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  1. VWAP


    That could be considered racially insensitive
  2. VWAP

    How can I tell if my bottom has been faired?

    Is that what the old folks call an IOR bump
  3. VWAP

    How can I tell if my bottom has been faired?

    Flip the boat upside down to work on it
  4. VWAP

    How can I tell if my bottom has been faired?

    use a hand held light and read this article . You might start just sailing the boat instead of having it sitting on jack stands and update the bottom later. https://www.gp14.org/a-smooth-bottom-is-a-fast-bottom/
  5. VWAP

    VANGUARD 15 North American Regatta

    Thanks for the three updates . "your" correct still no complaints.
  6. VWAP


    https://solarimpulse.com/ Solar Impulse is a Swiss long-range experimental solar-powered aircraft project, and also the name of the project's two operational aircraft. Top speed: 87 mph Weight: 3,527 lbs Introduced: June 26, 2009 Manufacturer: Swiss Federal Institute of Technology First flight: December 3, 2009 Did you know: A solar powered plane called Solar Impulse 2, has launched successfully and is now attempting to become the first solar powered flight to travel around the globe.
  7. VWAP


    Whats a BN
  8. VWAP

    Cursing like a sailor

    Why thanks for asking. It went well as usual. My professor in yesterdays Cyber security law and policy course brought in a guest speaker. Very informative. Oh and the professor mentioned my recent paper was exceptional.
  9. VWAP


    Why is a plumber working on a car?
  10. VWAP

    City art

    What are you insinuating?
  11. VWAP

    Cursing like a sailor

    Why thank you kind sir for being so concerned with my bum way creepie BTW saw you responded to little o me in anutter thread within minuets of this one. Whats dat word oh yea OWNED hahahahayuck yuck