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  1. When does americascup.com pass to TNZ

    Thanks but nothing here is Team New Zealand. oh well sigh.
  2. When does americascup.com pass to TNZ

    Looks fully ETNZ'd to me now. I'd love to buy a Team New Zealand hat or shirt but I won't because they are really all about Fly Emerites, really a turn off. I get the need for the sponsor but won't do it won't be a walking advertisement for Emerites. Where do I find just a Team New Zealand shirt or hat? anyone?
  3. Oracle Team USA

    This is what is sooo GREAT about new Zealands win. All the American potential challengers as are being hypothesized, New York, LA, SD, Miami, Honolulu, Seattle, SF...
  4. Team NZ

    lets hope they rough it up a bit down there!
  5. Oracle Team USA

    Really don't know where he's coming from these days, it's weird.
  6. Poll: Next AC Boat

    soft sails? how fast did these go?
  7. Oracle Team USA

    I don't know about your perspective these days, he was in the moment and I think everyone but you got a laugh. He realized he was too open last time and learned his lesson.
  8. Team NZ

    so happy for you NEW ZEALAND, best thing ever. Do us proud with this next cycle. the pain of the loss in SF made you stronger and smarter. i now will look forward to a reason to finally come see your spectacular country in a few years.
  9. Live Racing Thread

    God Stingray lighten the hell up. Anyone whos been here knows Cleans issues on this subject and between us we give him a ration of shit about it and I don't care for the talking out of both sides either, but whoa man, take it easy. Its just the Americas Cup.
  10. How to watch live races?

    Looks like NBC will be airing the Match again saturday, as opposed to NBC SN.
  11. Caption... @ 4 zip

    "Hello Franc, can I come back to the french now, I've done my duty here"
  12. Caption... @ 4 zip

    "Yeah right. Presti you said your name was ? Is that American? You dicks from Oracle will do anything right now, wont you"
  13. The Experience Live in Bermuda

    Oracles removal of NZ flags??? whoa what? I missed that somewhere. Please explain.
  14. Oracle Team USA

    OK. So if TNZ wins this, it'll be the first time RC has ever lost it right? Winningest AC skipper ever! He is actually running the team we all know that right?
  15. Live Racing Thread

    As much as Mr Clean's AC bashing pisses me off, because I know he really actually thinks its cool and knows its still the pinnacle of his websites focus, he HAS to be there and I want him there because I want the SA side of things to read here. (Why this kept him from SF in 2013 I'll never know... stupid dick move IMHO) I think Clean is a "sailing curmudgeon" loving the sport and hating the billionaire aspects of the sports pinnacle event, and it makes him do what he does and us loyal SA readers just have to put up with him. Party on Clean. We love GD and go TNZ... bring it "home"