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  1. Donnie's gonna come home soon, and his hands will still be small, Melania will still despise him, his golden boy is still in trouble... J & Ivanka not sure they will stay past 6 months. His spokespeople are exhausted, kids don't want to grow up to be Republicans and The WaPo is still in business. It's gonna be tough getting over the jet lag. Meeting with the lawyers Tuesday morning. He thought it would be more fun.
  2. Not sure of this. Remaining a Trump supporter despite the available evidence requires a hefty dose of rationalizations and mental gymnastics. Folks with all sorts of intelligence can excel at these skills. It's often said that schools these days are teaching kids how to succeed on tests, but ignore that much of what makes good citizens and effective people is socialization skills and emotional IQ. This is why art and music, team sports and learning to play nicely in kindergarten are all important parts of growing up. Many countries don't stress homework in early years, because it is emotional maturity that correlates with adult success more than knowledge learned.
  3. Three times Trump jeopardized national intel 1. Discussed national security issues at the dinner table at Mar a Lago in full view of patrons 2. Discussed intelligence in the oval office with Russian diplomats 3. Discussed US subs patrolling N Korean waters with Duterte. All three times were examples where he just goes and said stuff. There was no vetting of the releases, no carefully crafted language that seeks to reassure, or prod or otherwise control the way he blabs, he just says stuff. No, I don't think he has harmed Americans through his statements, although I'm sure the Israelis are justifiably pissed off, and the Brits recently got their dander up over a similar issue. The US military has got to hate giving him sensitive information, cringing each time about the possible blunders he could make. Hence, they may at some point lose faith in his ability to effectively lead the US. But he's also spoken about getting seriously tough on leakers, and his penchant for hypocrisy is, once again, in full view. He's fast becoming the leaker-in-chief.
  4. I guess you are ok with divulging locating information of our nuclear subs as well. Look, the single instance sucks, it is evidence of an disorganized mind. A second instance raises eyebrows. Three times is a pattern. Deny it if you want, based on partisan desire to see it all go away, but do not mistake your motives for sagacity. You are putting party over country. You are exactly the kind of person who would label this treasonous behavior in a Democrat. That's called hypocrisy, btw.
  5. Less class than much of America, in fact
  6. Interesting and informative analysis. I still believe #1 remains as a CC because Under Article II, section 2 the military is under civilian control. But if the military no longer believes the administration can be entrusted with classified information, then it cannot both completely inform the president of the situation his options and protect its valuable sources of information. That creates a basic tension to completing the mission of the US military that requires the civilian authority to address the issue. Essentially, the military states it has no confidence in the administration (whether publicly or in closed session) and the Congress must resolve the issue through impeachment. In this case, maladministration would seem to be the appropriate charge. I can make an argument that the reliability of the VP to be entrusted with second spot in the Chain of Succession is currently in question. Intense focus on the President will put Pence's misdeeds on the back burner, but as information rolls in, his impeachment or not might become murkier. I believe that, technically, you are correct that the path is clear to assigning spots on the Chain of Succession, but the definition I read of a Constitutional Crisis: A constitutional crisis is a situation which a legal system's constitution or other basic principle of operation appears unable to resolve; it often results in a breakdown in the orderly operation of government. uses the phrase "appears unable to resolve." I believe that the nation, facing the long, drawn out process of impeaching BOTH our highest civilian authority and his replacement, would in fact feel it is facing a Constitutional Crisis. I won't argue #3, since I think you are correct. Armed insurrection is not a Constitutional Crisis as much as a really big problem unless the National Guard was unable to suppress the violence (and I think they certainly would after the experience obtained in recent wars.) If the movement attempted to lead itself with Trump, then that would be a CC, but that scenario is officially far fetched. I mentioned "plot lines" specifically during that point because it is admittedly a silly concern, if extremely worrisome. Great fodder for a multiple episode HBO series, though.
  7. As I count them, we have three Constitutional Crises looming. 1. Trump and his administration cannot be trusted with sensitive/classified information. Whether the CIC intended to or not, his transition team and personal aides/family members have been implicated caught discussing setting up secret communications with Russia. Our president himself has twice revealed senstive/classified information, jeopardizing lives and national security assets. Once directly to Russian diplomats/KGB officers in the Oval Office. Our allies mistrust him, and America's stature and ability to develop and profit from foreign intelligence output has been seriously diminished. At some point in the not distant future, military leaders will lose confidence in their civilian leadership if we do not address this issue. 2. How much did Pence know, and when did he know it? Do we have a reliable chain of succession for the presidency? 3. After impeachment, if 30% of the nation still believe in Trump and follow what will no doubt be his incessant (and possibly increasingly paranoid) Twitter rants combined with inevitable Breitbart / fake news internet conspiracy theories, what will happen? This segment of the population is highly motivated and well armed. This is all dangerous for the economy, for our society, and for our future. Healthcare, tax policy and abortion are nothing compared to the plot lines that could come out of this witches' cauldron of mistrust, hatred and competing motives.
