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  1. Laser sailing

    As long as I have been going to FBYC for Masters there has never been a vote, it's always been in the NOR/SI's allowing the rig swap. Anyways maybe I will just send an email asking for our September Regatta to be added to the calendar and see what is said. See ya at the club!
  2. Intensity MK II Laser Sail

    I don't know... I will try that and see how it looks. BTW I have not seen the mast sleeve sticking issue.
  3. Laser sailing

    No I am pretty sure it's because of the sails. Although I have never received anything official from District 11. I think PRSA got the boot as well, they don't care what sails peeps use. I guess I should request to be put back on the schedule for our (SMSA) Invitational in September??? I don't see why you think the rig swap has anything to do with it. Chesapeake Bay Masters Championship at FBYC, because they don't have a Radial class, allows the rig swap day to day or even race to race, you just have to do the swap out on shore not from a boat. I know somebody that has asked for a separate Radial start at that regatta but no success. I would like to see it happen as it always seems breezy down there in October. I'll ask her if she is going to push for it again this year.
  4. Intensity MK II Laser Sail

    Thanks for the feedback Wess. I sailed last night in light air and it seems better so maybe there is a "break-in" period??? Or maybe I am just getting used to the sail??? I was also using more Vang.
  5. Tragic youth sailing accident

    I would buy that. When I am using my boat often I generally don't flush her. If she is going to sit for a week or so then yea I'll run the muffs. When she is in the water I mostly use the garden hose attachment flush.
  6. Tragic youth sailing accident

    Well there is also the 'garden hose' attachment point but I am not sure on what size motors those start to show up on...
  7. Laser sailing

    Well I need to get back to work and following the discussion between Wess and Gouv it sounds like Gouv you need to reach out to Larry Ellison. He certainly has the coin to fund this, you can even double it! Considering the amount he spent on some stupid foiling catamaran that will never be sailed again this is pocket change. Good luck! Seriously good luck just don't tell him the AC is stupid! Tell him he can even call the new boat Oracle!
  8. Intensity MK II Laser Sail

    Well not really the question I was asking. Like I said the Intensity MK I version was just about the same as the class version. It did have better sail cloth as well. Now the stitching was not as good as the class version but who cares. I found that with the Intensity the sail cloth and stitching would wear out at about the same time. The class sail stitching lasts longer but it does not really matter as once the sail cloth is worn the sail is no longer good for racing anyways. I guess it is a better sail to pass on down for day sailing. What I am asking is the Intensity cut/design the same as the class sail? Or did Intensity just do the 'this is close enough' just to get some sails on the market but really does not reflect how the new MK II class sail performs.
  9. Intensity MK II Laser Sail

    I have the Intensity MK II Laser Sail and the sail takes a lot of Cunningham just to get the wrinkle from the mast joint to the clew to a reasonable level. To me it feels like the sail is way under powered like this but if I let the Cunningham off it looks TERRIBLE and feels equally as slow. And this is racing against other boats with a mix of MK I class legal sails and knock off sails of both the MK I and MK II variety. At around 8-10kts it feels great once I can crank on more Cunningham and Vang. Downwind the sail looks great in all wind conditions with the Cunningham blown off and Vang set to a downwind setting. Several others at my club have noted the same thing. I do not have a Class MK II sail yet to compare it to. So: 1) Is this just how the new MK II sail is cut and we have to find what settings are best in the 0-8kts upwind range? 2) Or is the Intensity sail still a work in progress and they have some tweaking to do to match the class sail? They did a great job matching the MK I version and with a better sail cloth. Thoughts???
  10. Tragic youth sailing accident

    In a word, yes! Unless they have some sort of rudder, and I don't think they do, just like a jet ski you have no steerage unless you are applying throttle. And has been stated reverse generally sucks as well. They can be a real PITA to dock as well. Smash that dock!!!
  11. Tragic youth sailing accident

    WOW! If your data is correct you would have to hang a 200 with a jet to get the performance of a 130 with prop.
  12. Charter in Grenada

    Oh yea Scooby's, forgot about that place very cool! Hillsborough in general is a really neat town. Yea the windward side of these islands are beautiful but VERY weather dependent. The day was sailed the windward side of Grenada was pretty tame, we even had the spinnaker up. No no no spinnaker mon!" Good thing you brought yours! LOL But I would not want to be over there in a 30 knot NE breeze unless you were WAY away from the Island but then you could not enjoy the views. So I would say only go that way in calm conditions.
  13. Tragic youth sailing accident

    Yes in theory you could help right a dinghy from a jet-ski but it's not the best platform for it. You really only can stand up facing forward or aft. There really is not good place to put your feet to sand sideways like in a boat and then you might end up going for a swim as well. For assisting surfers they are great but it would not be my choice for a sailing safety boat. A jet boat would be a much better platform if not having a prop was a requirement. However, I don't think they handle as well as a propeller driven boat. I have never even seen a jet drive outboard in service let alone driven a boat with one so have no idea how they perform.
  14. Tragic youth sailing accident

    Thank you Doug! Like you I don't see anybody blaming the instructor or finger pointing in this thread. Maybe the Newbie is not the sharpest tool in the shed??? Have fun with your camp!
  15. Tragic youth sailing accident

    Is that a Yamaha jet drive unit or after market? Never seen one before. Thread drift but... Any idea on fuel burn rate and top end speed compared to a prop? Looking at the lower unit it does look like you would loose some directional steerage in neutral versus a conventional prop setup as the skeg is deeper and also functions as a rudder.