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  1. Live Racing Thread

    tucker thompson and that horrible musak make the awards ceremony like a pro wrestling event
  2. Live Racing Thread

    twas funny, listening to NO and CD on NBC feed, as they discussed the future of the AC after the ETNZ win- as no doubt they are wondering where and for whom they will be working soon...
  3. Live Racing Thread

  4. Live Racing Thread

    the big splits are making me nervous- too much potential to lose lots of ground cover, ETNZ, but keep the hammer down
  5. Live Racing Thread

    take any OR morale and crumble it like a little piece of paper
  6. Live Racing Thread

    I'd be more comfortable with a big lead if the breeze were not so shifty- cover, boys!
  7. Live Racing Thread

    horizon job
  8. Live Racing Thread

    is there a backpocket COR-in-waiting if ETNZ wins?
  9. Live Racing Thread

    ART was marginally faster on that first reach, yes, but every time ETNZ went off the start to windward of ART, ART sailed very high of rhumb, and was then able to bear off first into the lead when ENTZ went off the line to leeward of ART, they never employed the same tactic, and would get rolled by boat speed thank heaven for awesome VMG
  10. Live Racing Thread

    a win is a win is a win
  11. Live Racing Thread

    and that, mates, is a morale-busting victory
  12. Live Racing Thread

    ART screwing the boundary is just stupid
  13. I tried to keep interested... I did. I grew up with the America's Cup, from the late fifties onward... I used to play on the 12s as a kid... and I supported Oracle against Alinghi, in the battle of the behemoths... I loved the San Francisco event... I thought and still think the foiling cats are remarkable... but... but... but... But after bullshit decision (I love Bermuda, but moving the event there burned an America's Cup feature I thought was very important: competing on the home waters of the winning yacht club) after bullshit decision (the America's Cup should NEVER have become a one-design regatta) after bullshit decision has led to changes announced here, that is IT- the America's Cup is a travesty, a mere shadow of its former glory, and now little more than a way to keep ridiculously overpaid professional sailors employed for a few more years.
  14. Where's the EC300 thread????

    been thinking about it, and gotta say, IMHO, allowing three in crew per boat is not a good decision one of the great challenges of the event is the management of sleep- or lack thereof seems like having three aboard would make that a MUCH easier task- it just turns into a sprint- to say nothing of the great advantage in boathandling anyone else want to chime in with their two cents on this new decision? I dunno- maybe too many "filters" have been taken away from the event already; as I recall, didn't it use to be that competitors had to be able to unstep and restep their rigs to fit under low bridges, some which had narrow openings? Isn't that really why Randy's SewSew was designed to scissor in the first place- to fit through a narrow bridge opening?
  15. Where's the EC300 thread????

    great performance by Spawn, a very clever, purpose-built-and-designed boat by the crafty OH Rodgers (let us here recall how ahead of its time was the Kiwi 35) but three guys on board for the race, though- is that something new? separate class? always thought it was a solo or double-handed event, in all classes...? any other boats with three in crew? ever?