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  1. more money laundering

    Trump nicely distanced hims of from this money laundering venture, while ensuring that he made a tidy 30-50$M profit. Double selling apartments? Either it was all money laundering or some innocent “actual” investors got screwed by some criminals using this guy and his colleagues. This guy is toast; his name will always be associated with this fiasco and the pending charges, but Ivanka and the other ringleaders can afford the better class of justice and walk away with their $.
  2. Trump better for Blacks than Obama

    Quite right. Give chickenhawk some financial uncertainty, or reduce his white privilege and he's ready to vote for the nationalist leader who will restore America to its original slave-owners version of "All men are created equal". To be fair, he's not racist, he's just protecting what was his. To him, this whole gender-bending, race mixing, don't go to church on Sunday stuff is causing America to lose it's competitive advantage. But to recognize that it is old white men and their kids skimming off all the profits means that he's part of the group causing America's problems. WB and Trump is fighting the previous war on the social front. Blacks have the right to vote, women have the right to and education, the vote, and their bodies. The next war is people vs their more competent and diligent labor competition... robots and mechanization. Actually, we are already losing and gearing up America for the inevitable social results is proving difficult. It will prove decidedly more difficult if people can't work together, but chickenhawk likes the way America wuz.
  3. Spectacular Accumulation of Lies

    First of all, let's be clear. Democrats DO have their "we have superior morals" hats on whenever we preach racial/sexual/gender equality, protect the environment & free speech. When we do, we are just as sanctimonious, and off-putting, as "God-fearing" Republicans. And we inject as much of this science, kumbayah and the right to burn flags into California textbooks as Texan school boards inject Creationism into theirs. The real question, Chessy, is in which America do you want to live? Accepting racism, authoritarianism, fixed gender roles, death of Darwin, oil spills in order to keep a bit of white pride of place, or accepting the browning and confusing nature of American society, cacophonous and occasionally unfamiliar & uncomfortable but engaged and moving forward?
  4. I'd prefer not to pay for our legislators misbehaviors... Currently, all accusations of harassment of Senators and Representatives and their staff has to be investigated in house, after extensive "counseling" and the results are not in the public domain, but we pay for the settlements. As for this, I guess it speaks volumes regarding governmental respect for the capacity for violence from Teahadiis. I'm sure you hear "sealed testimony" and "Democrat" and instantly think "Coverup." But from one defending the current admin, your hypocrisy beats out your sagacity. Pardon me while I don't lose sleep over your conspiratorial dreams.
  5. Spectacular Accumulation of Lies

    Not to this degree. Not while trying to destroy the environment, disenfranchise blacks and strip the rights of women to control their bodies. Not while supporting the rights of the criminally negligent and mentally deranged to purchase guns without registration. Not while denying science and promoting "intelligent design." Not while ruining our budget so the rich can get richer and stripping the chance of healthcare coverage from millions. Fuck your "Dems do it too" because it just ain't true. The GOP is representing unchristian values.. they are the moneylenders and the idolators. When you choose a politician by ignoring his morals and only care about the correct political pedigree, you have ceased to use morality and religion as your guide. You've become the evil you say you oppose. This is the modern Alabama Governor, priests and voters. These are the modern GOP base. And if you say "you were wrong to support Bill Clinton" then show how it should be. Reject Trump and his merry band of thieves. Reject Moore and his teenager wet dreams. Reject Ryan and Mitch for having no spine. Democrats are holding Franken to task. Hollywood has kicked out Weinstein, even FOX has finally rid itself of Ailes and B O'Reilly. Why can't the GOP achieve the same standard as these American institutions? Until then, the GOP is the poster child for morally corrupt shenanigans and your pathetic attempts to deny it make you complicit.
  6. Tax “Reform”

    If it weren't for the timing of the release of the Paradise Papers this would be a sure thing. As it is, it'll be a squeaker. A couple more indictments after Thanksgiving and this bill will be in the garbage with the turkey carcass. I hope financial thread pulling becomes an official FBI hobby. We might get somewhere with leveling the playing field in the next decade if we expose how ruthlessly this administration is trying to fleece the 99.5%
  7. Ahhh, TMSAIL. Finally an investigation you can rally behind!
  8. Hang the rich

