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  1. JL92S

    the perfect boat

    I could be wrong but I think the Pogo 850 was the original pogo production cruiser following the Pogo 1 and 2 minis? Awesome boat, Atlantic worthy and practical. I think the bowsprit bolted to the deck is for mooring size, I know most of these boats all sit on tightly packed pontoon berths that you find all over north and western France. Not having it retract into the hull should keep the boat drier downstairs. It’s a concept they still use today. The JPK 960 looks like a cool boat too. France does churn some good little boats
  2. JL92S

    J 88 IRC rating

    Depends on conditions, in light airs the boat can be a weapon when sailed well, when it’s breezy the boat can sail to its rating too. Any racing in flat water we find the boat can be competitive, 10-18kts and lumpy seas is the worst conditions. In the light airs 2018 round the island race out of the 1600 boats to start we had the 12 fastest elapsed time of the entire fleet including the multihulls, we were an hour faster than a Ker 46!! but apart from this the boats are generally not good in irc. It’s a 29 footer racing against 36 footers
  3. JL92S

    Bella Mente Broke Their Rig......Again

    I think they’ve pushed the maxi 72s too far but that’s just what the class is. It’s followed the same direction as the TP52s. M72s were born from the mini maxi class which was born slightly from the STP65 class which were offshore going boats. But it’s the owners choice, if I want to see a Maxi 72 racing offshore then I need to work harder and build my own...
  4. JL92S

    Hydrogen fuel cell generator

    Bump. Anyone actually seen any of these fuel cells in the wild
  5. Rothmans would be a dog. Anything IOR will be a dog if it’s bigger than a half tonner. Farr 45 or Farr 52 would be your answer
  6. JL92S

    EFOY Fuel cell installation?

    There’s not much in the way of air blowing, mainly warm air radiating out the vent, up near the Shetland isles above Scotland the warm air was enough to dry or warm up hands, feet, socks etc. I would often prefer sleeping in the starboard cabin when it was much colder!! @Moonduster for us we have a smaller battery capacity (around 210ah) and find that the lighter battery setup combined with the fuel cell meant we have a more ‘power on demand’ kind of setup. On the offshore races we carry just enough diesel to motor ourselves back to shore if needed and no extra, the methanol containers could be placed in a more optimal part of the boat for weight distribution as well. Our offshore race lasted over 12 days and being double handed we focussed on giving ourselves less to do regarding the running of the boat so the automatic setting on the fuel cell took care of that, we have alarms if the voltage gets low so would be alerted if there was a problem with the fuel cell. The other nice bonus is by not having to start the engine we had 6 days of completely silent sailing and only ran the engine for an hour halfway round just to give the Li-ion battery a kick of higher amp charge as we were recommended to do.
  7. JL92S

    EFOY Fuel cell installation?

    We have an EFOY comfort either 140 or 210 fitted to our Sunfast 3600. Ours is installed underneath the bunk in the starboard aft cabin, it is set to automatic and cuts in when the battery level reaches a certain point and is entirely self managing. Our methanol container sits right next to the fuel cell and the waste water pipe goes into a plastic water bottle (similar to a sports bottle) and sits in a plastic bottle cage screwed to the ply under the bunk, once every 2 days it need emptying. The SF3300 has their pipe running through the bunk air and have the bottle fitted outside the bunk making it easier to empty. We have a vent to allow the hot air to escape and the heat produced is comparable to a diesel heater outlet on a low setting. We have a single Super B Li-ion service battery that took a little time to get the charging setup right but we found this to be partly down to the standard Jeanneau battery monitor not being accurate enough for the lithium battery but once we installed a Super B battery monitor this problem went away. The boat launched in March 2018 and sailed around 2500nm in that year including the 1950nm sailed in the round Britain and Ireland race as well as other offshore races in the RORC season. In 2019 we did 9 offshore races totalling around 2500-3000nm including deliveries and the fuel cell has never missed a beat. This year the boat will compete in 3 RORC races before sailing to Lorient and setting off on leg 1 of the Transquadra, in February 2021 the boy will set off on leg 2 from Madeira to Martinique.
  8. JL92S

    J 88 IRC rating

    Some other UK boats have tried smaller sails and the IRC displacements of the fleet vary by around 100kg (!!!!!!!!!) and various boats have different sized sails due to age and remeasures but the lowest rated boat sits at around 1.028 and the highest now is around 1.036. Our boat sits at 1.032, we’re the heaviest boat (2386kg vs sub 2300kg for the lightest) but we have full sized class sails.
  9. JL92S

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    I was mainly avoiding naming that as the reason but it is true, hopefully someone can pick up the brand before they fade away. Coming up to 1 year since his passing later this month.
  10. JL92S

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    The boat in question, Jet, has the flat keel, the Falmouth boat has the L keel. The flat keel has worked really well for the 4 112s. Everything points towards it being a competitive boat whether it be inshore or offshore, fully crewed or short handed which is why it’s a shame that no one has taken it up in the UK. It’s a super competitive market where no manufacturer can stand still, the Ofcet 32 which was a great boat wasn’t enough and Chantier Ofcet went under. In the UK the Sea Ventures SF3300 Fasttrack is being campaigned hard with skipper Henry Bomby sailing the boat nearly every day putting a heck of a lot of time into getting the boat as well set up as possible and probably establishing a fast setup and tuning guide for the proceeding SF3300s sold by Sea Ventures. Meanwhile the J99 Jet sits on a mooring gathering weed and it hasn’t moved in weeks.
  11. JL92S

    J/122 clutch upgrades

    They enjoyed their sail on your boat very much and have made it down to the Bahamas! Our lines are all technora/polyester braid covers so not sure if that adds to their grip but the diameter of the constrictor is specific to the nearest 1mm but no finer. They can be changed out if worn or if you wanted to change line diameter you can swap them out. You could maybe trial a single constrictor in your pit area and see if it works for you on your boat, if you don’t think it will work for your setup then at least you haven’t invested too heavily.
  12. JL92S

    J/122 clutch upgrades

    +1 on the constrictors, I’ve raced many 122s and the clutches never hold but to be fair they very rarely do on any production cruiser racer. Spinlock XX clutches should do the trick but make sure your halyards are also not worn out. The constrictors will hold and not let go whatever and for the holding power they should be a fraction of the weight of a spinlock XX and also cheaper, your crew would need an education in how to use them because they’re not as intuitive to begin with as a standard clutch with handle. We also race a SF3600 and switched every pit line to a constrictor, we run the spinnaker halyard 1:1 and fly a code 0 from that, we do the back stay eased clip the tack down, wind the halyard until barely able to wind anymore tension on and then pull the backstay on tight and the constrictor takes the load and doesn’t creep
  13. JL92S

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    The Southampton boatshow boat went to Falmouth. I assume J Lance got sold in France, the Transquadra race starting in July has 4 entered so this should be a good gauge of how they go in an ocean race. Competitors include Pogo 8.50/30, JPK 1010/1030/1080/38, Sunfast 3200/3300/3600, Figaro II and various others.
  14. JL92S

    Raymarine EV-100 tiller pilot

    Interesting I’d never seen the Pelagic system, I like the look of it
  15. Anyone had any experience with the Raymarine EV-100 tiller pilot? Our J88 currently has a st1000 pilot for deliveries but I question its performance for solo racing on a tippy boat such as the J88. Short of a custom installation the EV-100 pilot seems to be the most premium ‘plug and play’ pilot on the market.