  8. Our enemy is within the gates. How many times have the GOP fought against healthcare for millions? Why is it Trump thinks he can play such games with people's lives? I cannot believe the arrogance of this party, of this administration, and of this twisted little man. The AHCA is not just legislation passed by Democrats, it is not just Obama's signature legacy, it has become an important way Americans receive healthcare insurance. For personal glory, as a vendetta, for ideology or because of stubbornness, American leaders are harming the lives of American citizens.
  9. I think I'm overextended on this one, and am being way unfair to TMSAIL. I've been thinking about my rant, and have realized it is misplaced. I do owe him an apology. And I'll work on one, send it PM. Publicly, I'd like to back away from addressing this assault at him. That these thoughts have been boiling away in me and I vented my spleen at him was unfair, and a mark against my character. I will strive to do better in the future. Sorry guys, my fingers got excited, and I forgot that the folks I spar with are real on the other side of the thread. We are all Americans, I am a shit if I do this crap without striving for better. Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend TMSAIL, and my respects to all who served.
  10. Uh huh. You love your country. I think you love what your country can do for you. You continue to support a man who divulges secrets to the Russians. Disgusts us with his words, deeds, business ethics, lack of knowledge & nepotism. He accepts emoluments from foreign powers and refuses to adhere to accepted ethical practices that have been honored by all modern presidents. He is both lease holder and renter of our national property. Payments to that hotel ... occasionally whole floors for weeks at a time from foreign powers... go straight into his pockets, and he won't divulge a thing, just as he won't disclose the names of lobbyists needing his special permission to lead our government. He appoints amateurs to high office, celebrates those who would destroy the purpose of the institutions that have been set up by members of both parties at great legislative effort and having achieved towering success. Just look at the Los Angeles skyline... and then remember the smog of the 1985. He demands loyalty to him above loyalty to the law. He was only elected as the result of decades of frivolous hearings, strange FBI machinations, voter suppression in several states and national gerrymandering. And your party, seeking, above all else, to give the rich a tax break by stripping healthcare from millions of average Americans. Thousands of families will be bankrupted by disease, parents will be forced to choose between feeding their kids and getting the medicine they need. Food stamps will be slashed, so the working poor will be the working hungry poor, unless you see Wal*Mart suddenly increasing their wages out of pity. Fat chance. The Waltons will be cashing the tax rebates and investing them in for-profit schools which will gradually replace public schools. And they will be free to keep out the black kids, the lesbians & the freaks because Betty De Vos (insecure cousin of Cruella?) says its ok to discriminate. Your people will strip these families of affordable healthcare all the while blaming the "imploding ACA" that never had a chance to work properly because bipartisan cooperation didn't extend to negotiating as a united front against Big Pharma and insurance behemoths. In fact, at every turn Obamacare was assaulted under every legal pretext (most found unconstitutional), and every political trick was pulled, at great cost to citizens of red states & to the stability of the insurance market. You whine that I exclude you, but are blind to the impulses that move the GOP to cripple, with glee, all the many ways the US government seeks to give all citizens an opportunity for success. You dress it up with "assistance only keeps them in chains" and such crap, but never speak about the ways public works, infrastructure, mass transit and high quality public education can free people from those chains. The GOP denies that their healthcare legislation is yet another way to crush families they don't care about. Deny that money spent on major infrastructure projects put citizens to work. Argue instead that more money should be awarded to the 1% so they can "make jobs". The war on science, on truth, on voting rights, on the sociological changes that are inevitably going to change our country all speak to a party with no moral basis for leadership. Denying the global climate change that truly requires a national effort to enable our country to withstand the coming century. Defunding the institutions which could help protect us against the next pandemic. Creating the circumstances for rebellion with every helping push to the wage gap. Enriching the aristocracy at the direct expense of the citizenry. Contemptible ethics. Betraying secrets to foreign powers in the oval office. I'm sorry, I see all this as betraying the goals and ideals of America. I think you personally benefit from these policies; I think you benefit from white supremacy, can afford healthcare, don't need mass transit and are cool with black men shooting black men as long as it doesn't spread to the 'burbs. You wrap yourself in the flag, but don't give a shit about 60% of the population. Inclusion to you means membership in a yacht club. TMSAIL, if I wanted to level "the harshest insult" on you, I would have said you were contemptible. I would have said you were a bad husband or father. Instead, I just think that having achieved the American Dream, you are now rent seeking. A true patriot would want more & more Americans to achieve success, and argue for the people and policies which could create that. The GOP has no such platform, no shared vision for American progress. You have no such vision, for you would rather see others suffer so that you might remain comfortable. This is betraying the idea of America. You do not believe in America, at least not the one I learned about in civics classes and history books. Go ahead & burn the flag, pal, it's only as unpatriotic as everything else your party wants and is tolerating in our president. You demean American patriotism by claiming to embody it.
