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  1. Net Neutrality - gone.....

    So you tripled down on the lie? It was 1886. In 1866 the SPRR hadn't yet connected with CPRR which hadn't connected with the UPRR in Promontory Summit, Utah and the Big 4 were just influential Sacramento merchants bribing their way to multimillions. In 1886 the SPRR was a murderous (Mussel Slough) corporation that owned millions of acres and hundreds of politicians, the Big4 were spite fence wealthy, and the world had changed the spite fence is what looks like a structure wrapping around someone who wouldn't sell out the lots land.
  2. AI/ML and the future of non-work

    A bit I read suggested going long on video games and mind altering chemicals.
  3. AI/ML and the future of non-work

    Downton Abbey is tory revisionist pap. Memoirs of a Fox Hunting man (Siegfried Sassoon) is perhaps more relevant. He was rich enough to have an income and not work at all, but if he wanted to swan around fox hunting and racing he'd spend far more than the income allowed.
  4. $750K for sexual harassment claim against Shumer

    Uh, they identified themselves on twitter beforehand when they said they were going to bring down chuck schumer.
  5. AI/ML and the future of non-work

    that's pretty much what humans did for centurys. ever look at a medieval calendar and how many feast days they had? how little they actually worked? it was the industrial revolution that made unceasing toil for a living the reality.
  6. AI/ML and the future of non-work

    The machines will make themselves much more efficient. Code now can be bloated, sloppy and fat. Mobile devices have greatly increased interest in decreasing power consumption, no reason that the machines couldn't do it more efficiently. a cold fact is humans consume more energy than the machines.
  7. AI/ML and the future of non-work

    You don't understand life expectancy numbers do you? At birth he had twice the life expectancy. As he's well past his teenage years, the number changes. Reading about the copper kings in Butte montana there were storys of random people who declined richs because "they just wanted to be free". perhaps it was easier to achieve then. People who live without internal plumbing & AC (shit - I bet there are a bunch of west coast anarchists who don't have AC) can live quite fulfilling and happy lives.
  8. $750K for sexual harassment claim against Shumer

    Two rightwing goons forged a sexual harassment claim against Shumer.
  9. Net Neutrality - gone.....

    I quoted it. Thanks for doubling down.
  10. Net Neutrality - gone.....

    riddled with errors and an addled understanding of the law. that's our Tom.
  11. Trump Judicial Picks Dropping Like Flies

    There's nothing standard about the amateur hour shitshow that is the Trump administration.
  12. Tax “Reform”

    the late Marc Reisner authored that.
  13. Tax “Reform”

    I hope our robot overlords throw a little cash my way.
  14. Tax “Reform”

    When those 3rd world markets are looking to reform themselves, because as the Chinese are now realizing, an unsafe food supply sucks.
  15. Tax “Reform”

    why not? a real captain is expensive, takes up space, trys to fuck the wife and drinks all the booze.