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  1. JEA

    Pearson 33-2

    Is this the same boat as the Pearson 10 meter?
  2. JEA

    Online sailing movies

    Close the damn hatch during a storm!
  3. JEA

    Online sailing movies

    Worst Sailing movie was All is Lost!
  4. JEA

    conversation starter

    An Islander 36 made the list?????
  5. Bring back Larry Moran thread.
  6. JEA

    what is it?

    Not even close to a Scampi.
  7. JEA

    150,000 Gallons of Mount Gay Rum Burns Yesterday

    Hope it was not the Mount Gay XO
  8. JEA

    Coonass bonfire

    Looks like an old C&C 39