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  1. SoCal Race M&A

    It’s included in the entry fee
  2. SoCal non-spin

    This is the crux of the issue.
  3. SoCal non-spin

    Let me know if I can assist
  4. SoCal non-spin

    Do you want to race downwind 120nm without a spinnaker? N2E is a 120 nm, usually, mostly, downwind race. As such, we've never thought there were many people who wanted to race it non-spin. We have the CRUZ non-spin class, but CRUZ allows night motor use and is limited to boats slower than PHRF 60. So if you have a faster boat, and want to race non-spin (perhaps as part of your Double Handed program) we don't have a class that allows you to benefit from your PHRF spinnaker offset. We have one entrant that would like to do this. If we can find him some like minded people, I might be able to get the race committee to create a new class for this group. And where better to find people with unique ideas on racing fun than the SA forums. Anyone?
  5. SoCal Race M&A

    NOSA used to sit around in closed door meetings making up new safety requirements. While their intentions were good, the results were worse than the USSERs I think. Certainly less consistent with all other races. Virtually all races are run under US Sailing and their Racing Rules of Sailing. They have published their SERs. NOSA is trying to make minimum waivers, not revolt against the idea of USSERs. There is a culture of we don't need no safety rules in sailing, that should be countered, IMO. We don't need a nannie state, but rather some balance. We have had fatalities in California sailboat racing that were preventable. A near miss in Ventura was a 20 nm race around an oil rig. The wind came up. A man overboard without a PFD. The waves were big enough to obscure visibility and enough wind to make sail handling difficult. Boat after boat sailed by without seeing him. Luck in the form of an oil worker on the rig, with a good high view, vectored in rescue, otherwise... Next time no oil rig. A PLB would have saved him. A PFD would have provided a lot more time. Regarding your specifics, An EPIRB is nor required in Coastal, a PLB ($244 on Amazon) will fill the requirement. Jacklines could be simply spectra line rigged. The concern with the Regarding Velocitek, I don't think I've owned a piece of electronic equipment that hasn't failed at some point, usually at the worst possible time. Back up is good. What will you use when it dies. Compasses start under $20 on Amazon. I do not think the USSERs are perfect or that they reflect exactly the decisions that I would make personally. But consistency across all races is good. Encouraging safety is good. At the end of the day you have choices. You can choose to not race. Or you can choose to not follow all the USSERs. You can lobby US Sailing for SER changes. Or... The skipper is ultimately responsible for all safety, as well as the decision to set sail and leave the harbor.
  6. SoCal Race M&A

    Straps were waived the first year required because they could not be obtained in time for the race. Following year waivers were copy and paste NOR creation oversights. They are arguably something in the SER that could have saved lives in past California Sailing accidents. SAS seminars were waived for a similar reason, no online classes for the coastal level requirement. NOSA has been assured classes are/will be available. so yes, no waivers. My crew did the class last year before the late waiver, so we are set.
  7. SoCal Race M&A

    The N2DP NOR waives “permanently mounted” for small boats, so that’s a step. A waterproof Boy Scout compass or bearing compass, would meet the current requirement. My interpretation on the SER’s intent is to be able to navigate in the event of a power or electronic failure. A small boat doesn’t have an electrical system, but a velocitek shift could fail or run out of charge. Are all compasses inherently “magnetic”, or does this term refer to non-powered compasses? I think the later. So I think no, the Velocitek doesn’t meet the requirement. But I am not a US Sailing judge. This doesn’t seem an unreasonable or expensive to meet requirement.
  8. SoCal Race M&A

    The amendment for the N2DP NOR is posted
  9. SoCal Race M&A

    Yes indeed. Thanks for mentioning it. People have been notified. An amendment will be forthcoming. I guess people do read those things.
  10. SoCal Race M&A

    I'm afraid we don't have much choice here, the USSER course definitions are pretty clear on their definitions. We have N2SD as Coastal, but N2DP as Nearshore. What is it about your Zap 26 that can't do Coastal?
  11. SoCal Race M&A

    They are working on YB trackers for all entries in all courses.
  12. SoCal Race M&A

    A number of people had registered for the Border Run, a few had paid fees. We are working with Border Run to unwind these. Cancellation, refund, and re-register is the most likely solution. We intend to contact all so involved in the coming months.
  13. SoCal Race M&A

    It is official as of last night. NOSA ratified a contract acquiring the Border Run race from XS Sailing. The two Border Run courses will be integrated into the Newport to Ensenada International Yacht Race event, which will offer 3 courses in 2018; Newport to Ensenada (N2E), Newport to San Diego (N2SD - Border Run), & Newport to Dana Point (N2DP - Border Sprint). Also new is that the N2DP course will offer small one design classes as well as Portsmouth for beach cats and non-one design small boats. All starts are April 27. All courses share in all activities, like the Thursday night pre-race party at the Balboa Yacht Club. It'll probably take a few days for PR and website updates to catch up. NORs will be up in a few weeks. Registration starts 1/1/18.
  14. Make N2E Great Again

    Good thing we're not going to Cabo then. You can find bad news closer to home http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-crime-stats-20161227-story.html http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/public-safety/sd-me-county-homicides-20170226-story.html Crime occurs everywhere there are people. We have 0 violent crime against participants in 70 years going to Ensenada.
  15. beach cats in the ocean?

    Organizing Authorities like NOSA, prefer classes that have Class rules, SERs (If US Sailing doesn't have one), and rating system. Is there a Class/Organization for offshore beach cats? Is there an SER from US Sailing for beach cats? What rating system should offshore beach cats use?