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  1. Keeldude

    2016 HJ Poll Average Begins Now

    I know you hate Hillsry soooooo much you don't care about this particular situation But Should the media EVER disseminate illegally obtained information? Is it OK for anybody to hack into anyone's computer and tell everybody what was found?? Is this any different from the guy who put cameras in the woman sportscaster's hotel room? Do we want political campaigns to include hacking? What about hacking into another company to get something like Coke' secret recipe? I am fond of the system we have in place with required warrants, judges, and trials As opposed to hackers and media trials. One more way to look at it: If the hackers and media are so certain of the need to expose the evil person they are willing to break the laws to obtain the information, they should be glorified as martyrs for the cause while they sit in jail ..... But they are criminals and need to be properly punished.
  2. Keeldude

    Arriving at the regatta in style.

    With the mast up?? I believe moving it around the lot Down the road?? Not so much
  3. "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." The men who write the Constitution and first ten amendments were very good with words. Had they wished to exclude or include particular reasons, they could have easily done so. "The security of a free state" has multiple defendable meanings. 1. Vs outside attackers 2. Individual states vs the new federal government 3. The free state of individuals vs the government. Regardless of why the right to keep and bear isn't to be infringed, It can't be
  4. Keeldude

    Motorcycle Threads

    . Thank you
  5. I know EXACTLY how the system works. I also know, no lawyer has brought the case to the Supreme court where the local militia is being harassed about its nukes, drones, jet fighters, tanks, machine guns, snd even chemical weapons Number two is not about hunting and self defense. Number two is about standing ready to reel in, by force if necessary, a government that is out of control.
  6. Keeldude

    2016 HJ Poll Average Begins Now

    If Trump carries a single state it will be an embarrassment
  7. Infringed. Look it up. There is no such thing as a constitutional Law pertaining to arms possesion
  8. Keeldude

    Finn sailing

    That would get Columbus bragging rights at the Finn sailor's bar