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  1. JL92S

    Single Handed roll call?

    Hi Dan, this race included 2 weather mark roundings, I rigged the spinnaker in the forehatch for the first hoist as it fills sooner but still kept below decks. For the drops I have a retrieval line (you can just see it on a patch about a 12” above the foot in the centre) which I lead onboard of the D1 and back to the pit area and drop in the cockpit hatch, I release the pole first and take up on the retrieval line and then follow with the tackline and gather the whole foot before releasing the halyard. During a practise sail I tried rigging the retrieval line through the forehatch and into the cockpit so I could pull the spinnaker down from the pit but through the forehatch but due to the flush and square forehatch design the sail caught between the hatch and the deck almost straight away, a round forehatch or even a normal square lewmar one would have been better. If I continue to race solo I will run some spectra inside the boat so I can mount the spinnaker bag there and drop straight into it making a rehoist much easier. In the race I ended up basically throwing the whole sail out the cockpit to rehoist it.
  2. JL92S

    Defeats the purpose of the One-Two-One?

    This was a test day with North Sails last week. Some experimentation going on with the J2 in this picture. The flying JT in this picture has the new North/Future Fibres cable in it.
  3. JL92S

    31 does not go into 13

    When he went missing it would appear that he had probably spent the night in a jail cell then released on bail, I think his dad remained unaware at this time. The two had gone for a sail together on a Nacra catamaran shortly before he was convicted. I guess his dad knew about what had gone on and they just wanted to spend time together presumably before he was locked up. The pair once won Round Texel and are both very accomplished cat sailors. It’s safe to say the community in Hamble was very shocked to hear about this news.
  4. JL92S

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    All depends on what you want from a boat, I like mine to win stuff
  5. The last few generations have used a monolithic hull with ribs to add support (the previous generation Hugo Boss was 3mm in most areas, Comanche used a similar construction too) but I believe most of the latest boats (the VPLP ones I know about) are using foam core
  6. JL92S

    Connect with J/88 Oceanvolt owner?

    Pretty sure they only built 1 OV J88
  7. JL92S

    What is good helming?

    The one who gets you back to the bar first
  8. JL92S

    Sun Fast 3300

    In the UK the 3300s are getting into multi boat training and testing. They’re out nearly every day at the moment
  9. JL92S

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    The latest boat that will arrive in July is owned by a guy who tried racing an Elan E3. Arguably he’s bought the perfect boat for him but he’s a very small time club sailor who battles to finish within the time limits. The UK has a very high IRC bias and the the boats at the front half of each class are campaigned hard and can have (but not always) big budgets
  10. JL92S

    SH / DH Cruiser / Racer

    J122 would be a great boat
  11. JL92S

    Single Handed roll call?

    It was a competitive fleet out there. A mix of Sunfasts, a few other J boats and a JPK. Not the J88s ideal wind range but managed to grab 5th overall in a 34 boat fleet under IRC beating the SF3200s, J105s, J99, a SF3300 and a few others. Sadly didn’t have the speed to keep up with one of the SF3600 Bellino, the JPK 1010 Jangada, the SF3300 Fastrack–Leyton and the little MG346 that won the whole race.
  12. JL92S

    Single Handed roll call?

    had a go a couple of weeks ago racing the J88
  13. JL92S

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    There will soon be 3 boats in the UK. Not really caught on over here despite in the past being a big J Boat area. I don’t think any of them have/will race offshore
  14. JL92S

    Farr 30 revisited

    Sounds like they can’t decide what they want the boat to be. V1 had a really low rating, V2 had a rating too high, working on a V3... All the rating/performance bands have something sat in them that is already proven and racing. Low rated boats include the SF3300 at 1.030, mid rated would be the Dehler 30 at 1.080 and the high rated boat would be a Figaro 3 at around 1.130. Possibly a gap at 1.050 but such a crowded area to launch a boat, it’s around 2 years too late
  15. JL92S

    Ultime / G-Class Development

    They’re not very good at making their own luck. I feel bad for a friend of mine that sails on the boat, as far as I know he’s planning on trying to go round again