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  1. Ker 33 - What Happened?

    Seriously...where the roach????? I mean pass the roach.
  2. Can anyone identify this boat?

    I am going with a REBEL. http://sailboatdata.com/viewrecord.asp?class_id=2926
  3. S2 7.9 Questions

    The deck is not soft. One of the stanchions near the cockpit has a little give, but that seems to be about it. The moisture meeting was doing a lot of beeping in many places however.
  4. S2 7.9 Questions

    I am looking at purchasing a 7.9 with a group of people. I recently had a survey that showed relatively high moisture readings in the bad areas. Transom/bulkheads/around stanchions/cabin top under winches & cleats/forward most part of the deck. I have read that these boats have traditionally had problems with the core in these areas. The core under the mast step had been replaced in the last 10 years and it wasn't as wet as other areas. We have no intention of doing any core work on the boat. We just want to buy it and go sailing (mostly day sailing and some Weds night races). Does anyone with familiarity with these boats have any comments about what we might be getting ourselves into? For what its worth the boat has excellent sails and running rigging. All of the deck hardware is high-end (replaced from factory original) and it is put in all of the right spots. The boat is well rigged. Any help is appreciated.