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    LR have been sailing a "competitive" foiling AC72 for 6 months and still have a lot to learn. If AR can close the gap in one week it makes the LR crew the equivalent of the AR design team, ie great in their own field but the wrong people for this AC. I don't see it happening. Of course it can't happen. During any tragedy, you always have a section of the community that respond with overwhelmingly positive outlook on anything. Post 911, there were stories of people having "ridden the rubble" safely from the top of the towers all the way down to ground level and then walked away unscathed. The person who made this story up might have fallen into this category or might have just been a sick bastard. But the truth is a section of the community chose to believe this story because it was more palatable than the truth. If AR can make it safely around the race track and feel good about doing so, then good on them. But any talk of them pulling one of the the bag is just fanciful. Their campaign was effectively over as soon as they went up against OR and found themselves several knots slower, needing to completely re-design their package. You sanctimonious git! What flavour humble pie would you like? This team has just demonstrated an incredible feat, after picking themselves up from a dreadful tragedy. The fact that they got this boat sailing at all is a momentous effort. One to be congratulated, not denigrated. The fact that AR2 foils first day out is bordering on bloody miraculous, and you keep up your bleating about how they have no right to even be there. Your brand of posting is moronic and nasty, and I really wish you would use your own "ignore" button on yourself! After a very successful first DAY, I think AR2 may make quite a few people eat a bit of humble pie. I sure hope so. Foiling in a boat specifically designed, engineered, and built to foil borders on "bloody miraculous"???