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    Drip Drip Drip

    Arrested in July as she was preparing to leave the country, Maria Butina is reported by NPR to be entering into plea deal negotiations with prosecutors. The ingenue & Russian gun-doll who landed Republican fundraiser Paul Erickson as a back channel boy toy was accused of setting up links from Russian financiers linked with the Kremlin through the NRA to Trump. $35 million dollars of political influence were illegally funneled by Alexander Torshin through Butina and others through the NRA to be spent on the US 2016 election cycle. Butina, if you recall, was invited to the National Prayer Breakfast and attended Donald Trump's inauguration by way of thanks for her involvement. Wow. That's a nice card to have in an investigation into Russian influence on the 2016 election cycle. Hard to argue no involvement if a Russian operative says there was involvement and you invited her to your inauguration.
  2. phillysailor

    Drip Drip Drip

    From my reading of the article, it seems the shenanigans started when he was a lobbyist, but the text of the charging documents state that he misused his office for personal profit and received "a thing of value" from a lobbyist. The DA is involved and it looks like hiring lobbyists into the EPA will inevitably lead to scandal. What a surprise! But the comment by the ranking Democrat on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce that “Trey Glenn should have never made it through any serious vetting process,” is exactly why the advise and consent process for principal officers of the president. No way should Whitaker be viewed as a legitimate Atty General. Too important a post to stick a shyster lawyer whose main qualification is loyalty to Trump.
  3. phillysailor


    I haven’t seen a real effort by senior Republicans to curb “pussy grabbing” language, an effort to stamp out white nationalists, an effort to deny gun ownership from extremist Christians who pray for the “rapture” and threaten nonbelievers on social media. I haven’t seen public condemnation of putting crosshairs over Democratic leaders. I haven’t heard of Republicans demanding the rights of minorities to have their votes counted or seeking consensus or embracing scientific findings and protecting the environment. Just this week a Trump appointee to EPA was indicted in Alabama for fraudulently conspiring to help a polluter escape paying hefty fines. Well, they installed a corporate lobbyist in charge of the SE region...this was the expectation and plan. Until & Unless the GOP deals with the cancer in their midst they only deserve disgust. This administration is ruining the country’s faith in elections and public institutions. They are convincing millions that liberals are dangerous and untrustworthy while constantly lying and defrauding the nation. They project their own flaws in order to make it appear to be the same on both sides. I call it sedition.
  4. phillysailor

    KAG Krusty Anal Goo

    Kompetyent And Great! Drumpf 2020
  5. phillysailor


    Harassment is bad, just like how Blassey-Ford is still receiving death threats. But murders by right wing nut jobs, their version of “protest” is a bit worse. Killing Jews in a Synagogue “because they deserved it” is quite a bit worse. Fix your side before complaining about ruined dinners and comments from ours.
  6. Let’s face it, in America “nationalism” is rarely far from the preceding “white” that MAGotts have brought with them. Case in point would be this GOP appointed official who told a black architect “You have a gap in your teeth. We are part of the master race, don't ever forget that," said Leavenworth County Commissioner Louis Klemp. But don’t worry, other GOP types called for Kemp to “apologize.” That’ll make it all better. Any political party attempting to represent all American citizens would run the asshole out of town. The GOP only requests an apology for overt examples of racism which make headlines.
  7. phillysailor

    Trump is losing it

    Otherwise known as “innocent”
  8. Much of homelessness is caused by rental property rent increases and a sizeable percentage of those made homeless by domestic violence are women and children. Programs for these groups are more frequently found in urban centers and perhaps more widely available in cities with Democratic leadership. Most densely populated urban centers are on the coasts, and these are largely Democrat bastions. Another 10% of homeless have military service records. Shouldn’t we call those who care for these vulnerable groups “Christian” or “patriotic.” Certainly they are doing good works and trying to help those who have served our country. Instead, some here wouldpoint fingers at these cities and communities and somehow try to blame homelessness upon them; a “fuck you” not a thank you. Largest homeless populations are in California, NY and Florida. Are we calling Fla Democrat? Or just recognizing that it has a temperate climate more forgiving to the homeless than Ohio in the winter? To say Dems created homelessness is to consider only the surface of the problem. Anyone pointing to simple causes or looking for a group to “blame” is either an idiot or a troll. memes don’t make for good policy, but it’s all some folks have to offer
  9. phillysailor