    You’ve simply restated what I said in a way that you feel sounds more respectable. But what I said with sarcasm is what you believe wholeheartedly. The rich have gamed the system and you enable them, probably to justify your current status. That’s entirely understandable, btw; the need to be civic minded or Christian is not mandated. So don’t worry, you, like the rest of the GOP, are within your rights. But don’t expect those of us who ARE educated to believe you represent a moral authority. We observe that you are just looking out for privileged white men. That’s currently the only role the US government has which the GOP feels is worth funding, or as the case may be, worth going ever deeper into debt.
  9. Trump better for Blacks than Obama

    Hate is being fed, watered and cultivated by this administration. This hatred can split societies, foment unrest and lead to persecution. Its a prime example of maladministration, almost something a powerful rival country would like to see created to destabilize their competitor.
  10. Hang the rich

    That’s exactly how it could be fixed... revising the inequity so that it’s repaired, but Jeff’s point is that the rich paid for those ill gotten gains. They spent the time shmoozing the politicians and courting their votes. Jeff just wants the poor to show the same initiative. They just presently lack the opportunity, the gumption, the organization and the follow through. Once the indigent get off their lazy butts & demonstrate effective lobbying technique they’ll begin to get _and deserve_ their rich rewards.
  11. Donald Trump & the GOP Jeopardize Our National Security

    Hard to respect a guy after your prostitutes have peed on him
  12. Health care sticker shock

    And his is part of the reason our healthcare has become so expensive. Healthcare has become a political football. Whether to tie employees more tightly to employers, or simply another way to transfer wealth to big business, lobbyists and politicians are able to weaponize opinions to “guide” debates. The answer is that opioid addiction has been politicized; it’s a hot topic and in the news, so politicians see profit and exposure by “tackling” the problem. As proof, note this only became possible after drug addiction deaths started impacting the lives of more the GOP base: as long as it was perceived to only be a problem for the indigent, low life, Democrat-leaning, or pigment enabled scum it wasn’t a big problem for the GOP. Now it’s got legs. Im not saying only the GOP plays political games for healthcare and insurance reform, just that GOP efforts produce less social justice and are easier examples for scorn.
  13. Is it Time For The GOP To Take Out The Trash?

    By not dealing with Moore’s issues, the GOP will double down on acceptance of mysogynist behavior bordering on criminal pedophelia. This risks alienating real churches, not the for-profit Evangelicals and monster churches but the ones real people attend. Between that and ruining healthcare for millions, taxing the middle & lower classes, and protecting students from for-profit education scams the GOP will trash it’s connection with “family values”. Ignoring the implications science has for policy or the role diplomats might have in the quelling of tensions currently rising in the Middle East, the Republican Party will be seen as misinformed and untrustworthy. And now that China is gaining preeminence in Asian markets and on the world stage since we have withdrawn from the TPP & Paris Accords, the GOP risks not be seen as the pro-business party. But they got still got guns, staunchly Pro-Life and NASCAR. None of those poll as choices of a majority of Americans, though. Republicans seem to be racing for irrelevancy, crony capitalism, rent seeking, racism and moral turpitude. They are not planning for tomorrow economically, environmentally, medically or internationally. They are striving to become yesterday’s leaders, soon to be forgotten.
  14. Ru$$ian $pending

    I’m not concerned about the effectiveness of the ads. I’m concerned about the Trump team requesting the GOP platform at their convention be stripped of any support for sanctions against Russia regarding Ukraine. A quid pro quo tying sanctions relief to financial or political support from an adversarial country is treasonous. I don’t give a shit if the ads were effective. It’s the collusion with Russians, potential history of money laundering and double dealing I care about. Stick this thread up your lily white derrières you mealy mouthed apologists. Your lack of patriotism is showing.