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  1. Burn em out in Junior Sailing, Burn em out in high school and burn them out again in college and wonder why we can complete globally. If an athlete gets burnt out with the rigor of high school or college sailing, then I'm sorry, they are never going to survive an Olympic campaign. The sheer drive, determination and desire needed to be the "best in the world" needs to be able to step over the hurdles of college sailing with ease. Long term athlete development models stress age specific training and age-specific competition. US Sailing emphasizes no such training methodology. An athlete develops into being ready. The fact that they cannot handle the pressure of competition as a child or teenager, does not mean they will not be able to develop to handle it as an adult. Long term development focusses on keeping athlete engaged and learning, instead of creating a bi-binary path of pass/fail that turns them off to the sport and on to other ways to spend their time. Your comments reinforce the flawed model that we have to develop athletes on a singular path based on winning at each previous level - I argue that a better path forward is through long term athlete development - less pressure on winning and more emphasis on foundational skills, long-term learning and having fun. Right now in the M 470, we have a 20+ year gap in age between the top two teams - we have spent two decades discouraging young athletes. And we have doubled down on a team of 40-year-old men instead of looking towards recovering the sport for the future.
  2. He got 10 years, back in 2014. Followed by 3 years of supervised release. Due to the nature of the conviction, it is unlikely he will serve less than the full sentence.
  3. And the new leader of US Olympic Sailing is 100% committed to sending a couple 40 year old men to the next games.... The #2 team are a couple of teenagers with parents in their 40's. The issue is that we do not have a long term athlete development model for young sailors that makes them want to have fun sailing for the rest of their lives. The programs fail to align with age appropriate training, activities and goals. Everything is set for a very short term outcome. Burn em out in Junior Sailing, Burn em out in high school and burn them out again in college and wonder why we can complete globally. In 1984 we medalled in every event, in Rio we had a bronze. The difference is that kids in the late 70s and early 80s learned to sail on all kinds of boats and sailed for fun - today, they start at age 6 trying to win in one design. Stealy droppin' 2 cents and OUT!
  4. A cost comparison may prove that the offshore option is not more expensive than a current quadrennial campaign. I would vote for anything that does not involve boats designed 50 years ago.
  5. JND 39 - it reaches like crazy. Can't go upwind that well.... yet. Bernard will help tune it up. Reaching Machine, (teasing machine) did not go up wind that well in the first year either as I recall.
  6. I think the mast is probably in a tube step - like a laser - holds it up and allows it to rotate. I applaud the concept, effort, outcome and wish all involved the very best. Would love to buy one.
  7. Congrats to Caleb on Bronze Medal!! Looks like we could medal in the Women's 470, too. Locked out of all the others... Still better then a shut out.
  8. boathaulingus.com Sonny is an honest guy who really cares about the boats that he hauls. Used him several times. Fair priced and well insured.
  9. I think 1992 and 2000 were the best years we had in recent history. Both were very good years with medals in the majority of events. We will bronze medal in a class that is not active in the US. We have virtually no 470 sailing at that national level here - it is a joke.
  10. "One Bronze Medal. That is what is projected for the mighty USA in the sailing Olympics. One Fucking Bronze Medal." What is sadder is that the two people projected to get that bronze medal are among he oldest competitors in the games. Speaks volumes about how our Junior Sailing Programs are burning kids out before they actually get going.
  11. If you are racing PHRF, you should retain some perspective - it is not really sailboat racing - it is boats of different types sailing around a course at the same time as fast as they can against a clock. (often with beer). I agree sometimes it is similar to OD racing on the surface, but the similarity ends there. One design is really where all the elements of sailboat racing come to play - preparation, innovation, tactics, tuning, etc. It is in the subtleties of OD sailing, that inches are made and races are won - and that is what attracts most sailors to it and is what makes it very unlike PHRF. I love PHRF racing - it allow people with diverse and unique boats to get together and celebrate the sport of sailing - there is really nothing like it and few things make my beer taste colder. At the same time, I find very little of it is similar to one design racing - the one things that does make my beer taste colder.
  12. It was out and back from Casco Bay last year.
  13. I sail in Maine a couple times a year - always fun. Still looks like things are chugging along up there. The PHRF New Englands are in Portland this summer.
  14. I though Jim Donovan designed all the fast Farr boats...
  15. The J24 has had the same PHRF rating for decades, over that time the boat has had many major one design improvements: Carbon Poles Mainsail Girths Internal Stringer/Bulkhead Construction All kinds of go fast trickledowns... These are things the other boats you mentioned don't benefit from. Also the one design sails have been actively improved over the past four decades. If you want to win in PHRF, that would be my choice.