    Melania flexes her muscles

    I guess they are just showing your hankering for big butts. Hey, go for it dude! Who'm I to judge? I'm you'll find someone to sit on your face and tell you that they love you. Oh you're a lumberjack alright
  10. phillysailor

    Melania flexes her muscles

    Exactly why are pictures of women relevant to this story?
  11. phillysailor

    Manwhile, in the real world

    Interesting how economic diversity is a good thing, but racial diversity means put an army at the gates
  12. phillysailor

    Obama Kept America Safe Until Trump Didn't

    Gosh. That's so mean! -sobs- please, your memes add so much to our lives. Go find us more. Fetch!
  13. phillysailor

    Obama Kept America Safe Until Trump Didn't

    The American word for that is "innocent" A patriot would respect that
  14. phillysailor

    NRA gets It's medicine

    This seems to be a debate about how you are "allowed" to frame the debate about guns in America. The NRA has sold many Americans, via a well funded and slick PR campaign, that this is a test of fundamental rights, and that has taught millions why guns are necessary and good. Doctors attempting to frame the debate in terms of health and epidemiology are battling this view of guns as central to our national identity, and appeals to mothers, victims, average citizens with no real investment in gun culture or use, and Democrats fed up with a system which seems designed to help the right maintain a death grip on the levers of power in America. The ability of any single individual to decide when and where to end the lives of multiple other persons with whom he shares fundamental disagreements using an item that has little purpose that cannot be found in other sports in a more benign fashion, is easily transported, cheap and concealable viewed by many Americans as incompatible with safety and security in an urban environment. Framing the debate from this vantage point means dismissing the views of hunters and others who would prefer the debate begin with different underlying assumptions. No way these two viewpoints can "agree" without a radical shift in national attitudes. Time will tell, not the "rightness" of one argument vs the other. It's about what you think is "right."
  15. phillysailor


    Long, well-researched article about white supremacy in the NYT Magazine this weekend, rather startling how the government has turned a blind eye to right wing groups and the terror they spread. Much was made of how Tea Party objections to labeling "right wing extremism" a prime source of terror led to suppression of efforts to monitor home-grown extremist groups in 2009 over Janet Napolitano's and Obama's inclination to address the most deadly source of terrorism within the US since 9/11. That same right wing is now in charge of our government, and how criminals are labeled & tracked show the underlying attitudes of senior law enforcement. If right wing groups are tracked for violent hate speech, then conservatives will preach about the freedom of speech despite their insistence that Muslims posting such crap belong on terrorism watch lists or in jails. This has led to blind spots in our national databases and law enforcement efforts. Indeed, many instances of racist and specifically white-supremacists infiltrating police departments have been shown, from individuals with easily shown racist views to groups and even gangs sporting tattoos documenting their supremacist views. Trump has invited white supremacists to the White House, one most recently the day after the midterm elections. He has refused to specifically condemn these groups, instead displaying a bemused indifference to their actions and ideals while demonstrating public contempt for black reporters and Hispanic judges. His descriptions of Africans as living in shithole countries and bemoaning the paltry immigration from Norway of good white people show his racism on a continual basis, yet it is couched in language that allow those who benefit or quietly support these views to defend or deny the impact such leadership has on our country and its people. Immigrants are (innacurately) labeled as much of the reason why our country has suffered economic and racial turmoil. Whether turning a caravan into an invasion or trying to ban Muslims from entering the country, our current administration has consistently avoided principles of fairness and equality in order to pursue racist and religious goals. So, yes, this administration does selectively choose those citizens whose civil rights can be waived and which groups should be blamed for causing our problems. Every administration does this to some degree, but I find the choices of this group immoral and out of step with our country's demographics: gerrymandering and the Electoral College do not alter population statistics, so this is why the Census itself is being manipulated to fundamentally alter the statistics by which we define ourselves. Project these types of policies out over the next thirty years, and we should expect more overt Federalization of white supremacy as a national goal, and more violent unofficial methods of intimidating minorities. Hate crimes will increase in scale and frequency, as we have recently witnessed. This does not, in and of itself, mean that the administration is fascist, but it does share features with that form of government that should trouble any American. Any citizen who defends these practices should consider their definition of patriotism to be tarnished by the underlying support they are giving to white nationalism here in America. Efforts by our president to sew mistrust in our voting systems, for example, should be viewed as sedition, and accepting millions of rubles from the Russians by the NRA for political activism should be viewed as traitorous. Take back Democracy