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  1. JL92S

    2019 Middle Sea Race

    The Italian Clubswan 42 is putting in an amazing performance, as is the JPK 1180 Sunrise
  2. JL92S

    Clubswan 125

    I heard it’s the Gazprom guy. It will be a miracle if this thing makes it to the water. They had some serious issues building the boat, so much so that the finish on the first hull was so bad they scrapped it and started again
  3. JL92S

    ShortHanded Sub 40 foot

    The 3600 makes a huge amount of sense. XP38 a bit tender? The 11s sailed well but I only know of 2 that got built and inside you won’t find any standing headroom or much space at all for that matter
  4. JL92S

    North Helix Sails vs regular Code zero

    Got a picture of it?
  5. The 3300 and GS34 don’t seem like comparable boats. The 3300 is 3500kg, the GS34 is 4900kg, the 3300 has a minimal interior with less of an emphasis on finish quality, the GS34 has a cruising interior, the 3300 cockpit layout is optimised for offshore, solo or double handed racing. The GS34 cockpit is optimised for sunbathing...
  6. JL92S

    Main halyard locks

    Never used them but looked into fitting one of the head stay locks a while back https://www.alphalocksystems.com/
  7. JL92S

    North Helix Sails vs regular Code zero

    We nearly went with a helix zero for our J88 but ultimately didn’t due to the health of the class where we race and the dwindling value of the boat. But we determined that a helix sail could work on the bowsprit without a bob stay where a normal cabled A0 couldn’t. ultimately the sails do have a cable in them but a much smaller one. The main advantage of these sails seems to be the projecting luff. We have a SS on a sunfast 3600 that has a helix luff with no cable at all which makes the sail very light and easy to pack away
  8. This does open the door for the forthcoming first models, next year should see them unveil an irc boat around 35ish ft designed with the old team on the Seascape side of the company
  9. JL92S

    Minitransat 2019

    Since when did mini’s have AIS?
  10. JL92S

    Buying A New Sail

    Features such as vertical battens in the leech of a non overlapping jib can help to counter the loss in sail area. The tri radial should have a longer lasting shape to it.
  11. Just looks like a performance cruiser. The infused hull is a nice touch but it still weighs 15500kg before fluids and optional extras. To be a competitive boat it would need the 3m iron + lead keel, the carbon mast and a decent set of racing sails, by which time you’ll be into an extra £300k+. It will look right at home in st tropez where it will race once or twice a year. It looks good though
  12. JL92S

    Best Genny Sheets

    Probably just a dyneema core with polyester case should do it
  13. JL92S

    New Mainsail - what sailmaker What Type

    The proto mini 945 just won leg 1 of the mini transat and it’s using 3di Nordac for their upwind sails, big square top main on that boat
  14. JL92S

    Ultime / G-Class Development

  15. JL92S

    Production racer/cruiser with foiling

    Afraid this ones a proto. It’s gonna be a while before we see a full foiling racer cruiser. We’re starting to see foil assisted boats already.