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  1. Drip Drip Drip

    Would a possible end game here be Mueller saying, "I've concluded investigating based on my original brief, to look into Russian attempts to influence our election and any collusion connecting these attempts with the Trump administration. Here are my findings." And then Mueller would issue a second report based upon evidence which indicates that there is evidence implicating administration figures with other criminal offenses, such as financial crimes, which may deserve further investigation but were not covered by his initial brief.
  2. Move over George Carlin.

    Dolores Umbridge would be impressed
  3. I Could Not Have Said It Better

    Any "Democratic" women still supporting Trump are probably having trouble remembering their kids' names
  4. The G.O.P. is Rotting

    that was fun
  5. backlash?

    Hard to put the genie back in the bottle Hmmm. Can I still make that analogy? Or is it sexist?
  6. Fascism Runs in My American Family

    Uh huh. Hillary, the East Coast libtard lawyer was gonna appeal to white supremacists by calling them.... handsome? The Bedrock of America? She spoke truth when she castigated them for their racist, hateful chants to lock her up and kill her. To block Muslims from America and put those here on a list. Not sure what flavor of appeasement you had in mind. Trump regularly "throws it away" when he insults whole groups based on religion, skin color or heritage... Hillary did it based on the evil in their hearts and minds. She's got a point, while he is aligned with the views of white supremacists and pedophiles. Your father ain't in this discussion, and I can't say I care that he owned a bunch of guns. Unless he was a racist homophobe with hatred towards a free press and respects Putin, Duterte and Erdogan more than Obama I can't understand why you brought him up. What's your point?
  7. Will the GOP throw Trump under the bus?

    Ok, I see your point, and I had thought that you were a blind supporter of Trump's trade policies. I read/thought incorrectly I can see. But your point was that My post responded to that point accurately. I made the point that foreigners avoiding trade with America, despite a cost to their financial bottom line, might be seen as necessary or laudatory.
  8. Will the GOP throw Trump under the bus?

    jzk: The only thing you will ever hear is compliments. Anything else meets a brick wall of righteous indignation and self-surety. The countries Trump has insulted, the individuals he has alienated, the billions of Muslims, all now have new motives to avoid purchasing US products, or to avoid dealing with our schizophrenic administration. We've recently ducked out of major worldwide responsibilities and trade negotiation treaties so that we can chart our own path, and we are now competing against the reactions to these shifts in US policy on the world stage. Trump is reviled overseas, and even our allies are debating and criticizing his social media choices, policy choices and our regulatory choices. They aren't sure about whether they can trust America to be a steadfast ally. These countries and their citizens may increasingly view avoiding trading with the US as a noble, or perhaps even a necessary decision. It may, in fact, be good business to stop supporting a country that is immensely powerful and is starting to take a fascist stance on national issues, has started to align with strongmen and dictators, and has taken steps to reduce efforts to diminish its status as the world's greatest polluter. It would be stupid to think that you know what people in other countries may think if America continues on our current trajectory. You are blind to your own faults, uncaring of the opinions of others, and convinced of your own correctness. You are a perfect Ugly American.
  9. Fascism Runs in My American Family

    To which you replied... TMSAIL was trying to say the article was just about racism, not about fascism. I paraphrased several key parts of the article to show that the author, IMO, made his point about acceptance of fascist ideology being a strong part of his family's support for Trump. By extension, acceptance of fascism, & even support for fascist ideas and tools to be part of the overall Republican support for Trump. Love of authoritarianism, use of violence when suspects are in custody, chanting to imprison or kill political opponents, inspiring hatred of immigrants and minorities, limiting respect for and freedoms of the press and scientists... all of these are fascist tools of oppression and gaining power. These undercurrents have always existed in America, as campaigns based on "Law and Order" were very appealing to those who didn't really want to study crime and how to manage or reduce it, but more to inflict retribution on certain classes blamed for what they felt was degrading, lazy and irresponsible behaviors and traits. This while turning a blind eye to white collar crime, corporate welfare, judicial inequity, educational failures and other problems in society. Trump just magnified the use of these dog-whistles to stoke enthusiasm and acceptance for deep seated resentment and fears. Sorry if you don't like the author's assessment, and also sorry that you apparently have no rebuttal. It really shows what type of person you are. You are able to convince yourself that calling people you disagree with names constitutes effective argument.
  10. Obama compares Trump to Hitler YCMTSU

