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  1. Buying a J/80...

    Sounds exactly what I need. Thanks!
  2. Buying a J/80...

    Since the thread is still quite active... How is the J80 as a camper/weekender?
  3. There is really only one boat. A true Colin Archer. It will open doors and be accepted in more places all along the north sea and channel.
  4. Buying a boat without a broker?

    A haul and a strong survey with a real nitpicker will reduce the price to cover the effort. Don't fall in love and be prepared to walk away. One more thing, let the owner of the boat let you sit on the boat for 1 hour by your self before you hand over the check or sign the title. Really take your time sitting in the cockpit, in the saloon and foredeck. Own that boat for the time in your mind - take it everywhere you would want to go, imagine you with your significant other on it, cruising or racing with your friends. If you are not thrilled more after a hour, walk away with no regrets. That simple mental/emotional action will be as nearly as much fun as owning the damn thing.
  5. Motorcycle Threads

    A hat, sunscreen, comfortable walking shoes, access to water and a foam seat... walk the around the track before it gets too hot. you will be able to pick your perch for the big race. Remember Stoner and the Doctor at Laguna... 2006. Even Nicky was in the mix for a while but couldn't keep up the pace. a great motorcycle memory. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JY9mrKR5SkA
  6. Motorcycle Threads

    Sorry but that Texas circuit ain't Laguna Seca. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ncgT008MxI
  7. Anybody repower with a Torqueedo Pod here

    On the head exactly! Only child going away to school with a wife who wants to do more travel with me as well. Work is busy and good and life is flying by faster than ever. All boats require some effort in addition to cash. A wooden boat to bring back takes a bit more. It is nearly all emotion with this one. I have carried an article from a yachting magazine about her which I kept in a scrap book from back when I was a kid who loved sailing, racing and going to sea. When I moved to San Francisco years ago after serving in the navy, I looked for and followed this boat for a bit as I learned some boat repair skills and took some hard lessons in boat ownership. When I finally got her, I plugged along and got most of it. Lat spring I had a serous mishap with trying to get the existing outboard while solo sailing which really reset the my frame of mind and caused more work to be done which I stalled upon doing. Recently, I got a copy of her sailing/winning in 1969 done by Diane Beeston and it was the impetuous of this inquiry that goes a bit deeper than repowering.
  8. Anybody repower with a Torqueedo Pod here

    That's what i would say and well as what most my friends say to me too.
  9. Anybody repower with a Torqueedo Pod here

    Crash - I may be a fortunate one with this boat and it adaptation. It would be hard to find a better old boat to pod conversion. Where the old palmer 60 was would make for a great saildrive pod placement. With plenty of space and huge reinforced floor just under the companionway ladder. I do have some skill and passion but there is always more going on with life too. A son starting college puts a real dampener on going all out. Sure I can sell the boat as it and maybe I should. I am sort of at a cross roads, I have this great boat with a storied past that I lusted after in my youth which I felt needed to completed. I should/could just pull the cord on the project but I am near 85 percent complete. Quite hard to walk away.
  10. Anybody repower with a Torqueedo Pod here

    This may be true. The same could me made for small outboards too More to the honest truth - It is hard to justify repowering a boat for twice what is is worth. I can put $10,000 into a electric propulsion system. I can put $20k for a proper marine engine. If I sold the boat repowered in three months - the net value of the bloody boat is nearly the same and just 3 to 5k more than it is worth if I do nothing at all.
  11. Anybody repower with a Torqueedo Pod here

    A new boat like the Hanse 315 with a new diesel is the most practical solution and does make sense in most aspects. Electro propulsion is the costlier option as there is added features to make it more practical and grant the crew the ability of power on demand. When I walk the many docks here in the San Francisco Bay area, I see many more outboards hanging off older boat transoms. I can guess that most of the boats that came with inboards were frozen a long time ago and were switched over to outboards for cost reasons just like mine. And like mine, many of them have had their propulsion systems completely removed along with the tanks and controls. As mostly solo and frugal sailor who likes to race SSS, i respect the cost and connivence of the outboard. As a practical matter - these working outboards on these boats are good alternatives if one deals buttressing up the transom to enable a proper outboard mounting, regularly services the melined thing, places a cover over the cowling to keep the elements out, uses only fresh funky California fuel and provides good fuel storage while in boat operation. That said, as a guy who fits most of the demographics of our sailing community, I don't like hanging over the side boat raising and lowering the outboard or getting it started when it gets rough or needed. In my old wooden racer which may get the repower, a Volvo D1-13 (or other maker) with or without saildrive will run me at at least 20k. The boat will be out of the water for a month or more. The interior will be torn up, new holes cut and storage space eliminated. I am guessing the restoration and patching of wood and fiberglass will add nearly 100 hour additionally to the install. On the other hand, I can do the pod install myself and buy $2000 worth of batteries (which will get me that 30 mile range), be out of the yard in a week (with a bottom job included) all for less than 10K with no ugly outboard hanging from my boat's transom. And most importantly, i will get a better safety factor when I need to get out of harm's way or get to safe port while keeping in the bay or a weekend cruise. ------------------------------------------------------ I started the thread to see and hear about installs, experience and photos. SA community does not disappoint in their ability to thread drift.
  12. Anybody repower with a Torqueedo Pod here

    care to elaborate on this as I am trying to understand the comment. I can't see this being an issue for most diligent and pragmatic sailors who keep a slip and thier typical use of a day sail. Any prudent sailor would have a backup solution for power and/or propulsion to get out of an emergency. One would not leave the dock with 2 gallons of desiel if they knew they were going for more than 15 miles from the dock/fuel access and with that logic the same would be the same with a electro propulsion system.
  13. Show your boat sailing thread

    I believe it is.
  14. Show your boat sailing thread

    Here is my boat racing in 1969 taking the Perpetual Cup in San Francisco just after a successful (nearly winning) the SORC series. Note some of best sailors of the era on the boat.
  15. Was hoping to hear from someone who has installed and uses a torqueedo pod... Product description High-efficiency pod motor (fixed position), 5-6 HP equivalent (2.0) or 8-9.9 HP equivalent (4.0) Please note that the Cruise comes with the propeller (1954-00). A folding propeller (1932-00) is available as an accessory. Ordering information Equipment included: Remote throttle, integrated on-board computer with GPS-based range calculation, 25 mm² cable set (3 m) including fuse and main switch, with weedless propeller 1916-00 Warranty: 2 years for non-commercial use Was wondering if any has repowered with a torqueedo pod here or know some boat that has. Ok, I recognized electric propulsion may not all there yet but this might be a great solution. For someone (like me) who has an older boat but does not want to put a inboard fuel motor in and has no big plans to cruise for weeks it might be the best alternative. At around 5k, it is 1/3 the cost of a new or repower or about 2.5 times a similar outboard of the same power. The pod can be installed in less than a day. The range at half power could be 30 miles or more depending on set up which would take a 7000 lbs boat to hull speed. Weighing in at 15kg plus 4 deep cycle marine batteries - maybe a good choice for folks like us.