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  1. Dee Smith and Disabled Sailing

    Yes of course no one wishes ill on anyone. But when people set out to pervert the system for their benefit, that is another thing. He is not disabled. His injuries are healed. Disabilities do not heal. They leave your body fucked up for ever. Injuries heal and can be mitigated, Disabilities cannot. He has 2 good arms and 2 good legs with working feet and hands. Nothing is wrong with him except his ego. He can walk without a cane but Betsy told him to never tell anyone you do not need it. Did you know he does not even qualify for a handicap parking placard? Go figure that. Pretty fucked up by my standards.Maybe he should move to Cali, everyone is disabled out here. Did you not read I also said it is embarrassing?
  2. Dee Smith and Disabled Sailing

    Nobody would wish for what happened to Dee, but this is embarrassing.
  3. Rib Accident at VOR Lorient Start

    If you were genuinely concerned about her, you would have asked a month ago. As stated in this thread and numerous other ones, she lost her leg, damaged the other one, and is now in recovery. I'd tell you more, but everyone, especially the injured family, is on strict silence, most likely because (as I predicted just after the incident), there was already a big cash settlement from Dona B. All is well then. Just toss a few coppers at the peasants, and your boy goes back to being a hero. They can put this unpleasant distraction behind them.
  4. Rib Accident at VOR Lorient Start

    Are we playing higher-lower? LOWER! You clearly don't give a fuck what speed they were doing, so why do you care? Tbh, it isn't material to me, either, because whatever it was was fast enough to nearly kill someone and was TOO fast. Even if it was only 15kts.
  5. Rib Accident at VOR Lorient Start

    I went back and revised and came up with 26-33 kts. The AIS said 24.2 but unknown location.
  6. Rib Accident at VOR Lorient Start

    What position do you sail on SD2? That is the only explanation for why you are such a cunt. At least a cunt is useful.Then clearly you are not a cunt.
  7. Rib Accident at VOR Lorient Start

    That was a super quick estimate and I already admitted that. But there is no way in hell that boat was doing less than 20. None. Not only would the video need to be lying, all reports about the boat's performance would need to be exaggerated. In that breeze, powered up with full main and solent, in flat water, with several boatlengths of runway, how would it possibly be doing LESS than 20kts? Fucking sea anchors?
  8. Rib Accident at VOR Lorient Start

    FJ- Very true that mine was a quick estimate. So if you are saying you measured how many seconds it took the entire ama to travel that distance, that is fair, because you are measuring the most distance and time, so there are less measurement errors. but it doesn't sound like you did that? The telefoto lens actually helps. It is far enough away that the angle doesn't change much. You have to be aware that unless SD2 is travelling exactly perpendicular (actually tangent) to the telefoto position, the time increases against a background measuring point (unless you know for sure the measuring points are along the path of travel exactly). This will make it seem the boat is slower. I tried slowing the video as well, and the slowest I could come up with is 2.8 seconds on the low end and 2.2 on the higher end. This gives a velocity between 26 and 33kts. This speed range is entirely realistic for this boat which has had several boatlengths to romp, is powered up, accelerating, and has target average offshore speeds of 24-25kts. Average! I had heard speeds of over 24, not sure there is any indication it was slowed down any how. Actually, evidence like this video, with supporting info can give better velocity estimates than the GPS. I do similar stuff for a living and have a spreadsheet with all the calculations/trig/etc. needed, but this is all back of envelope.
  9. Rib Accident at VOR Lorient Start

    I just realized it is fairly easy to approximate Spindrift2's speed from the video. The ama is 37 meters long, and from the video it takes about two seconds for it to travel one boatlength (the rib is just in front of the ama bow at 1:30 and gets hit by the rudder at 1:32, which is right before the end of the ama). That means it is going just about 18.5meters/second (37meters / 2 seconds). That's 36kts.
  10. Rib Accident at VOR Lorient Start

    Technically, the time/distance was even shorter. The rib turns at 1:28 and the bow of the ama is over the top of them at 1:30. So that is actually two seconds. I'm surprised the dagger board didn't hit them. With SD2 coming up to avoid those boats low, the only way for the rib to avoid being hit by the overtacking SD2 was to not slow down, certainly not stop, and instead turn to starboard and accelerate out of SD2's path.
  11. Rib Accident at VOR Lorient Start

    I think there will be plenty of fault found all around, and I was perhaps being a bit tasteless and using a possible fatality to drive home a point about the ridiculousness and inherently unsafe behavior I have seen at stopover after stopover and race start after race start. I am sorry for my lack of tact; it just might be the right time to try to change some behavior and attitude to prevent another death at another event. I've done marshal boat duty at the start of the Route Du Rhum when there are over 3,000 spectator boats trying to get as close as possible to each racing boat. We did it with 5-6 people, all of them ocean racers, in the boat to make sure we saw everything. Marshal boats for the VOR or any leg start should be similarly equipped. Their job is to keep the yahoos from killing anyone or crashing into the race boats, even when the yahoos are at the helm of a 40m long trimaran, and they need to be trained and equipped to do so. If I had seen this post in the other thread, I wouldn't have been so harsh. I still believe the vast majority of fault is with Spindrift2, but in a crowded area like this you can't just rely on the driver alone for a lookout. It makes sense to equip the boats with a skilled crew of lookouts/help.
  12. Rib Accident at VOR Lorient Start

    Sorry, I meant about closing the thread. If these discussions don't happen within a sport, like Clean said, the discussion happens outside of the sport.
  13. Rib Accident at VOR Lorient Start

    Same thing happens in every activity. Car racing, motorcycles, climbing, skiing, base jumping. Everything.
  14. Rib Accident at VOR Lorient Start

    Clean, Wanted to take a moment from the banter to extend my condolences to Petey. I'm sure if folks here knew they would do the same.
  15. Rib Accident at VOR Lorient Start

    So in other words, SD2 was 2 seconds directly behind a marshal rib, accelerating and altering course toward it.