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  1. next offcial team news 'may be' expected after AC final race ... if any
  2. i been told moussier Frank Cammas is going to rest for a while before going again to the all new floiling nacra 17 in one month time
  3. 150'000 and more virtual teams abount to enter. at the end racing does not play role , as result will be corrected by skilled hackers. only sites visits count, showing wealthy impact/aftermath so called millennial sailing 6 teams now on AC, how to expect more doing VOR ?
  4. since recession ( 8 years already ) push major 'daily' brands struggling on restrictions modern advertising, expect to see some very well known commercial names to return sponsoring more traditional events. so far we have seen : Akzo Nobel - paints/chemicals - in business since 1646 ! Dongfeng - heavy industry - in bussines since 1969 Mapfre - insurance/finance - is business since 1933 need a beer ? or medicine ? or chocolate
  5. forget about vor 17/18 - here is the first team entrance for vor 2020 http://www.teamheiner.com/en/nieuws-en/team-heiner-talents-will-participate-in-the-volvo-ocean-race-in-2020/ seems news for next participants, can be expected when each next renovated boat leave the boatyard
  6. It goes so unusual, that even professionals don't know what actually happen. it is short notice, high aspect and higher criteria. and private and confidential agreements for all involved. we/you are to be only observer for this and probably next races
  7. if still taking about the boat, coach roof imoca style could give huge comfort to the crew and direct their mental and physical power to other level
  8. Port Cardiff is on the route map stake with or without OD. Wonder if there is somene from South Wales reading here to give us a clue ?
  9. Just don't quite follow how "safe", equates with "Life at the Extreme". For me, "Life at the Extreme" equates with "fast", if one is talking about a race. I guess "safe" means safe enough for an experienced crew. It's all about calculated risk. So, "safe" = low calculated risk? not very risky? Looks like we agree with each other. Safe is not always slow. It could also be a better design that is more suitable for higher speeds in demanding environments, which lets you push even harder few years ago i was about to see myself as not bad crew member for vor race. ( getting older ...) to make it clear - i dont mess with vor pros, just ordinary devoting yacht racing person keen to live this life for a year or two. for a such person, priority is safe than extreme. ( as whitbread started?) this is why for me a bit more safe sailiing (not that extreme in the middle of 60'-50') monotype can be my choice is that all about only for pro pain ? c'mon - keep it simple
  10. dear jonas a, part of my question was rhetoric, and it was - what you are going to do with 8 identical boats with tons of (expensive) equipment. the rest was a friendly question to answer to the first part. obviously after this next,last edition for vo65 , keeping the event on 'extreme' means new approach and terms ( if not class) let the boss give us the track ?
  11. please advise possible vo65 life span ? if by case monohull remain vivid for vor, would the organizers and sponsor may benefit of running two different classes for next edition, i.e. vor65 + new ?
  12. something might pop up from here http://germanoceanracingteam.com/ and seems not much here http://www.liveyourdreamteam.org/ otherwise update from Team Hong Kong Ocean Racing in Hong Kong. September 18 at 7:56am ยท Terry Newby joins Team Hong Kong as CEO for the 2017-18 Volvo Ocean Race. Terry brings his very valuable experience to the team with having 30 years management experience in professional yachting. Terry has been Project Manager for 3 America's Cup teams and more recently a venue acquisition consultant for the World Match Racing Tour. Terry's mission is to work with our current partners to finalize funding to ensure Team Hong Kong is on the start line!
  13. 2 sets of 'Boatyard' would fix timing - always one port ahead
  14. Whatever - enjoy the last mono vor ...... http://sailracingmagazine.com/home/2016/8/12/thomas-coville-advocates-for-a-multihull-volvo-ocean-race
  15. Dongfeng VO65 AIS signal just pop up Sweden port Goteborg - any clue ?