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  1. Thanks for sharing and being open. We were relived to hear it ended well.
  2. http://www.rioracingusa.com/broken-rudder-slows-but-doesnt-stop-rio-100/
  3. Just read Rio 100's story about their rudder loss, Yikes!
  4. Please explain the auto pilot, and what it controlled and when.
  5. I am blaming the cammo paint on the wheel for their slows. That's a lot of extra weight on a cup boat that flies!
  6. Thanks for the play by play everyone!
  7. I wonder what Herreshoff would have done with modern materials and electronics. He was well ahead of his time, materials held him back.
  8. Has anyone been to the Isle of Mann TT race? The lady and i are planning on going this year. Looks like the only accommodations left are camping, sounds fun!
  9. The riptide 41 fills the tanks with a two double Rule bilge pumps. The pump is in a water tite box tabbed into the bottom of the hull. The intake is a simple grate, same as the 35 pictured above. The pump lifts the water through a tube with a simple check valve into the top of the tank. Simple, on/off pump switch on the steering pedestal. The drain is a door on the side of the hull. There is big transfer tube between the two tanks, with a trap door. Simple string system that the main trimmer controls. Ingenious system compared to the class 40s.
  10. I wish i understood French! Popo we need you!
  11. Doesnt look like Alex's cockpit drains that well.
  12. Reminds me of Paul Biekers Riptide 41. Water ballast, short handed floating jib leads for reaching, just not as radical as the Riptide.
  13. I use 1/2" barbed fittings for connections. I do have an Airtech resin trap that I use occasionally. A friend in the composites biz suggested skipping the trap and simply using a longer hose. I use this method when doing work in the boat yard.
  14. The Robinair's are decent. I have let mine run overnight with no issues. If you have a vacuum leak they will spew oil, for that reason I keep it in a plastic bin with a cover. It doesn't get too hot in the enclosure. I think I paid around $250