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  1. My newest project

    So sweet! Thanks for keeping the pics coming...
  2. Something different for CA

    Is the FB definitely a solo perch? Might be nice to welcome the Mrs. up or maybe a young'n to help drive. Could be designed for 1.5 people so nobody besides the driver and their SO would get too comfy sharing the space.
  3. If you're seriously considering Blaine, don't forget to consider flying into Vancouver, B.C. It's on the "right" side of Vancouver proper, i.e. closer, instead of SeaTac on the other side of Seattle.
  4. You can see the Blaine marina from I-5 so it can't be that much harder to "get" to than Bellingham. I've chartered out of B'ham several times and like the town a lot. Many more marine services nearby and some good brew pubs, university town, etc. create probably a more attractive community onshore.
  5. My newest project

    Gents - Any thoughts on shortening the hardtop a skosh?... I keep covering the last 5-6 feet and the second post with my finger and like the idea of more uncovered area on the aft deck. I know...I can build my own...this one is for Kim, but I keep imagining being anchored in some remote inlet (following the R2AK?) and wanting some lounge space to enjoy a nice sunny day or the long daylight hours. Any way to avoid the 8' dink in a 6' pickup bed look that appears to come along with the new stern? Looking sweet fellas!
  6. 2016 Vic-Maui

    No experience with this race but have a friend in Div 2 and had a question. Is this meant to be a rhumb line race? or is that just a feature of this year's conditions and the non-planning boats in the class? Thanks!
  7. R2AK 2016

    Mad Dog looks to have just finished.
  8. R2AK 2016

    Thanks for those pics Randy! Have fun and be safe!
  9. Go Jefe Go... This has been a treat to follow. Thanks Bob for sharing and best wishes for these last miles!
  10. My newest project

    Is this dude single?
  11. My newest project

    Cool stuff yet again! Very impressive to see they have their techniques honed so it seems like this is hull #10 rather than hull #1 of a custom design. No need for batting practice...they really get after it! Thanks again for the pics/updates.
  12. My newest project

    Ha! Funny when the typo slips through! Thanks for clarifying. Thought for a sec it might be some special double secret term (maybe a pre-curser to COLD-molding )
  13. My newest project

    Can I ask what polar planking is? I see the strips going on the frames...maybe 3/4" x 3". Any idea the wood? Spruce? Looks like they just rip them on the saw right next to the frames.
  14. My newest project

    The pic of those frames reminds me of the first pics of those badass workbenches just as Frankie was getting going...and hopefully just as fun to watch.