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  1. Time To Change Socks

    One thousand posts!! Not bad for a couple weeks. It was fun being Keeldude here for a while. Time to do something else!!
  2. I live in an unincorporated community of a few thousand on the outskirts of Austin near a lake. My within shouting distance neighbor's include some very rich people with multimillion dollar homes, illegals in tiny trailers, a very nice RV park with snowbirds, a shitty trailer park, a decent trailer park, a Norman Rockwell neighborhood, some meth houses.... It is DIVERSE!!! If I got to play King and decide who may and may not vote, there are a whole lot of born in the USA folks who I would not let vote. In fact I would love to deport the thieves and drunks and tweekers. The illegals with hard working parents and kids those parents keep on the shortest of leashes live "good old Statue of Liberty America" more than any of the rest of us. I think 99% of the problem with our immigration system is based upon the fact the media covers the gang bangers but nobody much has ever met the nine out of ten or 99 of 100 illegals who came here to become Americans
  3. Foxnews, Playboy Mansion cult

    Nope. It only serves as a guide
  4. McCain down 9 points

    No thanks. I am a company kinda guy! I will wait for HJ tell us who will win
  5. Trump Is Still The R Nominee

    She just turned 85. I kneed a knish. marry her for her money
  6. MC Scow Nationals - Crystal Lake, MI

    Go Billy!!
  7. Trump Is Still The R Nominee

    She is quite a catch
  8. 2016 HJ Poll Average Begins Now

    I know you hate Hillsry soooooo much you don't care about this particular situation But Should the media EVER disseminate illegally obtained information? Is it OK for anybody to hack into anyone's computer and tell everybody what was found?? Is this any different from the guy who put cameras in the woman sportscaster's hotel room? Do we want political campaigns to include hacking? What about hacking into another company to get something like Coke' secret recipe? I am fond of the system we have in place with required warrants, judges, and trials As opposed to hackers and media trials. One more way to look at it: If the hackers and media are so certain of the need to expose the evil person they are willing to break the laws to obtain the information, they should be glorified as martyrs for the cause while they sit in jail ..... But they are criminals and need to be properly punished.
  9. McCain down 9 points

    At his age, getting it up is impressive
  10. Trump Is Still The R Nominee

    My first wish would be for a billion more wishes
  11. Yelling at other boats..,

    Tell his mom
  12. Mathematics of scoring

    As the fleet size increases the proximity of individual scores to the ends of the fleet increases their tendency to push the overall result toward the extreme. In regatta with diverse conditions and shifty breezes, consistently finishing near either end of the fleet generally produces a victory or DFL. I remember a 48 boat J-24 regatta, five races, in winds that kept shifting and dying and coming back from new directions. First place had three fifth places. My boat, I wasn't helming, finished third with 48 points. Obviously, if finishes were totally random, consistent finishes on either side of the median would push the score away from the median. As sailboat scores are not random, probabilities based upon randomness do not apply well. The question about whether a string of fifths in a 100 boat fleet will keep a competitor in fifth place depends on actual performances and not odds. If there is a scenario where it coukd happen, it could happen. Example: A huge factor in the "is it possible / probable " has to do with the scores from the previous day's. Consider if the guys who are in first through fourth are big fat slobs who finished 1-2-3-4 in all the big breeze races while the person in fifth dumped a few times, didn't even finish every race, and is ahead only by a tiebreaker of those in sixth through eleventh There may be a light wind scenario that drops mr all fifths to eight or ninth
  13. Arriving at the regatta in style.

    With the mast up?? I believe moving it around the lot Down the road?? Not so much
  14. Yelling at other boats..,

    Yell at him on shore, at his slip, in the clubhouse, generally everywhere . This is a "everybody needs to join in" sort of thing. The camaraderie of yelling together will make up for the annoyance of his yelling and either make him very uncomfirtable or give your club members a very special relationship with each other and with him. And It will be fun Especially st ttophy presentations, board meetings, dinners, in the restroom... Make it fun