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  1. Gulf of maine scuttlebut

    How is the season going everyone? I miss some of you
  2. Gulf of maine scuttlebut

    Dirt Dog!! I'd be happy to lend you the j/35 for a week of family cruising. You could bring BoBo as a Nanny.
  3. Gulf of maine scuttlebut

    My J/35 Broken Leash- She is going back into the water after ten years- I'm going cruising...
  4. Gulf of maine scuttlebut

    I'm not sure I am going to show up for the brain dump but think it is a good idea. My advise- try to bring the fun back. Good luck
  5. Gulf of maine scuttlebut

    Which "infamous Southport" ? The one with the parking lot at the winward mark that the YOY suspended all the rules of Racing and the rules of Physics or this the regatta this year? Welcome back Mr. Potato- I think under the formal rules you can post an old photo of your So's tits.
  6. Gulf of maine scuttlebut

    Because the whole thing is a joke. Mr. Boobsolie for yachtsman of the year? To be Yachtsman of the year you must have to be a bad sport. I couldn't think of a worst choice. Please... Shame on you Points East... Oh boy this should be good. What do people think?
  7. Gulf of maine scuttlebut

    Sorry navy and jangles- I rethought my position and decided that a private discussion with my crew was more apropriate. It was a post under the influence
  8. Gulf of maine scuttlebut

    Dearest peeps- stand by for a public service announcement- your fall just got more free- stand bye- your deerest kitty
  9. Gulf of maine scuttlebut

    Cat, Any more boats signed up for the Race? Kitty
  10. Gulf of maine scuttlebut

  11. Gulf of maine scuttlebut

    BDP is on its way to Pen Bay this morning... Seems like Pen Bay may be the new cwnter of Sailing in Maine...well done Peeps
  12. Gulf of maine scuttlebut

    Details? Inquiring Kittys want to know.
  13. Gulf of maine scuttlebut

    Hear, hear...Go the Marc!! I can't believe no one has asked........... there is something seriously wrong with us
  14. Gulf of maine scuttlebut

    who is going?
  15. Gulf of maine scuttlebut

    Who is going Cat?