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  1. New imoca boats

    In interviews during the race he mentioned retracting the (remaining) foil when the breeze and boatspeed got up to not risk damage
  2. Wide boots

    Zhik seaboot, I have collapsed bridges in my feet so they are flat and wide. I tried the Zhik sea boots and they are the best fitting boots I've ever had
  3. Constrictor clutch as halyard lock

    We have had 8 installed on our new Sunfast 3600 to replace the standard Spinlock clutches and so far we are really impressed with them, holding power is good and if you milk the constrictor slightly it will hold without creeping. We are about to install a 9th constrictor which will hold our tackline.
  4. Is this the Figaro III?

    Unless you walk into Ancasta they'll sell one...
  5. Is this the Figaro III?

    Not sure vplp know what half arsed means... and besides the foil was only ever designed to replicate the stability of the water ballast of the old boats without adding displacement. Looks like an awesome boat and I'd love to race one offshore one day, or even short handed coastal races
  6. J 121

    So it would appear the J121 has an irc rating of 1.138 which is still non endorsed and uncertain if that includes the water ballast
  7. J/70 IRC Rating and Performance

    I remember a few years ago they came in at 0.965ish but the boats are older nad the rule has been tweeked over the years so not sure what it is now
  8. 1st JPK 11.80 launches

    The first IRC rating i’ve seen for an 1180 is 1.102 but not endorsed
  9. J 121

    Saw a 121 arrive on a truck to Hamble at the weekend. I’ll be looking forward to seeing it out and about.
  10. 1st JPK 11.80 launches

    We have been through a similar discussion whilst specking a brand new sunfast 3600. Designers comments are flat keel should give lower handicap, better upwind in light to medium breeze and be lower drag downwind in all weather, the downside being reduced righting moment. Interestingly the J112 GP has gone up 4 points with no adjustments to the boat, it is suspected that it’s the flat keel and our trial certificate pre weighing and measuring for the sunfast has come in higher than expected. But back to the JPK I think it will be awesome and will clean up offshore and will probably cause irc to reconsider their formula again...
  11. Doyle Cable less Code Zero

    How has north got round the Doyle patent?
  12. Mods and IRC impact

    For a 36 footer a carbon mast will cost you around 0.004 also if your bowsprit is longer than the pole then that's the measurement they take for your rating calculation
  13. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    You'd be surprised how that boat behaves downwind. I've raced against her in a 48ft classic sloop in 25kts of breeze and they were far more stable than us. They put a a lot of time into their (modern) sail wardrobe and I think that's helps loads. Looks like it's shaping up to be a close race at the front, in typical fashion the coverage in the UK is almost non existent. No live feed replay available.
  14. J 121

    I'm not familiar with the category for "best crossover" did they create this catagory for the 121?
  15. J/88

    The 92s costed around £80-90k on the water the end of production about 6/7 years ago so in today's money it would be around 100k. An 88 currently is about £130k+ the keel construction on the 88 is more complex using a fin made up of a SS shaft with a fairing around it made of glass and like you say the carbon rig will add costs. When you break it down the two boats are more similar
  16. J/112E

    This particular boat has been finishing ahead of 122s on the water. The fin keel will mean less stability but with a crew of 10 that won't be a problem below 20kts. Currently the only competition to have stopped it's winning streaks has been the jpk 1080
  17. Dibley K250 Carbon

    Had you considered some HP30 racing in the solent?
  18. J/88

    Probably a J92s
  19. New imoca boats

    My friend races the circuit regularly, he says the concept of that boat doesn't work in waves, and that it is more ballasted dinghy than sportsboat. The costs even at this scale are pretty big with one of these still setting you back around €90k
  20. 3200 R2

    We have specced a new 3600 due to arrive shortly and went through the same discussion with the designer. The bulb keel ultimately has a lower cog but the fin keel has lower drag sailing downwind and tracks upwind better particularly in light airs, the fin keel is also fully lead and doesn't rust like then bulb keel does (there were some issues with 3600s with rust and some got retrofitted with the fin keel
  21. Banque Populaire IX

    Excuse my ignorance but what is fire arrow...?
  22. J/88

    Has anyone here with a US built boat experienced any faults with their spreaders? Mainly on the inboard ends.
  23. VOR65 - upwind angle with the zero?

    They have introduced the J0 this year as a bridge between the MH0 and the J3. It's a non overlapping masthead jib set on the bowsprit
  24. Middle Sea race

    The problem I have with Maverick is that it' seems seriously compromised when the conditions aren't suitable, in my opinion the base boat sucks as for the first half of the race they couldn't keep up with a clubswan 42 and were consistently outperformed by the 9 year old Ker 46 Tonnerre. They can bitch and moan about irc but for starters try beating conventional boats of the same length or shorter