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  1. And You Wonder Why The Left Isn't Nice Anymore

    Anger and hatred have been weaponized to tear America apart. Patriotism should now be defined as the ability to understand, respect and appreciate fellow Americans. Lack that, & you aren't a real American. Wallowing in hatred and inspiring divisions is the act of a coward and doing the work of our enemies. And by fellow Americans, I do not mean CEOs, politicians and lobbyists. I do not mean the 0.1% I mean real Americans.
  2. Mike Pence

    Quotes are really getting screwed up. Not sure if you were replying to me... my comment was about sarcasm font and your reply to me didn't make sense in that context.
  3. Active shooter on the Vegas Strip

    By this logic, nitroglycerin, TNT and 50 caliber machine guns should be sold at WalM*rt.
  4. Mike Pence

    Sarcasm font, right?
  5. Irma, Soma, and making a difference

    It's a mess, but thankfully your boat is not ruined. Best wishes Soma. Is that 12M on her side Canada II? I've sailed on her a couple times.
  6. Rant from a Rube who went East.

    Hmmm. I usually make it for the Naptown Sail show, but this year was on call, so had to stay within driving distance of the house of pain. But I've yearly enjoyed the show despite having more modest dreams than those on display. I stop by the Nautos shop, the Ronstan tent, gaze at the Colligo stuff and ask questions, pick up some APS gear, chat with the North Sail guys. I chat with the random vendors to see if anyone has yet started manufacturing a cheap auto inflator balloon for the top of small boat masts. I get some line, a few pieces of hardware, and stop by the "Good Old Boat" stand. I'll see Kevin Jeffries of Norseboat, stop by the Chesapeake Light Craft shop, chat with a few reps of cool boats such as Chris White when he was showing the MastFoil 48, and the Garcia yachts. There is a pen with a bunch of beach cats, and I'll look there for rigging ideas. A rum & coke with lunch, avoid the bendyboat crowd and finish the circuit. Back out to the Navy Football stadium and head home. Overall a good day. As far as Washington being a swamp? Not exactly a newsflash. Security? Back in the 90s I dated a SCOTW who was a Congress aide, lived a few blocks from the heart of things. During the day I was able to walk many of the halls of Congress without security issues. Those days are LONG gone.
  7. epoxy 5200 and or a bolt?

    Ditto on the anticipation. How'd it go? Also, could you show the web/bulkhead with which the rudder stock now enjoys mating? I imagine you were quite concerned with spreading loads, given that we all want a well hung rutter. Drilling the new hole for the rudder stock was a non-trivial detail. Which spirits were consumed for courage during that exercise? Details of the mechanics? Hats off: good thread. I enjoy your "fuck the torpedos, straight ahead" attitude.
  8. The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump

    Well, a bunch of Trumpetts are blaring
  9. Active shooter on the Vegas Strip

    Earlier I posted some sarcasm laden anti-NRA rant about how the right wingers were getting lax surveillance and the minorities have to up their game in the mass murder department. I've run across an article in Slate Magazine that delved further into the stats of mass murder and it was a little bit interesting to me. Turns out, several minority groups are overrepresented by in bringing mass death (1.7x for African Americans) if defined as more than three homicides at a single go. The amount by which they are overrepresented is, however, much less than the 6.3 times greater murder rates among African Americans than whites, so that merits a "huh." Interesting article, and I'd recommend it for its dry style and its ability to puncture a couple of hard-held "White Lone Wolf Mass Murder" beliefs I've endorsed.
  10. Active shooter on the Vegas Strip

    As long as we are talking Second Amendment freedoms, I feel it necessary to point out that Muslim Americans deserve the same right to slaughter Americans as pissed off white guys. Therefore, I suggest we curtail surveillance on Muslim Americans to the same degree that we've suspended surveillance of right wing militias, lest we perpetuate racial bias in not preventing these glorious, uniquely American spasms of tragedy and patriotic expressions of sorrow. Despite the fact that right wing, primarily white men have killed more Americans in acts of terrorism since 911, we stubbornly persist in stigmatizing Muslims for these not so random acts of terror. We do not support these Americans after their acts of terror by immediately pointing out that it is too soon to discuss their motivations or steps to prevention. I fully expect the NRA will support these efforts, since this is a Second Amendment rights issue. It will dovetail nicely with their efforts to increase wholesale slaughter from non drug related mass shootings by African American citizens. The only good citizen is the one prepped and ready to bring death to dozens from hundreds of yards away. We've got to mobilize our less lethal civilian groups to up their game, and then support those efforts by refusing to discuss anything but 2nd Amendment rights.
  11. Would Kushner throw himself under the bus to save Trump?

    Kushner is also Also, Jared still has to pay off the overpriced skyscraper he bought in Manhattan, assuming the Russians don't let him off both the principle and the vig.
  12. You go girl

    She was neither right nor eloquent. He was smart enough to never touch her, but messed up when he suggested that if she didn't like Freedoms of Speech she should go, to Mexico or whatever. He should have stuck to the aggrieved "I can't have free speech on this campus" line. The folks at the council center did a B job calming things down. They should have quickly had her sign in, or take some positive step like have her fill out a complaint card. Could be a suggestion card, or whatever. But start some separation early and stay solid with a plan. Calling the cops and stalling was a good idea, but they might have kept things from escalating further. Good on them for making sure he had his hat back before the cops arrived. Probably she gets off easier because of that. We are being divided nicely. The fault lines have been there, but we are now much more ready to go toe to toe over political and social issues.
  13. Active shooter on the Vegas Strip

    What methods could have been used to more rapidly defeat this assault or decrease it's lethality? Obvious thought is counter sniper teams, stationed at large crowd events such as this one. Would three to five 2 man teams with support personnel allow for good area coverage and shifts allowing down time and good communications? But other thoughts might include spotlights paired with video cameras with good long lenses to search out, distract and blind shooters. Thermal imaging systems scanning facade fronts to enable rapid searches. Would probably have picked up missing windows. Smoke pots and fans might create a helluva smokescreen. Not sure that would be 100% helpful, though. But it's a soft target. Seriously hard to defend.
  14. Presidential Bullshit (cont.)

    well, yeah. That's about all that's remained true. Everything else is malleable, unimportant or unreliable.
  15. Presidential Bullshit (cont.)

    Much of what you say is true, but interpretation of DACA and repeated Muslim bans matter in substantial, albeit symbolic fashion to anyone who has studied our history or benefitted from our immigration policies aaa memorialized on the Statue of Liberty, perhaps our nation's most iconic symbol The healthcare debates have had a negative impact on patients insofar as risk has increased premiums and ACA recruitment dollars are being spent to advertise against the very policy they were intended to support. Trump has created such mistrust of his administration that the government's response to PR is seen as racist. Whatever good will there might have been is in short supply. The logistical, financial and infrastructure challenges could have been explained by an administration with fewer examples of maladministration, but this is a major impact of Trump's attitude and policies on his ability to govern. Overhanging all this is Trumps desire to make himself and other billionaires richer while denying he leads an administration which frequently corresponded and met with a foreign power during and after the election, and then lied or failed to mention these contacts. His efforts to "investigate voting fraud" has been perceived to be an effort to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of minority voters, and he has repeatedly attempted to undermine the authority of an independent judiciary and the press. Much of America sees our president as either denying or abetting the three current existential threats to America: 1. Climate change 2. Our system of democracy and values 3. Class warfare/the wage gap This and Trumps penchant to sow division and hatred between Americans has led SA posters and fellow citizens to see Trump as a threat to our nation's future in an manner which I find unprecedented.