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  1. Drip Drip Drip

    sounds like Quebecois maple syrup.
  2. McMaster Out

    maybe he'll just give Kim Jong Un's sister mustache rides while she spanks him with magazines featuring Ivanka and this will all blow over.
  3. Suicide by Uber

    The more interesting, and frightening part, is I've seen allegations the safety drivers where there to brake and steer so the AI could machine learn from the situation. Going with the LCD in that situation seems the ultimate bit of bean counter stupid.
  4. Now, About Cambridge Analytica....

    Contractual issues are not he said she said situations.
  5. Now, About Cambridge Analytica....

    yeah, it's the Trump playbook, works great with retards.
  6. Now, About Cambridge Analytica....

    No. The first thing you do is dismiss, as Zuckerberg did in Nov 2016. Then you diminish, as they've done until recently. Then you say "aw shit, NBD anyways".
  7. Now, About Cambridge Analytica....

    Facebook seems to be embarrassed to admit it, but won't apologize. Facebook's business is sleazy 'engaging' tabloid trash. be it your personal, professional, or political life.
  8. Who better to represent the GOP of Trump than an Illinois Nazi?

    And as of yesterday's results, he's now the Republican candidate for Illinois's 3rd congressional district. Until the party meddles with the people's will to get the candidate that's acceptable. That's ok, now. Rules are different for americans, not DemORats.
  9. Next up - Mueller?

    Sending you back to the WoodenBoat forum.
  10. Trump: Did you think it would get this crazy?

    The Trump trainwreck sells. It generates hits because Trump wants it to generate hits. He's a reality TV show President, it's orchestrated. Both sides of it - the outraged liberals, and the conservatives fed outraged liberal red meat - are part of the game. I think this is slightly different than the Fox News/Breitbart "Obama & Hillary suck" never ending story.
  11. What is your utopia.

    Head high right point break with an offshore wind and a few mates to share it with.
  12. Why did Trump pay $130,000 to silence a woman?

    I have trouble keeping track of all Trump's vanity vag.
  13. At least Trump has better taste and success than Bill

    Jackov puts on his temple garments and flails himself with pictures of Ivanka Trump before bed. the term is "shithole galaxy".
  14. Trump required staff to sign non disclosure agreements

    one primary difference is these NDAs are enforced by the US government, not Trump or the Trump org and the government has different abilities to restrict speech. It also has different mechanisms for driving enforcement. I doubt a Dem would prosecute Trump tards for leaking dirty details if they are in office. Most of the "legal" answers in this thread seem to fall under the "uh, it's vaguely like something I thought I signed so it must mean whatever the lawyer tells me it does".
  15. At least Trump has better taste and success than Bill

    Jackov's an auto-troll, he always comes out the dumbest in any of his threads.