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  1. Great find HILLY!
  2. Chatham on Union is worth a stop. As I recall there was one small beach bar that did serve some food. Very off the beaten path. Difficult to recall because the run drinks had 151 in them and knocked you on your ass pretty quick!
  3. Good grief Charlie Brown! You read through 53 posts and came up with this!? You sir are either an idiot or just looking for some attention to start an argument...
  4. "First lesson in sailing is to always inspect your equipment before hitting the water, let's start with your wet suit zipper."
  5. +1 Thank You Ajax well said!
  6. Our club's Summer sailing camps did not use to require helmets but now we do. The change was made not because somebody got hurt or we as a club thinks it's good for the safety of the kids. The change was made as a CYA to reduce our liability to a lawsuit. Can a kid still have a head injury and we get sued even if we did nothing wrong as a club running a camp? Sure but requiring helmets is one less thing the lawyers can ding you on.
  7. Ajax, I suspect that the reason there are 3 different sizes in one kit versus 3 different kits all with the same size in each kit is most people would have no idea what size they need. I know I would not. Do you think taking that measurement would prove challenging? If so then Raymarine might have been getting a lot of returns with "these do not fit my wheel" let's try another size. So Raymarine did the "easy" thing and "just send them all 3 sizes". Agree it's frustrating having 6 perfectly good fittings that you probably will have no use for but I think that is the reasoning behind it. Good luck Saturday!
  8. No but good point! And crack the beer prior to getting caulk on your hands so you don't have to burn a second set of gloves mid project. Of course this is dependent on the length of said project.
  9. Dick Head! Obviously TQA has the experience here and sure if you can afford it one way heading South is the way to go. But you are going to have to pay more for the charter and whenever we looked into it the airfare was A LOT more so we always returned to our departure point. If memory serves me correctly, I have done 3 charters out of the Windward Islands; St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Grenada and yep at some point we ended up going up hill. The most memorable/worst was the passage from St. Vincent back up to St. Lucia. Yea 30-35 on the nose with big waves but as long as you sail it with a double reef and diesel it's not too bad. BVI's are nice don't get me wrong but I much prefer the Windward Islands. Have fun!
  10. Sav, If applied correctly 5200 by itself can make a very strong bond even without mechanical fittings. I use if for stuff like putting on a centerboard gasket that has no other means of keeping it attached to the boat. Since your chain-plates appear to sound to the hull you don't need a bond just a seal to keep the water out. I would consider a product that is UV resistant like 3M 4000 UV, there are similar products from other manufactures as well. As has been said ALL of these products can be messy. Wear disposable rubber gloves of your choice, tape off the area carefully and take your time. I like to remove the tape as soon as I am sure the caulk will not run. Time depends on what I am using, where it is located, temp, humidity so it is not an exact science. This step can be just as messy if not more than the application. You don't want to let it go to full cure otherwise you will never get it all off. Oh not sure if this has been said but you are going to want to tape inside the boat as well to "plug the hole" and create a base for the caulk to sit on. Otherwise it is going to run down into your boat and really make a mess. This tape you can be left on until it is mostly cured. Fun with boats! Good luck!
  11. At first I only saw 2 puppies but with a bit more study I see two more of the K-9 variety! Nice Pic! Would not be a bad place to be at all!
  12. Haha this might get interesting! Yea take Bob's advice, probably better off over on Cruising Anarchy. Well maybe...
  13. DTA, Pretty cool just don't sick your mast in the sand in that surf I would say!
  14. Yes join the Yahoo Buccaneer group. Would be the best spot to try to find a used sail. I sold a suite of used sails last year by listing them there. For new check with Hunter at Schurr Sails, just got a suite of racing sails. Have only used them one regatta so far but they are really sweet sails. We are really fast with them! Only complaint so far is they were OCS one race. I need to talk with Hunter about that. They have a cheaper day sailing main that would fit your needs. Used will probably be cheaper if you can find one. But then again it's a used sail versus new. All what you want and budget. Good luck!
  15. Hey I never said it was any good just free. I cost me about 20 seconds. Saw the beginning, nothing exciting, skipped to the middle, nothing really going on, skipped to the end, boat docked... In fact reading and responding to this thread is wasting more time! LOL OK back to work so I can finish up and go racing tonight.