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    Presidential Debate #1

    Two of the three people involved took part in a debate. The third went to a campaign rally where people kept interrupting him. Biden is going to have to point out, at the next debate, that its no wonder our government is now incompetent, 210,000+ are dead and the economy is in freefall: our leadership is incapable of having a conversation about policy in which different opinions are heard, debated, and evaluated. Trump is incapable of leading a democracy.
  2. phillysailor

    The Ignored Elephants in the room

    Posted this in the Taxes thread, but it works well here as well... Turns out the IRS chief Charles Rettig is profiting off his own Trump-branded properties. His financial disclosure forms reveal that he earns $100-200,000 per year from properties he owns at a Trump-branded Hawaii resort.
  3. phillysailor

    Trump’s Taxes

    Remember last year, the Democrats wanted to obtain Trump's taxes in order to design guardrails to prevent presidents from profiting from their elected office? Turns out the guy responsible turning down the Democrats request "because it would serve no legislative purpose", is profiting off his own Trump-branded properties. His financial disclosure forms reveal that he earns $100-200,000 per year from properties he owns at a Trump-branded Hawaii resort.
  4. phillysailor

    What a Loser - 2

    I liked a meme: ---Notice how the same folks who were yelling "You Lost! Accept it!" Are now saying that if they lose, they won't accept it.
  5. phillysailor

    2020 Election

    Your thoughts, evidence and prognostications here. What are the crucial signs a candidate is pulling ahead? Can we trust the polls? Will the Senate flip to blue? I’ll kick things off with this tidbit from WaPo: 13% of N Carolinians eligible to vote requested mail-in ballots. Less than 16% of those are registered Republicans. According to a NYT article, N Carolina’s changing demographics are changing the state to a brighter shade of purple. “It’s no longer just a traditional Southern State,” said former Gov. Pat McCrory (R) who narrowly lost his 2016 re-election, joking that, “half of New York has moved to my state.” Indeed, influx of residents to hubs around Charlotte and Raleigh, and ever-more hip Asheville and Wilmington combined with a growing Hispanic population is posing real challenges for the GOP which is used to dominating the state. More money has been spent in this state than any other, reflecting competitive races for president, senate, governor and state legislature. It’s seen as a bellwether state for Trumps re-election.
  6. phillysailor

    Trump’s Taxes

    This woman working 2 jobs to make ends meet is spot on
  7. phillysailor

    The Comey Rule

    BB: No US Uranium was sold to Russia, duh. You are just that dumb. That four "innocent Americans" died in Benghazi was a tragedy, but 200,000 dead Americans dying now is mass murder by bureaucratic incompetence and arrogance.
  8. phillysailor

    Biden hits back

     No...sharks. .... with frickin laser beams!
  9. phillysailor

    Drip Drip Drip

    Talk about egg in face, the whole point of Ron Johnson’s Investigation into Hunter Biden and Burisma was to find Joe Biden manipulating foreign policy to help his son. They found that the Vice President didn’t do that, but they were able to show the Energy Secretary Perry used his position to influence Ukrainian Petrochemical giant Naftogaz to give lucrative contracts to his buddies. Isn’t that ironic? But the Wisconsin Senator says he still upheld the original goal of the exercise: “I would think it would certainly help Donald Trump win reelection and certainly be pretty good, I would say, evidence about not voting for Vice President Biden,"
  10. phillysailor

    'We do not "get rid of" ballots'

    After the helo landed with a trauma: “go get me a bucket of prop wash.” ”We need some 20gauge Fallopian tubes right away.”
  11. phillysailor

    Undercover Cops and Constitutionality

    Oh, I think undercover is legal, and effective, and can be used well to serve society. Blackkklansman is a great story and an effective use of the tool. But just as a hammer can be used to build stairs, so can it be used to kill. We need different metrics by which to judge police, ones which align more closely with civilian goals of societal needs and more in accordance with our freedoms as established. I think we need fundamental changes in leadership re-emphasizing civilian control. LEOs equipment and training should deemphasizing the use of force and improve accountability. Honesty and clarity should be measured. The goal is not zero crime: the level of policing that would require is far too intrusive into our freedoms. The goal is a society enabled to be mostly free of the destabilizing force of unchecked powerful entities seemingly unaccountable to laws and common sense. On the individual or organizational level, laws should apply equitably. This applies to civilian organizations, businesses, local state & federal agencies, and criminals/criminal organizations alike.
  12. The problems go beyond the individual actions of the LEOs involved. The ability of the police to obtain a no-knock warrant with poor info, their serving such a warrant without wearing body cameras and their false or misleading documentation and testimony afterwards all speak to a brazen lack of accountability. We will receive inconsistent truth and clarity from police if we do not expect it. Unless required to be accurate and forthcoming, coverups and rule breaking will be normal, tolerated and even encouraged. Kneeling on a suspect’s neck for nine minutes was obviously counter to departmental policy, and yet it was being taught to new recruits. Obviously, Chauvin did not feel obligated to document his actions accurately. POC are, at every point of the legal process, disadvantaged by the superior legal footing of their accusers, and rarely, their killers. It starts even before they first meet the police (birdwatching while black), but we should demand more honesty and clarity from the police.
  13. phillysailor

