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  1. VOR65 - upwind angle with the zero?

    They have introduced the J0 this year as a bridge between the MH0 and the J3. It's a non overlapping masthead jib set on the bowsprit
  2. Middle Sea race

    The problem I have with Maverick is that it' seems seriously compromised when the conditions aren't suitable, in my opinion the base boat sucks as for the first half of the race they couldn't keep up with a clubswan 42 and were consistently outperformed by the 9 year old Ker 46 Tonnerre. They can bitch and moan about irc but for starters try beating conventional boats of the same length or shorter
  3. Middle Sea race

    race coverage is crap this year. Half a dozen photos of some of the front runners and a short clip of Rambler and they think their work is done?
  4. Middle Sea race

    This routing screen shot by Hugo Boss before the race start might provide some insight
  5. 30-34ft cruiser racer

    The gs34 look so good but at just over 4900 it is the same displacement as the sunfast 3600 but shorter, I hope it doesn't follow the Elan range and favour style over performance
  6. 30-34ft cruiser racer

    Which country and fleet? If you're used to planing boats then it may seem boring. The old style cockpit layout isn't to everyone's taste but otherwise it's a fairly good boat that will sail well to an irc handicap
  7. Banque Populaire

    Stability in terms of flight, after all a car is more stable than a tricycle or bicycle...
  8. 30-34ft cruiser racer

    They're pretty robust boats, what's age is it?
  9. 3Di NorDac

    We have a new 36' racer cruiser coming this winter which will have a J3.5+reef and a furling storm jib/genoa staysail built in 3di nordac, will report back when we use them
  10. J/88

    There are a few subtle differences, with a full crew of 7 it will get up on the plane in around 18kts of wind sailing vmg angles, 2 up that will be much lower. The 92s dspl/L is higher than the 88s when not taking into account the spinnaker size, the 92s carries around 82sqm and the 88 around 92sqm. The d/L ratio of the 88 is lower than the 92. In typical j boats fashion nothing is drastically diffent between generations but a few small things add up to make the 88 just a bit sweeter to sail
  11. Mini Transat 2017

    The mini transat Facebook page just posted a livestream of Lipinski crossings ahead by not much more than 5 boatlengths
  12. North sails ,pricing, discounts

    This isn't strictly true. The basics of the North material numbering system are; 5 = technora, 6 = aramid, 7 = dyneema, 8 = carbon and technically you can buy a raw sail without no carbon at all. So for example our J88 has a 3di raw mainsail and 3di raw J2 and they are 780 material, higher blend of dyneema and small blend of carbon. Another project coming soon will have a 3di endurance main and 3di endurance J2.5+reef but the material is the same blend and both are 780 material. The difference is the surface finish, the endurance sail has a protective polyester surface (traditionally the grey striped finish of earlier sails) and the raw sails use a different glue on the final layer, a raw sail can noticed by the tiny holes in the material just small enough to let light in and also in the light you can see the individual tapes and patterns. the new project will come with endurance, raw and nordac in the inventory so we should get a good idea of the characteristics of each material when compared.
  13. Mini Transat 2017

    Looking at the pictures of the boats leaving earlier in this thread it looks like Lipinski's rig on 865 is bigger than the others? Could be helping in the downwind stuff
  14. North sails ,pricing, discounts

    Dealing with them right now, this time of year is the best time price wise and on top of that they have trimmed a quote back 7% since start of discussions
  15. 25'-30' Sprit Boat For $75k

    the j92 probably won't plane easily unless it's blowing over 20. The Far East 28 probably will, just be sure to go larger on kite size than standard because it's a bit small, however it's an outboard engine boat. Option 3 is you buy a Farr 30 and have someone fit a retracting bowsprit for you.