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  1. Black Jack

    Pros and cons of sailing to see the world vs other means.

    Green card insurance runs about 200 a month for liability. buy it when you ride. park and disconnect the battery when you don't. If it is a one off then rent a bike. You don't need big power if you stay of the Autostrasse. You will find most days you will be happy if you do 75 to 100 miles, stop for a coffee, flirt with shop keepers and have 100 in the pocket for a hotel for an overnight and dinner. It is one of the most civilized things you will do and best of all - Europe respects and encourages motorcycle travel.
  2. Black Jack

    Pros and cons of sailing to see the world vs other means.

    Its my bike... I sent it to Europe in February. It was one of the most brilliant things I have ever done. I now pay for storage there and insurance for riding. I figured that if I can ride it 4 times over the next 2 years... I am way ahead of renting. It also gives me a reason to go back."
  3. Black Jack

    Pros and cons of sailing to see the world vs other means.

    There are so many ways to see the world. I just did solo 1800 miles in 10 days, 6 Countries from Hiedelberg Germany to Como (where I met my wife) and back via the Alps. Was one of the best things I have ever done. Will go back in September to do the French Rivera and some sailing out of San Tropez. My trip costs was 500 dollars round trip from Oakland to Europe, 1200 in gas, food, hotels and extras (i lived well!). average hotel costs were 50 to 70 a night with amazing breakfast included. Super dinners @ 12-15 euros for meals with craft beer or regional wine... you would pay triple for that in US and Canada and not really like. A day on Lake Como.
  4. Black Jack

    Pros and cons of sailing to see the world vs other means.

    This can be considered cruising... 10 days, 6 countries, 1800 miles staying in comfortable places and eating well.
  5. Black Jack

    Sterling Hayden

    As I heard it from the men who sailed and drank with him... Hayden would screw you wife down below in a blow while you singled handled manned the helm to keep her off a lee shore, We admire the brashness of a handsome asshole who would skip on paying the bills. He was the internet sensation when life magazine was the medium.
  6. Black Jack

    Motorcycle Threads

    A harder working wife. With a bike like that - I won't have time to work.
  7. Black Jack

    Pros and cons of sailing to see the world vs other means.

    The purpose of traveling the world is to see things and meet people. to get to those goals - it might far better to do that on an adventure motorcycle (of any size) and then rent or crew on a boat when there is a thing you want to see by water. with the advent of the internet, airbnb, couch surfing, tents, it actually is quite reasonable and enables you to explore the world much more fully than ever before.
  8. Black Jack

    Stemhead chainplate recommendations

    Would like to very much. Right now I am looking at a $500 difference. my goto Ballanger Spars told me they were too busy to do any custom work for me with a condescending tone...
  9. My 30' custom sloop needs a new stemhead and chainplate as the stainless is failing and rust is between welds due a serious collision last year.. I got one bid but it seemed high. I think I can buy on off the shelf one for a J30 or a Farr 30 that could be under 200. I was also considering just a heavy duty tang and a plate. Got any suggestions for me to consider?
  10. Black Jack

    Race flag ownership

    FYI - In the Master Mariners in San Francisco, the yacht is the member not the owner. When the member boat races in the Master Mariners regatta (a 151 year old racing tradition) the pennant is suppose to stay with the boat. Most people follow that so the next owners has a vested interest in keeping with the tradition and remembering the good will of why the organization was created in the first place. The race was initially a way to raise money for the lost seamans' widows and orphans and now is used to for benevolent funding for education grants, sea scouts and other worthwhile traditional maritime projects.
  11. Black Jack

    Henderson 30 vs quest 30

    lets crack this door open a little more with a boat that is more solid and give nice performance, The Humboldt 30... PHRF‎: ‎102 (average) Boat weight‎: ‎5,050 lb (2,290 kg)
  12. Black Jack

    Buying a J/80...

    Sounds exactly what I need. Thanks!
  13. Black Jack

    Buying a J/80...

    Since the thread is still quite active... How is the J80 as a camper/weekender?
  14. There is really only one boat. A true Colin Archer. It will open doors and be accepted in more places all along the north sea and channel.
  15. Black Jack

    Buying a boat without a broker?

    A haul and a strong survey with a real nitpicker will reduce the price to cover the effort. Don't fall in love and be prepared to walk away. One more thing, let the owner of the boat let you sit on the boat for 1 hour by your self before you hand over the check or sign the title. Really take your time sitting in the cockpit, in the saloon and foredeck. Own that boat for the time in your mind - take it everywhere you would want to go, imagine you with your significant other on it, cruising or racing with your friends. If you are not thrilled more after a hour, walk away with no regrets. That simple mental/emotional action will be as nearly as much fun as owning the damn thing.