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  1. Tony-F18

    Corona Virus

    Because ferries stopped docking in Cagliari dolphins returned to the harbour, watch the Prada guys checking them out:
  2. Tony-F18

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    I think in a race with such a high profile it would be justified to have jury boats out on the water with the race leaders during the in-port section of the race. They could make jury decisions right on the spot instead of several days later and could have prevented this self induced mess by WO11 imho.
  3. Tony-F18

    Team Alinghi

    Next to LE's Zenji apparently, it's probably a coincidence but still...
  4. Unless they are designing a scaled down version of the old AC90s I doubt it will be much different from a wide TP52/VOR70-ish yacht.
  5. So they decided to use VOR70s for the AC? With the required specs I don't see how it will look much different from this:
  6. Unless it will be a large moth-ish mono I don't see how that would work, anything that won't be able to do foiling tacks and/or gybes will be a failure IMHO. Foiling assisted mono's would also be dangerous with that protruding foil. Reading this quote I get the impression that LR never really considered multihulls to be "proper" sail boats:
  7. Tony-F18

    Team Alinghi

    But does it come with a helipad? Must be nice to have a helicopter as a dingy:
  8. Tony-F18

    trickle down

    Watching someone in the boat park unpack his brand new Nacra20 L foils a minute ago made me think of this thread.
  9. Tony-F18

    trickle down

    There are a lot more pics here: and here: Not sure if the Phantom was leading though, not that it matters. Personally got 32nd place overall, not too bad.
  10. Tony-F18

    Team UK

    I wonder how much they've spent on their football team, probably more than this £7.5, the ROI can't be any worse than that though.
  11. Tony-F18

    trickle down

    The overall winner was a 40 year old Folkboat btw which shows you don't have to spend millions on the latest and greatest to win a race like this
  12. Tony-F18

    Team UK

    I remember visiting the Cornwall YC in Falmouth a long time ago, from what I can remember it was a very snobby posh affair.
  13. Tony-F18

    Team UK

    Shame that Ian Percy isn't onboard for this UK entry but a strong lineup nonetheless, maybe I should plan a trip to Portsmouth next year
  14. Tony-F18

    Team Alinghi

    It is kind of ironic that the current Alinghi team has more Americans than Oracle (Larson+Tunnicliffe).
  15. Tony-F18

    trickle down

    First ever foiling fleet race?