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  1. Looks like a Schock 40 without the canting keel. Would not want to be on it upwind in a heavy breeze. Rumours was 2nd overall in the 2001 BYC Mac
  2. Building a rudder - NACA foil questions

    Bruno, boats like the j120 have a 14% rudder and a modified NACA0012 keel. Their keel chord is 55 inches at max chord, but the foil is created for a 45 inch chord to match the max width, that is where the concavity look comes from. The first 30% of the foil is the most important, the rest is just flow. A rudder is made to the exact chord, but you will find that clearing the max width is your biggest issue. I believe that the S8035 has a max width at 35% of the foil. You will see the percentage max width listed on the foil stats.
  3. Building a rudder - NACA foil questions

    Bruno, you want the thinnest foil that clears the rudder post. The rudder post is in the forward portion, 14 degree (S8035 foil) is usually the first that will clear that. Chord length and Max thickness are important. Do some cardboard tests until you achieve perfection You could plot the "dots" from the airfoiltools program, but to create a professional foil, any CAD program will make it exact. Just measure the max thickness that you have to clear and multiple chord lengths for the differing measurments on an elliptical rudder top to bottom and draw out on thin flat sturdy board or plywood. If you have a rudder that is square, only one template would be needed. It is best to have the rudder off the boat. It is art work, I enjoy it. A rudder with perfect foil will give you extra lift upwind while at the same time less drag down wind.
  4. Building a rudder - NACA foil questions

    NACA0012 is default for keel. For rudder, a 0012 will not fit over most rudder posts. The S8035 will fit over most rudder posts at 14 degree, equivalent to a 0014 that does not exist. For a cassette, you can kick down further toward a 0010, a 0009 is more for a higher speed foil. airfoiltools.com is a great sight, find a friend with a CAD program to print it out without magnification.
  5. Building a rudder - NACA foil questions

    Do you have to clear a rudder post or is it a cassette? S8035 clears a rudder post 14 degree entry. NACA0009 is a thin rudder for a catamaran or monohull with a cassette. Create templates based on chord length at multiple levels of the rudder, fair in
  6. Roberts 54 PHRF number

    The only one that I found was a 1976, Roberts 54 rating 96 phrf. The Roberts 38 rates 138.
  7. Chicago-Mac/Meridian X MOB Recovery

    A strobe is the running recommendation, but malfunction easier when abused over time not being used. A solid high lumen light has less of a chance of malfunctioning and could probably be seen from a farther distance with a magnifying lens. As I mentioned previously, at the end of a 2 foot telescoping pole held up by the MOB that would be that much further above the water in 6 foot waves with whitecaps would have made things easier for locating.
  8. Chicago-Mac/Meridian X MOB Recovery

    Graham, my idea would be a telescoping (high) lumen light that would insert into the Mustang vest (attached) as a backup. The light would be up off the water and could be waved from side to side. I never trusted the light included in the vests, plus they are so low in the water. So glad you found him.
  9. Chicago-Mac/Meridian X MOB Recovery

    Graham, Was the light beacon on the MOB himself, the one on his Mustang lifevest? If so, could it have been brighter, or was it a low lumen flicker? Mustang 1, take it easy. I'm learning here as well.
  10. Chicago-Mac/Meridian X MOB Recovery

    Another idea that I have always insisted upon for crew on my past boats is not to rely on light built into the Mustang device. I actually open/unzip the Mustang and secure another more powerful light that can be seen for miles to the preserver as an extra. Also, new batteries before you leave. Somebody with a functioning GPS hitting their MOB button is easy. Somebody pulling the pin on the MOM8. Race is over, no PTSD afterward like the crew of Meridian has and will have. One hour, that is frightening.
  11. BYC-Mac

    About a decade ago, Saturn, Melges 32 did the BYC Mac. It wasn't the Cove Island course, so not as far upwind, but I remember that they all had survival suits on them and had their orange storm jib up as it was blowing over 30 on the nose as we went by them. Survival situation and looked miserable. Peerless on a moderate beat in the CYC Mac had 18 inches of water down below, as the pole bladder was leaking. (Make sure your is not) Melges 32 great off the wind and light air, but watch the weather/wind forecast, make a safe decision. Melges 32 unsafe for offshore, SA/D 45
  12. Sailing Yacht A Under Full Sail

    God Bless Presdient Trump. If we are lucky, the next terrorist attack will hit Scot the Editor and his empathetic ilk on PA. Disrespectful Liberal assholes.
  13. Typical Pussy Lib responses. What is the first thing Barry Obama constructed around his DC home?
  14. Hilarious watching all of you Pussy Libs circle-jerk all day against President Trump. Your ilk was voted out of power because it is weak. Out of 160 nations, we are the only one that does not tariff imports. Try selling a product in Mexico or Canada and see how it works out for you. 300 billion/year comes from Mexico to USA. 70% of Canada's GDP comes from sales to USA. Time to even the playing field, not give away our country and jobs.
  15. Is this the Liberal crying room?

    To all of you Pussy Liberals here on PA, Trump won! Yes, all three branches, it will be a long 8 years for you. Might want to consider moving north to Canada or over to Europe..the Loons are more like you there.