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  1. Interesting how the same unit which paid Afghans to kill Americans also was responsible for hacking into DNC servers in order to help get Trump elected
  2. Desperate for good news before the election, Trump turned to Iran which has stockpiled 8x the amount of nuclear fuel they had under the old nuclear agreement. Trump told the Iranians they could have a better deal now, before the election. Iran's foreign minister replied, "We had a deal when you entered office..." the other signatories "-never left the table. Your advisers -most fired by now - made a dumb bet. Up to you to decide *when* you want to fix it." Kinda clear that Trump is negotiating with yet another foreign power to help himself, otherwise why would he offer a better deal before the election if he were just negotiating for America?
  3. phillysailor

    Donald Trump loses Nov 3rd

    Without Trump or W Barr in power, they'd be free to not only find the truth, but say it.
  4. phillysailor

    Donald Trump loses Nov 3rd

    I think Chessy is wrong about prosecuting Trump and his merry band of looters and grifters leading to further divisions of our country. I think it could be done in a way that could teach the country about honor, the rule of law and accountability. It would, however, require the country to step back from prideful hatred of each other, one half impressed by the other's leadership, and the other accounting for wrongs committed. It would have to heal wounds that we've left from insincere underpinnings of necessary foreign wars and decades of arrogant collection of power for its own sake. How could this wonderful truth and reconciliation occur? It would have to be instigated and directed by Republicans whose desire to heal the country superseded their thirst for re-election, influence and money.
  5. phillysailor

    On This Season of Riots

    Anybody who thinks all these marches, all these protestors are out because "George Floyd" is missing the bigger picture of why the judicial system didn't swing into action and arrest his murderers as soon as the video became available. They are discounting the impact of "essential workers" and the unemployed being selected for low pay, pathetically inadequate health insurance and other social safety nets, school disparities and reduced food banks in the time of a pandemic. They aren't wise to the impact of environmental racism or effects of the wealth and wage gap compounded by voter purges and gerrymandering all the minorities out of representation. Stop complaining about the effects of these inequities such as crime and dependence on welfare, and vote to improve them.
  6. phillysailor

    On This Season of Riots

    You appear to support the choice to “dominate the battlespace” as discussed by the SecDef and which led our president to assign Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff responsibility for responding to violent civil unrest in the nation. He and the DOD have had to backtrack on that last, as the image of the general in fatigues escorting the president through a public park cleared using helicopter down wash and tear gas, stun grenades and pepper spray in accordance with techniques used by military forces to effect crowd control in areas with foreign insurgencies created such an uproar among past & present senior military figures. Your outrage is only for the threats to your perceived priorities over what should be ideal: subdued obedience not civic harmony, sanctity of property over sanctity of life, improving civilian behavior vs safe and effective policing. Trump last night wanted to use the Insurrection Act of 1807, written to allow the federal government to take over areas lost to slave revolts, in order to impose federal military rule over our cities and states under Democrat leadership. If this doesn’t anger you, then you are ignoring the clear and present danger his leadership poses to our democracy. Big government, meet @Dog, your biggest supporter of authoritarian rule.
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    The decline of American cities.

    I agree with Chessy, and to a lesser extent with Dog. I’ve had personal friends and family quarantine outside NYC because of legitimate concerns of inability to effectively socially distance in crowded living situations, transportation and somewhat limited opportunities for outdoor exercise. They also questioned the safety of hospital environments should they require medical care. They are headed back now, but given civil unrest sweeping the nation, are simply given another reason to appreciate more space and a greener backyard. I don’t agree with Dog’s assessment of politicians and their responses to civil unrest. Just as the best response to the pandemic was a hard choice, the costs of stepping back from dominating police response saves lives, at the expense of property. It seems Dog would prefer harsh escalation of police response to protests and criminal behavior more in line with the militarization of domestic politics characterized by Trumps tweets from his bunker. Violence begets violence. Stores can be rebuilt but eyes which have been blinded, persons wounded and civil rights transgressions are more permanent and serious injuries which could be avoided. Escalating tensions leads to more confrontations, and that’s not smart with a well-armed citizenry, and not a role a first world democracy should embrace.
  8. phillysailor

    Are you in favor of slave repatriation ?

