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  1. Roger, if you were going would have been fun to meet up for a beer. I am racing Radial so will have no data on the MK I/MK II debate. Going to be good fun to get my ass kicked by the kids and my Girlfriend at the same regatta! I guess I could race standard rig and get my ass kicked by Mother Nature, it's looking like a breezy weekend, instead?
  2. Well spend a week in Puerto Rico and you will like Don Q! Good luck and have fun! Yea looking great tonight, I am going to take my Laser out for a little practice and watch the Wednesday night fleet.
  3. That, my dear friend, is a balloon knot.Oh so it is! OK weinie is ignoring me but WTF, why have it as your avatar? Do any avatars make sense to anyone but the owner. (Sometimes I laugh like muttly) Well to be honest most make a lot more sense than weinie's.
  4. Thanks RobbieB! You heading up to Wrightsville Beach this weekend?
  5. Gotta respect the way ur thin'n there!!!! So 151 Rum? Bacardi? No. We have a local distillery called "The Tobacco Barn." They make a rum called the Dancing Bee, infused with honey. Delish. I also have a bottle of Ron Zacapa that is older than my twin daughters. AND I have the first bottle of rum to be aged on a US Navy ship in over 200 years: http://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2016/12/15/md-distillery-aging-rum-on-navy-ship-just-like-the-old-days/ That Tobacco Barn rum is good but gosh a little pricey for my everyday drinking rum! Good olde Bacardi or Don Q is tough to beat.
  6. If you are really good you can stand up in your Laser under plane!
  7. That, my dear friend, is a balloon knot. Oh so it is! OK weinie is ignoring me but WTF, why have it as your avatar?
  8. Sounds like a Sister ship to my boat! The PO had a PHRF certificate from NC at 147. Do you know if he has a PHRF of the Chesapeake certificate? I have used 147 in the past as a provisional rating for the few "races" I have done on her. Looks like I can now roll with 150.
  9. Oh NO Ajax we are losing you! Although I must admit I stripped out the 6 gauge or are they 4 gauge? Positive and Negative battery cables this weekend that ran from the house bank all the way to the aft end of the storage locker were the AC inverter used to live. I have no need or desire for an AC inverter so it's not going back in the boat so why carry around all that wire as well! Probably 40lbs. and it did feel good to get that weight off the boat even though I have zero desire to race her. Oh BTW how long is the Jeanneau and of what vintage?
  10. Hey weinie, BTW what the hell is that in your avatar? I am not sure I want to ask but I can't figure it out!
  11. Despite my respect for the knowledge and opinions expressed by all on SA and various other internet forums, there's your answer right there... Maybe see about a second (medical) opinion from someone who specializes in sports medicine--would probably be more up to speed on latest treatments and also more sympathetic to you wanting to regain full function and get back on the water as soon as possible. Best counsel is listen to your doc and get a second opinion to confirm. But if if its so bad it wakes you up at night constantly, and the cortizone/lidocaine shot didn't take the edge off it, and the MRI indicates tears needing surgery, well the writing is kinda on the wall... Like I said, I had surgery on both shoulders. Delayed surgery the first time wanting to try to fix it w just PT and all I did was waste more sailing time. The third time the doc thought we could bring it back w PT... I knew the signs and got in fast. Have a friends that is an older competitive swimmer. Had the surgery twice on both shoulders. The only thing I will stress is listen to the docs (PT or surg) and then follow the post op protocol religiously and you can/will get back to 100%. Good luck. The 2-3 weeks or so post surgery really suck but after that its all uphill. Spot on Wess! Great advice there! I have/had Labrum tears in both of my shoulders. My left started to bother me first and with PT and FOLLOWING their advice for rehab it is close to 100%. Then my right started to bother me and I tried the same PT approach. It got somewhat better but since it is my hitting arm for VB it never got right. Decided to have surgery and it was a great call! In about 3 months I was back sailing and about 10 months back hitting hard on the VB court. It's very close to 100%, better than my left that did not have surgery. I still do a lot of the range of motion exercises in the gym along with the traditional weight training stuff. Just part of the routine at this point. I know different injury but the approach is the same. FOLLOW the PT direction and/or Doc's orders depending on what direction you take. DON'T just try to "Man Up" and push through the pain. PT rehab first to see if that helps or surgery and then PT rehab are your options. Sounds like you know your way around a gym so you will recover faster than somebody that is not in shape and not accustomed/disciplined to working out.
  12. That is exactly it. In order to surrvive in a market you have to watch to see what the market is doing. Tiy have to look to see what people above you and below you in the pecking order are doing right and doing wrong. sadly, google assumes that if you like sailing you must therefore like tits I'm trying hard but honestly, I'm failing to see what the problem is, here...... FKT Good one! I like outboard motors as well! The Yamaha hat is a nice touch! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkDCpqgFkHs
  13. Question: Is there a requirement that a yacht must fly her national flag when visiting foreign waters? I don't think there is.
  14. Well the link was believable but yea the headlights are not even broken???
  15. 10 Next question?