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  1. Find a friend with a marine business who will buy you one part ez poxy. Wholesale price should be - $75 a gallon. Very easy roll and tip. If you decide to go cheaper... I have found rustoleum enamel paints quite durable. In many places under 30 a gallon and has a gloss factor which holds 3 years in California sun and environmental exposures including salt, higher levels of petroleum particulates In the air and serious wear & tear. A Citruis based paint stripper makes easier removal if you want to change the paint or decide that the color isn't right. In the end - a workmanlike finish has upsides rarely discussed because it means good tradesmen miss out on nice paydays. If you aren't entering a boat show and don't mind the subtle art of making it look decent at 15 feet... who really cares if it protects the hull and cabin as well as keeps water penetrating any substraight.
  2. RIP Bruce Brown

    Bruce showed showed us that we can have long stretches of endless summers. i fell in love with the pursuit of some amazing days being on the water (or on motorbikes), with good friends and being in the moment living in our beautiful world. His joyous approach was infectious. Imagine if we had a wonderous film that invited people to see what the best of sailing without the crassness of self serving egos and commercialism. Just boats sailing the best places with skill, friendship and sweet moments. i want to thank you, Bruce Brown, for shaping my world into my life long pursuit of the endless summer. I'll miss you for what you created and so glad I have copies of your work to inspire me to call up my close buds and go for those moments which make life worth living.
  3. Parting out Columbia 30

    Are you sure you can't give it to a homeless water person so they can live off the hook in Richardson Bay or repurposed as a meth lab... .oh yeah that is frowned upon.
  4. Car rental in Cabo

    Be prepared to pay several hundred more dollars than you expect in insurance. The shake down in Cabo is unbelievable. Consider this - Take one of the vans. If you don't need a car - you will save hundreds and not get stopped by federal police who will be active then.
  5. BITCOIN,,, anyone playing that game?

    If we are all kids, this bitcoin notion must be disneyland and with us standing in the parking lot waiting for a trusted grandfatherly figure to step out and welcome us. The beautify of bitcoin is the anonymity of the underlying cryptocurrency which hides the criminal’s identity. Today, smart contracts cannot easily obtain trustworthy data from the internet about illegal and criminal activity being noticed. Furthermore many of the people who are programming and writing these digital contracts are not interested in some historic law enforcement aspects or are bringing the same moral and ethical framework that makes us trust the transfers of money. Smart contracting is its infancy and have not yet come about in really meaningful ways. But advances in crime driven by smart contracts are emerging in lock step with development, aided by continuing improvements in anonymity technologies. Most of these upcoming systems provide what is called “conditional anonymity,” allowing some loose authorities to learn user identities selectively through a technical process. We can be certain that can involve courts or other overseers which no one who uses the technology would want to use to regulate when overseeing an international transactions, moving huge private equity and want privacy concerns. Where Bitcoin is prepared to shine is in the machine to machine business transactions. And there is the new frontier that few science fiction writers have ever explored. It further removes people from over seeing purchases and the ability to apply the breaks on them if they go against those most vunerable.
  6. BITCOIN,,, anyone playing that game?

    Many Chinese have figured out how to move money via bitcoin from China to the west . Once converted into bitcoin the money leaves Asia. It is laundered and real estate is being bought. you really need to catch the funk up.
  7. Sooooo perty...

    The car looks more like Beckisale's mother. Not bad it you aren't into fast performance, constantly into replacing suspension points and adding oil when you what to drive it hard.
  8. Humane options to Kill Raccoons "in a City"

    Before you relocate or terminate them - you will need work raccoon camps sir. As many of your followers have pointed out, there is still profit in their skins.
  9. Motorcycle Threads

    Then a professional trained emergency medical tech who sees this shit al the time tells you to get on a helicopter because he is concerned you are going to die. I have been there taking a hard ass tumble into the weeds a couple of times. Shock sets in and you do all kinds of crazy shit like showing up to work instead of heading to the hospital with a broken hand and ribs thinking you can walk it off. At 56, you let the professionals who just scraped your ass off the road make the calls for a while cause really you are not in the right state of mind.
  10. Motorcycle Threads

    Really? if the EMT tells you to take a helo to save your life are you really going to argue. He had a brand new motorcycle which was fully insured. And more to the point - Fuck dude, it is only money. I know people with fixed incomes who spend that much keeping their 15 old retriever alive for a few more miserable months.
  11. Motorcycle Threads

    He should have taken the helo. Moreover - they should have made the stubborn dude get on. If anything, he remained true to his self to the end.
  12. There was that time when I screwed up...

