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    Less than 30 foot daysailoor

    Buy a J/100 and add a wheel. Problem solved. Best of both worlds. Shouldn’t cost but about 5k or less to do conversion. Will open up your options
  2. Ismotorsport

    Time to get serious, daysailer shopping

    It works for some... buy it at the right right price with boat loan... factor in boat sales skyrocketing and becoming a sellers market and u can actually make a profit after 5 years of ownership (minus your annual costs of use of course). Ask me how I know... : )
  3. Ismotorsport

    Life is a Beach - post your favorite beach photo

    Anclote Beach, Florida
  4. Ismotorsport

    Time to get serious, daysailer shopping

    No sorry, but $20k is a strong down payment for a loan on one.
  5. Ismotorsport

    Time to get serious, daysailer shopping

    J/100 is great option
  6. Ismotorsport

    Why did J Boats drop the J100?

    Tried reaching out about the J100 Shoal draft Keel. What would you want for it?
  7. Ismotorsport

    Why did J Boats drop the J100?

    I would love to see what others have done to creat single point hoist setup for the j/100. As I mentioned J boats “officially” could not advise on a system but were able to give me Center of gravity location. Would nice if someone had pics or drawings of single point hoist setup.
  8. Ismotorsport

    Shitty Question J 100 Y valve

    They can’t access from the little door under the sink? If not, I would just cut out the valve from the wall and mount the new one on a piece of starboard or thin fiberglass sheet(gelcoat white) bigger than original cutout and screw it (the new valve) back on with some finishing washers and screws to make it look Stock. Will be easier to access if it breaks again and no structural compromise.
  9. Ismotorsport

    Why did J Boats drop the J100?

    The only problem is prices of the J/95 is still a high compared to the j/100 and considering my J/100 is paid off I don’t really want to get into boat payments. I looked into getting a shoal Keel for the j/100 but no longer available from Mars. Another j/100 in st Pete Area has shoal version and seemed much more manageable. Mars offered their torpedo bulb option but don’t want to ruin original j/100 keel trying it. Florida problems i guess....
  10. Ismotorsport

    Why did J Boats drop the J100?

    In an effort to salvage this thread and bring it back on course, does anyone have any other suggestions/ideas for being able to drysail the J/100? I am facing problem of finding a slip (very long wait list) in the Tampa Area and am giving serious consideration to keeping it closer to where I live which would likely require either keeping on boat lift or finding dry stack marina willingness to launch in fashion shown in pics. I have not gotten approval from J boats to convert to single point hoist. If all efforts fail I will likely but the boat up for sale and get something shoal draft and keep in my slip. Would love to hear how others have handled the situation. Ultimately, the J/100 is a great boat for the money and don’t think any other design could match it at the moment (besides possibly the new J/9) but that shall be seen...
  11. Ismotorsport


    What hull color are u looking for?. About to Awlgrip mine and depending on how business is going. I might put it up for sale. 2007 on a trailer with the Sprit. Located Tampa FL. New Set will of North Sails.
  12. Ismotorsport

    Sailors Powerboat

    Found this gem for exploring the Tampa waters until the J/100 is ready to go. Designed with Sailors in mind and built by Dickerson Yachts in MD. Cruise at 12 kts with Perkins 120hp. Shallow draft enough to back in close to sandbars.
  13. Having the J/100 repainted next month. Current Finish (Flag Blue) is faded and just wondering what is the most popular color these days. Also to Add lifelines or Not? Mostly used for daysailing but may look to sell next season so wondering about which color and layout best for resale. Thanks for Feedback.