    America is not the only nation with active nationalist parties. Plenty of European and East European countries showing the same sort of trends. I think identifying patterns and sources of trouble is the sign of intelligence. I guess some people here just want everyone to sing along to the LEGO movie "Everything is Awesome" soundtrack. Whatever. Obama ain't your boy. Got it. Nothing else to see here.
  11. Will the GOP throw Trump under the bus?

    jzk, you've been programmed by your history, whatever it is. You can no more escape your self-imposed blinders than a cat can learn to fly. Amati tried, but you just can't hear him. It's like the sleigh bell in The Polar Express. To you, its broken.
  12. Fascism Runs in My American Family

    Well, it also discusses disgust of fags and slipshod treatment of American principles of due process and treatment of suspects and prisoners (as long as the evil doers were people/minorities they dislike). The article accuses many Trump supporters of blithely disregarding the erosion of values and fundamentals of good governance under his administration. They celebrate his efforts to reduce freedoms of the press, when it suits him. They all were on board with chants of "Lock her up," "Hang her" in regards his political opponent, and many mimed shooting her with glee. Putting her before a firing squad. He discusses how white supremacists gave fervor to the Trump movement, and how he called them "good people." How that did not dissuade millions from voting for him. How they hoard weapons and can't wait to use them when the government collapses. How they are fine with authoritarianism and fascist ideology. Putin is held in higher regard than American Democratic leaders by these deplorables. They would rather support a brutal strongman who kills and jails his political opponents than the president who led America out of the Great Recession. I think the author made his point fairly well.
  13. Will the GOP throw Trump under the bus?

    It’s almost as if blind faith in free markets doesn’t explain how society actually functions. It’s as if there is a... human dimension to consider!
  14. Tax “Reform”

    This is, combined with CL’s astute observations, IMO, the heart of the thread. From CLs perspective, Obama’s era was a failure because growth wasn’t enough and wages stagnated. This happened because Obsma’s Policies strangled businesses. Sloop points out that Obsma’s era was marked by particularly obsessive and harsh partisan obstruction, so any judgement of the era should be honest about what it is that caused problems. The oil & gas & banking sectors drive our economy. When they fuck up, we all tank with them. But they do not seem to be honest or contrite when they screw the pooch. Deepwater Horizon happened. The collapse of our economy happened because bankers loved their bonuses more than proper risk assessment. Yet here is CL saying “oh woe is me, release me from my shackles you evil progressives” while discussing his several highly profitable businesses. During the latter half of Obama’s tenure, I met many people who were getting needed health care done because of legislation with Obama’s name all over it. Their homes had been foreclosed, their economic future imperiled by the predations and fuckery of CEOs they never met, but at least they could get lipomas remived, knees replaced and such. If these folks can get back on their feet and not have the rug pulled out from under them by large financial institutions then we will have released them from having the bank’s foot on their neck. Sorry, I still believe we have to make CEOs and corporations pay a price to become fabulously wealthy: their actions show they respond to tanking the economy, the environment by going quiet for a respectable period, & then right back to resenting oversight and taxation and screwing with our futures. Not sure why we should “trust them” when they’ve shown criminal recklessness and heartless predation. Cry me a river, CL. Figure out how to make money despite regulation. It’s your job, and YOU may have to innovate to compete. Seems you’ve been content to stagnate and others will outcompete by creating new markets and more transparent/safer business models that make compliance less burdensome.
  15. Tax “Reform”

    True enough, but giving all the money, power and benefits to the rich doesn’t, either. Plenty of low wage people who are working diligently and effectively. You cannot judge their worth by their pay. Lots of high earners don’t “make” anything, they may push paper and analyze spreadsheets, but don’t affect outcomes any more than the computer which will replace them next year. But by then they may receive a promotion and be safe, or they might be shunted to a different office drone job. In any case, if either one has more disposable cash, much/all of it will feed growth & possibly lift their kids into an area of excellence where they can really create wealth for society. Less likely to do that if they are scavenging for food or bankrupt b/c cancer.