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  1. overbeek

    2019 Aussie Nationals

    Hi Peter, I have seen you on Sailing Anarchy and see that you are in the know. I am a crew for Bill Gibbs who had Afterburner for many years and now has a Shonining G1400, Wahoo, which we race in So California, but racing participation is dying here, it seems there is more multihull racing in Australia and I wonder if there a chance for us to come visit and either crew or charter a boat for a series of races in 2020 or 2021
  2. overbeek

    Near Capsize

    We have humming at different speeds, the rudders were chamfered on trailing edge but I don't think the daggerboards were done. Yes we had them up for a while but Bill had trouble with steering so they went back down half way. I wish we had lifting boards for those conditions as bow depressing and would be reduced. The lifeline ended on the winch as it was on the inside of the spin sheet (spin sheet is led from outside of boat under the lifeline to the winch) as the sheet now went directly out to the sail, the lifeline was trapped on the sheet and ultimately the winch
  3. overbeek

    Near Capsize

    The mainsail was out pretty far, our rig rotates and shrouds are pretty far aft. So it does not actually touch the spreaders but the shroud. The spin sheet turning block is attached to our aft stern cleat with Amsteel blue line which broke at a knot luckily as this suddenly released 10-12 feet of spin sheet until the sheet line pull was directly to the winch from the spinnaker. The result was that the stantion was in the way of this. The support base was torn almost completely off and the stantion broke in half. Our life lines are spectra and due to the spinnaker sheet line new line pull direction, the lifeline somehow ended over the winch in the event.
  4. overbeek

    Near Capsize

    Bill owned Afterburner and raced that successfully, we are used to pushing during a race but you have to learn what limits are. And most sailing in southern California is light winds so we wanted to try something more challenging.
  5. overbeek

    Near Capsize

    We chose to do the Hardway race on Wahoo, this takes us around Santa Cruz island, know for big winds and rough seas. This was the first time for Wahoo to race in these conditions and we had to see how the boat would handle it. We had discussed putting in a reef before we got to the windy area but never did. We rounded the island with jib, then went to screecher and boat was fast but then decided to go to the bigger furling spinnaker. Wind and waves were increasing but felt that the boat was OK, more and more waves were coming up and over the boat and now over the cabin top. We had crew on the spin and mainsheet read to dump. We were sailing deep and both bows went into a large wave, boat suddenly decelerated, I was starting to ease the spin sheet but the spin block lashing broke from the sudden increase in strain, this broke, pulling forward, breaking the carbon stantion and ripping the base from the hull, ending with lifeline in my winch so I could not release. I felt the boat lifting and heard the other crew say hang on she's going over. I was still trying to deal with the winch and spin sheet. They said the stern lifted 12 feet out of the water, then the boat started to round up as the apparent wind moved aft on the mainsail, sheet was dumped and luckily the boat came back down. Furling spinnaker could not be sheeted and block was missing so we went back out with the screecher and had to pull spinnaker down and into a small forward hatch. Very hard work for the 2 foredeck guys. https://youtu.be/ptKZu597T84
  6. overbeek

    G Force 1400

    here is the yellow brick tracker of the race, use the slide bar to view it from the start http://yb.tl/N2E2018#
  7. overbeek

    G Force 1400

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8y6zC9Zw3zE Newport to Ensenada race again, little boat beat the Gunboat 62 , 2:1 times now
  8. overbeek

    SoCal Race M&A

    Good job Bill on the trackers and combining the races, now we need some pro video footage or some way that boats can send video to Nosa for a pro to make a great video and promote it for next year
  9. overbeek

    Race Replays

    Thanks Rudder, I appreciate the links also. I hope you can continue to do it for those unable to watch live.