  11. Cheesy, (I spelled it "Chessy", but my iPhone suggested this pun) I think you are being just a wee bit dramatic. Stop your Conservative whining and face some facts. First: these statues are not history. They are art placed in public locations. Much of actual history can be found in museums and in books. You can move these statues to other locations so as to not lose a thing. Moving these statues does not constitute forgetting our past, is is a civic decision of how to decorate a town. Second: the attitudes that need to be changed are those of the people arguing to keep the statues where they are, preserving their original intent alive: enforcing white supremacy in the south and glorifying a hated system of enslaving blacks. Moving the statues against their objections tells anyone clinging to old ideas that their ideas literally "belong in a museum." Finally, churches are not on public land. They are private institutions and are free to fly their symbols because of the Establishment Clause. Slow your breathing, Ches. Relax. These are just statues coming down, not the end of humanity or American culture. In any event, they will most likely survive longer wherever they are going because NOLA is gonna be under water in 30 years anyways.
  12. Just "Trump" works for me, represents all that is lower class, stupid, irresponsible and cheap.
  13. ..."Too bad your patriotism has been supplanted by love of party and willful ignorance of the damage done to American democratic institutions by shrill mouthpieces spewing hate."
  14. TMSAIL: You are arguing a different point, so you can win the argument with yourself. Congratulations! And no, understanding why Hillary lost is useful. Not only because Dems can avoid similar mistakes in the future, but also Republicans can see what comes of gerrymandering, vote suppression, vilification of opposition leaders, and listening/repeating/reveling in false news. People go to pizza shops with guns, decent leaders have their careers ruined, and you install incompetent buffoons in the white house. Furthermore, it seems that the Russians had the motive, the means, and the opportunity to fuck with our electoral system. You were the victim of their efforts, as were we all. Doesn't it bug you that opponent foreign powers are cheering your views? In fact, many of the ideas you think your own were propagated by mouthpieces serving the Russian Bear. Too bad your patriotism has been supplanted by love of party and willful ignorance of the damage done to American democratic institutions by shrill mouthpieces spewing hate. People have served and died in service against the Soviet empire, against the KBG and FSB. Your orange God whispers state secrets in their ears and you cheer him on. You sir, are a traitor. You betray American ideals of democracy, fair play, truth, and you disgrace my flag. I'm glad that patriots like Obama, Brennan, Sanders and Comey stand up for truth. I'm glad that Mayor Landrieu speaks for African Americans and others disgusted by symbols of oppression and violent rebellion against our nation. I'm glad Senator Warren fights the powerful banking system, which seemingly works to enslave our citizens. I'm glad Judge Thomas voted against disenfranchising blacks. They are all much, much better men and patriots than you. I cannot forget Hillary Clinton, who worked diligently as Sec State and as a Senator, & who dwarfs your meager intellectual and moral abilities. Please, TMSAIL, learn once again what it means to be a proud American. You have lost your way.
  15. Hillary was vilified for more than a decade by the FOX News crack team, back when they were in full misogyny flower. Back when Roger was at the top of his game, Bill O was groping starlets yearning to read the news, and Rupert was chortling in the background. This selfsame network is still peddling made up news about the Seth Rich death, after it has been shown to be willful misreporting. Please recall. She testified for 11 hours, and gave as good as she got. Never took the fifth, as Trump's appointees are already choosing to do! Never found guilty of anything. Apologized for problems with email security which do not compare to fucking TELLING SECRETS TO SOVIET SPIES IN THE OVAL OFFICE. You are trying to compare Mt Rushmore to a ballpark bobble head giveaway. That she was flawed is without question. Could she have run a better campaign? Obviously. But she WON the popular vote and that fact alone crushes your pathetic attempt to paint her as a non viable candidate. Please try again. But, please try harder, and remember those pesky facts get in the way of weak arguments.