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  1. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    How come when I read these threads about finding a 40+ perfect & expensive boat for a couple to cruise, i would rather have a smaller handier boat which can be sailed in relitive comfort or sent ahead on longer passages to see locations out of the way while staying in a nice Air B&B, a decent hotel with room service, learning a new language, meeting other people than other boaters and seeking the expereince you thought you'd have rather than the boat life you must have. Furthermore, if you sail with just personal clothing and possessions, you can pretty much rent any toy you would want in most places. It has been my experience that having a large boat sucks when if you have no choice to live on the hook rather than take 30 foot end tie in a nice marina close to dining options, supplies and other things. What really is the kicker, the money you save by having a small boat means that you can do so much more with your cash reserve. Since cruising is 90 percent waiting for a window to open - i'd rather be doing something more than baby sitting a boat with all my valuables in it. After coming back from sailing from Italy, Croatia down to Athens this past month, I saw the value of a smaller boat first hand. I learned that go small does not mean go with less comfort. It means go and see while keeping what your best end goal in mind. With that in mind, chartering, smaller boat ownership and short term comfortable stays on land might be the most brilliant of all choices.
  2. East Coast version of a Moore 24

    Yep. They are tough, proven boats with 53% of the weight into its long keel. Add good style points.
  3. asking for repair costs

    just ours. luckily the other boats shirted around us; i can remember one that passed within a foot making 7 knots.
  4. asking for repair costs

    Since you brought it up. I did obey the Colregs as best as could be expected. I did try to duck them but as we were sailing in a fleet of boats all with a right of way at or exceeding exceeding hull speed to my starboard quarter a boat length and a half away and 40 to starboard nearly as far as the ones in port. Moreover hitting them in the bow was far better than hitting them square in the cockpit of the sports boat where we were headed. We were lucky we did not sink or even kill them After our vessels collided, the skipper disclosed immedately that our vessel had the right of way and apologized saying he or his crew was not paying attention under a huge #1 jib on the give away tack. Had I made any other move than stand on vessel holding course , it most likely would have caused a serious pile up and cause more damage to multiple vessels and crew not to mention added to my own liability of not doing the right thing in the first place. How about this - I invite you to sail the next TBF with me or use my j24 to sail it yourself. Perhaps we will have the wind and current to give you a better understanding of the conditions. Hopeful it will a perfect day and i can serve you a hot meal sailing and fine whiskey afterward. It is the best way to start your racing season next year. I will pay for both boats entries and we have a match race if you want. Winner buys dinner.
  5. asking for repair costs

    How about I get her to the Med and you can sail her for 6 weeks between Italy and Croatia after we race Antibes! seriously. She would also be a winner in Seattle.
  6. asking for repair costs

    So I guess your struggling attack is the goal of a bored and lonely troll. all I did was post my painted boat and was glad to have done the work. obviously you have no idea what the TBF is, whether I had another boat which was registered but did not change to race this one. if I am allowed to speculate that much about your knowledge of sailing large bodies of water on the biggest sailing days of the year, I am taxed. when one does sail whether in a race or not, boats must obey rules of the road. You can fault me for sailing in the middle of a navigation channel with boats in a contest but when it comes to asserting my rights to sail wherever I can on a large open bay on a correct non wavering ourse and completely obeying the rules of the road you might be sniffing the wrong end of a dog to look for breath. it is far safer to sail with a fleet on a tack then sail through them. It might be hard for you to imagine 250 boats on a current with good wind. The windward leeward of the slot to yellow bluff to angel island is small when that day comes. Furthermore - when it came to my own responsibility, I covered most my own expenses despite what most wieners would have done and even more when the guy that hit me didn't bother to contact me. I would hate to consider what you would have done in my stead. Clearly you are not Corinthian enough in personal growth nor are you social enough to understand the flip side of sailing near your friends with a boat of your own to photograph them. Of course my opinion of you could be wrong but you then are quite anonymous in your kindness, attitude or even understanding of seamanship or rules of the road.
  7. asking for repair costs

    Baby is back with a dockside paint job.
  8. Harvey Weinstein

    Edited for region and industry. People are screwed up. Most can't separate work from personal life. even more so when your boss and you turn work into a life style. Powerful men are particularly bad at personal interaction and way too often forget that not everyone wants to suck them off both physically or emotionally.
  9. Harvey Weinstein

    Would it be better if the old fart was with a 20-30 year old ugly, fat betty? More importantly, think about how many of those hotties are paid escorts or otherwise in temporarily employed per the contract. Women seem to overcome advanced age, joie de vivre, and faux virility in their male partners for financial security, status and comfort. Besides how many blue pills can a old man take before he runs out of his own precious bodily fluids. I would suggest one to three encounters in a weeks worth of vacation or about 45 minutes of total time.
  10. So sorry that I missed that. This project needs to be stopped. Thanks for keeping us abreast. Next time - i'll be there to support the opposition of this plan.
  11. Opinions on basic/cheap wind instruments ?

    How cheap - like pieces of yarn from an old sweater, strings taken from a rope or used cassette tape in the high and mid rigging kinda cheap. A good windex, a decent mounted compass, a hand held compass and a old used iphone 5 with built in gps, a 10 year old Garmin gps unit for back up and a bunch of rechargable or a 24 pack of drug store batteries to go with it. All that for less than $150 all in. One clever novice could easily navigate cross an ocean with those tools. And yes, carry the yarn so if your windex breaks.
  12. Harvey Weinstein

    The real story is that when you are a young, bold and agressive man - you are a bad boy, in a good way to many women. When you are older, less physically desirable, richer and powerful - you become a sexual aggressor in need counseling. If you are less well off, you might be labelled a rapist.
  13. Harvey Weinstein

    How many of those rich and powerful fucks whom you sail as crew on their fancy boats do the same sexual predatory thing. And when they do, it is all one big fucking joke everyone laughs in the cockpit or at the bar. Where and when do you want to start pointing fingers...
  14. Napa Fire

    The air is quite toxic. No one wants to cause a panic. 2:30 p.m. San Francisco air quality warning: Air in San Francisco has been designated “unhealthy for sensitive groups.” Air in parts of the North Bay fire zone has been designated “hazardous” and “very unhealthy.” San Francisco air quality is predicted to decrease on Thursday to “unhealthy” for all. The San Francisco Main Library and the Chinatown, Mission Bay and Glen Park branches are open as shelters with filtered air, Mayor Ed Lee