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    Are you kidding ?

    What I don’t appreciate about the photo are several factors which paint a sinister use of the weapons they carry. First, the photo shows in the background that the two are displaying their weapons prominently in front of a public building. They appear to be on guard, protecting the group behind them, and, by visual threat, preventing access of others to the protest beyond. Secondly, they are apparently in support of a political protest. Tempers rise when politics clash in public, and democracy is based on dialogue, understanding and compromise. These weapons, especially displayed in front of a Swastika, are overtly rejecting all notion of American civic values, and replacing it with symbols brutality, dominance by those willing to kill, and hate. Third, the weapons are not carried as an afterthought. The entire display is to become used to carrying such items in public, and force others to acknowledge their fear of the very real risks when confronting countering the arguments of these groups in public. Online, they dox countering opponents, insult, deflect and attack. Their public face are numerous instances of NAZI references and chants, and now face masks paired with the type of guns used in many mass shootings held at port arms. Personally, I think these firearms are being used to deliver a threat. They are not being used in a way that is a protected American right, but in a way that suppressed the rights of others to live in a democracy. I do not have an argument which could withstand a trial, but I know what I see. This is unAmerican activity wrapped up in a flag.
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    Is this a good idea ?

    For the life of me, I can’t understand why folks won’t just pick up a rice cooker. Get one online or in an Asian grocery. The official Asian mom recipe is take the rice, wash it a few times, then put in the rice cooker using your finger to measure a level of water an equal depth above the rice level. Flick the lever to cook rice, and prepare the rest of the meal.
  3. phillysailor

    US ranked #1 to best deal with a disease outbreak

    I’m suspicious of Gilead and their habit of not releasing selection criteria for patients: are they picking patients they anticipate will do well? There is a concerning statement how a study by them in China had to be stopped because there “weren’t enough patients.” Also, they aren’t randomizing patients for selection or treatment vs placebo. Why not? Without better designed studies, a responsible clinician really should shrug and say “that’s interesting.” But if Gilead gets the attention of our pharmacist-in-chief, then docs will start to feel forced to prescribe the drug based on flimsy evidence which nonetheless has millions of Americans convinced it works.
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    Captain of USS Roosevelt fired.

    nothing, just some alarmist blather. I'm having fun playing counterpoint to some alt right conspiracy "gold star" nuts
  5. phillysailor

    Captain of USS Roosevelt fired.

    And this is why leading by your instincts or by your gut doesn't work during a pandemic. Of the smokejumpers who tried to outrun the Mann Gulch fire, only the fastest two survived. Wag Dodge lit a backfire and rolled inside a fire blanket and survived. He had called to his men to join him and sadly, none did. They were thinking with their gut, and it turns out you can't outrun a firestorm. The captain was leading with science and initiative. His superiors didn't get it. Crozier lit a backfire, and it saved many of his crew, and possibly saved the ship from an embarrassing and costly incident: we will never know, of course. But this is the epitome of leadership.
  6. phillysailor

    The "Red Dawn" emails

    The emails are full of suggestions. You are too blinded by partisan bias to read them. Or, you are suffering from the delusion that unless FOX is reporting it, its unimportant or false. Complaining that real news "is behind a paywall" is just you stating clearly that you don't value truth. To make a list, thin of everything we are doing now to create social isolation, and add in detailed strategies for staffing hospitals, accessory hospitals and communication strategies. NONE of which were taken seriously by the administration. Authors had a meeting scheduled with the president, but then one policy maker went live with concerns about the virus, the stock market tanked, and Trump refused to consider stay at home type conferences or meetings for three weeks. Instead, he held campaign rallies and went golfing.
  7. phillysailor

    The "Red Dawn" emails

    Nope. Once Trump suspends Congress, reviewing these emails plus expanded presidential powers released by emergency powers is a great way to start to eradicate forceful contrarian. Authors with anti-Trump opinions will be forced to sign loyalty pledges or lose their job. Or their freedom. In the meantime, these lists of emails will provide targets for funding cuts by the NIH and other government subsidies of elite liberals who hate hate hate 'Murica.
  8. phillysailor

    Full-on Dictator stuff

    Millions of rabid Trumptards, cheering and stroking their guns -er- rifles.
  9. Growing up? My dad loved Bert & I. I remember one skit with a New Yakker & a Maine native Q: What’s the death rate around here? A: Oh, ‘bout one t’ah person Q: Why isn’t there a picket fence around this cemetery? A: Well, I suppose them’s on the inside ain’t about to get out, and those on the outside are in no hurry to get in. Q: You know, there’s not much between you and a fool! A: Ahh know. Just the side of the road.
  10. phillysailor

    Who is the most successful troll in PA ?

