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  1. Tony-F18

    Corona Virus

    Because ferries stopped docking in Cagliari dolphins returned to the harbour, watch the Prada guys checking them out:
  2. Tony-F18

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    I think in a race with such a high profile it would be justified to have jury boats out on the water with the race leaders during the in-port section of the race. They could make jury decisions right on the spot instead of several days later and could have prevented this self induced mess by WO11 imho.
  3. Tony-F18

    Team Alinghi

    Next to LE's Zenji apparently, it's probably a coincidence but still...
  4. Tony-F18

    VOR 2017-18

    Does anyone know the legalities involved with the sailor's contracts? Can Brad etc just walk away from both his ST and Akzo's contracts? Once signed these are still valid right?
  5. Tony-F18

    VOR 2017-18

    Well I guess it's confirmed, ST is back on board. source:
  6. Tony-F18

    VOR 2017-18

    From another reliable source: gtran: The initial contract with Tienpont's company stated that it would be responsible for bringing in additional sponsors but failed to do so for unknown reasons. Akzo hired a British PR firm and placed a French business leader among Tienpont's management team adding to frustrations on both sides. Today's articles do all suggest ST bit of more than he could chew even though legally he might be in the right.
  7. Tony-F18

    VOR 2017-18

    Source is the Dutch national news agency which is very reliable. Another article from today: Also, according to the website of the arbitration institute that ruled in favor of Tienpont all rulings from them are binding. That is an interesting little detail since theoretically he should be reinstated as skipper.
  8. Tony-F18

    VOR 2017-18

    There was a hurricane near there just a few days ago, or is that not extreme enough for you?
  9. Tony-F18

    VOR 2017-18

    New update from Clubracer: (gtrans is pretty accurate)
  10. Tony-F18

    VOR 2017-18

    Both skipper and navigator must be Yacht Master certified, question is whether Brad holds that certification.
  11. Tony-F18

    VOR 2017-18

    Please post something relevant to the topic instead of this unreadable drivel.
  12. Tony-F18

    VOR 2017-18

    Here's at least one whole side of the story, unsurprisingly it's about money:
  13. Tony-F18

    VOR 2017-18

    Would potential skippers really be that enthusiastic about getting the skipper job knowing how much drama is in the team right now? I don't think they will be standing in line unless they were hugely compensated.
  14. Tony-F18

    VOR 2017-18

    According to this article Tienpont is now accusing AkzoNobel of breach of contract. In short: He thinks that AkzoNobel wants to cut him from the team because he spent too much money but says he has been transparent every step of the way. Also that this whole business is very damaging for his reputation.
  15. Unless they are designing a scaled down version of the old AC90s I doubt it will be much different from a wide TP52/VOR70-ish yacht.