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  1. Mariner

    Team NYYC

  2. Mariner

    AC36 - The Venue

    I don't think many experts believe that the Bart incident and the Oracle Boat incident were because of designing/ building shitters at all! Those boats were first of a kind and they were learning to sail boats that were cutting edge and they hadn't understood all the risks yet and they may have been taking chances. They deserve more credit than that.
  3. Mariner

    Oracle Team USA

    This is what is sooo GREAT about new Zealands win. All the American potential challengers as are being hypothesized, New York, LA, SD, Miami, Honolulu, Seattle, SF...
  4. Mariner

    Oracle Team USA

    Really don't know where he's coming from these days, it's weird.
  5. Mariner

    Oracle Team USA

    I don't know about your perspective these days, he was in the moment and I think everyone but you got a laugh. He realized he was too open last time and learned his lesson.
  6. Mariner

    How to watch live races?

    Looks like NBC will be airing the Match again saturday, as opposed to NBC SN.
  7. Mariner

    Oracle Team USA

    OK. So if TNZ wins this, it'll be the first time RC has ever lost it right? Winningest AC skipper ever! He is actually running the team we all know that right?
  8. Mariner

    Oracle Team USA

    Has Russell Coutts ever lost the Cup?
  9. Mariner

    Oracle Team USA

    Wishing they'd a two boat testing and performance program??
  10. Mariner

    Oracle Team USA

    and again Oracle chasing after the Kiwis for the edge just like foiling in SF
  11. Mariner

    Oracle Team USA

    Looking at all this and getting excited for some real Cup sailing, a couple quick thoughts for the gang here... 1. Looking at OTUSA I wonder... does LE really still want the Cup? is it a burden by now for him? has keeping this AC team employed become an anchor at all? 2. Are there any secrets about the boats that the teams are about to keep under wraps any more? Everything is so exposed on these things. Give us your thoughts. Wish I could go for this. I was in Valencia twice, and here in SF last time. Feeling a bit left out but I can only hope the broadcast is high quality and readily available. Here in the SF bay area Comcast Sportsnet has recently become NBC sports so I'm thinking it will be easy . fingers crossed . Go.. anyone but Oracle!
  12. Mariner


    No Americans on Team America, boat not built in America, and race not sailed in America... but the defender is American.
  13. Mariner

    Team UK

    Yup, actually figured it out right after I posted... dumb question but no one has discussed what a weird coincidence/ happenstance that is?
  14. Mariner

    Team UK

    Have I missed why there is a "Coutts" brand on the BAR boats hulls???
  15. Mariner

    Bermuda? just wanted everyone throughout the world to know that sailing is alive and well still here in the SF bay area. (sorry for some stupid reason I cannot paste a hyperlink)