    Tom is a troll, to the max. He takes great pride in annoyance. His falsehoods are practiced, and repeated. Tom's gun foundation is sketchy, as well: why he will not accept or reject the Standard Model? Philly, you gotta do better. The founding fathers confiscated lots of guns, and did it for twenty years based in one's politics. Sorry, local, I may personally agree with you, but I believe in an adversarial legal system, and find debate sharpens and improves opinions. I can't counter some of Tom's arguments, even though I FEEL they are wrong. That doesn't make Tom a troll, it illustrates my limitations debating Tom on his favorite subject. It pisses me off that he can do this, but he's better prepared than I am on that subject. I find him persistent more than annoying, and your bringing up the FF just shows that you just want to win the debate with him. To quote Edna Mode: Go, confront the problem. Fight! Win! [normal voice] And call me when you get back, darling. I enjoy our visits.
  11. phillysailor

    Captain of USS Roosevelt fired.

    I think the Navy likes to be serving democracy. I think they don’t like working for a would-be dictator. This ain’t going away easily: America may go full banana republic. If Trump tries to disband Congress, I might just head to the Navy yard just north of PHL. Some real Americans are working there.
  12. phillysailor

    Trump stopping funding for the WHO

    “Based on the information available...” dated 1/10/20 Try again, dolt
  13. phillysailor

    US ranked #1 to best deal with a disease outbreak

    Nah, some pretty tame stuff compared to my PA personality. The snowflakes there get TRIGGERED tho. Any contrary or skeptical voice gets hateful screeds and memes in return. If you don’t run screaming they tend to tolerate you after awhile.
  14. phillysailor

    Who is the most successful troll in PA ?

    What you write is true. But what you post is crap. You’re the most recent sock of a poster with a Long and glorious history of trolling. If you’d use a sock to start a new, more empathetic and less ridiculous poster then Meli would be right and we wouldn’t be making fun of a sock, we’d be interacting with a human. Grow up and be less judge mental, less overtly hateful.
  15. phillysailor

    Who is the most successful troll in PA ?

    I think each of us has individuals who are more sensitive to stuff we write than others, and occasionally we take advantage of that. Its ubiquitous, not a defining characteristic of Tom.
  16. phillysailor

    Who is the most successful troll in PA ?

    Wofsey has some issues he’s working through here, or he’s avoiding them by posting here incessantly and in huge volumes. He is unable to respond to pointed criticism without delusions of Infallibility. But again, not a troll. He puts too much work and effort into his posts, and is passionate about his analysis, and proud of it. Trolls just distract by needling and being disengenuous: Mikey means what he writes 100%
  17. phillysailor

    Who is the most successful troll in PA ?

    Tom is NOT a troll in the slightest. He’s got his heartfelt opinions, and sticks to his guns when defending them. But he is not purposefully coming here to annoy and post vapid BS. He’s the most likely poster to cite relevant cases from the legal code when making a point.
  18. phillysailor

    Total Authority and No Responsibility

    So, @Saorsa, what exactly did the administration do in February after buying some time with the China travel ban? Other than get in some games of golf and hold a few rallies, I think they only tried to label the virus as foreign and disbursed some defective test kits. Meanwhile Democrat Governors were getting worried, demanding testing and then closing schools and issuing stay at home orders. Trump said these steps weren’t necessary and that tests were happening in huge numbers. Trump’s “Mission Accomplished” moment was telling us all that the virus would just disappear.
  19. phillysailor

