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  1. JL92S

    New Mainsail - what sailmaker What Type

    A few weeks ago we completed the near 2000nm round Britain and Ireland race and we spent half the race with either one or two reefs in up to 45kts of wind and the main is as good as it was at the start of the race. Just one small thing is our endurance main is coloured black, the outer protective layer of endurance is made of polyester 3di tapes (Nordac) and can be coloured either white, grey or black. After reefing and generally handling the main the black dyed outer layer has worn a little (where the main has sat on the shrouds for example). To match your Nordac jobs I would advise getting the sail in white or grey and avoiding the decolouring.
  2. JL92S

    New Mainsail - what sailmaker What Type

    North trialled 3di Race which was aimed at the club race sub 40ft market which was based around 760 material. This product was about 30% cheaper than the raw sails hence why every other boat in the fleet bought them. However after a few races some boats found the sails were stretching out of shape and a couple of boats had holes appearing in the mainsail in the same place. Since then a couple of boats have chosen to explore 3di endurance or choosing an alternate sailmaker
  3. JL92S

    New Mainsail - what sailmaker What Type

    I race a sunfast 3600 and we have a broad range of 3di on board. Mainsail: 3di endurance, 780, 2 reefs J1: 3di raw, 780, hanks J2: 3di endurance, 780, 1 reef, hanks J3: 3di Nordac, 1 reef, hanks GS/storm jib: 3di Nordac, set on a furler to be used as a staysail all these sails were stiff when they were new, particularly the J2 when trying to hank it on the forestry. It’s worth noting that they all soften up with use. The stiffness of 3di is partly what makes it so effective. For your use 3di endurance would be ideal for a mainsail, lighter weight than Nordac, however it must be remembered that it will still be a pain in the ass the first few times you use it but even I noticed it soften even after one use. I would recommend 760 endurance that doesn’t have carbon in mainly because they sail will be slightly less stiff and more forgiving to trim and getting a perfect flake will be less critical. We also race a J88 which has a 3di raw 780M main and a 3di raw 780M J2. These sails were found to be far better than the 3di Race sails sold to the rest of the UK fleet, these sails proved to be a flop and have since been withdrawn from sale. Avoid them like the plague!
  4. JL92S

    Beneteau dropped the First line?

    The 18 and 24 are on show at Southampton boat show this weekend
  5. JL92S

    Sun Fast 3600

    Well done to Sunfast 3600 Redshift Reloaded on winning the UK IRC double handed national championships! 4 inshore races followed by a double points 75 mile offshore race Series Place Sail No Boat Type of Boat Owner Handicap Series Points Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6 1 GBR419R Redshift Reloaded Sun Fast 3600 Ed Fishwick 1.053 13 4 4 2 1 1 1 2 FRA35829 Cora Sun Fast 3200 Nigel Goodhew 1.001 25 2 5 1 3 7 7 3 GBR2986L Jubilee J/109 Christopher Preston 1.017 26 3 6 3 2 6 6 4 GBR5936R Game On Sun Fast 3600 Ian Hoddle 1.042 27 8 2 4 7 3 3 5 GBR3657L Bellino Sun Fast 3600 Rob Craigie 1.041 29 7 1 5 8 4 4 6 FRA43791 Shaitan Jpk 10.80 Jean-Eudes Renier 1.042 33 5 10 9 5 2 2 7 GBR7805R Jin Tonic J/105 Stephen Roberts 1.005 42 1 3 6 4 14 14 8 GBR979R Malice Hod 35 Mike Moxley 1.022 44 6 7 7 6 9 9 9 GBR795R Diablo Sun Fast 3600 Nick Martin 1.035 51 11 11 10 9 5 5 10 GBR8956R Mzungu Sun Fast 3200 Tony White 0.990 64 14 9 8 13 10 10 11 MLT105 Bigfoot J/105 Robert Nelson 1.001 72 10 14 17 15 8 8 12 GBR9197R High Jinks J/97 Chris Miles 0.975 72 13 8 13 10 14 14 13 GBR2904L Hot Pursuit Sun Fast 3200 Richard Lewis 1.001 74 12 17 12 11 11 11 14 GBR7383R Puma Reflex 38 Stuart Wilkie 1.054 79 17 13 11 14 12 12 15 GBR912R Polka First 34.7 Marcus Wareham 0.993 81 15 12 14 12 14 14 16 GBR4436 Blue Note Jpk 10.80 Stephen Hopson 1.046 86 9 17 17 15 14 14 17 FRA38418 Bouznik' Jpk 10.80 Francois Valraud 1.038 94 17 17 17 15 14 14
  6. JL92S

    J97 Tuning Hints

    It has been known to make them faster, they don’t even need wiring in
  7. JL92S

    J97 Tuning Hints

    Couple of big batteries in front of the mast step to trim the bow down Race with 7 minimum, sheet the main hard and hike like hell. Fly the A sail tack high downwind and heel the whole lot to weather, 170twa is your target angle Practice sailing wing and wing downwind
  8. JL92S

    Sun Fast 3600

    We might look at that as the next options, we had similar issues regarding the standard bowsprit early in the season, mainly bob stay stretch, we'll take what we learnt from that and apply it to the backstay.
  9. JL92S

    Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland race

    The race was a tough one, the first 3 days and in particular the Irish Sea really took it out of us making it hard to push when we needed to up the west coast. Massive congratulations to the Dongfeng boys on the Figaro 2 and also to Ian and Olly on the 3600 for pushing hard to try and keep up. My highlight was 24 hours of sending it under A3 in the day and then power reaching into the night on the west coast of Ireland
  10. JL92S

    Sun Fast 3600

    I think it’s regular sk75 dyneema. It’s not a bad system it’s just that with so many lashings and cascades and ‘string’ there’s lots of potential for stretch if not put together properly. Our own riggger re rigged and re spliced a lot of stuff done by the commissioning company after the first sea trial on the boat, I think now we will get him to replace the whole system with sk99 or sk90 and hopefully that should all work out fine. With the carbon rig being so stiff you need a lot of power in the backstay and therefore lots of purchase. It was mentioned in a previous post about additional winches offered by the German mainsheet setup, an option for the backstay could be to have those winches instead. A local JPK 1180 uses a pair of winches for that same reason. I think this could be the answer for the serious offshore or long distance ocean racer. Also i’d rather have cascades or winches over hydraulics. also I’ll check our backstay hull fitting too but ours hasn’t shown any signs of fatigue yet.
  11. JL92S

    Sun Fast 3600

    After nearly 2000 sailed miles I can report on how the 3600 fared in the little trip round the UK: Firstly it’s a tough boat, the conditions were pretty rough out there and all boats took a beating, only thing broken on the boat was a loose fiddle tail in the galley, I would recommend an extra hand rail and add additional screws in all the fiddle rails. Only other thing to get damaged was our saucepan after the lid got bend after flying across the boat after we took a breaking wave. The standard Jeanneau soft eye deck fittings are mostly good but one did weep after some heavy use, all extra soft fittings we had fitted were ropeye ones and they are lighter, simpler and don’t leak. Other than that the boat completely bone dry. the cascade backstay system is prone to stretch, before the race we could get 1.8t on the headway if we maxed the backstay, by the finish it was 1.3t would suggest other methods of backstay tensioning if you do lots of windy racing or ocean racing. the boat was quick on every point of sail. However it’s pretty damn uncomfortable! on a reach the strut worked really well. It’s biggest test came on the Atlantic coast, the wind at 20-25 average with 3m waves with squalls up to 35kts sailing at a TWA of 100°, we had a combination of full J2+ on strut and with a double reefed main. The boat was making between 10 and 12kts on average and 15 in the squalls with the pilot only needing up to 3° of rudder to keep the boat in a straight line. Fast but damn uncomfortable! Our fastest 24 hour average speed was 12.6kts... downwind flying the A3 from the pole worked really well in over 20kts. Downwind the boat will happily sail fast but you do still feel the weight if you drop off a wave and are reminded you’re sailing 4.8t irc boat. Top speed of the race was 19.7 in 30kts of wind with the A3 and full main. The staysail adds about half a knot in the right condition on a reach and downwind keeping the windward rudder partly in the water keeps you under control, flying the rudder can load up the leeward rudder too much and can wash out. Upwind the boat likes to be pressed. In 20kts of wind we would see 7.8-8kts at 45twa I’m flatter water we would be 7.4-7.6 at 40twa. the boat is getting a full survey which will tell us if anything structurally is wrong with it. The 2 frames that make up the forward end of the galley and chart table have come unstuck from the deck. I think this was only a sikaflex join/seal but it will get looked at. Standard gas bottle/pipe set up could be improved, the gas hose can squash in the locker, would recommend an armoured hose to prevent it. with the EFOY fuel cell we were never troubled for power although our instrument system did throw up low voltage alarm but after checking the battery it was fine. If specking a Super B lithium ion battery I would recommend the super b battery monitor as it’s more accurate than the standard battery monitor. About 5 days into the race we used the engine to give the battery a kick after a recommendation from another 3600 owner because the fuel cell charges at a fairly slow rate. In total we used 18 litres of methanol for 12 days at sea. This included running a laptop, 2 iPhones and an iPad Pro as well as the autopilot for 1800 miles of the 1950 miles sailed. We ran engine for a total of half an hour for the in the whole race.
  12. JL92S

    Sun Fast 3600

    Yes 3, we were supposed to be a class of 4 but sadly the owner of one of the boats had to pull out due to injuring himself. The start tomorrow should see 15-20kts from th south and decreasing into the first day. By Wednesday the first front will come through bringing SW winds of up to 30kts, this front will stall over the west coast and then get shunted by a bigger front towards Friday and into Saturday. We are predicted to be at the top of the course at this time. Wind speeds predicted to be 45+kts and seas at 4+ metres. It’s going to get pretty boisterous out there
  13. JL92S


    You will probably prefer the L shaped low vcg keel for the most part. The straight keel will tack better and be faster downwind but ultimately make the boat more tender. The L shaped keel is the tried and tested solution. Congratulations on your new boat!
  14. JL92S


    It's been a strong start for the 112s at cowes finishing 1st and 2nd in irc 4 on day 1. In first was Davanti Tyres followed by Leon ex. J Lance 12 in second
  15. JL92S

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    We had 2 J11s’s into the UK and one had a short prod and spinnaker pole and the other had a regular retracting sprit. A few recent Js have been designed without the sprit, the 100, 124 and 65 didn’t have sprits. With the more semi custom approach that J Composite have taken i’m sure you could order any brand new J from France (except the 70 built in Poland) and not have a retracting bowsprit.