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    *#!^%! parts

    You mean 5'6" in your high heels you bloody short-arse! Calling me "special"......
  2. Phat Buoy

    Umm, tiller?

    Great theory Scarecrow, but I don't think my brain is listening. I steer overarm, don't have a helm balance problem and break my tiller EVERY time I go from trap to drink. BTW, it's a A$150 Fibrefoam carbon extension for me - lovely
  3. Phat Buoy

    F-16 Viper or Falcon?

    It does - its called a Taipan 5.7
  4. Phat Buoy

    A Class Worlds - Classic Division

    Now you're talking sense WNW! I could track down my old Mk III with its carbon stick and go back to the best sailing I've ever had. BTW how does an unmolested C-board DNA compare to a new Exploder Classic speed wise? The possibility of racing a Classic for sheep stations and having a crack at foiling when I feel like a swim is becoming more and more appealing
  5. Phat Buoy

    2018 Australian Multihull Championships

    First things first. Sandringham YC did an exceptional job of running this regatta, both on and off the water. They could not have been any more welcoming to the multis, which was pleasant change. Geelong, take note. One thing no club can control is the sea state, and the infamous Port Phillip chop nobbled the little boats a bit. After having my insides turned upside down and sideways on the front of the green boat, the crew of Peccadilo pronounced "Waves? What waves?" The green boat also had to contend with a mainsail blowout during race 2 and was forced to finish that race (and all of race 3) with a reef in the main. Thanks to Lisa at Quantum for spending her Saturday night at the loft. The Experiment put on a bit of a show for everyone by tipping over on the final day, but all was well and they will be on the start line for the passage race from Melbourne to Geelong this Friday. No electronics is a winner! Having said all that, the big boats sailed a fine regatta and were definitely on the pace - even around the cans. I'm sure we'll all be there with bells on next time, chop or no chop.
  6. Phat Buoy

    2018 Australian Multihull Championships

    Looking after the front half of an F22R - the green one
  7. Phat Buoy

    2018 Australian Multihull Championships

    See you on the racetrack TA
  8. Phat Buoy

    A Cat Worlds Sopot