    At the rate we are giving it away, $14 billion sounds small. A cheaper solution would be to disempower lobbyists, repeal CU, institute electoral reform and stop gerrymandering. Once the GOP has to attract the votes of minorities and otherwise more closely represent the people who vote for them, and not just the people they choose to represent, the country will get back on track.
  9. phillysailor

    What will happen in the US Nov Prez Election?

    The election will occur on time: If there is no election, the sitting president’s term expires. See the Connie for order of succession. The methods of retaining power the GOP is going to try to use are more voter purges and barriers to voting. There will be increased pressure to close poll isn’t stations only relatively poor and minority areas, possibly using coronovirus and civil disturbance as pretext. Democrats will, surprisingly, be likely to run afoul of bureaucratic nonsense calling their votes into question & related lawsuits will find their way into the docket of right-leaning judges. Outright fraud is less likely, or at least would remain small scale. Accusations that Democrats are doing it are on FOX 24/7
  10. phillysailor

    On This Season of Riots

    I don't know what specific posts Dog is referring to, either. But I'd say we've been tightening the screws on the poor and lower middle class of this country for decades, and that one of our glaring national security defects is our race relations combined with our ever-increasing wealth and wage gap. We are always fighting the last war, and it takes a nimble mind to prevent a pandemic or suss out a sneak attack. We've just learned how foolhardy it is to disband a pandemic team and devalue scientific experts opinions, but we were just doubling down on the stupid. Unfortunately, exploiting and accelerating internal strife is just politics as usual for our president, and our current predicament is entirely predictable. Note I am not condoning violent civil unrest, just saying our country has been laying the groundwork for this debacle since we stripped millions of their equity in 2008 and gave bankers a bonus for turning over their titles to the mortgage companies which fraudulently sold them in the first place. And then watched, with much hand-wringing, as educational scores plummeted in inner cities, arrest rates filled for-profit jails and local coffers with municipal fines and fees. To top it off, universal healthcare was regarded as a bad joke, to be replaced by the GOPs own universal insurance plan which they've since successfully bled dry. And now, we are using the pandemic as cover to enrich the rich guys, while millions of renters are going to be evicted. Sans jobs and therefore healthcare. #winning Ignoring climate change ain't good fiscal or national security policy, either. But what do I know?
  11. phillysailor

    On This Season of Riots

    I guess you missed my line in bold, because what you've described is martial law. It's interesting to note that the Insurrection Act of 1807 was written in order to authorize the president to act forcefully to put down slave rebellions. That would be Trump's primary legal rationale. A federal law written to cope with slave rebellions, such as the successful rebellion in Haiti beginning in 1791. An interesting side note is that the rebellion left France without its economic jewel: the sugar fields of Haiti were some of the most profitable acres in the world at the time. The nascent country created an army led eventually by Toussaint who were able to throw back tens of thousands of British troops sent between 1794 and 1797 to put down the revolution which so frightened European powers who had become dependent on the riches earned on the backs of African slaves. In 1800, Napoleon, flush with continental success, turned his eye to reestablishing a beachhead in America. He negotiated a secret truce with Spain, which had frustratingly held onto New Orleans meaning that they controlled all commerce exiting the Mississippi and stymied westward growth across America's south. Spain "retroceded" New Orleans back to France, and Napoleon sent 20,000 men to occupy the city, filling Jefferson with alarm since that force was bigger than the entire US army. He tried to negotiate for the city, but was spared by events back in Haiti. Napoleon had sent an enormous nearly 30,000 man army to Haiti, but they quickly ran into military defeats and yellow fever. Although Toussaint was captured, his army fought the French to a standstill, and the climate did the rest. The 20,000 men intended for New Orleans redirected to support them , and they too, were destroyed. France had to cease its dreams of American expansion and bargain for solvency: hence, the Louisiana Purchase, in which the land which forms much of 15 states was sold to America for 3 cents an acre.
  12. Trump being dragged into the street and suffering a street trial? Thats a line that America would have to cross. Basically we have to be strong enough as a country to get rid of Trump without having to resort to street justice. Whether at the polls or removal by his own administration or the Congress, we have to prove ourselves worthy of freedom. Yeah, these are dark days, since I’m not sure we’ve got the stones or enough patriotic Republicans to make sure it happens if it becomes necessary. All the good ones have been neutered or fired.
  13. phillysailor

