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  1. I have a Savage 6A (the same unit) with the 15 round LR tube and belive it ok here in Canada. Br
  2. PL Robertson Plant is still in Milton Ontario, the Robertson family at one time owned the farm where my Mother lives. Br
  3. my next door idiot will not stop dumping feed on the ground so has Rats, had to call the Health Dept. Br
  4. agree get a real job, then sail all you can, best thing I ever did was get out of the industy 25 yrs ago Br
  5. don't do it, my dad (RIP) was Director of Customer Care for one of the big 3, he would not let me waste my $ Br
  6. been sailng for 58 yrs, raced for 35 +/- took 5 yrs off (never stepped on a boat, other than to fish) to race cars, have owned up to a 40ft, currently own a Cat 27 and race on a Mini, it's been great. Br
  7. Raced for 40 yrs on and off, have raced my own boats and lots of OBP, Im a bit old for W/L now but would like to do the Short Handed here on Lake Ontario, but will not spend the $ to join a YC just for a couple of races pre year, been there and now have no interest in YC BS. Have the boat with all the gear etc. So remove the cost of YC menbership and Im there. Br
  8. Olson 30 Toronto, ont
  9. If you are sailing up wind at 9kts in a 30 ft you are not sailing upwind. Br
  10. Have a Catalina 27 and race a Mini 6.50 life is great. Both cheap to run. Br
  11. Anyone have access to or a link to the VPP's for Mini 655 or any Zero, also looking for any rig tune info. BRJ
  12. Joli: this maybe way off base, Robertson had something to do with the first C&C 61 that was built at The Custom Shop in Oakville. as I remember he was sort of an advisor to the orginal owners. But all my many conversations with Robertson (Long Robby) involved larger amounts Rum. Yes he was larger that life, passed away about 15 yrs ago. BRJ
  13. That interior is not the original design. The new interior work was done by Bruckman (excellent workmanship), the design of this interior was by the current owner (a dentist). I'm not a fan but I don't have to be, I didn't write the checks. We much prefer our interior layout, not a big fan of ball room saloons. Joli was wondering if you knew OCS Robertson from Oakville. BRJ
  14. EB was / is alway good for a story