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  1. how to ruin racing, part 2

    See avatar!
  2. what is it?

    Mt. Gay 30
  3. How to deal with a dangerously incompetent sailor?

    See Avatar.....
  4. Melges 40

    Heard Melges was tooling a 40'er. Will rate -50something. Any 411?
  5. skull fracture anarchy

    I'm pretty sure I was dropped on my head as a baby. 37 years later I'm still not right.
  6. J/111 Goes Sailing...

    What does mast height have to do with foot length? I'd like to see some pic's of the thing out of the water. Oh, and..........................what's it rate?
  7. Detroit Lion Anarchy

    That's going to carry me through the week. Awesome.
  8. Detroit Lion Anarchy

    0h and 16
  9. Joke

    Jemima of syrup
  10. Joke

    You forgot "I'm so hungry I could eat the crotch out of Aunt Jemima"
  11. espo is a dick

    PM Phoenix, he knows of a few I'm sure
  12. espo is a dick

    OK Espo. Annapolis NOOD's are just around the corner. Since the likelyhood of a J29 start is unlikely, would you like to come sail Etchells?
  13. Joke

    What do Michael Jackson and Caviar have in common? Both come on little white crackers!