    On This Season of Riots

    US Army and US Air Force are specifically prohibited from enforcing domestic laws by the Posse Comitatas Act. Coast Guard is a special case. Although not specifically mentioned, it is presumed that the marines and Navy aren’t eligible for service on our streets, either. Unless martial law, I suppose. Yikes
  14. We are not a banana dictatorship. No better way to destroy our grand experiment than encouraging this sort of malevolent street justice. sorry, CH, but you earned a downvote
  15. phillysailor

    Shameful, inexcusable behavior

    The OP is correct. The officers who killed Mr Floyd should have been arrested when aurhorites became aware of the video which exposed the nature of the murder and their lies. The riots may have been avoided if law and order was quickly enforced.
  16. phillysailor

    On This Season of Riots

    Not sure this would survive scrutiny without qualification. I think you are referring to European country and Aussie/NZ. Not sure income is guaranteed in all these countries, and I would be very interested to see the disparity of minority vs majority demographic killed by police in these countries.
  17. phillysailor

    So Much Cringe, So Little Time

    No. Way. the president of my nation tweeted that in the middle of an economic, social and healthcare debacle? Holy shit. We are fucked.
  18. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. These yahoos with guns thought they were protecting society, when in fact they were about to screw it up. Bearing arms while policing society is not easy, nor is it without risk. Academy training prepares most individuals for many interactions, daily exercise of these lessons combined with hashing out scenarios with colleagues and rigorous oversight through departmental oversight lead to application of laws and policing tenets becoming more and more likely. That's a system America can trust, despite it's flaws and mistakes. Vigilanteism, especially that tinged by racism, is to be viewed with arch skepticism. These self-appointed police did not know a crime was committed, yet felt the threat of deadly force was justified. Holding a gun while purposefully obstructing the movements of another creates a level of danger which needs to be justified, especially if that threat is carried out. The burden of proof that the threat of deadly force was necessary to conduct a citizen's arrest is on these men. If they cannot justify that threat, then the death of Aubrey was unnecessary, and therefore charges warranted. To do otherwise is to make America the land of the gun, by the gun and for the gun. People are just there to shoot, bleed and die. Sorry, but I like the original version of the Gettysburg Address.
  19. A continuation of the breakdown of law & order thanks to our amoral Republican leadership. Incompetent, juvenile judges nominated with ever increasing rapidity to lifetime posts. War criminals exonerated and brought along for campaign stops. Threats and bribes by our chief executive expressly for his own good. Gerrymandering and voter suppression used to prop up tyranny of minority rule and violating any number of traditions in the name of power. Torture, falsifying intelligence estimates to justify unnecessary wars, tax law used to benefit the rich. They are leading us down a path I don’t think is good for the nation.
  20. Talk softly & carry a big shtick
  21. phillysailor

    "intelligence is just an estimate" - McEnany

    I sincerely doubt it, but we’ve got to have standards. I humbly stand before you a sinner myself.
  22. phillysailor

    "intelligence is just an estimate" - McEnany

    Hey Steamers? Stop judging her like you would a piece of meat. Leave her body out of it. Goes for the rest of us, too. C’mon, this is bullshit.
  23. phillysailor

    Dominated by the left?

    Welcome to America, land of minority rule and those who are proud of it
  24. phillysailor

    CV-19 Scam

    The Justice Department has opened a criminal investigation into Blue Flame Medical, a firm created by two well-connected Republican operatives who started selling medical supplies this spring as the novel coronavirus spread across the country.
  25. I’ve got to agree with some of what Dog is braying. Trump gives himself enough cover when speaking, largely due to his word salad delivery, that you can find exculpatory statements amidst the damning near-racist tropes. Whats in his heart is clear, given his decades-long antipathy to black people as documented by his attitude towards his renters, the jogger killed in Central Park and the boys who didn’t touch her, the Detestable Birther bullshit, and his Muslim slurs from 9/11 and immigration comments, shithole countries. But his public statements have aspects which facilitate the denialism at which Dog excels. Sort of like the boilerplate fine print on credit card “agreements” and rapid delivery disclaimers at the end of gauzy medication ads. Talk long enough, and he could be anywhere & everywhere on an issue, although we all know what he means. @Dog has meager, but adequate grounds to defend his draft dodging hero.