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  1. Rad new Ran Fast40 for Niklas Zennstrom

    In my opinion we need people like him driving development forwards in the monohull sector at this size point. This boat (and GOF) has a few features you won’t find on a TP52, ultimately the advantage gained from these couple be undone by a wrong shift but it all adds up. They will still not find it easy, girls on film Ian a very similar boat and their already shit hot crew now have a couple of seasons under them. I just hope there’s a bit more media coverage than last year
  2. New imoca boats

    My guess is the steering system, tiller included, is still in the design phase and probably not the finished article we see in the rendering
  3. Rad new Ran Fast40 for Niklas Zennstrom

    It is very similar to gof, just the forward shape is a little more extreme, cockpits look very similar but i’m unsure if they’ll adopt the same aft primary winches for ran. Depending on result this could be the boat and team that wipes the fleet away, they have form in this, they had then TP52 back in 2008, the fleet died, they had the Farr 45 a couple of years later and sure enough people began selling up and another couple off years later the fleet died.
  4. J 121

    I have seen their J125 with the same layout and yes it’s to carry a code sail with greater luff tension that isn’t too large.
  5. J 121

    J121 Rock Lobster just finished it’s first IRC regatta in the UK, 2 days racing (3rd day cancelled) day 1 12-18kts, day 2 sub 10kts. They finished up 9th out of 16 entries in a mixed fleet of mixed 40 footers and some sportsboats
  6. Looking for Class 40 ocean sailing in europe

    North West France basically
  7. North sails ,pricing, discounts

    Over here in the UK Doyle abandoned its smaller boat market including some good long term clients. North are offering great service even at the most basic levels of sails like dinghies and small cruisers
  8. Help me choose: Sun fast 3200 or J109

    I have raced several 109s and have recently begun campaigning a 3600. Both boats are good to sail short handed but it depends on what is more important. The 109 will probably be the better cruising boat and perhaps the better boat for lighter Mediterranean conditions. The 3200 was designed from the outset to be a short handed racer with comforts and the interior is a little more sparse than the J but you’d find it better laid out for racing. Plenty of people have campaigned both as short handed racers (Blur might have a lot to say about the 109) and both have achieved good results. On the limit the 109 lets go sooner and the autopilot may have to work harder where the sunfast with it’s wide treason and twin rudders will cope better with being pushed. On balance with a J109 I would feel you get more boat for your money and will be competitive in lighter breeze. The Sunfast would probably be a more manageable boat when pushed but would be compromised everywhere else. J109 would be my choice
  9. New imoca boats

    I meant to say the remaining working foil. The stump was still stuck out for days until the weather calmed enough for him to remove it
  10. New imoca boats

    In interviews during the race he mentioned retracting the (remaining) foil when the breeze and boatspeed got up to not risk damage
  11. Wide boots

    Zhik seaboot, I have collapsed bridges in my feet so they are flat and wide. I tried the Zhik sea boots and they are the best fitting boots I've ever had
  12. Constrictor clutch as halyard lock

    We have had 8 installed on our new Sunfast 3600 to replace the standard Spinlock clutches and so far we are really impressed with them, holding power is good and if you milk the constrictor slightly it will hold without creeping. We are about to install a 9th constrictor which will hold our tackline.
  13. Is this the Figaro III?

    Unless you walk into Ancasta they'll sell one...
  14. Is this the Figaro III?

    Not sure vplp know what half arsed means... and besides the foil was only ever designed to replicate the stability of the water ballast of the old boats without adding displacement. Looks like an awesome boat and I'd love to race one offshore one day, or even short handed coastal races
  15. J 121

    So it would appear the J121 has an irc rating of 1.138 which is still non endorsed and uncertain if that includes the water ballast