    US ranked #1 to best deal with a disease outbreak

    Here are some quotes of people on my FB feed: “They are tracking us. Checking our friends and contacts.” ”Bluetooth armband?” “How about just a gold star to wear? You know to finalize a solution to this problem” ...On high levels of virus in African American populations: “That’s because it’s impacting prisoners and homeless, and drug users.“ “It’s not like the athletic black kids playing basketball are getting it” Personal attacks on me: “Time to call your hospital and make some complaints” ”Here’s where he lives: ____ “ Then there are the pictures of my face superimposed on one of two pics of men eating the same banana, the comments of Bill Gates trying to establish population control through the virus, how Democrats want more people to die so their theories of pandemic look good, accusations that Democrats are in league with China... These are my neighbors, all speaking like this is normal. The racism, homophobia, Muslim baiting, has a violent edge to it that is never seen in liberal screeds. They cannot engage in rational conversation, because they don’t want to hear anything, they are on the same script, and their facts are alternative. The thread title blaming any individual death on the GOP is silly, but a failure to reign in misinformation masquerading as news and press conferences is having an impact That is detrimental to America.
  20. phillysailor

    US ranked #1 to best deal with a disease outbreak

    Nope. Nothing close to the anger, the pure hate, conspiracy theories and rejection of logic that I'm witnessing. Plus, the folks here are interested in R0, doubling time, hospital and health systems capacity, testing of antibodies in addition to viral presence... I'm discussing a level of debate by misinformed people trying to tear the country in half. You keep saying there is equivalence, but I'm saying there is a dangerous, misinformed portion of the country that feels entitled and defensive. Your saying "blow me" is but a taste of the homophobia, racism and religious superiority which informs their usual discussion. And this is just a local popular FB page.
  21. phillysailor

    US ranked #1 to best deal with a disease outbreak

    I tell ya what, Chessie, if there is any sort of rationality to be imposed upon the nation, it ain't gonna come from the left. We are thoroughly mocked, reviled, insulted and threatened when we try to puncture any right wing social media sites with facts, opinions, counterproposal, critical self-assessment. Calls for debates are met with a flurry of memes, doxing, threats, homophobic pictures with our heads imposed on any number of victims. The level of acrimony I've received in the last week on social media from a supposedly open hometown site has been disgusting. These folks have no manners, no knowledge of epidemiology or grasp of statistics, exponential growth or treatment plans, yet they consider rational logic and analysis far inferior to their gut instincts and talking points. If conservatives wade into this maelstrom of intellectual activity, they are met with RINO and other charges, but still ignored. Sorry, this ball is rolling. And it is crushing any number of honorable conservatives in its wake. Instead of making a stand while in office, honorable and independent Republicans slunk away, and are now sitting on the sidelines watching Trump run roughshod over the country. Ya think its tough being you, trying to figure out how to make this response work? Try being on the losing side and wondering what your education, hard work, writing skills, civic pride and investments were for. They're being pissed away by a con artist while my neighbors laugh at science.
  22. phillysailor

    Pun Slinger Thread Titles

    I dig my wife's homemade phô... takes a couple of days, and best when cold out because you have to let it sit outside for awhile and then scrape off the fat. I think she wrestles an entire animal into a stew pot that could fill an aquarium. The house is infused with oxtail for a few days, and then you hardly can lift the spoon because the broth is so rich. But the fresh herbs, hoisin sauce, lime and dipping hot sauce for the meatballs (bô vién) are what make it special. I think we are finishing off a three day batch tonight, or at least the kids are. I'm eating leek soup and the stir fry she made last night. Yep, its leftover night.
  23. phillysailor

    Boris Johnson's powerful statement

    I was struck by how his partner is self isolating with symptoms, but no test. Im sure the Trump family is living up to the same Egalitarian standard.
  24. phillysailor

    US ranked #1 to best deal with a disease outbreak

    1. Having a pandemic team ready to respond 2. Having epidemiologists stationed in China to provide an early warning system of threatening epidemics which might affect US national security 3. Continuing to enforce the contract with N95 mask maker for rapid, cheap mass production in times of crisis 4. Heeding the warnings of the intelligence community 5. heeding the advice and counsel of IGs whose job is accurate reporting of stocks, supplies and distribution 6. providing clear information during an emergency so as to maintain legitimacy of government in the eyes of the people 7. Providing needed equipment and services to states based on need, not on political or interpersonal realationships
  25. phillysailor

    Blood on Jake Tappers hands?

    There would be no backlash from the 43% faithful if Trump exercised his emergency powers and declared his authority to arrest subversives, starting with Dr Fauci. Folks like myself would be next. Hillary finally could get her day in court, followed by years in jail. This is Trumps fallback plan. He was serious when he spoke about having to make “perhaps the most difficult decision of my life.” He just was lying about what the decision was. Finally, he’d be able to run the country the way he’d like.