    Most of my screw ups are when I am singlehanding the boat. There are the usual groundings, becalmings, running out of gas kind of things. where I know i made a big, scary screw ups is when I took a silly or incomplete short cuts so I could go out. On a recent week I got call from old friends who wanted to go sailing. I had just rebuilt my traveler and had rerun the lines the day before of my boat. I had gotten my nicely appointed boat jewelry box out and pulled the first shackle which was undersized but looked it would match the lead main sheet block. I popped the pin in and loosely tightened it as I strung the line failing to snugging the pin tight or wrapping the whole shackle. In the morning - I got up early, filled up the extra fuel tank at the station, iced the beer, tucked the fuel tank into the rear of the cockpit, fired up the outboard, dropped dock lines and took the boat out singlehanded, and met friends on pier 1 1/2 in the city. I met them on the dock and we raised the sails once away from shore. We had a nice 2 hour mild lunch sail. I dropped them off and headed back to Alameda once raising sails. As I made my way towards Alameda, the winds picked up to a force 6, the bay became very choppy and warm day got chilly. The wooden boat I own heeled over and took off like a scalded cat making nearly 8s against an emerging ebb. Since the boards hadn't been wet for 6 dry months water sprung in through the fine cracks in the planks. Being a good sailor and loving my classic wooden plank on frame boat, I hove to check it out. With the sails set properly to stall the vessel. I noticed some water that caused the floor boards to float. With interest, I went below to investigate the microscopic fountains. Since I was down there, I turned on the electrical panel and began to hand pump out the bilge. After moving about 40 or more gallons of water in addition to the electric bilge pump tiny efforts (which unbeknownst to be was clogged due to a beer label), I had enough being a pump station and knowing the boat was sealing up to become water tight in the next few hours. Just as I was wrapping up the below decks cardio, I heard the boom break free. That simple UN-tightened shackle from the previous morning which held the main sheet block was free. The boat took off making me fall right on my ass and into the pipe berth. Within 5 seconds later, the boat went from 1.5kts to 6.5kts and gaining speed over ground. Barely 3 seconds later with me just rising out of my bunk, my newly painted vessel collided with a channel marker nose first throwing me to the starboard pipe berth nearly knocking me out. As I was thrown, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the additional fuel tank fly out of the cockpit into the water. Very shaken, I pulled myself up and out of the cabin, crawled into the cockpit. Released the lines. I began to sort out the boat. I saw the spare gas can in the water drifting back toward the bay bridge. The outboard remained with the boat but was in the lowered position. I went forward to the mast and lowered the main to get control back. As I dropped the jib, the howling wind died to a very light zephyr as if on a switch. The water flat. I went forward to check the damage. Considering the blow to the bow, the stainless nose and chain plate were serviceable. There was a lower bend but all in all - me and the boat were lucky. In making a numbed recovery, I squared away the sails with ties. got a new proper shackle out for the main sheet block and remounted it. Now being beat, I went to start the outboard to motor home. The impact must have made the float stick and the motor started but stalled. After many faulty starts, I gave up and sought to sail back to the slip. I raised the sails and slowly made it toward the mouth of the Oakland estuary. The wind continued to drop to nothing once I made the mouth. There I sat near the rocky shore just 30 feet off the bank. A huge container ship came in as I lingered there. I had to scull the boat to stay away from the shore as well as keep to away from the wake of the ship and tugs in the fully ebbing busy channel. Now completely dejected and beyond tired, I ended up calling my teenage son. He in turn called his friend. They ended up coming to get me in the super dinghy at 930 at night and using their little boat as a tug to escort me back to the slip. Once back home, I barely put the boat away and took them out for Mexican dinner. One simple screw up can change everything.
  13. Motorcycle Threads

    I could be receiving her as little as 2 weeks or as long as January. The bike comes with a 3 year 36,000 mile warranty. The reliability is enforceable with state lemon laws which really place the burden on the manufacturer. BMW is really putting themselves into corner. Blowing up a their brand over a 6k bike would devastating for BMW and their need to embrace emerging markets.
  14. Motorcycle Threads

    Girls love a good consistent thumper. I have found that best women don't care too much about a bikes hp but more about where this adventure was going to take them next. As far as know, most are willing to get and hold on to us - that's were the thrill is not the tool that goes way too fast. If I want to impress the materialist - I have a beautiful classic cafe racer which I suspect will gather dust. as for fire roads touring, camping and ability to carry a fly rod - the set up would be similar to any other bike. Soft bags and a hard case would almost be ideal. Carrying a liter of fuel in a small canister means 25 miles extra range. I have already done big adventure bikes and nasty dirt bikes. Sure they are great but this little big bike gives me 95 percent of what those bikes deliver. That missing 5 percent is the intangible which I can dismiss as subjective and can be reached on foot or by trailer. Now I have another buddy who want one - it makes three. We are already talking about putting on a trailer and taking them to Utah for morning rides, camping waterside and doing a little fishing among the red rocks next spring. It is turning out to be nice affordable toys that bring old friends with various economics together for shits and giggles. A return to a place where good, simple and affordable keeps our real intent in focus.
  15. Motorcycle Threads

    I have a deposit on the 310 GS. Very Excited about the light bike. perfect for urban riding and forest roads around the bay area. Still will keep the big old BMW for sentimental reasons. Selling the big boat - no slip fees means i can pay off the bike in a few months. I will be riding all wet winter, sailing a sports boat in a wet suit, crew on a transpac and saving for a cheapo euro trash charter come next September. Big changes for this kid! Update: My sailing buddy and fellow crew on ocean sailing just sat on the store G310 R after I told him about what i have done. He just dropped a deposit too. He figures it will take him on some good hard packed trails for fishing and light camping as well as ease up his city parking and traffic headaches.