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  1. zoomee

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Strongest LP of the race so far develops N of Kerguelen Monday PM, goes bonkers and drops SE by Tues. PM to stradle the ice limit. Too far ahead to bother the leaders?
  2. zoomee

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Are females as likely to push the risk envelope as hard as the males? Certainly they will approach those decisions from a different perspective. When endurance is just as important as speed, an interesting biological element.
  3. zoomee

    New Jersey to Little Creek, VA, deep draft

    Yes I stand corrected. The 55ft bridge is a road and only opens when Godzilla attacks. Better go around.
  4. zoomee

    New Jersey to Little Creek, VA, deep draft

    Not too tall if the 55ft RR bridge in Cape May canal is swung open. Which it is 99.9% of the time.
  5. zoomee

    New Jersey to Little Creek, VA, deep draft

    Did that trip. Go inside, stop at Cape May to stretch your legs then take the Cape May canal shortcut. If you time your run up the Del Bay on the incoming (we left at 2am) and avg. around 6kts you'll get squirted through the C&D canal then you will catch the outgoing flow in the Ches. 12 hours of favorable current, pretty nifty trick.
  6. zoomee

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Avoiding the toilet bowl?
  7. zoomee

    B&G 213 Masthead unit coming apart

    No advice but I'll be removing a 213 & wand from my boat soon so if you need a replacement you are welcome to it.
  8. Gonna pull the trigger and replace these Ockham 005s with Garmin GMI and GNX displays. Of course the holes the 005s leave will be too big for the Garmis. 005 hole is 4.75 W x 3.5 H...the Garmin total footpring is smaller at 4.33 W x 4.53 H and only needs a 3.5 in round cutout. So...rip out the 005s, glass the holes and finish everything to perfection then drill new holes? Or is there an easier way?
  9. zoomee

    Instrument advice for a hoarder?

    Thanks for the replies. Getting the Ockam displays fixed seems to be the most reasonable course till I hit the lottery.
  10. Express 34 on Ches Bay doing a few distance races. Currently has BG 213 MHU & older paddlewheel...both analog. A KVH 1000 compass is nema0183. Feeds an Ockam CPU that goes to 4 model 005 Ockam displays that are too faded to see. It's all original and amazingly still works though the UVPROMS and dip switches on the CPU bring me right back to the 80s! Pitch it all and start over with N2K is the obvious choice but before I drop a bunch of boat units...I kinda like the idea of the analog MHU, simple, reliable and no electronics aloft. And why toss other stuff that works just fine? I just need displays that are visible with basic wind and speed info. Not sure I even need a CPU but if so maybe one with a browser instead of DIP switches? Anyone been in my shoes and have suggestions for an economical makeover that keeps the good old stuff?
  11. zoomee

    Live on FB, NOW

    Mid winter nice to have an excuse to be on Sydney Harbor but can't quite put my finger on an analogy for the racing...maybe waiters racing on a slick floor with a stack of dishes, a novelty race. This is the exciting part tho....5kn tws = 30kn boatseed extrapolates to 20kn tws = 120kn....thats gonna be amazing!
  12. I'll get back to her soon and solve the mystery. Wouldn't this be a transition area between sandwich of the normal hull and solid for the keel stub? That might explain the filler.
  13. Six inches around the aft keel frame crack pictured has for sure broken, dull thud. The rest of the frames give a nice sharp ping. Sadly I have a good example of what to look & listen for!
  14. Thanks, very helpful. My understanding is that the 37 and 34 were built with same methods & schedules.
  15. Yeah..it is a pretty pink huh. The hull crack is at the mast step/keel junction of an offshore boat, if anywhere is going to be beefy it will be here. This weekend I hope to cut away the cracked hull material and examine below. Any suggestions of how to cut this away? Grinder or skill saw set to 1/8 in.