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  1. And apparently Trump apologized to Erdogan for the incident. Let that sink in Obama haters. Trump apologized to Erdogan that his security goons couldn't beat up protesters unmolested on US soil. Fuck you, defenders of fascism. http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/351461-erdogan-trump-apologized-to-me-over-turkish-bodyguards-attacking
  2. The smug shit wanted to start a gang war with the Wu Tang Clan http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/wu-tang-clan-2m-album-martin-shkreli-killed-article-1.3293909
  3. I smell a bullshit facebook meme that jeff's been reading http://www.snopes.com/confederate-soldiers-veterans/
  4. I've built half-assed. A knotty construction grade ply proa is half-assed at best. \ The point was nobody builds bigger boats themselves anymore because the designs aren't competitive or modern and the costs are ridiculously high (simple math - look at what boatbuilders hire labor at - if you are smart you can make well more than that including the builders markup per hour/year). If you are so awesome that you can change that you can revolutionize boating and a bitter shitter like me won't deter you.
  5. I'd guess closer to 90-95% if anyone wants to buy it. A similar design was listed at <$10k. And that's before you count the time value of money to build it. With the $50-100k+ and the 5-10k+ hours it'll take to finish the thing a man could build a business instead of burning it. Jesus $15k for that shoat draft (if it survived Irma) and $30k for retrofitting and adventure you could have a hell of a time. - someone who's built small boats and other things but has come to the realization there are much better designs out there that skilled people can make for not that much money.
  6. He's playing 3D chess, just luring the deep state out into the open so he can move in for the kill.
  7. The issue is the populace and the news they choose to consume.
  8. The Ottoman empire practiced it into the 20th century; Russia only abolished serfdom in 1861. Of course we were well behind the British and the French in abolition of slavery.
  9. History Karl Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler - time to rethink them for the good because of their circumstances, right?
  10. That's what it sounds like, actually. See this story linked in the OP http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/news/motel-6-calling-ice-undocumented-guests-phoenix-immigration-lawyers-9683244 This isn't "building a case". This is guy checks into motel and gets arrested 6 hours later.
  11. How is it acceptable for a motel to every morning send a list of guests? For 180+ days?
  12. Guns? Dear god, LB15 has caught the Tom Ray.
  13. Let the frottage commence for Jeffiepoos pleasure!
  14. I don't see a similarity in mindset i.e. without "malice aforethought". Don't let the door hit you.
  15. Ted Cruz jerks off to incest porn. And that's the way the Republican party is this September 11th, 2017 my fellow Americans.