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  1. This Farallon class is going to be something. 5 on the line will be something to see. Jennifer is a fearless captain on Ouessant means either you will have a blast or tested nerves! I am a bit jealous not being part of that fray.
  2. With so much fresh water moving through the gate, I would count on a bigger flood rather than published. Overshooting Blackaller and beating back from the south tower would be quite painful. Out of all the marks - the second one to me is the most problematic with many not able to react to giving the right of way or room at the mark. Way too often those folks are thinking about setting the spinnaker as soon as they make Blackaller causing all kinds of traffic.
  3. Lighter winds than today will a decent flood in the afternoon. Ideal conditions for many boats. There are 5 courses. Below is the most generalized one.
  4. Curlew is a great boat and growing up that must have been quite fun. You do come from a family of great sailors. Those who know you all, know that you are seriously competitive, knowledgable and fast. I have gone out a few times on readied bird boats. There is much to think about and actively do. Just because these guys are older and don't fly spinnakers doesn't mean they will be caught - they won't! I briefly had Kookaburra Bird #3 for a short period of time. Wanted her so bad but so glad to let another restore her at KKMI.
  5. You mean the Bird Boat? An Alden San Francisco Bird Boat design has been racing continuously on The Bay since 1922. (the first 3 built were built in conjunction with the St. Francis Yacht club then sold at lottery to returning first world war veterans. The lottery ticket price in 1922 was $10 each, with thousands buying tickets.) These birds have extra weight in the hull and keel to stay stiff against SanFrancisco slot winds. Despite their 204 PHRF, these boats constantly are faster than many newer, modern sports boats up wind. The class is easily the oldest one-design class on the West Coast, and is among the top 5, oldest classes in the USA. When they sailed in the 1930s, hundreds of thousands of people would come to see them race. The box scores would be in the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle. Birdboats sail as like Star boats except they will kill you with heavy low booms. For years, they were the boats to race here in San Francisco as many of the best sailors of the last century owned them. I know there will be at least 5 on the starting line this year.
  6. Super! Glad to see the the genius of Bill Lapworth being represented with this fine class. It get even better since she is returning from a nice stiff restoration and passionate skipper. Good luck and good sailing!
  7. It takes a whole lot of folks to make this event happen. The history of our organization traces its roots to the men and women who served to make the working boats & waters of San Francisco a vibrant part of our community when the hard working sailors began to recognize the need to take care of its own. Although the regatta today represents mostly recreational yachts with a few commercial vessels still participating, there was a time it had a greater meaning and often making the difference to many struggling families who lost their men to the sea. The name tags for the MMBA luncheon at the St. Francis were designed by me and used the artwork that hangs at the Inland Boatmens Union (IBU) in the union job call hall in San Francisco. This picture was painted at the time the Master Mariners Benevolent Association was the only welfare system for mariners and their families. It is the reason the organization was created and spawned the IBU which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year.
  8. The rule of tonnage often supersedes rules of the road when the wind heats up. This last year - I have been hit twice when racing on the bay - neither were clearly my fault and despite my best efforts to be situationally aware. We all need to be safe and aware that things happen fast. Lets make sure we have fun out there, share a good drink at the bar and be happy to be part of this grand parade.
  9. good for you to sail the spin cup. I like Sunda and will miss you out there. For those who do not know, that yellow seaborn boat is a thing of speed and beauty.