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    What hull color are u looking for?. About to Awlgrip mine and depending on how business is going. I might put it up for sale. 2007 on a trailer with the Sprit. Located Tampa FL. New Set will of North Sails.
  2. Ismotorsport

    Sailors Powerboat

    Found this gem for exploring the Tampa waters until the J/100 is ready to go. Designed with Sailors in mind and built by Dickerson Yachts in MD. Cruise at 12 kts with Perkins 120hp. Shallow draft enough to back in close to sandbars.
  3. Having the J/100 repainted next month. Current Finish (Flag Blue) is faded and just wondering what is the most popular color these days. Also to Add lifelines or Not? Mostly used for daysailing but may look to sell next season so wondering about which color and layout best for resale. Thanks for Feedback.