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  1. How long until the next Tin Can/Raw Faith/Flyin' Hawaiian comes along, guys? C'mon, it's fucking boring reading about normal and sane people simply using decent boats properly. I want more from my internet.
  2. Well, it's nice to be quoted, I suppose, but you guys keep ignoring my poetry in favor of my prose, which just isn't fair. So how about some lyrics for the theme song of the upcoming hit reality show? ♫ ♪ Now sit right back and you'll hear a tale ♪ A tale of a frightful trip That started from San Raf-a-el Aboard this plywood 'ship' The mate was a mighty sailing 'man'* The skipper barely sane Five passengers set sail that day With James "Hot Rod" Lane A cannibal to his name The weather never got too rough But the hulls began to splay Despite the courage of the fearless crew No chanes could save the day The beams were faulty, hey Now the ship's awash on the shore of this Uncharted shipping lane With Hot Rod And Hot Rod's mom A Hermaphrodite, and her wife And someone else We're not quite sure who** All here on Hot Rod's aisle! ♪ ♫ ♪ *Some restrictions apply. See your friendly neighborhood geneticist for more details. **Possibly lil'murray, but this has never yet been confirmed. He may have been digested.
  3. This sounds legit. Blaming the wood beams as being faulty rather than acknowledging that it was the terrible engineering and design. Using chains to try to keep stuff from getting away <insert gratuitous lil'murray reference here>. Spelling and grammar congruent with what we've come to expect. 7 months pregnant wife casually taken offshore as if it were no big deal. I'm prepared to take this at face value, at least provisionally. Don't agree with soak_ed all that much though. The proper response to the ridiculous is ridicule. Shame and embarrassment is an effective means of social discipline, encouraging outliers to try to act less stupid. And here's why I feel no compunction at all about it:
  4. What? Seriously!? Well that sucks. Who let that happen? If I were in charge, I would have tried to do a better job.
  5. I really don't get these guys who are all, "Well, at least he had a dream." For fuck's sake, it's not enough to have a plan, it ought to be a -good- plan, and then it needs to be executed properly. What a low, low bar for achievement you set if you're going to praise even slightly such a terrible idea, carried out so poorly. If you think it's notable that at least ol' HotRod had the drive to do -something-, then sorry, but the problem is you. Get off your ass and do something worthwhile yourself, you goddamn slacker. And do a good job at it. Cripes! Sorry, but my role-models and heroes are the guys who have smart ideas and succeed with them, not abject failures who commit assault on harbormasters and leave wholly avoidable debris trails in shipping lanes.
  6. Not particularly surprised at the outcome. Expected it sooner, I must admit, but not surprised. But here's a fun question for someone with a chart and dividers: how far TOTAL did the Flyin Hawaiian travel from the parking lot of her birth unto her final demise? 120 miles + what, another 25 or so? Or 50? Did she even make it 200 miles away before sinking? I have rowed more miles than that in a year. . .though admittedly I had actual oars, and not just a shovel.
  7. Wow! My timing was just about perfect. I bet all you lazy-ass sad-sacks who didn't go out and look at her while you could are sorry now. As for me, I have no fear that she'll be located again soon enough. That plywood wasn't so waterlogged yet that the fragments won't still float.
  8. Verily, thou hast to be in the Divine Presence thyself, or else thou shalt knoweth not what Glory might be. Makest thou the pilgrimage, o Californians. (And weareth thy gauntlets.)
  9. I hate to get off topic here, guys, but I just happened to be passing through the Bay Area, and I convinced my ride that we must at all costs go down through Sausalito to catch a glimpse of the Fabled One. 'Twas a hazy and a misty day As we alighted from our carriage on that storied shore, Anxiousness burning in our hearts All hope almost had we given up To peer through the gloom to find that which we did seek. . . But then, just then, the fog did lift, And lo! 'Tis there! Leviathan awaits Behold, for I have seen with mine own eyes! Such Truth, such Justice Such Angular Grace Ankered with grim resolve And fed with the flesh and dreams of harbormasters gone by I for one shall ne'er be the same No more to ply the moonlit seas Not in peace, but in despair Adrift without a rutter For from this Highest Peak All roads lead only down And just like lil'murray I fear the like shall not be seen again
  10. Blah, blah, blah. Flyin Hawaiian, whatever. I'm so over that by now. Let's talk about what's much more important: Apparently that forestay tensioner comes in red as well as yellow.
  11. I hate motors and motoring in boats. It never fails to annoy and/or bore me to putt along, leaving fumes and an oil slick in my wake. My solution now is Sail & Oar, in a small, open boat that can be rowed as pleasantly as it can be sailed. It's a distinct niche, and it requires a small boat without a cabin, ballast keel or any of that other decadent, baroque nonsense cruising sailors think they need to be comfortable. Well, actually they're probably right. I'm sure they're plenty comfortable. But that's not what scratches my itch. I'm finding that doing more with less is ever so much more satisfying and fulfilling. I'm actually putting my cruising sailboat on the market. If I ever need to bring a big crew out for a week of something in the future, I'll just charter one, if and when. I know full well it's not for everyone, but the boat which brings me by far the most satisfaction and joy these days is this one, as minimalist as they come, and yet wholly complete and fulfilling:
  12. By the way, I rowed the entire west side of Bainbridge from Blake all the way back to Shilshole last Saturday since the wind never filled in, about 22 miles. It took me all day, and I wasn't having all that much fun for the last third of it. Anyone who thinks they're sturdy enough to do this Alaska race better get out and do some concept testing first--that's all I'm gonna say.
  13. Yep. Here's Jake's post about the updated and improved rules: "OK R2AK hopefuls and fans- after a great day working out details with our partners in Victoria, here are the final details of the First Stage of the race: *NEW! Start time: 5am on June 4th. Should give you enough time and tides to get across given most weather and boat combinations. *NEW! Finish Location- Victoria Inner Harbor (or more appropriately "Inner Harbour" if you are going to be locally appropriate) at the old Steamship dock, adjacent to where the Coho ferry lands. *There is NO SAILING ALLOWED inside of Ogden Point breakwater (we're not sure, but it's potentially a direct order from the Queen) so you'll need to figure out another way to make it the last mile and a half. *Sailing limits- The finish line is technically a bell that will be mounted at the top of the dock. Racers will need to dock, then run up and ring the bell. The last remaining detail is customs, but we're working with them to figure that out. *NEW! Stage one time limit: To officially finish, racers must ring the bell by 5pm (1700 if you want to be maritime appropriate) on June 5th. Racer's wishing to continue on the next leg must finish stage one by the cutoff time and without getting rescued. There's the info- now quit your dilly dallying. Ovary down/sack up, sign up and help us kill this Kickstarter Campaign- only 18 hours left!"
  14. The Flyin' Hawaiian never installed those outboard motors yet, did it? If so, that means that Hot Rod is totally eligible to enter. Bet he could use $10 grand about now. And he's probably still got plenty of lil'murray steaks and roasts in the freezer, so he wouldn't have to stock up too much on provisions for the race.
  15. And is anyone going to offer the traditional newbie greeting to Mr. Hamhocks here? Or do I have to do everything, including starting this awesome thread? For Pete's sake!