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  1. Black Jack

    Cost Of Custom Race Boats

    There Is another 1/2 toner boat in the classifeds. Truthfully it is irrational for me to keep working on my boat when this one is neatly sorted out. The exact materials to length to make my boat not longer exist in mass which sets the price beyond what I can afford even if I throw in my all my 401k and sell my kid’s kidney. When I look at my boats sister., I recognize the folly of my slow restoration. 30’ Gary Mull-designed PRETTY PENNY was built by Easom Boatworks in 1972. She is cold molded with fiberglass sheathing, Yanmar diesel, full sail inventory for San Francisco Bay, sleeps four, galley, VHF, instruments, Martec prop, recent haulout. A solid racer/cruiser, fast and easy to sail. 16k or reasonable offer.
  2. Let’s consider boats when raced single and double handed which in theory will win on time over what many consider sexier, newer models that are 10x the price. By defined measure, the Thunderbird is the sleeper boat. Ask anyone who has sailed many miles in and around Thunderbirds, they will confirm they are as fast, or faster, on most points of sail as boats that rate half-a-minute/mile faster (198 sailing like 150 phrf). The tight comfortable cockpit, cabin all suggest right sizing for such campaigning. Others can consider be a Cal 27 or Cal 29 to be sleepers. You could win the SInglehanded Transpac with a Thunderbird or a smaller Cal. Many forget displacement hulls have an advantage for many reasons: a heavier boat can be sailed closer to its theoretical potential speed longer and easier than an ultralight, the ability you can sail dead downwind, or even by the lee, at max speed while the faster boats are sailed at hotter, lifted angles with more miles often in the direction of lighter winds. If sailing longer distances, the sloping keels of the Cal might not catch the trash in the water which modern keel designs are more prone to do. If anyone who is the market for a single double handed campaign boat would be amiss not to at least consider an older boat (which too many are ready to toss into the raceboat history bin). In truth, these older boats will beat a Moore 24 or a Capri 30 in normal given conditions, prep time and similar wallets over a season or in a long ocean race.
  3. Black Jack

    1D 35 for short handed offshore

    We are just finishing up a complete refresh of a 1D35. If you are looking for inexpensive ride, you might look elsewhere. The loads on the boat really suggest 4 plus but the boat can conform to double handing. 2 guys on the edge really rode the boat hard and put it away wet. I imagine a refresh of that boat puts you closer to a nice J.
  4. Black Jack

    Black Widow

    bump. what has the stability/durability of black widow bottom paint after burnishing been after being exposed to intense UV and long term marine exposures? Is the paint holding up between the waterline and the boat stripe? would you use it again next time you haul and do a bottom job?
  5. Black Jack

    Depth Perception vs Boundary

    We finally made it out this week. Hope we can catch you in the next one.
  6. Black Jack

    San Francisco's Master Mariners Regatta - 2019

    Great day of sailing. We may have lost an old spinnaker under the keel. We cleared it out and gathered the shreds back into the turtle bag. Sailed wing on wing keeping up with the fleet but still trailing at the end. The boys now are part of the crew. They are jacked to race and cruise. Their sailing future looks bright.
  7. Black Jack

    San Francisco's Master Mariners Regatta - 2019

    I have had some really good times sailing this regatta over the years. This one is special, my son now 19 has taken a shine to sailing the family boat. I could not happier that he served as budding a bowman. We all worked hard to get her ready. She hasn’t sailed in 18 months, her bottom was so dirty, the many pieces of jewelry scatter between storage, garage and boxes in forward lockers. The young bowman got into the water and did a proper cleaning! The Hooka came out after he was sufficiently tortured.
  8. Black Jack

    San Francisco's Master Mariners Regatta - 2019

    Other boats which will wake the bay on Saturday
  9. Black Jack

    San Francisco's Master Mariners Regatta - 2019

    Smallest boat in Ocean 2 and with really old sails, I will have some of the best hours per boat dollar spent than most. She may even have a chance to take first if we sail well and make no mistakes. Deck has been repainted white/cream and the hull white in primer. Teak oil on the wood. I have all summer to make her beautiful enough to deserve the title.
  10. Black Jack

