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  1. welder

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Maarten what's up with the double turnbuckles that's a lot of adjustment
  2. welder

    Repair rroken boom mounted reef cam

    If rig rite doesn't have one I might have one on my boat I would have to look
  3. welder

    Trans-Atlantic Race

    Wizard is there now on ais
  4. welder

    Trans-Atlantic Race

    Found scally on ais but no wizard
  5. welder

    Enkes AR8 Winch Tear Down

    I have a AR10 in my basement once you take the snap ring off the drum will come off its probably gunked up .the snap ring under the base is just to remove the center shaft . The slot in the base is a water drain
  6. welder

    Optima BlueTop Battery Lifespan

    The sticker on the battery l6 usually stands for December of 06
  7. If the seastar is just a cylinder then there is no built in bypass valve built in it and it will lock up the mechanical steering
  8. Yes you need a ball valve between the two oil lines.I have the same basic setup
  9. welder

    Longitudinal Rudder movement

    Yes babbit is still around I work on evevators and get to redo the bearings a few times a year (as in melt out the old ones and pore new ones)
  10. welder

    Anchor Geekdom

    I have had the excel 5 on my boat for two years now so far has set every time and has not dragged it fits my bow roller much better and and does not bring up anywhere as much muck as my supreme does