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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Fuggers.

    Happy Thanksgiving atcha: Americans as well as the various & sundry misbegotten others who frequent this forum. I’ve plenty to be thankful for, and since many of my best arguments are shared here, I extend my greetings & good will to you all!
  2. Spectacular Accumulation of Lies

    I’ve been in those discussions and don’t think you’re justified all the same.
  3. What IS harrassment?

    An I disagree... ignoring two or three “no’s” while not at work can be used to justifiably describe someone as harassing. It must be said that there are fewer available penalties and reporting & enforcement is extremely problematic. A video might make it clear, but then again, might not.
  4. What IS harrassment?

    No, overheard remarks don’t qualify as harassment in my book. Might be sexist, racist or evil, but if not intended to be overheard by their target, it’s not harassment. Still might involve work for HR all the same.
  5. What IS harrassment?

    Wealth = having choices youre a lucky man!
  6. Spectacular Accumulation of Lies

    Well, that went Nazi pretty quickly! i don’t think “fascist” or “assholery” describes A_guy at all. He’s much too forthright and considerate for either word to apply. Says more about the insulter than the insulted.
  7. What IS harrassment?

    Not coercive? Not sure how that would be harassment. Might be annoying or skeevy, but without an edge of manipulation or power relations it’s just human interaction. Two or three “no’s” should be able to stop it, tho.
  8. What IS harrassment?

    To some degree, the intent of the “offender” doesn’t matter, inasmuch as they may not have insight into the power dynamic they are utilizing to justify or enable their actions. Im sure there are great legal definitions, but in my view, a lot of harassment comes down to a willingness to make another person uncomfortable if they don’t respond in a certain way. Manupulating a situation and a person to achieve a self gratifying response. The “offender” may be acting on poorly understood impulses, and may interpret the situation benignly if questioned. This doesn’t negate the recipient’s interpretation or minimize the offense.
  9. more money laundering

    Trump nicely distanced hims of from this money laundering venture, while ensuring that he made a tidy 30-50$M profit. Double selling apartments? Either it was all money laundering or some innocent “actual” investors got screwed by some criminals using this guy and his colleagues. This guy is toast; his name will always be associated with this fiasco and the pending charges, but Ivanka and the other ringleaders can afford the better class of justice and walk away with their $.
  10. Trump better for Blacks than Obama

    Quite right. Give chickenhawk some financial uncertainty, or reduce his white privilege and he's ready to vote for the nationalist leader who will restore America to its original slave-owners version of "All men are created equal". To be fair, he's not racist, he's just protecting what was his. To him, this whole gender-bending, race mixing, don't go to church on Sunday stuff is causing America to lose it's competitive advantage. But to recognize that it is old white men and their kids skimming off all the profits means that he's part of the group causing America's problems. WB and Trump is fighting the previous war on the social front. Blacks have the right to vote, women have the right to and education, the vote, and their bodies. The next war is people vs their more competent and diligent labor competition... robots and mechanization. Actually, we are already losing and gearing up America for the inevitable social results is proving difficult. It will prove decidedly more difficult if people can't work together, but chickenhawk likes the way America wuz.
  11. Spectacular Accumulation of Lies

    First of all, let's be clear. Democrats DO have their "we have superior morals" hats on whenever we preach racial/sexual/gender equality, protect the environment & free speech. When we do, we are just as sanctimonious, and off-putting, as "God-fearing" Republicans. And we inject as much of this science, kumbayah and the right to burn flags into California textbooks as Texan school boards inject Creationism into theirs. The real question, Chessy, is in which America do you want to live? Accepting racism, authoritarianism, fixed gender roles, death of Darwin, oil spills in order to keep a bit of white pride of place, or accepting the browning and confusing nature of American society, cacophonous and occasionally unfamiliar & uncomfortable but engaged and moving forward?
  12. I'd prefer not to pay for our legislators misbehaviors... Currently, all accusations of harassment of Senators and Representatives and their staff has to be investigated in house, after extensive "counseling" and the results are not in the public domain, but we pay for the settlements. As for this, I guess it speaks volumes regarding governmental respect for the capacity for violence from Teahadiis. I'm sure you hear "sealed testimony" and "Democrat" and instantly think "Coverup." But from one defending the current admin, your hypocrisy beats out your sagacity. Pardon me while I don't lose sleep over your conspiratorial dreams.
  13. Spectacular Accumulation of Lies

    Not to this degree. Not while trying to destroy the environment, disenfranchise blacks and strip the rights of women to control their bodies. Not while supporting the rights of the criminally negligent and mentally deranged to purchase guns without registration. Not while denying science and promoting "intelligent design." Not while ruining our budget so the rich can get richer and stripping the chance of healthcare coverage from millions. Fuck your "Dems do it too" because it just ain't true. The GOP is representing unchristian values.. they are the moneylenders and the idolators. When you choose a politician by ignoring his morals and only care about the correct political pedigree, you have ceased to use morality and religion as your guide. You've become the evil you say you oppose. This is the modern Alabama Governor, priests and voters. These are the modern GOP base. And if you say "you were wrong to support Bill Clinton" then show how it should be. Reject Trump and his merry band of thieves. Reject Moore and his teenager wet dreams. Reject Ryan and Mitch for having no spine. Democrats are holding Franken to task. Hollywood has kicked out Weinstein, even FOX has finally rid itself of Ailes and B O'Reilly. Why can't the GOP achieve the same standard as these American institutions? Until then, the GOP is the poster child for morally corrupt shenanigans and your pathetic attempts to deny it make you complicit.
  14. Tax “Reform”

    If it weren't for the timing of the release of the Paradise Papers this would be a sure thing. As it is, it'll be a squeaker. A couple more indictments after Thanksgiving and this bill will be in the garbage with the turkey carcass. I hope financial thread pulling becomes an official FBI hobby. We might get somewhere with leveling the playing field in the next decade if we expose how ruthlessly this administration is trying to fleece the 99.5%
  15. Ahhh, TMSAIL. Finally an investigation you can rally behind!