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  1. hard aground

    Making Lithium Batteries?

    Will has a chunk of his forum: https://diysolarforum.com/ that has a section solely dedicated to lithium batteries.
  2. hard aground

    talk to me about the tartan 30

    Here's an okay vid of the reverse gear on an A4. Could be shot better.
  3. hard aground

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    It has been for sale for a while now though. Think I first saw it for sale about a year ago....
  4. hard aground

    E Bay item to Watch

    went for $18 800
  5. hard aground

    Engine and prop too small?

    The previous boat (C&C 27 mk1) had a 2GM20 in it. I had the good fortune to pick up a very reasonably priced 12" MaxProp previously enjoyed. Honestly didn't think it was super cramped in the boat. Reasonable enough access to service everything easily enough. 12" was too small of a prop regardless of pitch. Would barely make 6kts at WOT. Do you think there is enough clearance to put a 15" prop on?
  6. Could just get a boat with a Atomic 4. It's one way to solve the oil filter problem.
  7. hard aground

    Encountering Storm Force 10

    If he wants to do this I don't understand why he doesn't have appropriate sails for conditions like this. With the amount of heavy weather sailing he does I can't fathom that he doesn't have a storm jib and a trysail.
  8. hard aground

    Remake of The Princess Bride

    Good bye boys! Have fun fucking up a classic movie!!!! Do you think they will do it? It would take a miracle......
  9. hard aground

    talk to me about the tartan 30

    congrats. and pics or it never happened.......
  10. hard aground

    Up the mast with in a bosun's chair.

    28' boat. Coming out of the water for the season. Why not just pull the rig? Think about all the other things you can inspect/repair while its sitting horizontal.
  11. hard aground

    talk to me about the tartan 30

    If it ends up being your boat and you need them I have an older Furlex drum and upper swivel in the garage.
  12. hard aground

    Random Switch

    Any idea what is on the other end of the wire?
  13. hard aground

    How to NOT Sell Your Boat

    Nothing better than the following statement: "Too many things to list"
  14. hard aground

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    I'm just going to leave this here: https://www.kijiji.ca/v-sailboat/leamington/c-c-redline-25-trawler/1459685071?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  15. hard aground

    Robert Mugabe DTS

    He's been in my dead pool for years.