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    Newport, RI ; W. MI
  1. West Michigan Thread

    'Sorrows of Gin' blog? More props to the blog if true...
  2. West Michigan Thread

    Some pics from Sandy hitting Southern RI
  3. West Michigan Thread

    Couldn't just wrap that in electrical tape...? pussy...
  4. West Michigan Thread

    Copy that. So much for vicariously living through an over simplified computer animation....
  5. West Michigan Thread

    I refused to buy the code zero.... Mistake #1...
  6. West Michigan Thread

    I saw recent pics that showed every piece of deck hardware had been removed. A sad thing to see for a fast boat. Lots of people wanted to play with her but Larry never shared. The winches were removed prior to the 2010 Cup race. In case the legal battle regarding USA made parts went through, all the winches on Sayonara were American made. They could then put them on the Tri to make it race legal.
  7. West Michigan Thread

    Man, those guys are fast... I can't even see 'em! Nothin but smoke..... or was that from our firecrackers? Firecrackers?? on a Boat??! what's next, bottle rockets??
  8. West Michigan Thread

    Man, those guys are fast... I can't even see 'em!
  9. West Michigan Thread

    hmm I don't feel too bad about not being in the water yet and doing basic maintenance things like exterior varnishing tonight. Congrats on the second, what is the word on firefly (is it ex something or other?). Imagine the delivery home won't exactly be to toasty either. It was really cold on the delivery home ... 'how cold was it?'
  10. West Michigan Thread

    Nice! In the past several days I have invested my check from the guy who boat the boat. cycled a lot, thought about all the checks I used to write, and all the time I used to spend driving down to the boat to get it ready for the season, etc. So Glad those days are gone now... you'll miss it boss..... for sure
  11. West Michigan Thread

    yep missed a "T" sorry, sue me! Free initial consultation... just like a drug dealer... first hit's free.... or so i'm told...
  12. West Michigan Thread

    fyschebone already sent me hate mail for beating him to it.....
  13. West Michigan Thread

    Well played, sir.
  14. West Michigan Thread

    FUYC.... He still lives!!!
  15. J35 Anarchist

    Ditto, it is about set up. Have seen them very succesfully raced short handed I'll help you bring her out East for the next Newport to Bermuda :)