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  1. JL92S

    Classes that don’t allow 3di?

    Pretty sure there’s no film involved, just polyester and glue
  2. JL92S

    Sailcloth for replacement jib

    Considered polyester or polyester/aramid blend 3di?
  3. JL92S

    Spindrift 2 Jules Verne 2018

    Looks like they changed it then...
  4. JL92S

    Spindrift 2 Jules Verne 2018

    I wish the tracker was in NM and not KM, hopefully they’ll change it
  5. Wasn’t that impressed by the Colgates at UKSA. The 24 is hands down the better boat in my opinion. I’m not sure how price stacks up but the Bente 24 is another boat that might fit the bill
  6. JL92S

    What's a zipper luff?

    Different kind of zipper luff
  7. JL92S

    Seascape 24 in the works

    Are there any IRC numbers for a 24?
  8. JL92S

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    From what I could tell on the 88 the 99 doesn’t have to keep up with us and we were always looking over our shoulder and worrying about corrected times. The 2 races were very start dependent and we happened to get the best start and at times the 99 was keeping up. Also there were 3 88s in total and both the other boats got beaten by the 99 on handicap on both races and in race 2 the 99 was second on the water. It’s horses for courses, had there been 10kts or wind we would have struggled against them, had there been 25kts+ we might have been ok. For reference our 88 rates at 1.034 and Jenga 99 rates at 1.016
  9. JL92S

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/1507923799488151/permalink/2252249275055596/ “For Jongleur, J Dream and Tigris 2019 started on Sunday 6th January with the races 1&2 of the Frostbite series organised by the RSYC. Race 1: With a mostly slack tide the first race kicked off with a gentle 5-7kts from the WNW at 1010, the first start was made up of all classes, these included our 3 J88s, the new J99 Jenga in its first competitive outing, Beneteau First 40 Tilt, J92 Jackdaw, Hod 35 Malice and various others ranging from 20ft up to 40ft in length. The heavy pin bias combined with the short and crowded line made crossing the line on starboard very difficult. The light airs saw the advantage tip in the favour of Malice with their large overlapping headsail and the Js with the 88s and 99 mixing it amongst one another. Sadly for Malice they were unable to maintain this turn of speed and slowly slipped back in the fleet. With 2 strategies at play up wind Tigris made use of the greater pressure closer to the main channel to take an upwind advantage and with little opportunities for passing downwind allowed them to finish ahead of Jongleur and J Dream with Jenga 99 and various other boats splitting the 88s Race 2: Race 2 started using the same line as the race 1 but by this time a small ebb flow had developed and the wind was varying between 3-8kts meaning that the pin bias was still in play but would be as much if not more of a challenge than race 1. Having leant from the challenging race 1 start, the start of race 2 was on the whole more hotly contested and with only 1 windward mark and 1 leeward mark before finishing it would be a quick sprint round putting an emphasis on the start tactics and boat handling. Following some impromptu bravery, Tigris made an early break from the pin end of the line to pull out an early lead with Jenga 99, Jongleur and J Dream in hot pursuit. Downwind would see the Js extend their advantage over the rest of the fleet with only the First 40 being able to hold pace. A difficult leeward mark layline saw the fleet come in with a slow approach and compress. With tide now a factor the majority of the fleet saw it best to stay closer to the Netley shore on the final beat to the finish with Tigris taking the race followed by J Dream and Jongleur with Jenga 99 once again splitting the 88s. With no formal prize giving the crews made for the cafe at Hamble point discuss the races and wish one another a happy new year. We look forward to seeing everyone again for races 3&4 in 2 weeks time.“
  10. JL92S

    J 121

    The UK boat has yet to prove itself and was modified with a straight lead fin keel without bulb for irc racing. Everything points to it being a competitive boat personally i’m still waiting...hopefully a proven team can get their hands on one. A mate of mine is doing the Transpac on one this year so i’m eager to hear what he has to say
  11. JL92S

    Fastnet 2019

    I did the round Britain and Ireland last year, one could argue that’s a coastal race too...
  12. JL92S

    squaretop headsails?

    In the UK the number of boats has dwindled these last couple of seasons and maybe half the racing we do is irc racing and we’re now looking into minor optimisation. The class has been trying to come to a mutual agreement on how we can optimise our boats and still have class racing for the nationals etc
  13. JL92S

    Fastnet 2019

    We’re in!
  14. JL92S

    squaretop headsails?

    It’s just an optimisation for irc, reducing the luff length can trim points off the rating with minimal effect on performance, we’re thinking of doing something similar to our J88, we have a Sunfast 3600 also with a little bit of area taken off the hoist of the jib