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  1. SoCal Race M&A

    They are working on YB trackers for all entries in all courses.
  2. SoCal Race M&A

    A number of people had registered for the Border Run, a few had paid fees. We are working with Border Run to unwind these. Cancellation, refund, and re-register is the most likely solution. We intend to contact all so involved in the coming months.
  3. SoCal Race M&A

    It is official as of last night. NOSA ratified a contract acquiring the Border Run race from XS Sailing. The two Border Run courses will be integrated into the Newport to Ensenada International Yacht Race event, which will offer 3 courses in 2018; Newport to Ensenada (N2E), Newport to San Diego (N2SD - Border Run), & Newport to Dana Point (N2DP - Border Sprint). Also new is that the N2DP course will offer small one design classes as well as Portsmouth for beach cats and non-one design small boats. All starts are April 27. All courses share in all activities, like the Thursday night pre-race party at the Balboa Yacht Club. It'll probably take a few days for PR and website updates to catch up. NORs will be up in a few weeks. Registration starts 1/1/18.
  4. Make N2E Great Again

    Good thing we're not going to Cabo then. You can find bad news closer to home http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-crime-stats-20161227-story.html http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/public-safety/sd-me-county-homicides-20170226-story.html Crime occurs everywhere there are people. We have 0 violent crime against participants in 70 years going to Ensenada.
  5. beach cats in the ocean?

    Organizing Authorities like NOSA, prefer classes that have Class rules, SERs (If US Sailing doesn't have one), and rating system. Is there a Class/Organization for offshore beach cats? Is there an SER from US Sailing for beach cats? What rating system should offshore beach cats use?
  6. Make N2E Great Again

    N2E normally opens registration January first. Is there an advantage to starting registration sooner?
  7. Make N2E Great Again

    Its a close call. I think there were 8 boats last year that chose this course, SD-Ens. It is a significant amount of extra work to set up a separate start, check in, etc. For 2018 the board decided to drop it. But this could change.
  8. Make N2E Great Again

    Yes it is. That is why NOSA is taking over management of the Border Run and combining it with N2E, as one event, all boats starting on the same day, same start lines, same parties, etc. There are details being worked out, so keep this confidential, ok? Racers will be able to choose between N2DP, N2SD, or N2E.
  9. SoCal PHRF Corinthian rating

    As I understand it, effective Nov. 1st, SoCal PHRF is discontinuing Appendix D for Cruising Class Racing. Appendix D provided rating adjustments for cruising gear carried, and allowed this to be part of a motor use class. N2E & SB-KH both had cruising classes based on Appendix D in their last races. You are now referred to Appendix F describing a Corinthian PHRF rating that some boats can opt for, instead of a Regular PHRF rating. Both are PHRF ratings and a boat may only have one of these. I believe the intent is to allow a stripped out racing boat with a Regular rating to race more fairly against a boat carrying cruising gear with a Corinthian rating, and attract more participants. One direct outcome of this is that the N2E Cruising Class will no longer include a rating adjustment. Boats will race under their PHRF rating, Regular or Corinthian. NOSA will only define the motor use penalty. So virtually no change to Cruising classes for racers with Corinthian ratings. Corinthian rated boats can also race in the Sail only classes against Regular rated boats. It seems that any boat who qualifies and gets a better rating would opt for a Corinthian rating. Yet they seem to be about 7% of PHRF rated boats. Why do you think so few boats have chosen Corinthian ratings?
  10. Make N2E Great Again

    I don't think this list has missed any. I'm told a quick comparison shows N2E participation dropping proportional to PHRF membership, which represents sailing popularity locally. This suggests that our problem is the dropping popularity of sailing, not specific things we are doing wrong. It means we need to look at how to attract new sailors.
  11. Make N2E Great Again

    Kinda of my thoughts also. All single value rating systems get increasingly less accurate proportional to class boat performance dissimilarity. So people might agree that ORR is more accurate than PHRF in general, but in the N2E race we have a lot of close, tight, PHRF classes. Nothing is more accurate than racing against similar boats. I am not aware of a group of ORR boats waiting to participate. I think we would easily add an ORR start-class or an ORR sub-class if there were 5. Have them contact me.
  12. Make N2E Great Again

    What would you suggest?
  13. beach cats in the ocean?

    PBYC in Ventura ran an around Anacapa race recently, that included 2 beach cat classes, 14 boats in all. 34 miles. It included a shorten course option and chase boats. It looks like NOSA is adding a N2DP (14 nm) and a N2SD (70 nm) courses to the classic N2E course. I pinged the 14 beach cats mentioned above and got some interest in one or both of these courses. Anyone else interested in this? We are discussing adding a beach cat class.
  14. Make N2E Great Again

    They aren't rumors. "Exercising caution" is good advise for them to give. Racers have the option to stay inside the Coral Hotel resort with its great party and it's security. Or to exercise caution at night in other places. There are a lot of places in SoCal where I'd suggest you exercise caution at night. Like any place with a lot of partying going on. To the best of my knowledge, we have never had a participant killed or injured from Mexican criminal activities. My crew and I always manage to exercise caution and have a great time.
  15. Make N2E Great Again

    Thanks for all the input