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  1. Mirage 24, anbody know these little boats?

    I built a different forestay attachment all the way up to the bow on mine. The new 153% genoa would have been a 185% on the original rig. Bigger kite and longer pole too. Think it cost me about a 15 sec penalty but absolutely worth it in the lighter stuff. Never in a million years would I call it tender though.
  2. Mirage 24, anbody know these little boats?

    Mirage 24 was my first boat. They are a really solid, fun little boat. Check the decks for soft spots and possibly the mast step too. I think that would be a really fun SF bay boat.
  3. Keel update - Possible WLYDO project?

    The blue one seems to be missing it's rudder. Are further shenanigans planned for it?
  4. New Single Handed Sailor

    I might bet that the boat full of keelboat sailors might be a better team though. Some dinghy sailors end up wanting to do everything on the boat themselves
  5. Addressing topside paint issue

    A little bit more blue paint and some masking tape and you could make the topsides like like a Finnish flag
  6. Solar Eclipse Plans

    Thinking about going for a sail........ Only going to be 80% in my neighbourhood though
  7. Advice - Affirmation - Criticisms

    It seems a bit of a project but, http://www.sailboatlistings.com/view/67449
  8. Reasonably priced 24-28' with a trailer for a novice

    please say you took pics......
  9. Reasonably priced 24-28' with a trailer for a novice

    Or make them a "reasonable" offer and see what happens............
  10. S/V Gemini

    would love to, but it's a bit of a long commute.
  11. The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    I have everything except the spin pole lift and reef lines run back to the cockpit. At some point if I can get a single line reefing system working nicely I'll get it run back too. I have been considering moving the jib halyard cleat to the mast, but there are still times that I adjust halyard tension during a race.
  12. The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    Hi Groundhog! Another not Ajax person here..... All off the above are great points. One that didn't see though is, in my opinion, most important is to get out and practice. Set up a start line and practice your timing to get there at the right time, practice putting up and taking down sails, tacking, gybing, everything. What size is your Tanzer too?