    San Francisco's Master Mariners Regatta - 2019

    Farralone Clippers are beautiful and in my class
  11. Largest Classic Boat Regatta in North America. Who's in? We are in Ocean 2 - 17 mile course. Master Mariners Regatta Sailing Classes BS – Big Schooner M1 – Marconi rigged vessels 40 feet on deck and over M2 – Marconi rigged vessels 35 feet to less than 40 feet on deck M3 – Marconi rigged vessels 30 feet to less than 35 feet on deck M4 – Marconi rigged vessels less than 30 feet on deck G1 – Gaff Rigged vessels 40 feet on deck and over G2 – Gaff Rigged vessels 30 feet to less than 40 feet on deck G3 – Gaff Rigged vessels less than 30 feet on deck OCEAN 2 (O-2) – Yachts over 30 feet to less than 40 feet on deck with NC PHRF Ratings that choose to compete in this class OCEAN 1 (O-1) - Yachts over 40 feet on deck with NC PHRF Ratings that choose to compete in this class FARALLON CLIPPER – One Design Class racing in the OCEAN 2 class BIRD – One Design Class BEAR – One Design Class L-36 – One Design Class; The L-36 Division will be non-spinnaker
  12. Black Jack

    Car Wreck Anarchy... Diminished Value?

    that is why you ask for them to keep the whole pile of broken parts for you to review and list of materials. if they are not then they are committing fraud. You also have the right to see all the receipts for all replacement parts and services. ask them to take photos too of the entire repair from start to finish.. In cases like this, it pays to be nice but real prick. Nice and accepting people get fucked in the car repair industry and insurance repairs.
  13. Black Jack

    Car Wreck Anarchy... Diminished Value?

    Take the car to the most expensive body shop in town of your choice... a place they do repairs on exotics and high end vehicles. Tell them you want it to be perfect.As it was new because you need to be sure you are safe. Have them replace everything even things that might have been damaged to the slightest detail. Tell them you hear even a rattle or feel unsafe you'll refuse to take it until fixed. You only want genuine parts with all the parts listed and all removed stored afterward so you can check. If you do not see all the parts replaced then you will not take it. You will not comprise. Your given estimate will come in at the total value of a perfect car. Until they fix the car, you want a free rental of greater quality than your ride where you can drive the pants off of it until completely perfectly whole.
  14. Black Jack

    SailGP SanFrancisco practice starts up.

    I knew you’ll get a round to it soon enough. As an event reminder, weed is legal. Please buy from a responsible, city approved vender.
  15. I guess the San Diego SA folks can’t be bothered... copied and pasted... The U.S. was the first boat on the water, grabbing the attention of shore-side and on-water viewers alike. Each SailGP team will be racing identical wingsailed F50s, which have been specifically designed and engineered for SailGP competition. These technologically superior boats showcase the most precise and skilled sailing in the world. Capable of reaching speeds never before seen in on-water racing, the hydrofoiling F50 is powered by a 78-foot wingsail and features cutting-edge technology that's been in development for nearly 10 years. During San Francisco competition, sailors are anticipated to break sailing's elusive 50 knot barrier, which translates to astonishing speeds of 60 mph. The boat now features the Statue of Liberty on both the wingsail and on either side of the hull, adding to the patriotic flair of the boat sailed by an all-American crew. "I love the new branding," said helmsman Rome Kirby. "We changed it up for the U.S. debut and are excited to get the new look out on the water. It's going to unreal to watch these boats in action. It's so intense on the boat, and I'm sure you can see that off the boat. There is a high chance we will break the 50-knot barrier. It will be a wild ride." SailGP is redefining the sport, offering the next generation of high-adrenaline, competitive sailing. Bringing the sport closer to fans than ever before, spectators in the Bay Area will be afforded the opportunity to witness the action up close as teams representing the United States, Australia, China, France, Great Britain and Japan battle for the title on May 4 and 5. Erik will be taking some super shots. I will buy a few this time.