    Apparently $500 is what a vote costs these days

    Because paying off someone's personal debt is the same thing as disaster relief. I guess I was wrong
  14. phillysailor

    Apparently $500 is what a vote costs these days

    If we stipulate that a private billionaire donating money to a charity is "buying votes" then I think we can all see right through Trumps decision to suddenly decide Puerto Rico deserves $13 billion for infrastructure repairs three years after he tossed them paper towels. So Trump is trying to win 3.7 million Puerto Rican voters in the states for $13billion.... about $3500 per vote. Only difference is, as usual, The master "dealmaker" is overpaying, and he is letting the US taxpayers pick up the tab, rather than put up a red cent of his own. Fuck him and his graft.
  15. phillysailor

    'We do not "get rid of" ballots'

    The twits are here playing sedition boy toys for their aging, fat master. How fun it is for them to be dominated by such an alpha male who holds their courage in his greasy palms! They've given up democracy for submission long ago. They don't want the responsibility of being citizens, the requirement to educate themselves, to stand up for what is right. They'd rather be led by the nose. Poor little Trumpettes. He's got them chanting his name, flying his flag, eating his discarded table scraps like dogs.
  16. phillysailor

    One month after opening, Covid 19 spiking

    Just thought we should keep things in perspective. 200K really isn't bad when you see the scale of disasters this century. Unfortunately, they left out the Bolling Green Massacre.
  17. phillysailor

    How to handle a stacked Supreme Court? Just ignore them

    I do? Where have I ever said that? Oh of course, you're just deliberately lying again because you have no actual point to make or anything to counter what I said.  Total Weak sauce, bra. Just saying.  Jeff missed the point completely. Touqueville was speaking of the role jurists must have in order to be afforded the respect of the people. If a certain percentage of jurists are appointed do not rise above the political fray to become statesmen, in other words, country over party, their institution will be relegated to derision and ignominy. Their powers will be summarily decreased. By repeatedly appointing incompetent, unprepared jurists who pass political litmus tests, the _Republicans_ are systematically dismantling our ages-old judicial system. They are also doing that from within the DOJ at Wm Barr’s command. What Jeff doesn’t get is that blame for this is not absolved by a voting out a single president: this drive to ruin the courts was set up by Republicans prior to his presidency and will persist long after he’s gone.
  18. Call the insurance company. What the hell would you do? Jeez Clean, the answer is to shoot someone, at least with a runner bullet or a tear gas canister. Obviously. Because property crimes are sedition and enablers or those requiring reasonable suspicion before pursuing & arresting are not “protecting lives.”
  19. phillysailor

    Seattle, the first official Anarchist City in the US

    The threat to freedom and a complete makeover of America and if you don’t understand that I can understand why you have to ask  Are you afraid of women conducting a “makeover”, or specific policies? Are you afraid of them exercising their freedoms, thinking it’s a zero sum game & you will lose yours as a result? Of are you afraid of new energy policies which ensure investment doesn’t just help entrenched billionaires? Are you afraid teaching about slavery and and it’s lasting effects on our country is a threat to freedom? Im curious why you see Ocasio Cortez as so frightening.
  20. phillysailor

    What's a faked petition among friends?

    Shocking. Right wing activists lying to enable lawmakers to fight common sense leadership which saves lives. Sounds like a typical Republican effort. Fuck the people while making money.
  21. phillysailor

    Political realism of RBG passing

    Participation is fine, but imposing your religious beliefs upon others is where women who want to control their medical decisions and family planning have the greater need for choice. Plus, it’s not a religious belief if, as soon as they are born, Pro-lifers argue to cut off the support systems which have helped the women forced to carry to term. Thats domination of powerless women by rules which the rich & powerful can pay to ignore. Misogyny and white supremacy and class warfare in a nice policy written by religious zealots.
  22. phillysailor

    Seattle, the first official Anarchist City in the US

    Subversive is women in our legislature, their stylish choices, or the combination at a speech? Please let us know how & why you are so easily triggered.
  23. phillysailor

    A New Low - and I didn't think that was even possible

    fornication, avarice, wrath, vainglory, hubris.... oh wait, wrong list. Sorry!
  24. phillysailor

    Beady eyed Joe

    I guess BB is impressed by word salad, lies and identifying elephants. Silly things like incompetence killing Americans, pardoning his friends and accomplices, being accused of raping and sexually assaulting women are no big deal.
  25. phillysailor

    A New Low - and I didn't think that was even possible

    Before any Trumpers have to point out the obvious, there’s no provision in America for a SCOTUS to “pick” the next justice, outside of deals made with a president in private before retirement. But as far as the GOP going full politics within minutes of Justice Ginsberg’s death? That was ugly.