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  1. new low

    SA is Scooter's sandbox. If he can avoid the ego-driven vitriol he'll probably continue to turn good coin with the advertisers he already has on the hook. Journalism? NFW. Alan travels hither and yon to sailing venues as self-appointed ambassador for SA, at which he may rub shoulders with the elite of the sailing world...or schmooze with hot, young chicks. He'll write up those encounters, particularly if hugs or a meal is involved and he is infatuated with the object of his attention. Who do you suppose pays the tab? Alan has made it clear that since those of us who visit this website don't pay for the privilege of knowing what he knows, he may or may not choose to fill us in on the details. It hasn't really mattered. The true value of SA is a function of the sandbox "visitors" in the Forums and the pearls of wisdom or humor they may leave behind. And as with all else on the internet, SA represents both the best and the worst of, in this case, sailing. If SA were to be considered the Wonderland of the Sailing world, perhaps Scooter and Alan might be Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber.
  2. TOM CASTIGLIONE from North sails?

    TC Facebook account is gone. I hope he gets things sorted. He's been a good guy and the jury is still out. At least he wasn't convicted of stealing from anyone, so he's got that going for him. I've heard from a reputable source his FB account is back online. Feeling all atwitter, PJ?? Yours is the kind of pre-pubescent pap that typifies schoolgirls.
  3. Frank Gehry, Yacht Designer

    It would've been Fallingconcrete if the contractor hadn't secretly added extra reinforcement to FLW's design. 20 years ago it was on the verge of tumbling into the river because Wright's cantilevers were too heavy and unsupportable even with the extra reinforcement. It's been since shored up. Call me crazy, but I think one requirement for great architecture is that the building should stay standing. It's pretty, but more because of the setting and the idea to build a house over a waterfall. Large slabs of unornamented concrete aren't my thing. Beautiful architecture looks more like this IMO: In 1931 the Chrysler Tower was tallest building in the World, CP. The World has moved on. Perhaps it's time for you to catch up. And don't be too tough on FLW. He advanced the thinking in Architecture dramatically. The jury is still out on FOG. Perhaps Monsoon tried to say it best: "It is a [piece] of Art that happens to sail."
  4. Donovan GP26 starts production in Turkey

    Cockpit hatch to access engine?
  5. Donovan GP26 starts production in Turkey

    More than two headed for Annapolis?

    Has SA become the new Status Quo?

    Get real. Alan is not about to rile a banner advertiser and he's demonstrated that he's quite willing to squelch a story that puts one of his "buddies" in poor light. Don't hold your breath waiting for this one.
  8. fixed carbon bowsprit

    That's ~1.5SF of G10 bearing surface per bracket to distribute the loads. What's the composition of the original deck?
  9. fixed carbon bowsprit

    Appears to be a nice clean install, Roleur. Trust you reinforced the deck amply beneath the attachment points...
  10. fixed carbon bowsprit

    Roleur- What did you decide? Lovely boat, BTW.
  11. WraceBoats GP26 Miami Boat Show & Special Offer

    Windseeker- The options list includes a "Carbon Boom by J. P. Donovan". No mast?
  12. Cadilac

    Very neat boat, Trix! Still curious as to how the companionway hatch works...
  13. Cadilac

    . ...check out the other pictures- it looks like there's a notch forwards of the hatch area....not a biggie. OK. So where's the hatch? No slides in evidence and it won't slide forward through that stick.
  14. Cadilac

    . ...ahh,thanks....some smart stepping there...for the mast too! Stepping the mast is indeed simplified. But what about closing the hatch?