doing little to protect America in this regard, merely leaving it up to those institutions Trump hasn't yet managed to convert to his "Turn-a-blind-eye-to-Russia" agenda.
  4. Russia cyberattacks on US nuclear power stations

    Yes. Someone, somewhere in the government is addressing cyber attacks. But the GOP and, even more, the President are not doing so effectively, which is my argument. You have not yet offered a rebuttal to this or my many points. Your purposeful confusion and misdirection is noted.
  5. Russia cyberattacks on US nuclear power stations

    Look, hermione, you've not substantially entered into a debate if you take one myopic point and think it is an effective response. When the 'Marine Core' comes storming ashore and a defending sniper kills a rifleman, it matters not a whit. Sort of like your "rebuttal". Try again, or curl up in a blankie. Your choice.
  6. irresponsible gun owners?

    I treaded into deeper waters than I intended, and did not mean to offend. I hear what you are saying, LenP, and can't speak to why the left is your chosen target for this sort of diatribe. Yes, these instances do occur, but perhaps the risk of government meddling in "at risk families" would become an exercise in social engineering based on economic strata or racial profiling led to this stance. I'd prefer a supportive stance than a draconian one when it comes to families because so many amateurs and sinners have kids. I get that errors will be made, and light needs to be shone on the process, but it doesn't sway my general opinion, at least not yet.
  7. Russia cyberattacks on US nuclear power stations

    That's a rebuttal?
  8. Have a good weekend you sorry sots.....

    My ancestors hailed from the Isle of Mull myself, but I'm all for good international relations, so I'll drink Irish beer in pubs with good crac. Slainte!
  9. Russia cyberattacks on US nuclear power stations

    WTF? First, Trump is much easier to manipulate and confuse on the global stage. He is an neophyte with a rash and tempermental leadership with narcissistic traits. He has diminished America's stature in terms of fighting for equality and democracy around the world, reduced the trust allies have that we will come to their defense, removed us from global trade pacts and allowed China to gain ascendency as we are reduced in stature faster than would have otherwise happened. NATO has been substantially weakened under this administration. We know that Russian interfered with our election, yet the administration has done nothing to make this a priority or to publicly counteract their efforts. The President has assisted Russian efforts to sew discord in America and reduce faith in our democratic institutions by amplifying racial tensions and making false allegations regarding widespread voter fraud in our elections. Russian influence may have been direct, or indirect in the selection of Sec State Rex Tillerson. Rex had been gifted with a Russian Medal of Friendship, indicating he had Putin's blessing. Other Sec State candidates would likely have had a more hawkish view of our traditional enemy, like Mitt Romney. Steele wrote an addendum to the dossier which was based on a source who said that Mitt was not someone Putin could work with, and that helped block his selection. Whether or not Trump felt beholden to Putin, Russia benefitted. The State Department has been gutted of talent, budget and importance. Congress practically unanimously approved sanctions which Trump refused to act upon. The Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, has been involved with banks accused of money laundering Russian rubles. He too is very Russian friendly. The President himself has said that Russia's acts of murder are no worse than those America has committed. Trump himself hasn't spoken out strongly against Russian efforts to sway our election, Russian poisoning of an English citizen and his daughter on British soil, or Russian hacks to our power grid and possibly other critical infrastructure. This is exactly the sort of action and events Putin wanted, and he got more than he could've dreamed possible. Only a traitor or a rabid partisan can overlook all this and say "all is well". Which are you, Saorsa?
  10. Russia cyberattacks on US nuclear power stations

    By not listing the President and the US Congress, are you saying that they play no role in defending America from enemy nations? By not listing the Judicial Branch and the FBI, you are giving tacit approval to Trump's and other GOPs efforts to obstruct and make more difficult their efforts to investigate Russian meddling in our elections. Is this good for our national security in light of evidence of these recent security breaches?
  11. irresponsible gun owners?

    Len, you've always been a voice of reason, and St Pats day is tomorrow, so I'd venture you're a couple brews in. But this is silly. There is no way you can link lefty hypocrisy with not being all over your chosen cause célèbre. You've not identified a partisan issue which involves the merciless slaughter of kids who could be mine, or yours. You've decided to take a random issue and castigate a random group for not confronting it, like yesterday. Whatever. Where the hell were you when lead was released into the water system of Flynt, Michigan? Like all Republicans you bear the blame for ruining the intellectual potential of thousands of children living within the water system affected by penny pinching righties. Where were the calls to protect these kids? You have 20 years of fight left in you, and outside of working and raising your little one, you should go clean those pipes. Better get started, there are about 10,000 miles of pipe waiting for you.
  12. irresponsible gun owners?

    I shall include myself in that stat... currently a Guinness. After all, St Pat's is tomorrow
  13. irresponsible gun owners?

    And what percentage of Americans are operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol, rage or mental disorder at any given time?
  14. Russia cyberattacks on US nuclear power stations

    From the article: In the following months, according to a Department of Homeland Security report issued on Thursday, Russian hackers made their way to machines with access to critical control systems at power plants that were not identified. The hackers never went so far as to sabotage or shut down the computer systems that guide the operations of the plants.
  15. Russia cyberattacks on US nuclear power stations

    To the partisan hack known as Saorsa IF the current administration and the Congress was actively investigating Russian attempts to hack our election and our power grid, trying to find out why Russians gave million$ to the NRA obstensibly to affect an election, then America would be better defended against our enemies, foreign and domestic. But this ain't the case. The Trump administration is trying at every step to delay, obfuscate and avoid giving any credence to Russian psyops and financial influence on our electoral process. The weak-kneed House investigation made a farce of an investigation, and essentially took part in a cover up by not looking at relevant evidence, conducting important interviews, and most importantly, taking an unflinching look at our vulnerabilities and informing the public of the scope and magnitude of the problem. These are all Republican politicians acting out of political self interest. Because Hillary & email, Benghazi and all the rest of the stupid, politically motivated investigations in recent times, no one expects these to be any more than infotainment to feed FOX talking heads. But these institutions are supposed to protect and serve us. The GOP controls both houses of congress and the presidency. THEY ARE FAILING TO PROTECT US BY NOT TAKING RUSSIAN HACKING AND OUR PRESIDENT'S VULNERABILITY SERIOUSLY.